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50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided Tri Fold

Archive grade inkjet photo paper
This Paper is Acid Free
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50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided is a professional grade photo matte inkjet paper. At 9mil thickness and 185gsm weight, Premium Matte is thicker and heavier than retail brand premium matte papers. It is the perfect weight and thickness to convey superior quality and allow the paper to handle the heavy ink coverage. The surface is ultra-smooth, non-reflective, and bright white.

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50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided Tri Fold Details & Information


50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided is a professional grade photo matte inkjet paper. At 9mil thickness and 185gsm weight, Premium Matte is thicker and heavier than retail brand premium matte papers. It is the perfect weight and thickness to convey superior quality and allow the paper to handle the heavy ink coverage. The surface is ultra-smooth, non-reflective, and bright white.

This paper is pre-scored in two places to easily fold into a typical brochure size.

Matte papers are excellent when you need to focus on the details of an image without any reflective distractions. They also lend a subtle character to images that might not benefit from the punch of glossy or satin media. Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists often choose matte paper because it works so well at reproducing original artwork.

Ideal For:

  • Real Estate Brochures
  • Trade Show Hand Outs
  • Event Guides
  • Programs

Good To Know:

  • Smooth, non-reflective surface. Bright white tone.
  • Universally compatible with dye and pigment inks
  • Acid free base stock. Acid free coating.
  • There are no markings or logos on the back
  • Coated on both sides for photo quality on front and back

Red River Paper is made by printing enthusiasts for printing enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional photographer, photographic enthusiast, designer, or business, our experts have firsthand knowledge of all our products. If you have a question, give us a ring or Shoot Us an Email. You’ll receive a lightning-fast response from an actual live human with actual real-life expertise.

  • Paper: Pure 100% alpha cellulose base stock
  • Paper Weight: 50lb. / 185 gsmli>
  • Thickness: 9mil
  • Coating: High grade microporous for optimal ink absorption
  • Color: white
  • Printable:Both sides
  • Ink Compatibility: Dye and Pigment (any inkjet printer)
Paper Weight Comparison Scale
Is this paper compatible with your printer's ink?

All products are compatible with aqueous inks. Not designed for solvent, latex or UV.

  • Epson Photo (dye inks): Yes
  • Epson UltraChrome (pigment): Yes
  • Epson DuraBrite Ultra (pigment): Yes
  • Canon: Yes
  • Canon Lucia (pigment): Yes
  • HP: Yes
  • Lexmark: Yes
  • Kodak: Yes

* Matte and cotton art media over 59b. may not feed consistently in Epson printers and may require some hand feeding.
** Epson 4000,6000,7000,9000,10000 series do not work with sizes smaller than 8.5x11
Card sizes under 8.5x11 are not compatible with Epson wide format printers

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great product and service!

Recently, I wanted to turn some of my art into note cards and I needed to do it economically. I found RRP and ordered because of their great prices. But I was not expecting much. I was SO pleasantly surprised! My order came very quickly and I was so happy with the product. Not only that, when it came time to print, I was lost and I called and their tech support guided me through the process! I created beautiful note cards and have just placed my second order! Thank you so much!
Kristen Powers - 04/28/2017
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Marilyn Sholin
Photo artist and Corel Paint instructor
"Aurora Art Natural paper is my favorite. It holds the ink and colors true to the colors I see on my screen and has just enough texture to add to the artwork."

Reviews for 50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided Tri Fold

Great for Creating a Book Dummy
Peter Essick
This paper prints photos on a nice matte surface. I use it to create a book dummy. The short grain 13" x 19" folds smoothly for a professional look.
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Perfect for Journaling cards.
Rebecca A Slocum
Verified Buyer
I design journaling card with both words and pictures. The 50 lb. weight is perfect for the extra body needed for something that is going to be handled a lot, plus the clarity & beauty of the printing. This weight keeps the journals flexible. Double sided is recommended, in case you lose tract of what side you are working with.
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50lb Premium Matte Double-Sided
Robin McLeod
Verified Buyer
Paper test for Red River 50lb Premium Matte Double-Sided Introduction It is with trepidation that I write a review of Red River paper. This is because, not only is this the first review of anything I have ever written but, more importantly, I wonder about how I should decide what to say. Surely saying something like “I liked it.” is meaningless for this gives no help to the reader in deciding if he or she would like it. Likewise commenting on how well it reproduced colors seen on my monitor would be equally useless. There is nothing objective in such statements. So I feel that I must try to be as objective as possible. With that in mind, I offer the following information. I used an NEC PA271Q monitor. This is one of the SpectraView series. I regularly calibrate the monitor using the X-Rite i1 Studio calibrator. The color gamut covers all the sRGB space but not quite all the Adobe RGB space. The grayscale Delta E was an average of 0.61 and maximum of 0.92 without dark areas and an average of 0.81 and maximum of 1.83 with dark areas. The white point was D65, gamma 2.2 and intensity 140 cd/m2. The printer was a Canon PRO-100 using Precision Colors inks. I used the Matte Photo Paper N setting. The printer/paper/ink combination was calibrated using the i1 Studio and I used the Perceptual rendering intent. I used four test images: 1. Bill Atkinson test image with the strawberries and the big gray rock in the middle 2. The Keith Cooper black and white test image 3. Pure Profiles Adobe RGB test chart 4. The Datacolor printer test image I do not have a calibrated viewing box and had to make do with my compact fluorescent lights which, though classed as “daylight” are not calibrated viewing lights. To get a qualitative idea of the difference, I used my camera to measure the color temperature under these lights and compare that with a white screen on the monitor. My camera gave 5,400 Kelvin for a sheet of multipurpose paper sold as Bright White. The reading for the Premium Matte paper was 5,300 Kelvin and a white screen gave 5,900 Kelvin. Hence my viewing lights were not as white as my monitor. Clearly, my camera gave too low a reading as the monitor white point is close to 6,500 Kelvin so these numbers should not be taken as any absolute reading (only relative) but are enough to indicate that the Red River paper is not as white as Bright White (which will have optical brighteners in it) and that my viewing light was well away from “warm”. Results 1. The Bill Atkinson with strawberries: • There was a smooth transition from black through gray to white in the ramp. • The gray squares all looked gray with no tonal shifts. • I could see no banding whatsoever on the color gamut ramps. The red, green and blue were very solid good colors. I this regard I did a visual comparison with monitor. The monitor allows easy switching among several color modes. Using Adobe RGB, it was actually difficult to see much difference between the red, green and blue on the print and what was on the monitor. However, there was a more noticeable difference in the pink to black ramp (second from the right). The pink on the print was a bit less intense than what was shown on the monitor. Switching the monitor to sRGB resulted in the pink of the print being a very close match to the monitor. • The RGB test squares showed good separation of colors. Only two pairs of adjacent squares showed colors so close to each other that a second look was needed to distinguish between them. These were the same two pairs that were close on the monitor, even in its full SpectraViewII mode. These were the two greens to the left on the top row and the two pale blues (immediately to the right of the greens) one on the top row and the one immediately below that. In both cases I could see the difference in the adjacent squares - but it did take a second look. • The skin tones looked spot on. • The rock was spot on compared to the mon
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50LB Premium Matte - Good for books
Michael Sobel
Verified Buyer
I've found this paper to be excellent for book-making. The sheets have enough body, not too thick, not too thin. Little show-through from back to front. Thanks Red River! You can't achieve quite the depth of blacks that you can achieve with the 60LB matte paper, but it's an excellent compromise for sheets that need to be folded and bound.
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Verified Buyer
Have used this Double-sided Premium Matte for 2 sided cards.
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Ford Smith
Verified Buyer
Have used this Double-sided Premium Matte (short grain) for wall calendars the last couple of years. All the family and friends recipients have been totally pleased.
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50 lb Premier Matt double-sided paper
Mary F
Verified Buyer
Premium matte double sided paper Are use this paper to print out my digital scrapbooking pages I used several sizes they’re all great great color great texture wouldn’t use any other paper
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Good quality paper and envelopes
Susan Hoyt-O'Neill
Verified Buyer
I have been using Red River brand card paper and envelopes for a number of years to create my own birthday and Christmas cards for family and friends. The quality of the paper is great and takes the ink from my Epson Artisan printer very well. Everyone saves my cards and some even frame them.
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Fantastic quality
Trevor Herndon
Verified Buyer
I'll be honest : We're paying a premium price for this paper, so my expectations for the level of quality were set very high at the onset. I'm pleased to say I couldn't be happier with my purchase. From the fantastic packaging that ensured I'd receive my paper in perfect condition, to the actual product itself being above and beyond...I was nothing less than extremely impressed. I only wish I had the need to buy more than I'm using, though I will certainly be recommending Red River to everyone I can. Buy with confidence!
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