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Glossy Papers » 86lb. Pecos River Gloss DUO » Handling Guide


86lb. Pecos River Gloss DUO Handling Guide

This paper is a heavy card stock at 14mil thick (.014"). As such, you will need to take its thickness into consideration when printing.

Paper Feeding

It is recommended to feed this paper one sheet at a time.

If your printer has features to help with extra thick paper printing, please use them with this paper. Some setting information is below.


Keep unused paper in a closed box until ready for printing.

This paper is sensitive to humidity and may curl in some circumstances

If the paper curls when removed from the box, first consider ways to bring the
relative humidity in your printing room to around 50% if possible.

Before feeding the sheet, give it a slight curl in the opposite direction to flatten it
out as much as possible.

Dry Time

After printing the first side, allow the paper to dry about 15 minutes before
printing the second side. This minimizes the chance for scuffing.

Epson Pro Printers

Set the PLATEN GAP to Wide or Wider. See your printer manual for more about the settings.

Epson Desktop Printers

Set the printer to Thick Paper. Go to the Maintenance tab in printer properties, click the Printer and Option Information button, then click the Thick Paper checkbox. Turn this off when you go back to standard thickness paper.

Canon Desktop Printers

Set printer to Prevent Paper Abrasion. Go to the Maintenance Tab and click on Custom Settings. In the next menu, choose the Prevent Paper Abrasion option. Turn this off when you go back to standard thickness paper.





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