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You are here: Home » Discount and Closeout Inkjet Photo Papers and Inks

Discount and Closeout Inkjet Photo Papers and Inks

Great deals are ahead! Please rememeber that these items are sold as is. By purchasing them you acknowledge they are either seconds or closeout.

No Returns - No Refunds - No Exchanges. Thanks!

Sheet and Roll Product Savings

4x6 Snapshot Savings

68lb. UltraPro Gloss - The Most Popular RR Glossy Photo Paper
High performance resin coated photo gloss. Look and feel of a photo lab print.
Reason for Discount: Overstock

Order 4x6 UltraPro Gloss only $9.95 / box

66lb. Palo Duro Satin
- One of the finest satin papers on Earth.
High performance resin coated photo gloss. Look and feel of a photo lab print.
Reason for Discount: Overstock

Order 4x6 Palo Duro Satin only $10.95 / box

60lb. Pecos River Gloss
- High gloss with plain paper back - you can print text or graphics on the back
Top of the line cast coated gloss. Good for post cards, snapshots, business cards, business promos and more
Reason for Discount: Overstock

Order 4x6 60lb. Pecos River Gloss only $9.95 / box



Palo Duro Satin 17" and 24" Rolls

With 66lb. Palo Duro Satin, you have access to one of the finest photo satin papers on the market today. This product is a "photobase", offering the look and feel of a professional photo lab print. Palo Duro Satin features a subtle surface texture and elegant warm tone, because it contains minimal optical brighteners in the base stock and none in the coating. (See why this is an advantage here) The warmth of this product is great for portraits, naturescapes, and black & white prints with just a hint of sepia.

Reason for Discount: Overstock

CLICK to order Palo Duro Satin Rolls at a deep discount

17" Roll
Reg $82.95
Sale $48.95

24" Roll
Reg $120.95
Sale $68.95


50lb. Premium Matte Double-Sided

Double-sided photo weight matte paper.

Reason for Discount: Overstock

CLICK to order 50lb. Premium Matte Double-Sided at a deep discount

4x6 / 100 Sheets
Reg $12.95
Sale $5.95

5x7 / 100 Sheets
Reg $14.95
Sale $5.95


Aurora Art White

This item is being sold at a deep discount to move it out of our inventory. The coating may have imperfections that, when printed, appear as light circular areas. They are usually the size of a pencil lead up to 1/2 a pencil eraser width. These imperfections are only visible in dark color. In many cases they cannot be seen at viewing distance or if the print is framed. If you print light colors or line art with minimal coverage, you should be OK with this paper.

Reason for Discount: Possible coating issues

CLICK to order Aurora Art White at a deep discount

Multiple Sizes on Sale


86lb. Pecos River Gloss Double-sided - 7x10 Greeting Cards - 40% Off

Pecos River Gloss DUO is a world exclusive product offered by Red River Paper. DUO features a high gloss surface on both sides for brilliant photo reproduction with dye and pigment inks. This double-sided inkjet paper is unique because of its sturdy 15mil thickness and range of printer compatibility.

Reason for Discount: Overstock

CLICK to order 7x10 86lb. Pecos River Gloss on sale

7x10 Scored
Folds to 5x7

25 Sheets Only $19.95
Regular price $32.79


88lb. Polar Matte Magna

Seconds - Minor Coating Flaws

At 14mil thickness, 88lb. Polar Matte Magna Card Stock is the heaviest and thickest photo matte stock on the market today.

Multiple Sizes

Up to 60% Off

Click to order




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