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66lb. Arctic Polar Satin

If you're looking for the next great paper surface to print your photography, you will love the results from Arctic Polar Satin Its crisp white shade ensures your prints will have the deepest blacks, saturated colors, and amazing contrast. Arctic Satin features a low-depth "photo e-surface" finish, typical of the modern photographic lab print. The state of the art microporous coating will enhance details and color saturation.

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photo grade inket paper

Reviews for 66lb. Arctic Polar Satin

Clean color
Verified Buyer
I use this paper primarily for matchprints. The base is clean and white and the prints come out beautifully for color matching. Definitely my go-to for design work.
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My favorite fine art paper
Jeffrey Stoner
Verified Buyer
Artic Polar Satin has been my favorite paper for a long time. It is equally good at both color and black and white prints. I sell my images through galleries where quality is required, and Artic Polar Satin makes the grade.
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My Go-to paper 90% of the time.
Ricard Flematti
Verified Buyer
My favorite paper by far. Requires very little profile adjustment to produce prints that are stunning
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I love this paper
Chaz Kemp
Verified Buyer
I tried out a lot of different photo paper with several different companies and I have to say that Red River is the best. Not only is the paper itself top quality, but the customer service is stellar as well. I've found the paper and the company that I will go to for the rest of my career. Thank you!! Chaz Kemp
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Great Paper for my gallery prints
Ron Nolland
I use the 13x19 size of this paper for my larger gallery prints. Print quality on my Epson is fantastic. People always admire my prints, and can't believe I do them at home. I sell lots of framed prints with this paper, and it never fails. Great paper.
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Red River Paper. The game changer.
Sandra Schultz
I am setting myself up to sell prints of my watercolor and oil paintings online. I knew I needed a top quality paper, and tried several (supposedly) top notch papers before I learned about Red River. Just before I ordered the sample pack from RR, I ordered a package of Epson watercolor printer paper, and since I had it, I printed my images on that paper. I told my friend that my prints looked bad -- sort of dead, and I was discouraged. When I got the sample pack from RR, my world turned around. First of all, the printer drivers available on the RR website are phenomenal. They have made a HHHUUUUGGGGGEEEEEEE! difference in my print quality. Then add to that, the super high quality of the papers in the sample pack, and I am confident that the prints I make will please my customers completely. I could have gone with a number of papers from the samples, but chose the Arctic Polar Satin and Premium Matte. Both give me superb quality prints. I have discarded the prints made on Epson paper and re printed them on RR paper. Thank you Red River. You have made my business possible!
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Versatile Paper
Rebeka Schmieder
I think this paper is good if you want a regular paper without the cost of high grade paper. It gives a good finish and doesn't provide too much shine against the light. The weight and thickness of the paper is just right. It also gives nice vivid colors.
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Beautiful Paper!
Carley B.
I ordered the sample kit and fell in love with the Arctic Polar Satin! It was exactly what I was looking for.
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Can't Wait To Print More Pictures!
Amanda C
I tested out a paper sample of Red River's 66lb. Arctic Polar Satin paper in my photography class, and I'm so glad I did. I printed the exact same picture on Epson and and Canon paper samples as well, but there was no comparison to the Red River print. I was astounded at the difference in quality and color; Red River's print turned out so much more vibrant and true to the image than the other two papers! And when I got to the Red River website I was so excited to see that the prices were better than other brands as well! You guys have earned a new customer for life.
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Love this paper

I have been using this paper for years. I have tried many others, but for detail and color rendering my first choice is Arctic Polar Satin. You can't do better especially for the price.
Lou T - 05/04/2012
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Jarvis Grant
Commercial photographer and educator
"For my exhibition prints I use Aurora Natural. There is a word for Aurora Natural inkjet paper: luxurious. "