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60lb. Pecos River Gloss

With a high gloss front and plain paper back, 60lb. Pecos River Gloss is the ideal glossy for greeting cards, note cards, and design presentations. Exclusive to Red River Paper, Pecos is the only "cast coated gloss" compatible with both pigment and dye inks. Pecos Gloss's plain paper back means you can print text and light graphics on the back of the paper (inside of your folded cards). Thanks to its brilliant white tone, color on Pecos pop and blacks are rich and deep.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for 60lb. Pecos River Gloss

Jody Seidler
Verified Buyer
I print greeting cards on Pecos River Gloss and absolutely love it. Great to work with, true to colour, super easy to fold and end up looking very professional. Customers rave about the colour and quality. Well done!
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Pecos Gloss Greeting Card Stock
Baby Carr
Verified Buyer
I found this company online one day when I was looking for the glossy greeting card. I have been buying them from your company for a while now since Hallmark no longer sells them and I truly love these greeting card stock. I make birthdays, sympathy, weddings, graduations, and more for everyone. I can’t do without them and thank you for your service. Well pleased and will continue to buy them.
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Best in the World
Helen Murray
I have been buying this product for some years, originally through a company in Australia. This company ceased stocking Red River products, so I went looking online for a similar product in Australia, only to find there were none. I started buying direct from Red River, finding I was actually getting twice the number of cards per pack and even with freight, it was costing me less than when I purchased in Australia. Fantastic products. I am a photographer and will not use anything else for my greeting cards. Also great support.
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Pecos Gloss Card Stock
Richard Herbert
Always consistent results with this quality paper and my Epson 3880 printer.I sell my photo greeting cards to bookstores in my area in Northern California. Great customer service from Red River too!
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Impressed with this paper
Printer Used: Canon Pro 100 using Canon ink. The paper was the 60 lb. greeting card glossy on 1 side plain on the other. Regarding curling issues or ink splotches we have had no issues with this paper and printer combination. Of course I had made sure that the rollers and bottom plate were cleaned before starting. As to image quality both my wife and I in addition to the folks who received our Christmas cards were very impressed with the quality of the card and images. I would like to order more of this paper without the indention's for my regular glossy paper. Thank you Red River for the great job you do on these papers. Steven
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After printing some pretty junky Christmas cards on other 5x10 folded card stock, this knocked my socks off. The quality is right up there with premium glossy photo paper (Epson, HP, etc), and (not a minor point) the scoring makes accurate folding really easy. And no problems at all, e.g. with the score crease catching the print heads. Epson Tips: For photos (only photos : I use a Brother laser for ordinary stuff) I use an old Epson C88 Stylus printer with LD inks (can't afford Epson ink for 50+ cards, though it's very good). For this card stock, making 4 test prints, I ended up with C88 Advanced settings as follows: +15 on brightness, -5 on contrast, and (for the weak LD yellow ink) +15 on yellow. Then saved it (as Pecos!). Without the brightness and contrast adjustments, I found prints too dark and quite a bit too contrasty. Could be the inks, could also be the paper; but these adjustments work for me. Hope this is helpful. This is great stuff. Wish I'd had it 3 weeks ago before printing all my Xmas cards!
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Love it!
Beautiful picture perfect glossy printing on my Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II!!
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Issues with Pixma Pro 100
I have some problems with this specific paper hitting the print head, even when using the "reduce abrasion" setting. This happened with 2 separate printers. I'm having to keep design elements well away from the bottom margin of the paper. Not ideal. I've seen just a few mentions of this on the internet so it doesn't seem to be a guaranteed problem, but be aware.
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Too Thin!
TW Moore
After printing my first 50 cards, there is noticeable curling of the paper. However,the print and color quality is excellent printing on my Canon Pro-10 printer. Wish the paper was a bit heavier so the curling would not be an issue.
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Awesome Product

This paper is a winner all the way around. It takes color so beautifully from my Canon Pixma. The finished product is so incredibly professional looking. And once I read a review about the edges curling after a few months of non-use, I now keep my paper in an airtight package.
Linda - 10/16/2011

Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card
Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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