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Metallic Photo Paper

Our metallic paper line of products features Polar Gloss Metallic 255 and Polar Luster Metallic 255. These papers  represent the absolute state-of-the-art in inkjet photo paper for printing.

Your images will take on a brilliant, almost luminescent quality. Everything from airplanes to flowers will look bolder, more saturated, and more real with the metal finish. Discover for yourself why Red River Paper's photo metallic paper is the choice of professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

Metallic Inkjet Photo Paper

Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Paper

Polar Gloss Metallic 255 is a unique inkjet paper that closely matches the look of photo lab metallic prints.

  • Surface: Glossy photo metallic
  • Tone: Warm
  • Weight: 255 gsm / 66lb.
  • Thickness: 10.4 mil

Polar Luster Metallic 255 Photo Paper

Polar Luster Metallic gives you the unique metallic look with a classic luster surface. (Combine our Arctic Polar Luster with Polar Gloss Metallic 255)

  • Surface: Luster texture photo metallic
  • Tone: Warm
  • Weight: 255 gsm / 66lb.
  • Thickness: 10.4 mil

Step into the radiant world of Metallic Photo Paper with Red River Paper. If you've been in pursuit of that shimmering finish which makes all of your images stand out with a depth and dimension unique to metallic prints, you've found your destination. While many might gravitate towards brands like Epson, Canon, or HP when thinking of photo paper, we take pride in offering a comparable, if not superior, quality at a fraction of the cost.

Quality Metallic Paper for Photos and Prints

Every photographer, both amateur and professional, knows that the choice of photo paper can make or break an image. Our Metallic Photo Paper ensures that your photographs are presented in their best light. Whether it's the glint in a subject's eye, black and white images, the intricate details of a piece of jewelry, or the mesmerizing hues of a sunset, our metallic paper captures it all with an unparalleled vibrancy. Comparable to the revered qualities of Epson, Canon, and HP papers, the quality of prints from our metallic range stands out, not just in appearance but also in feel.

At Red River Paper, we understand the nuanced needs of photographers and print enthusiasts. That's why our products are crafted to ensure that every image printed retains its original charm, with the added allure of the metallic finish. And while quality is a hallmark of our brand, affordability is another pillar we stand by. Why spend more on big brand names when you can achieve the same, if not better, results with our papers for that metal looking finish? Not only do you save money, but you also get to bask in the brilliance of prints that truly represent your vision breathing color into every pixel.

So, the next time you're looking to immortalize a memory or create a print that truly stands out, let Red River Paper be your trusted partner. With quality comparable to the industry's giants, but at a price that's far more accessible, we're here to elevate your printing experience.

A Quick Overview

  • Metallic photo inkjet paper - the look of Kodak and Fuji photo lab metallics
  • For any inkjet printer
  • 255gsm weight (66lb.) and 10.4 mil thickness
  • Warm tone for pleasing color reproduction
  • Acid free base stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Polar Metallic Photo Papers Work With All Inkjet Printers?

Yes, they are for any desktop and wide format printer that uses aqueous inks. Examples are Epson, Canon, and HP.

What Does Photo Metallic Paper Look Like?

If you've never seen a photo lab metallic print you will likely enjoy the look. Think of a high gloss or luster surface with a pleasing slightly warm tone. Overall, images have a glow almost like light is coming from the paper. Now imagine that the solid colors and white space in your image take on an extra effect that mixes metallic hints and pearlescent colorful reflections.

Is this like photo lab paper?

Yes, they are resin coated (RC) papers. They look and feel like their photo lab (C4/wet chemistry) counterparts from Kodak and Fuji.

Can I Print on the back of Polar Metallic Papers?

No, inkjet ink will not dry. We also do not recommend writing on the back of these papers.

What Types of Images Are Photo Metallic Papers Best For?

Polar Metallic papers will add luminescence and depth to any image. Images with solid colors, reflections, and negative space (whites) will look especially stunning on this new paper.

Here are some examples. Each has notations about parts of the image that would look particularly interesting on the Metallic surface.

© Paul Gleiser

Neutral whites, reflection behind statue, stone mid-tones in the background

© Shelly Katz

Brilliant color and water reflections