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State Sales Tax Information

Red River Paper will collect sales tax in the states listed below.


New Jersey
North Carolina
Rhode Island


The above states are places where Red River Paper has an "economic nexus." This is another way of saying, "Red River Paper does enough business in your state to get the attention of the tax authorities."


Our website will calculate tax during the checkout process. We do not yet have access to zip code level tax rates.  States allow small companies like RRP to charge an average rate based on all tax districts in the state. The rate could be slightly higher or lower than you pay locally. 

Please note this method is allowed by all 50 legislatures of the 50 United States. We are working towards zip code level taxation and will announce any changes at the appropriate time.

Can I be exempt?

As a rule, businesses that buy a product to make into another product or to resell can be exempt from sales tax. An example is an artist that buys RRP Aurora Art Natural for printing work to sell on Etsy. In this case, the artist can claim an exemption.

Another example is a church or charity that is tax exempt for all supplies.

Note - Your state and local laws guide and control this process.

I claim an exemption, how do I tell RRP?

Do NOT place an order prior to requesting tax exempt status.

Email the following to [email protected]

  • A completed and signed (if applicable) state approved tax exemption form
  • Your full name and the EMAIL ADDRESS you use when checking out on our website

Allow 24-48 business hours for processing. We will set your website account to tax-exempt status. When complete, you will receive an email confirmation. Any errors on the state tax exempt form, or missing website account information will cause delays.

Does Red River verify I am tax exempt?

Red River Paper is not responsible for verifying your tax status. If we receive a tax exemption form we assume it is accurate and legal and will set your account to tax-exempt status.

Do you have my state's exemption forms available?

  • Colorado
  • Washington - Many WA businesses submit their Reseller form in lieu of this form.  

You can find more forms at the Tax Valet website

Be sure to check the Multi-State and Streamlined Sales Tax forms at the top of the page.  Your state might be on one of these group forms.

Will Red River Paper communicate with my state about business I do with you?

No. Red River Paper will not share specific sales data with state or local tax authorities unless compelled by a court order. 

Does Red River Paper Refund Taxes Paid?

No. Red River Paper will not refund tax on orders after they have been placed or shipped. Once we collect State income tax and forward it to your State, Red River Paper cannot get that money back. If you are a tax exempt entity, you can claim the amount as an exemption with your State tax authority. Consult your accountant for more information. 

Original date of sales tax collection August 1, 2021.  Some states added after that date.

Last updated: April 12, 2024

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