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32lb. Premium Matte

32lb. Red River Premium Matte has a smooth, bright white finish that produces brilliant color and sharp detail on any inkjet printer. The lightest paper in the Premium Matte family, this paper offers printing flexibility and cost savings when you demand top grade image reproduction. There are many light-weight inkjet papers you can buy, but none are as good as Premium Matte from Red River Paper. The secret is the high-performance coating, something you won't see on a big office store brand inkjet paper.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper This Paper is Acid Free

Reviews for 32lb. Premium Matte

32lb Premium Matt Paper
Kandi Boyer
I love this paper. Perfect weight and the colors are just so vibrant from my Epson Inkjet printer. I've used both the one-sided and two-sided versions and they are both wonderful. What's even better, output quality looks like I spent a fortune, but these papers are very affordable!
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Beautiful Prints
Pamela Leming
I print lots of digital images to use in my crafts and the colors just pop! And the Red River website is AMAZING - so much information. I've used it for reference many times. They make it easy to figure out which product to use for anything you need to print. Try their sample pack!
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Best paper for buttons
I primarily use this paper to print my button designs on and then make it into pins. The paper is thin enough for button making and the quality of the paper is very nice so all of the designs printed on the paper looks crisp.
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32lb. Matte Perfect for Labels
Sarah Winecoff
I just tried the 32 lb. matte and i'm ordering more! It was lightweight enough to wrap around product as a label--and the matte front showed off our design perfectly.
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My savior.....This wonderful Paper
Rachel Wells
I have a 7 year old Brother Inkjet printer, I use generic inks from Amazon because I am an Artist/Teacher and we print a lot of reference photos, my printer is front loading and will not accept heavier paper. This paper is perfect and prints beautifully.
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Excellant For Calendars
James Crist
Beautiful colors compared to other paper I was using. This paper also has less problems when printing. Other papers don't always feed right. It makes for beautiful calendars with family pictures.
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Best color
D. G. Johnson
For excellent fidelity in color reproduction, any paper I've bought from Red River beats any other I've tried, and I've tried them all. They must know the magic ingredients that no one else does.
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32 lb. double sided premium matte paper
Lucille Cru p
I have used the single sided photo paper and it was great but the double sided is the best for your journals. I print the image on one side and then line's o. The other which gives you more room to journal. The best paper I have used.
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Fine for test prints & in a pinch finals
Not much to say, but low-cost, excellent quality, light weight. I use it by the ream for test prints which I can also send out in large numbers, as near-final images to customers before I commit to more expensive prints of their final image choice. Cuts down on processing costs.
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Great light-weight, two sided paper

I use this paper for making calendars. Last year I started out using the Zeppelin SemiGloss and didn't like it very well because the colors were dull. Then I switched to the premium matte and like it much better. The colors are vibrant and the paper is half the cost of the semi gloss. A couple of people have complained about the paper jamming. I have a Canon i9900 and I don't have any problem with paper jamming, but I do sometimes get some bad prints when printing on the second side, especially at the bottom of the print. Sometimes the corner will curl and I get ink blotches but it doesn't happen that often. Obviously I don't like it because it wastes paper and ink, but I can live with it. The Zeppelin SemiGloss on my Epson 2880 was much worse than this paper. If you are having problems printing I have two suggestions. One, don't print immediately on the reverse side, give it time to dry. What I do for calendars is print a large batch on the first side before going back to print on the second side. This gives the first side time to dry before I print again. Something else you might want to try if you are making calendars is to reverse the direction of the print so that the picture either prints first or last. This is because the end with the picture uses the most ink so that end is going to curl the most. I haven't actually tried doing this yet, but it makes sense.
Jim G - 01/02/2013
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Tony Bonanno
Fine art photographer
"My favorite photo surface is Red River Ultra Pro Satin and it's become a studio standard."