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50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided

50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided is a professional grade photo matte inkjet paper. At 9mil thickness and 185gsm weight, Premium Matte is thicker and heavier than retail brand premium matte papers. It is the perfect weight and thickness to convey superior quality and allow the paper to handle the heavy ink coverage. The surface is ultra-smooth, non-reflective, and bright white.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper
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Reviews for 50lb. Premium Matte Double-sided

An amazing choice for printing custom media covers
Phillip Holt
Verified Buyer
Bought this on a recommendation for use in printing custom video game/DVD covers, and couldn't be happier. This may even be superior to the official prints. No bleeding or running of ink, and despite it's thickness, cuts extremely well on multiple cutters. Photo print quality is absolutely amazing. As soon as it's off back-order, I see another 5-10 cases in my future just to have!
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The print results are amazing with this paper and my Pro-100.
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50# Double Sided with Epson ET-7750
James Calomb
Vivid colors from my Epson ET-7750. Colors are bright and the images are very professional looking. Very pleased. Best results if you wait a few minutes before printing reverse side.
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I love this paper.
Mallory Kong
I use the 50lb matte paper for a lot of my graphic design projects. I recommend for students and professionals. I use a third party pigment ink system and it holds well with this paper.
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Book Makers BEWARE
Michael Sumner /
If you plan to score-&-fold these double-sided papers for books, Red River just informed me, “... we do not keep track of the grain direction for all of those papers, unless noted ...” (!!!) I designed a series of books specifically so they could be be printed using 100% of the 50 lb., 17" x 22" double-sided Premier paper (assuming industry standard “grain Long” sheets). The RR ordering page did not indicate the paper would be “grain Short.” So now I have to re-orient my spreads to print correctly, and throw away 33% of each sheet. And do a lot of extra trimming. Or completely re-design my book series. I'm so sorry it is too much trouble for Red River to "keep track" of the grain on "all those papers." (5 stars for the paper itself, but zero stars for RRs unhelpful paper grain policy)
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Great cardstock
This product gave my greeting cards an amazing look and feel. I was able to print high dpi (quality) cards without seeing them warp. The results were stunning.
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Graphic Design Student
Literally never buying Epson again, the brightness plus the quality and the price don't even seem to add up.
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Blown away with the quality!
I bought this specifically for printing my own video game covers on the recommendation from the community. When I first took a look at this paper firsthand I couldn't really see what the big deal was. It looked nice and had a smooth feel but I thought what's so special about it? After my first printing I now know. This paper took the ink like a champ without any wrinkling or bleeding and the results looks absolutely stunning. I didn't know my printer (HP Officejet Pro 6010) could produce results like this. I can't overstate how much I now recommend this product.
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Fantastic for books!
Celina Oh
This double-sided paper makes for a great thickness in printing books with graphics, illustrations, and photos. It's just opaque enough to still seem bright white from one side with only text on it, and not really see the ink on the other side of the page that has a photo printed on it. Love it!
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worth every cent

I wanted to make my own personalized Christmas cards and this product worked beautifully. I had rave reviews from everyone. The double sided was the answer to what I needed. I would like to attach a picture but am not sure how.
Sandy Rogers - 12/06/2010
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Peter Randall
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"Ultra Pro Satin's surface provides a clean, lustrous, graduated black and white tone that preserves both shadow highlight detail."