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32lb. Premium Matte

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32lb. Red River Premium Matte has a smooth, bright white finish that produces brilliant color and sharp detail on any inkjet printer. The lightest paper in the Premium Matte family, this paper offers printing flexibility and cost savings when you demand top grade image reproduction. There are many light-weight inkjet papers you can buy, but none are as good as Premium Matte from Red River Paper. The secret is the high-performance coating, something you won't see on a big office store brand inkjet paper.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for 32lb. Premium Matte

The best paper out there [almost]
If I hadn't already been using Epson Premium Presentation Paper with my Epson printer, I would say this is absolutely the best paper I've ever used. Because I *have* used Epson Premium Presentation Paper, I have to say that this is one veerrryyy small step down from that, and honestly, if you never compared the two, you would have no idea what you're missing. This paper is VERY good. (If you're curious, the *only* thing that is slightly better with the Epson paper is the solidity of colors; put another way, the Epson paper essentially doesn't even look like it came off a home printer - it's that solid and amazing. Red River is like, 5% less solid than that. It's hardly noticeable unless you're a psycho like me.) Anywho, I bought this paper because I needed a slightly thinner paper to print my buttons on for my business because the Epson paper was a little thick for my button maker and I was having to throw out ~10% of my buttons. With this paper, every single button is perfect, and as someone who does big bulk orders of buttons, that is a priority for me just as much as print quality. So, like I said, this paper's print quality is truly excellent; 9.5 out of 10.
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Verified Buyer
Just the best paper around. Truly matte
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Great paper, Great price, Great packaging & Great personalized service.
Frederick C
Verified Buyer
As it says in my Title "Great paper, Great price, Great packaging, and Great personalized service" I could not be happier. I ordered from Drew several years ago and had the same fantastic service. I now use Red River paper as my sole source. I run a small textile studio with my wife & go through paper like water (crazy customers can't make up their mind). Red River paper has been a godsend because of their price, quality & reliability. Red river has truly helped me stay in business and made my life much easier. May I also emphasize that the quality of the 32lb premium paper lives up to it's name...It's truly premium.
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Outstanding print quality. No jamming.
Susan Fong
I gave up on using the ordinary inkjet photo paper that is sold everywhere. That photo paper jams or prints out of alignment when using my HP printer. So I tried Red River's 32 lb. Premium Matte photo paper instead. The print quality of the 32 lb. Premium Matte is outstanding. Because it is thinner than the ordinary inkjet photo paper, it never jams. This is a great find and worth the price!
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32lb Premium Matt Paper
Kandi Boyer
I love this paper. Perfect weight and the colors are just so vibrant from my Epson Inkjet printer. I've used both the one-sided and two-sided versions and they are both wonderful. What's even better, output quality looks like I spent a fortune, but these papers are very affordable!
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Beautiful Prints
Pamela Leming
I print lots of digital images to use in my crafts and the colors just pop! And the Red River website is AMAZING - so much information. I've used it for reference many times. They make it easy to figure out which product to use for anything you need to print. Try their sample pack!
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Best paper for buttons
I primarily use this paper to print my button designs on and then make it into pins. The paper is thin enough for button making and the quality of the paper is very nice so all of the designs printed on the paper looks crisp.
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32lb. Matte Perfect for Labels
Sarah Winecoff
I just tried the 32 lb. matte and i'm ordering more! It was lightweight enough to wrap around product as a label--and the matte front showed off our design perfectly.
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My savior.....This wonderful Paper
Rachel Wells
I have a 7 year old Brother Inkjet printer, I use generic inks from Amazon because I am an Artist/Teacher and we print a lot of reference photos, my printer is front loading and will not accept heavier paper. This paper is perfect and prints beautifully.
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Cheap and Chic

Amazing paper quality at an affordable price. I love it so much!
Camay Abraham - 06/24/2015
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Professional Profile:
Jarvis Grant
Commercial photographer and educator
"For my exhibition prints I use Aurora Natural. There is a word for Aurora Natural inkjet paper: luxurious. "

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