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Red River Paper Company Reviews

The "Wow" factor
It’s rare for me to spend lots of money on something blank, but I happily purchased 50 sheets of 68lb. Ultra Gloss 2.0 17X22 paper. I opened the handsome box when it arrived and smiled the way I suspect addicts smile when they receive a quality shipment of their drug of choice. I carefully loaded one sheet into my Canon Pro 1000 printer, pushed the print button, and began what I now know will be a long and amazing relationship with a paper company that knows what they are doing. I suspect I am like most artists and require my art prints to look at least as good on paper as they do on my monitor. The wow factor kicked in as my first print eased its way through the printer and onto the tray. Your paper is as good as any paper I have used costing considerably more, and to make things more amazing your paper has given me exactly what I require. I will be back for more and will never again complain about spending money for a blank sheet of paper
Bob Luckin
One of the best consumer experiences...
I recently had to replace both my printer and display. Nothing that I was printing even remotely matched what I was seeing on screen. I watched dozens of videos on color correction, printer profiles, and colorimeters. Unfortunately, there was no payoff. The frustration was mounting. I reached out to a few local printing professionals that I would have paid to sit with me and my equipment, to unlock the secret. I never heard back from them. This forced me figure it out on my own. I had been using Staples brand Ultra Premium double-sided matte paper for years and had gotten decent results. However, printing became completely unpredictable when using the Epson 15000 printer and new display. I searched online for the Staples printer profiles and could not find them anywhere. I called Staples corporate and found out that there are no profiles available for their papers. So then I began searching the web for papers that do have associated printer profiles, and immediately found the Red River website. The site is so clean, logically laid out and informative. I thought the best approach was to order the Inkjet paper sample kit and download all the printer profiles. The box of paper arrived two days ago in a beautifully designed and protective box. I intentionally did not change ANY of the print settings in Lightroom, so that I could compare the Red River papers to the inconsistent Staples paper output. The photos that came out of the printer were beautiful! The frustration melted away. Now, the difficult decision is which of the RR papers to get. I did have a few questions along the way regarding settings, and Cindy W. from Support responded quickly and answered all my questions. She also sent me links to further info and “how to” tutorials which did help and happened to reside on Red River’s website. When I called Red River this morning to ask who I could address a congratulatory email to, Drew Hendrix, the president answered the phone. That pretty much says it all. I realize that my relationship with Red River is in the early stages, but it appears that everything they do is first rate. Offering the paper sample kit for $8 (and free shipping) was exactly what got the ball rolling for me. From the product to the support, the user-friendly website and quality packaging, you provide a wonderful consumer experience. Keep up the great work!!! You have a new fan and customer. Regards,
Paul Kaplan
So glad I found RRP
I just got into the reprint business with an older Canon ImagePrograf ipf 765 that was given to me because it was older model and replaced by a newer version. My event center business has been pretty much shut down since March and since I also have art shows here from time to time I thought why not try learning a new craft? I had been printing on plotters for more than 15 years, mostly photos on inexpensive bond paper, nothing really significant or permanent. I did all the research online and Red River kept coming up. I read everything about the papers, service, choices and selections and ordered one roll of Aurora Art White 250. First thing I wondered was price per sq. ft. and that was easy because you indicate it in your postings. I received the paper in a few days, printed a bunch of stuff, then I ordered your sample set of papers and added some Aurora Art White 285 so I have two thicknesses of paper. I printed 150 beautiful Christmas cards for my house artist of a commission he did for me and that was a great learning experience to do a production job. The heavyweight paper is so impressive but thank goodness I have a rotary paper cutter, that's almost as important as the paper itself. I also made some large reprints as samples for my artists to review. I did all kinds of web surfing in the beginning and know I don't need to try to get a better deal or different paper because the testimonials were all accurate and RRP has everything I need. Turns out the printer is still putting out beautiful images and I'm working with an artist to have another art show this Summer, Covid laws permitting. One thing I immediately learned is I can now take an old, obsolete piece of artwork and recycle the frame with a new print custom made for the frame! Final comments, your packaging is precise, so thoughtfully boxed with first class materials which I am keeping to preserve prints and storage. Your website is also first class, so easy to order and know prices and specs. And admittedly, it was nice to get in on the sale you had for a novice like me. I may pull the trigger on the canvas paper and get that option out there. I'm hoping in June we can be open and have a big show and all the reprints will be on RRP!
William Travis
Absolutely Top Notch
Red River has been outstanding helping me with papers and printing. Since first hearing about them and ordering several samples kits, I have been impressed at every turn. The products are invariable top quality, perfectly packaged and shipped in a timely manner. Most recently, I had a project and I was looking for a particular type of paper. I posed my question to the RR Customer Service e-mail, and in less than 24 hours Kayla had responded with several options. I went with one of her suggestions - the UltraPro Satin Duo - and not only is this paper perfect for my project, it may be the best paper I have ever used. The weight and feel are perfect and the image and text quality is nothing short of outstanding.
Jeff LaBonte
Jeff LaBonte Photography
Thank you!
Well, thank you for your commitment to great customer service! I am an extremely finicky consumer, which comes at least in part from a lifetime of managing offices both large and small and training (or trying to train) staff in how to do things the right way, with attention to detail and providing what the customer needs and wants. Not easy! I have been incredibly impressed from Day 1 with your standards for customer service as well as your products and the information you provide on your website. I’m only a hobbyist, nowadays making cards using photos taken by friends, but your info about printers which led me to my Canon Pro-100, in combination with the papers I’ve bought from RRP, revolutionized my creative efforts.
Judy Barkan
Never buying paper anywhere else!
I never thought I'd be here writing a review about PAPER, but here we are. I run a small greeting card/paper good shop (one-woman etsy show) and I knew little to nothing about when I switched to home-printing (as opposed to sourcing via a third-party printing company). I purchased paper from a few different suppliers and couldn't get the results I wanted. The color was off! The quality was blurry! No matter how many Canon forums I read, I couldn't get the prints I wanted on other paper. I finally purchased samples from Red River and was immediately impressed! Everything from the online listing details, speed in shipping, and user-friendly packaging made my experience 10/10. I printed my first sample using the ICC profile found on the website, printed to the recommended specifications on the accompanying "user guide" and VOILA I was converted - amazing prints with no hassle. I am so impressed with how foolproof they have made my experience. If you are new to the intimidating world of paper and printing, then this is company for you!
Sara V
Flora Design Co.
Still Impressed...
Now that I'm living in Germany again and having a very difficult time finding quality photo-grade papers, I decided to try an international shipment from Red River Paper. Wow, ordered on July 6th and arrived 6 days later. Paper quality has always been fantastic and now I can say the same for overseas shipping.
Bob Rifley
Happy experience testing with the RR sample packs
I'm re-staking my claim to call myself a graphic artist lately. I have an AdobeRGB color-calibrated front end for high-resolution transparency scanning and soft proofing (GIMP). I have a long history with wet printing and film, but not inkjet. I bought a Pro-100 and a full set of sample packs from Cannon and RR, only focusing on the display photo-grade and archival papers, not any of the card or craft stuff. I downloaded all associated ICC profiles. It took me many days to make sure my color control management process was locked down, and then print the same DataColor test collage on about 25 different samples of 8.5 x 11 inch papers. The only place any of the Cannon papers managed to best the RR slightly was with shadow detail in the very, very darkest depths of the glossiest paper (Pro Luster vs. RR UltraPro Gloss 2.0 68#). And then only by a tiny bit. Nothing else in the Cannon Pro line was superior in any other way, and all the Cannon papers had an un-natural green cast in certain sun-lit images. The RR papers are diverse and the test prints make it easy to see the differences. When all was said and done I was very happy to be able to select 4 varieties that cater to my specific presentation style using larger prints, and the full range of medium-format art photos I create.
Dakota Nixon
Excellent products and service
I've ordered from Red River Paper many times and have always been pleased with their quality and service. The papers produce superb results on my inkjet printers and the quality control of the photo papers and packaging is consistently high. The products are received immediately, always within a few days of ordering.
George Arthur
Top Quality Papers
I ordered the sampler kits to try out the many types of papers, and each one was spot on quality. I love the gloss and metallic papers, the satin's and luster as well. I've recently needed to print on the Polar Matte and it may be my favorite thus far. These papers make my work look exceptional, and as a photographer/photoartist my work can be unpredictable and unique. Red River is my paper of choice. Highly recommend.