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Best Papers for: Canon PIXMA PRO 1066arcticpolarsatin.html

What You Need To Know

  • All Red River Paper inkjet papers are compatible with the Canon PIXMA PRO 1066arcticpolarsatin.html
  • This page shows papers most likely to "tickle the fancy" of photo enthusiasts
  • ICC profiles for Red River papers are available
  • Sheets from 4x6 to 13x19 for Canon PIXMA PRO 1066arcticpolarsatin.html use

New customer

I'm an amateur photographer. I like taking my own pictures, edit them and then send them out to be printed. I came across an add for Red River Paper. And they offered metallic paper. I never seen it advertised anywhere. So I ordered some tried it out on my Canon printers and they turned out beautiful! Now I'm going to order samples of their other papers to try.
Dan Strimel - 02/02/2014
Printer Color Profiles

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Professional Profile:
Joel Grimes
Advertising and commercial photographer
"I use Red River Ultra Pro Satin paper to print images because it beautifully handles the subtle highlight tones while retaining excellent detail in the shadow areas. "