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We are selective, particular, and exact in the curation of our products. There is no bad paper here - we have made sure of it by listening to exactly what you need AND want. Our proprietary collection coupled with other best-of-the-best print products makes up a collective blank canvas for you to use - from papers for photos and artwork, to cards and specialty stocks. As creators, be it through the lens, a brush, a story, or a plan, you hold a mirror to the world and defy time to make sure a moment or memory is saved forever.

A Superior Canvas For Your World Awaits


What Type of Paper Do You Prefer?

How to Choose the Best Photo Paper

For optimal results, the first step is to decide whether you prefer a matte, semigloss, or gloss finish. If you are new to printing and want to try a variety, we recommend that you first order our sample kits. Once you have an idea of what type of surface you like, select the weight that you want that will work well with your printer. Smaller front-feed printers should only use paper that is lighter than 60lb/230gsm while top or back feed printers are designed to handle heavier papers. If you want further recommendations, check out our Shop by Printer and Shop by Project pages.

Compare Our Paper To Retail Brands

With Red River Paper, you get products and supplies that are as good as or better than the major retail brands like Epson, Canon, and HP. We buy our papers from some of the same sources as the big names. The difference is that Red River brings the paper direct to you with only one stop on the way from the paper mill - our manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas. You’ll find a range of paper products available such as glossy photo paper, metallic, satin, double sided and many more.

Photo paper from Red River Paper is carefully chosen to meet not only our standards, but yours as well. We print test our papers with many, if not all of, the printer models available from Epson, Canon, and HP. Not sure which paper weight you need?

Compare our quality, service, support, and shipping speed and you will love buying from our Red River store. Don’t believe us? Check out a few of our customer reviews below.