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Geniune Epson ink tanks for the Epson R800 and R1800. We make a committment to keep these inks in stock and ready to ship with your order of Red River paper.

Epson Ink Notice

Red River Paper has been removed from the list of Epson approved dealers. As a result, we will no longer offer Epson brand inks. As we run out of items, they will be removed from the website. If you place and order and we do not have stock, you will be notified and the cost of the item refunded to you.

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Best Papers R800/R1800
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Listing of Epson R1800 / R800 Ink Cartridges from Red River Paper

8670 Photo Black - R800 / 1800 (#T054120)
8671 Matte Black - R800 / 1800 (#T054820)
8672 Cyan - R800 / 1800 (#T054220)
8673 Magenta - R800 / 1800 (#T054320)
8674 Yellow - R800 / 1800 (#T054420)
8675 Red - R800 / 1800 (#T054720)
8676 Blue - R800 / 1800 (#T054920)
8677 Glosser Cartridge 2 Pack - R800 / 1800 (#T054020)
8678 Epson R800 / 1800 Color Ink Pack (Does not include blacks or glosser)


EPSON's R1800 Gloss Optimizer technology to offers photographers a superior gloss finish with an estimated lightfastness of over 40 years or more on many types of media.

The Epson R1800 Gloss Optimizer is made from the transparent resin that surrounds the colour pigment in EPSON's unique UltraChrome Hi-Gloss inkset. This inkset is designed to produce glossy, long lasting images that offer true photo-lab quality results.

Due to the nature of pigment ink, light reflection from the surface of a printed image can sometimes appear uneven. R1800 UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss features the worlds smallest ink droplet of 1.5 picolitres. This reduced pigment size allows for flatter particles, and the resin coating forms a smooth even surface.

Pigment Ink without Encapsulation
EPSON UltraChrome™ Inks
EPSON UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss Inks

More specifically the glossiness in very light or no colour areas may occasionally appear less glossy/flat and therefore create an uneven gloss finish. By placing Gloss Optimizer in the areas of low ink duty, a uniform gloss finish is achieved.

Designed as a fine-tuning tool, R1800 Gloss Optimizer is only applied when the printer recognises an area on the print that will benefit from its use. Customers also have complete control over the Gloss Optimizer through EPSON's intuitive print drivers. The driver enables users to configure how and when the Gloss Optimizer is used and can even be turned off if required.

Gloss Optimizer has been developed specifically for glossy medias such as RED RIVER UltraPro Gloss 2.0 and UltraPro Satin. This is automatically recognised by the driver.

However, users can also benefit from the new technology on plain paper where the gloss optimizer acts as a reaction agent and improves the colour brightness resulting in more vibrant and powerful prints.

The table shows when the Gloss Optimizer is used and also the default driver settings for:

Gloss Optimizer Modes

There are various modes within the driver and the Gloss Optimizer usage is as follows:

Gloss Optimizer Off
Gloss Optimizer Auto
Gloss Optimizer Full
No Gloss Optimizer Used
Gloss Optimizer Used Only In Image Data Area

Gloss Optimizer Used
in Total Print Area

EPSON R1800 R800 UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss

For improved print quality the EPSON Stylus Photo R800 / R1800 uses UltraChrome Hi-Gloss ink that offers users its pigment based UltraChrome™ technology, featuring new red and blue inks, and Gloss Optimizer. This unique combination means UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss delivers a wider colour gamut, improved media support, and higher quality gloss output than ever before.

By including red and blue this new ink has increased the colour gamut and colour space, primarily making it closer (and in some areas wider) than Silver Halide, essential for photographers requiring stunning colour reproduction. This widened colour gamut means high definition prints are even more striking, for example, sunsets, autumn scenes and skies.

The pigment colorant has improved light, gas and water resistant properties. Since the pigment colorant exists in a crystal like structure, only the surface is affected by light, gas and water, and the colour inside remains vivid. EPSON UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss utilises this property of pigment ink effectively achieving a superior lightfastness durability estimated* at over 80 years on glossy media and over 100 years on matte media.

Excellent fade resistance

EPSON R1800 R800 UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss Ink also supports two different black ink formulations: Photo Black and Matte Black. The Photo Black Ink is resin encapsulated and is particularly suitable for printing on glossy papers. The Matte Black Ink optimizes matte prints with a higher optical density by controlling the penetration level to keep the colorant on the surface. Being simultaneously installed, the driver automatically switches between the two, effortlessly optimizing output on all types of photo media.


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