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50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided

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50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided is a professional grade photo matte inkjet paper. At 9mil thickness and 185gsm weight, Premium Matte is thicker and heavier than retail brand premium matte papers. It is the perfect weight and thickness to convey superior quality and allow the paper to handle the heavy ink coverage. The surface is ultra-smooth, non-reflective, and bright white.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper This Paper is Acid Free
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Reviews for 50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided

Really nice paper
Verified Buyer
This double sided paper is very nice for printing photos on both sides. High quality.
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Excellent Production Prints!
Rob Boullion
Verified Buyer
Love the Premium Matte series for my CD artwork productions (Tray Cards/Inserts)! Reliable quality year after year, excellent, clear prints, and a very good price per copy produced! I stock both Long and Short Grain based on art layout and fold direction. Recommend the 50lb for heavier density prints, it will take the ink saturation much better.
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Super Paper
Verified Buyer
I recently changed from a dye based to a pigment ink printer (Canon Pro-300) and used a couple Red River paper sample packs to decide on my preferred paper. I had previously used Red River UltraPro Gloss as my standard. I found, as I had anticipated, that non-glossy papers were better with pigment inks for the type of photography I do. Premium Matte gave me the most satisfactory results, with great resolution and colors. The overall appearance is of course different from the glossy paper I have used for years, but I like it. It's hard to tell prints on Premium Matte from those on other top quality matte papers, and the Premium Matte is perfect for me. The slightly lighter weight 50lb paper is also excellent for binding photo collections. The thickness allows for more pages than with a 66lb or heavier paper, and Red River offers this with several sizes in grain following the short end. This greatly helps in binding a stack of pages together. I also appreciate that I can get this in double-sided, which allows me to continue with single-sided printing, but bind pages with the slightly smoother and coated blank side facing the next printed page. Overall, a perfect choice.
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An amazing choice for printing custom media covers
Phillip Holt
Verified Buyer
Bought this on a recommendation for use in printing custom video game/DVD covers, and couldn't be happier. This may even be superior to the official prints. No bleeding or running of ink, and despite it's thickness, cuts extremely well on multiple cutters. Photo print quality is absolutely amazing. As soon as it's off back-order, I see another 5-10 cases in my future just to have!
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The print results are amazing with this paper and my Pro-100.
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50# Double Sided with Epson ET-7750
James Calomb
Vivid colors from my Epson ET-7750. Colors are bright and the images are very professional looking. Very pleased. Best results if you wait a few minutes before printing reverse side.
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I love this paper.
Mallory Kong
I use the 50lb matte paper for a lot of my graphic design projects. I recommend for students and professionals. I use a third party pigment ink system and it holds well with this paper.
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Book Makers BEWARE
Michael Sumner /
If you plan to score-&-fold these double-sided papers for books, Red River just informed me, “... we do not keep track of the grain direction for all of those papers, unless noted ...” (!!!) I designed a series of books specifically so they could be be printed using 100% of the 50 lb., 17" x 22" double-sided Premier paper (assuming industry standard “grain Long” sheets). The RR ordering page did not indicate the paper would be “grain Short.” So now I have to re-orient my spreads to print correctly, and throw away 33% of each sheet. And do a lot of extra trimming. Or completely re-design my book series. I'm so sorry it is too much trouble for Red River to "keep track" of the grain on "all those papers." (5 stars for the paper itself, but zero stars for RRs unhelpful paper grain policy)
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Great cardstock
This product gave my greeting cards an amazing look and feel. I was able to print high dpi (quality) cards without seeing them warp. The results were stunning.
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Christmas Gift

A stocking stuffer for her today 50lb premium matte She loves this paper so I bought her some and I guess that is that!
Carl Johnson - 12/03/2012

Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card
Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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Professional Profile:
Susan McCartney
Photojournalist, Teacher and Writer
"I frequently use several different Red River papers like Aurora Art White, Arctic Polar Satin and Ultra Pro Gloss to insure I get the best detail possible."