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60lb. Pecos River Gloss

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60lb. Pecos River Gloss

With a high gloss front and plain paper back, 60lb. Pecos River Gloss is the ideal glossy for greeting cards, note cards, and design presentations. Exclusive to Red River Paper, Pecos is the only "cast coated gloss" compatible with both pigment and dye inks. Pecos Gloss's plain paper back means you can print text and light graphics on the back of the paper (inside of your folded cards). Thanks to its brilliant white tone, color on Pecos pop and blacks are rich and deep.

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Unique Cards for Friends and Family
I've used the 60lb. Pecos River Gloss greeting card stock for several years now to create unique cards for all kinds of occasions with my personal photography. A hand-written note on the inside makes each card personal and one-of-a-kind. Which I hope makes the sentiment much more meaningful than something from Hallmark®. Also makes it more convenient than going to the store to get a card.
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Excellent Stock
Eric Hemmer
This is a great product. I purchased the 7 x 10 gloss cards and love the weight of it and the pre-scored fold make it easy to finish. I was disappointed that the article on printing borderless cards with this card using an Epson printer is not completely accurate. The XP-15000 does not support either 7 nor 10 inch paper width when defining a custom borderless size. I ended up adding a small border on my cards and they still look great. I won't hold the article error against my review however and do recommend the product
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Perfect for many of my Nature Note Cards
Pete Rose
I find this paper to be perfect for many of my Nature Note Cards. I sell them at Art Shows, and they are a big hit. The Glossy works well for sharp crisp photos. For my more artistic soft photos I use the linen paper and it also is a great hit with my customers.
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My High Quality Reliable
Harald C. Buchholz
I have created "greeting" cards for an astonishing variety of cards - Family, Business, Marketing, Condolence, Friends, Neighbors, Births, Deaths, Promotions....... I could go on and on. Thing is..... I am a perfectionist with the little bit of art I can do and this paper always made me look good and has never let me down.
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Nice Smooth card stock
D Kelly
Really love the nice smooth surface texture. Great for black and white as well as color. I really appreciate the work on the printer color profiles.
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I love this paper
Sonja Lupercio
I didn't realize what a huge difference using high quality glossy paper would make in my art prints. I love the vibrancy of the colors, even when using the standard ink option on my printer. I definitely will be buying again (and again)!
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Beautiful and Easy
Dave K.
I’ve printed hundreds of greeting cards with this paper and everyone loves them. The printer profile for my Canon Pro200 is spot on. I use the linen texture envelopes and clear plastic sleeves to complete the project. I keep coming back for more!
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No other paper comes close
Ann Shelbourne
60lb. Pecos River Gloss has always been my choice for two-sided color-managed printing. The glossy side reproduces colours with rich vibrance and color-matching accuracy from my Epson when it is used in conjunction with Red River's excellent Paper Profile. The reverse matte side can also be printed with no show-through; and this paper can be scored and will then fold without cracking. A beautiful stock for Greetings cards: it has no competitors.
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RR Pecos Gloss Cards
Patrick S. Brennan
I have been using this paper for the past few years. I have found nothing better for the cards I make from my photography. The weight is perfect, and, if you like the look of glossy cards, this paper is it. I always receive compliments on my cards, and this encourages me to write more and to keep in contact with my friends. Yes, I'll admit: I show off!
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Christmas cards and note cards look beautiful!
Bob Stewart - 11/29/2010

Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card
Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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Al Francekevich
Advertising Photographer
"Arctic Polar Satin perfectly reproduces vivid colors due to its pure white neutral base. In comparing the output to a lab prints made on photographic paper, the print on the Arctic Polar Satin paper are richer in color and optically sharper."

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