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Using ICC Printer Color Profiles in Lightroom

Canon Inkjet Printers / Mac

Start by accessing the Print Module as seen below. In order to achieve a color managed print, you'll need to follow the instructions below, and insure your dropdown and check box selections are correct.


Activating Profiles in Lightroom

Start by accessing the Print Module as seen above. In order to achieve a color managed print, follow the instructions below and insure your dropdown and check box selections are correct.

The default color management setting is Managed by Printer. To use a printer color profile, click the drop down and choose "Other..." This will bring up the Choose Profiles dialog that displays all of the printer profiles currently installed on your printer.

Scroll down until you find the Red River Paper profiles. All start with the letters "RR". Check the profiles you wish to add to Lightroom's Print Module and then click OK.


Printing with a Profile from Lightroom

Locate the Color Management section on the right column of the print module.

1. Click the Profile drop down menu and choose the profile for your paper and printer combination.

2. Choose the rendering intent. The default is Perceptual. More information on rendering intents is here


These settings are optional

You will notice two controls above the Color Management section - Print Resolution and Print Sharpening.

Print Resolution - If left unchecked Lightroom will use your file's native resolution. For the most part this will work fine provided you are not trying to print a web size image that has very low resolution. If you check Print Resolution 240ppi is the default setting and is sufficient for most high quality print jobs.

Print Sharpening - This sharpens your photo above and beyond any sharpening done in the Develop module. You can set the level at low, standard, or high. Media type choices are Glossy and Matte. The rules for print sharpening differ for reflective and non-reflective media and this control takes that into account. You can choose Glossy for any reflective inkjet media.

Note - Print adjustments do not preview onscreen.

These settings are optional

Lightroom features two last minute adjustment controls for your print - Brightness and Contrast. They were included because so many people report their prints being "too dark". That issue is almost always related to no monitor calibration or images being underexposed. However, for expedience sake Adobe put these controls in for a quick fix should you need them.

Note - Print adjustments do not preview onscreen.


Print Settings for Your Canon Inkjet Printer

Once you've instructed Lightroom to use your printer / paper profile, you'll need set your printer properties. You will be selecting media type, print quality, and turning off printer color management.

Click the Print Settings button on the lower left side of the Print Mod.

When the print menu appears, choose your printer from the Printer dropdown.

1 - Select the Quality & Media sub-menu

2 - Set the Media Type based on the instructions file incluced with each profile download.

Note! You will not see the Red River paper name in this menu. It only contains the names of the printer manufacturer's papers.

3 - Set your Print Quality. We recommend High for best results.

Lightroom should automatically turn of your printer's color management.
You can confirm this by going to the Color Options menu. You should see the Color Mode and controls greyed out.


You can now click Save until you're back at the Lightroom print module.

You can now click the print button, located at the lower right side of your screen.


Extra Tips - Lightroom Print Templates

You can save all of your Lightroom print mod settings in the form of a Print Template.

Click the + button and name the template. It will be available the next time you make a print.

Click to return to the Red River Paper profile library