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68lb. UltraPro Gloss 2.0

68lb. UltraPro Gloss prints vibrant colors and deep blacks with any inkjet printer. Its 10.4mil thickness gives your prints true photo lab quality. Compatible with any inkjet printer, this paper dries instantly for immediate quality and resistance to smears. When you use UltraPro Gloss, your prints will look their very best.

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photo grade inket paper

Reviews for 68lb. UltraPro Gloss 2.0

Printer ICC Profiles
Richard Slagter Jr
The 68lb. Paper prints beautiful on my Epson ET-4750 printer. Only after making my own ICC Profile because the ICC Profile I downloaded from RedRiver for my printer looked terrible from LightRoom I triedletting the printer handle color and it was better but still not correct. So I used SpyderPrint and did my own profile and there was the beautiful picture on the 8 1/2” x 14” paper. 4 stars only because if a company is going to offer a ICC profile for your printer it better be right. Because with the proper profile the Tank 4 color printer from Epson really does a beautiful job on their paper and Yes I will be buying much more of this wonderful paper
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Fantastic selection of photo papers
William Richards
I'm so glad I ordered the sample packs of the photo papers. Instead of guessing what might work for me, I was able to compare the same image on all the different papers and easily choose which one best met my needs. As a result, I was able to confidently order the UltraPro Gloss, knowing I'd get exactly what I wanted. No guessing involved.
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Never Fails to Amaze!
Mei B Valenzuela
I have been using the UltraPro Gloss for annual Christmas photos that my students and I do for a church school in an under-privileged neighborhood and it not only warms our heart to share our skills positively but to give these families a professional product. There is much appreciation from these economically challenged families for whom these are the only the photos they have of their children as they grow. But my students are learning that quality is in the gift of their skills to others and to render the same high quality product they expect for themselves. We have been using this paper for the last 6 years and its consistency saves us post production time!
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My favorite paper passed away.
E. Brent Turner
I am a professional photographer entering my 42nd year of creating images for a broad range of clients. From portraits, industrial, corporate, medical-surgical documentation, architecture and currently drone flites. I've seen much over time. The switch from film to a digital world was a large shift. Equipment change was challenging, as well as costly. No more darkroom to play in. Today its ink and paper. Not a quantum leap since attending press runs to check the photography and color quality of a brochure or annual report dealt with ink and paper. I think sometimes the final stage of a photograph being the paper which traps the image is often under-appreciated. I learned this all too well when a year ago. My favorite brand came from Ilford. They discontinued a glossy paper that had brought my images to life. It was like a close friend passing away. My customers asked more about what kind of paper did I use than they commented on my work. What the...? I tried a variety of brands, some independent and others which were promoted by the manufacturer of the printer. After trials and errors, I came across Red River Paper. What a relief. Their UltraPro Gloss 2.0 eclipses the Ilford product by a factor of ten. My work looks better than ever and the profile they provide for downloading to the printer ensures spot-on density and color with minimal reprinting. I'm staying put here. I hope, I won't lose another close friend anytime in the near future.
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great service
Peter Djuric
I have ordered from Red River a number of times and always receive a correct order in perfect condition. I am a loyal customer.
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The best paper for a Glossy Print
Steven Bresssan
I've used a lot of Red River 68 lb. UltraPro Gloss 2.0 this past year for sending photos to friends. I've made up a few books using this paper and am very happy compared to other Glossy paper's I've tried.
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loyal customer
Red River Paper products came highly recommended. I'm pleased with the quality. I'm pleased with the support in setting up my laptop to sync with my printer. Purchasing supplies is easy and quick.
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My partner used to order his prints online, until now.
Sasha Jones
I've recently taken over producing prints for my partner's artwork that he sells at conventions around the country and abroad. He was spending a couple dollars a piece on glossy letter size prints-- But just using this paper and a Canon PRO 100, I'm able to produce comparable if not superior prints for a fraction of the cost.
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Paper and service doesn't get any better than this.
Shaven Flu
I must say I am completely satisfied with the paper and the way it was delivered.I used to order paper from Amazon and it always use to come damaged, But when I got my paper from red river paper it was securely packaged without a single damage. I got my paper faster than I expected. I will never order paper from any where else but red river paper. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. I am forever your new loyal customer.
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Top Drawer Paper

Your company produces quality papers. I have used several different varieties of Red River Paper and like them all. However, I think your UltraPro Gloss is second to none. I use an epson 3800pro and I print 17x22 portraits and the colors really pop. Epson inck seems to like your paper and my clients love the results. I just ordered 100 sheets of 8x10 and 50 sheets of 13x19 to ad to my inventory. Thanks for your quality paper and reasonalbe prices.
Bob Humphrey - 02/02/2010
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Helene Glassman
Fine art photographer and NAPP educator
"One of my favorites in the Red River Paper line is River Linen I've recommended Red River to many close associates who have received superb customer service."