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66lb. Palo Duro Satin

With 66lb. Palo Duro Satin, you have access to one of the finest photo satin papers on the market today. This product is a "photobase", offering the look and feel of a professional photo lab print. Palo Duro Satin features a subtle surface texture and elegant warm tone, because it contains minimal optical brighteners in the base stock and none in the coating. The warmth of this product is great for portraits, naturescapes, and black & white prints with just a hint of sepia.

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photo grade inket paper

Reviews for 66lb. Palo Duro Satin

Anthony Paladino's Photography
Anthony Paladino
Verified Buyer
I'm a professional event photographer specializing in senior graduations and weddings. For to many years I farmed out my work to printers. About Three years ago I invested in a epson printer and took up a few printing classes. I came upon Red River Paper by web serving two year ago,and it was the best thing to happen. Ever since I have been using five papers from red river, and Palo Duro Satin in now newest. I wasn't sure what to expect as this was an experiment. Turned out that the paper was far above what I expected and it is now being used on all the many recent senior graduations I did.Which is fifty three, amazing that I pulled this off this year in light of what is happening.I would highly recommend this paper with a five star rating.
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Wonderful paper
Matthew Sarratt
I love this paper because it adds a warmer tone to my monochrome photos. It is “just right” in terms of finish- not too dull, not too glossy. My go-to paper!
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My Go-to paper
Clinton Fitch
Ordered it for some family photos I was printing and found the paper to be wonderful. The colors are beautiful the texture and sheen are perfect. It is a little too warm for my black & white work. I have not stopped using UltraPro Satin and UltraPro Gloss in favor of Palo Duro.
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Palo Duro Bravo
Jeff M.
The Red River Palo Duro Satin is definitely one of the *best* semi-gloss/satin type photo papers I have ever used. The subtle warm tone of this paper blends perfectly with my nature photography. My Eastern Box Turtles and Birds of Prey pictures look absolutely fantastic using the Palo Duro Satin. I highly recommend this product especially if you specialize in wildlife or landscape photography.
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Palo Duro Satin-66lb.
Harold Davies
I bought this on sale for my 4X6s. However I have found it very good on larger panoramic sizes. Not at all too glossy, just realistic and generally draws a comment from non-pros about the depth and realism this paper shows.
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Try It!
Bill Burro
I bought a roll of Palo Duro Satin because it was on sale at a great price. I liked it so much that I've already ordered a second roll. This paper is brighter white than I expected. Wildflower photos and paintings, look great on Palo Duro. So do restorations of historic photos. It is sturdy enough that my rough handling does not result in kinks or other surface imperfections. Yet it folds nicely without cracking for gallery wrap framing. Excellent image detail...very good color control and gradations, even in the shadows. Outstanding highlight control. Don't let 'warm tone' fool you. This 'warm' paper has no yellow or brownish tint. Give it a try.
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White and bright!
James Kelson
I have been using UP Satin and other papers with OBAs. I had considered trying the Palo Duro Satin at avoid the OBAs. I put off trying this paper because the descriptions did not sound appealing. I did not want sepia tones. "Warm" sounded like a euphemism for yellow and dingy. I finally bought a trial pack and was very pleasantly surprised. To my eye (and to my wife's eye) this paper is every bit as white and bright as the UP satin. My prints on this paper look great!
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Almost, but not quite
William Baker
I wish it was (1) a little heavier or thicker; it's like a single-weight photo paper and, with handling, it gets those little bent crescent thingies that mess up an otherwise perfect print; (2) even warmer in tone, maybe like Aurora Art Natural. So, you may ask, why don't I go ahead and print on Aurora Art Natural? Answer: I want a luster or satin surface; not the dead matte surface of Aurora Art Natural. Oh, well, probably not much can be done about them, but at least you know my complaints.
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Fantastic paper
Henry S. Winokur
I've been using RR papers for about 5 years on the advice/ suggesting of my photography teacher. I've been using Palo Duro Satin since November (give or take) of 2014. I switched because Ultra Pro Satin's formula was changed. I am SO GLAD I did. I think the PDS is even better than the UPS (prior to version 4.0) that I was using. I just love this stuff. Thanks RedRiver. You've got a great one here. I hope you're NOT planning any "improvements", 'cause far too often things get messed up when that happens.
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Excellent paper!!

I recently used the Palo Duro Satin to print my entire photo exhibition in NYC! I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it to all! I believe the paper is of extremely high quality and will continue to use it in the future. The paper really allows detail to come through beautiful and crisp- there is also a lot of definition in the blacks, which is something I always look for. Beautiful smooth texture - definitely the best satin paper I have worked with! In addition to the paper, the quality of the customer service at Red River was top of the line- I had a few questions about which paper type i should use and the responses were informed, friendly, and prompt. Overall I would highly recommend Red River, and this paper is certainly worth a trial!
Celeste S - 05/06/2015
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