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42lb. Pecos River Gloss 8.5x11/100 SECONDS

42lb. Pecos River Gloss 8.5x11/100 SECONDS
Price: $15.97  [ Item: 5511 ]    Was: $31.95

This item may have slight defects in the coating or a slight curl.  Overall print quality will be good. Because of the chance for an issue, we cannot sell this item as a first quality product.


The middle-weight 42lb. Pecos River Gloss is a great low cost premium glossy paper. You can use it for every day printing needs or special projects where you need premium quality printing and a light weight stock. Pecos Gloss has a plain paper back, which means you can print text and light graphics on that side of the paper. Plus, you can use this paper with both pigment and dye based inks.

  • For all inkjet printers
  • Great for every day printing needs, proofs, books, and more
  • medium / light weight stock
  • mirror smooth blue-white surface
  • you can print text and graphic on the non-glossy side