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60lb. Pecos River Gloss

With a high gloss front and plain paper back, 60lb. Pecos River Gloss is the ideal glossy for greeting cards, note cards, and design presentations. Exclusive to Red River Paper, Pecos is the only "cast coated gloss" compatible with both pigment and dye inks. Pecos Gloss's plain paper back means you can print text and light graphics on the back of the paper (inside of your folded cards). Thanks to its brilliant white tone, color on Pecos pop and blacks are rich and deep.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for 60lb. Pecos River Gloss

Printed over 11,000, just ordered the next 10,000
Matt S
Verified Buyer
I have printed over 11,000 5x7 sheets (both sides) on an Epson P800. The P800 has feeding issues occasionally, solved by not having too many sheets at once and by fanning the paper prior to feeding. Curling can be a problem, so I try and print a whole box at a time. I use a wide platen gap and if I find the paper is curled, I man up and curl it back.
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6.25x9 Greeting Cards 60lb Pecos River Gloss
David Lee Kreft
Stunning images on this paper. My wife just said 'Oh Wow!" That's all I needed to hear.
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Perfect for Business cards
Alexander Sogliero
Verified Buyer
The ultra glossy front and matte back is perfect for my business cards. I'm able to print a punchy front card and then have a more subdued rear for my contact information and what not. As usual Red River does not disappoint.
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Pecos 60lb cardstock
Verified Buyer
First time using this product and I couldn't be more pleased! Great product and outstanding customer service!
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Card Stock 60 lb pecos river gloss is great
Barbara Remley
Verified Buyer
I have been using this card stock for years. It is great and very consistent.
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Horrible Product
Ronnie Frey
Verified Buyer
This paper should not be sold by this company for greeting cards. It is very flimsy and does not feel like a good quality greeting card. Also when you write on the inside you can see the pen or pencil marks indented through to the outside. Do not buy this product you will not be happy with it.
Hello Ronnie, I understand that our product did not work out for you. It has been our best-selling greeting card for an inkjet printer for ten years, but that does not mean that it is best for everyone. We do sell and recommend our greeting card sample kits to test the different cards before purchasing for your project. We hope you find the best paper for your cards and are here to help if needed!
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Great paper for greeting cards!
Photography & Design unlimited, LLC
I searched a long time to find the perfect paper for my greeting cards. Perfect weight, perfect gloss finish and my photos come out fantastic! I’m glad I found your company!!!!
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Jody Seidler
Verified Buyer
I print greeting cards on Pecos River Gloss and absolutely love it. Great to work with, true to colour, super easy to fold and end up looking very professional. Customers rave about the colour and quality. Well done!
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Pecos Gloss Greeting Card Stock
Baby Carr
Verified Buyer
I found this company online one day when I was looking for the glossy greeting card. I have been buying them from your company for a while now since Hallmark no longer sells them and I truly love these greeting card stock. I make birthdays, sympathy, weddings, graduations, and more for everyone. I can’t do without them and thank you for your service. Well pleased and will continue to buy them.
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Great Paper for an entire arts school!

We used your Pecos River Gloss greeting cards to print Christmas cards of over 60 student seasonal abstracts. They were fabulous and the parents kept ordering more and more. Great weight affordable and they did well in processing through the printer, so we could place over 20 at a time to be printed. Thank You!
Lynne Barletta - 12/22/2011

Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card
Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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Bert Monroy
Digital photo-realist artist and Photoshop instructor
"Proofing each spread on Red River paper was vital to the success of the book because it gave me an accurate preview of how every color would look."