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We invite you to take the next two minutes to learn about Red River Paper's products, service, and savings.

Experience Premium Affordability

What does it mean? Simply put, Red River Paper offers the same quality or better than the major name brands. We buy from the same paper mills they do. Affordability is the 40% - 50% you'll save when buying our top quality photo inkjet papers.

Inkjet Paper Selection

Choose from over 25 different and unique inkjet papers and specialty media. You can expect QUALITY and CONSISTENCY as good or better than the major name brands. Most papers are offered in 14 different sheet and roll sizes.


Because we buy direct from the paper mill and sell direct to you, Red River Paper prices are up to
40% less than our competition
. Even with shipping costs you will likely save money compared to buying at the local office supply or camera store.


You will receive top notch customer care from pre-sales questions all the way to technical support when your paper arrives. You can call 888-248-8774 or contact us through the client support center. You can expect quick and accurate answers to your questions.


Shipping quickly and securely is critical to your satisfaction. That's why Red River Paper offers the SafeTrip GuaranteeSM.

Orders are packed securely and with the best quality packing material. If for some reason your order arrives damaged, we'll overnight a replacement of the damaged items at no charge to you

Try Before You Buy

We encourage you to try before you buy! Red River Paper practically invented the inkjet paper sample kit. Our selection is one of the best - and least expensive - you can try a little or the whole line to see which Red River inkjet paper meets your needs.

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About Us

Since 1997 Red River Paper has been fulfilling the inkjet paper needs of professionals, enthusiasts, businesses, and educators throughout North America and beyond.