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80lb. Luster Card Duo Greeting Cards

Limited Availability -- Back in Stock Until We Run Out

Reviews for 80lb. Luster Card Duo Greeting Cards

Anita Blackman
This paper gave beautiful results. Might we hope you'll bring it back sometime? I was about to order it!
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Bad Choice
Randy Smith
From my experience these cards were the perfect answer for very good quality yet simple to set up. Very sad to see them go.
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Connie Townsend
I had he best looking cards in the shop. Now what?
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Bring it Back please
Paul Ostrum
I just ran out and now I find that it is discontinued. Please bring it back. The other papers I used for greeting cards curled in humid weather. I may have to search for another source.
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So Disappointed
Why is it discontinued? It was the best card paper I'd used. Nice weight and lovely prints. Quite professional looking. Did you advertise that it was being discontinued? I missed it, if so, and would have stocked up!
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RR Luster Duo Card
So sad that this product is no longer available. The weight and look of the prints is superb and I have used it for my business for quite awhile. I understand a replacement is in the works, but it won't be as heavy - I will reserve judgement, but am disappointed at this point. I love this double sided paper. I have wasted two boxes of the Pecos River Gloss Magna paper and am impressed with the quality of the photo but prefer a luster finish and my printer does not handle the 96 lb weight. I love you Red River and will continue to support you, am just disappointed with the change.
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The paper I want/need
Bohdan Dubej
This is the ultimate paper for my greeting cards. Photo quality, on both sides, is a dream come true and the extra thickness is great, ensuring that you see only what is printed on the side you are looking at (other papers I have used, you can see shadows of what is printed on the opposite side). My only unfulfilled wish is that they came in a size my printer has in its selection, to make it easier to do borderless prints.
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Makes great cards
I have used luster duo paper for hundred of cards. I print on the Epson R3880. A problem-free job.
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Love this paper!
Some are asking for this paper as one sided (plain paper inside) which is a valid request but I'd like to cast my vote to keep it as it is! I use this to print personalized Holiday cards for myself & clients on which I print graphics, images & text, including pre printed names & or signatures inside. I've used your cards with plain paper inside but they don't look very good when printed. So my vote again, keep it Duo & heavyweight (flimsy cards look unprofessional). Thanks for great products!
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Red River Luster Card THE BEST

Once I discovered the 80lb Red River Luster Card, 7x10, nothing else measures up. I use it for ALL of my cards. Unfortunately the product notice states that it is no longer available. I am crushed and in need of my favorite card paper.
WAS - 08/04/2014

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Professional Profile:
Tony Bonanno
Fine art photographer
"My favorite photo surface is Red River Ultra Pro Satin and it's become a studio standard."