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Satin Luster Photo Paper


Our satin and luster photo papers print bright colors and sharp details on virtually any inkjet printer, including ones that use pigment inks. With satin and luster texture, you get less reflection than you often get with glossy paper and makes prints more resistant to handling. These are by far the best selling Red River inkjet photo papers.

Why is Luster / Satin Paper so popular?

Handling– The light texture is great at resisting fingerprints, dirt, etc...

Viewing - The satin surface breaks up reflections and glare you commonly get with papers that have a glossy finish, making viewing from all angles easy. It also helps images look more vibrant than when using other matte paper.

Familiarity - Photo labs use this surface for most prints. A satin inkjet print looks and feels more like a "traditional" photo to any viewer which can be a personal preference for some.

68lb. UltraPro Satin

If you print, you have to have UltraPro Satin in your paper inventory. It produces professional quality results and works with virtually any image. The UltraPro Satin looks and feels just like photo lab satin - a lightly textured surface that breaks up reflections and minimizes fingerprints.

  • Surface: Satin medium texture
  • Tone: Bright white
  • Weight: 68lb. / 270 gsm
  • Thickness: 10.4 mil

UltraPro Luster 300

UltraPro Luster produces professional quality results and works with virtually any type of photographic subject. Because it is heavier and thicker than a typical photo lab paper, your prints will feel more substantial and will resist handling wear.

  • Surface: Satin deep texture
  • Paper: Bright white
  • Weight: 300 gsm / 80lb.
  • Thickness: 11.6 mil

75lb. Arctic Polar Luster

Arctic Polar papers are the highest performance photo inkjet papers you can buy. Arctic Polar Luster is, by far, the finest luster texture paper on the market today. Its extra weight, extra thickness, and splendid "E-surface" photo texture will set your prints apart from the rest.

  • Surface: Satin deep texture
  • Tone: Bright White
  • Weight: 290 gsm /  75lb.
  • Thickness: 11.8 mil

Polar Luster Metallic 255

Polar Luster Metallic gives you the unique metallic look with a classic luster surface. (Combine our Arctic Polar Luster with Polar Gloss Metallic 255)

  • Surface: Luster texture photo metallic
  • Tone: Warm
  • Weight: 255 gsm / 66lb.
  • Thickness: 10.4 mil

66lb. Arctic Polar Satin

Arctic Polar papers are the highest performance photo inkjet papers you can buy. They set the bar for top quality microporous satin media.

  • Surface: Satin shallow texture
  • Tone: Bold Bright White
  • Weight: 255 gsm / 66lb.
  • Thickness: 10.4 mil

66lb. Palo Duro Satin

Warmer Tone Satin Paper

The warmer tone cousin of Arctic Polar Satin, Palo Duro is a wonderful choice for landscapes, portraits, and more.

  • Surface: Satin shallow texture
  • Tone: Warmer white
  • Weight: 255 gsm / 66lb.
  • Thickness: 10.4 mil

UltraPro SemiGloss Duo 255

PRODUCT NAME CHANGE - This paper was formerly UltraPro Satin Duo. Make UltraPro SemiGloss Duo 255 your go-to photo paper for books, portfolios, and high-end presentations. This paper is double-sided - You can print the professional photo quality on both sides.

  • Printable: Both sides
  • Surface: Semi-gloss semi-smooth
  • Tone: Bright white
  • Weight: 255 gsm / 66lb.
  • Thickness: 9.7 mil

50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided

Arctic Polar papers are the highest performance photo inkjet papers you can buy. 50lb. Arctic Polar Luster is a medium weight double-sided luster for photo books, portfolios, and binding projects.

  • Printable: Both sides
  • Surface: Satin deep texture
  • Tone: Bold Bright White
  • Weight: 190 gsm / 50lb.
  • Thickness: 9 mil

Quick Compare

Here's a snapshot comparison of our satin finish luster photo paper


  • Most popular line
  • Medium and deep satin finish available
  • 10.4 mil and 11.6 mil available
  • Bright white

Arctic Polar

  • The absolute best photo papers on Earth
  • Medium and deep satin finish available
  • 10.4 mil and 11.8 mil available
  • Bold bright white

Palo Duro

  • Warmer tone version of Arctic Polar Satin
  • Medium depth satin finish
  • 10.4 mil thickness

A Closer Look

Each paper has a slightly different e-surface texture depth. The images below try to illustrate the differences; each photo was converted from color to black and white to help enhance the texture of each paper. The more pronounced the texture surface and depth, the more you will be able to see the texture when viewing the print up close; at long distances, the texture is not observable. Generally, more texture means less reflection and glare. Papers with shallow surface texture, such as Arctic Polar Satin, are still much less glossy than glossy paper and provide more contrast than matte finishes.

UltraPro Satin 4.0®Arctic Polar Satin®
UltraPro Satin 4.0 ctic Polar Satin
Arctic Polar Luster®Palo Duro Satin®
Arctic Polar Luster Palo Duro Satin
Paper NameUltraPro Satin®Arctic Polar Satin®Palo Duro Satin®Arctic Polar Luster®
QualityAs good as major retail brandsBetter than retail brandsBetter than retail brandsExceeds lab quality
Weight270 gsm (68lb)255 gsm (66lb)255 gsm (66lb)300 gsm (75lb)
Thickness10.4 mil10.4 mil10.4 mil11.8 mil
Paper ShadeBright white (cool tone)Bright white (cool tone)Bright white (warm tone)Bright white (cool tone)
Printer CompatibilityUniversalUniversalUniversalUniversal
Printer CompatibilityUniversalUniversalUniversalUniversal
Markings on BackNoNoNoNo
Water Resistant?YesYesYesYes


Red River satin and luster photo papers are as good as or better than the major retail brands like Epson, Canon, and HP at a lower price. We buy our papers from some of the same sources as the big names. The difference is that Red River brings the paper direct to you with only one stop on the way from the paper mill - our manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas. Satin paper like UltraPro Satin and Arctic Polar Satin, and Arctic Polar Luster save you up to 40% over retail prices and offer the same performance time and time again as you've come to expect from the retail names.

Satin and luster photo paper from Red River Paper is carefully chosen to meet not only our standards, but yours as well. We test print our papers with many, if not all of, the printer models available from Epson, Canon, and HP.

Compare our quality, service, support, and shipping speed and you will love buying photo satin luster paper from us.

Comparison Chart

If you are using these papers Red River photo satin luster media will work for you.

Retail Brand Red River Suggested Replacement
Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper™
(Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster)

UltraPro Satin® - Most likely to replace Epson PLPP
Palo Duro Satin - Closest to Epson shade

Epson Premium Semigloss™ UltraPro Satin®
Ilford Gallery Smooth Pearl™
UltraPro Satin®
Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi Gloss™ UltraPro Satin® or Arctic Polar Satin®
Canon Satin Photographic Paper™ - 240gsm Arctic Polar Satin®
Canon Heavyweight Satin Photographic Paper™ - 300 gsm

Arctic Polar Luster®

HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Soft Gloss™ Arctic Polar Satin®
Using another brand? Contact us and we will suggest a replacement.  


High quality photo prints

For your best images, consider satin luster photo paper if your image has a high level of contrast or is highly saturated. The textured surface yields brilliant color saturation and deep black density when used.


For every day photo printing, look to satin photo paper. Photo labs traditionally use satin printing paper to make sure many different images look great. Red River satin photo papers come in 4x6 and 5x7 size sheets for your snapshot printing.

Photo books

Photo books have become very popular. Satin luster paper is a good choice for single side page photo books. Photobase inkjet paper like UltraPro Satin withstands handling well and will work well for photo book projects of all sizes.

The best way to familiarize yourself with various satin paper is to try them by purchasing a small quantity. A good idea is to print something from each genre of your photo library to see how the media represents your work. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and leave a reply.