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68lb. UltraPro Gloss 2.0

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68lb. UltraPro Gloss prints vibrant colors and deep blacks with any inkjet printer. Its 10.4mil thickness gives your prints true photo lab quality. Compatible with any inkjet printer, this paper dries instantly for immediate quality and resistance to smears. When you use UltraPro Gloss, your prints will look their very best.

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Reviews for 68lb. UltraPro Gloss 2.0

My first try
Eva-Genevieve! Scarborough
I just recently tried the Ultra Pro Gloss paper on my old Canon Pixma Pro 10 printer. It turns out to be the very best Glossy paper I have yet to try! I had been considering a new printer but so long as ink remains available I am no longer in need of an upgrade. The rich dense accurate colors and and the clarity of the image on the very first print was quite impressive. First time ever using a paper that I haven't had to reprint and tweak the contrast, brightness or sometimes hue or white balance to get my prints dialed in on the first run. One thing that has long bothered me with inkjet glossy papers is that change in reflective sheen where pure white areas are part of an image - that has often kept me from using glossy finishes. This paper still did have that but it was not something that stood out. I had to hunt for it waving it close to a light. That too has impressed me and will bring me back again. I am looking forward to trying other finishes soon.
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Great paper
My prints have more richness and depth of color than with any paper I have used.
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Unlike any other
As a photographer I've tried every single high end photo paper. Red river is the ultimate go to paper that continuously excels my expectations.
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Ultrapro gloss
Michael McWilliams
While I use luster, mat and canvas media a lot, I used Ultrapro gloss recently and found the print color gorgeous and the profile spot on.
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Ultra pro 2.0
Charles Borodemos
I'm using this paper and just amazed seeing the results coming out of the printer. The prints just pops and always better than I imagined. I've used other Red River photo paper before but I love this paper.
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Family photos
I have been using this paper and company for years. I prefer it over on-line printed personal photos. The colors stay and have not faded though I don’t put them in direct sunlight. The service is excellent. Thank you.
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Purchased 68lb UltraPro Gloss photo Paper
Norman Vincelette
I have tried many brands of photo paper over many years and I have finally found one that I believe is the best paper for my needs. I am not a professional and do not sell any of my prints, but I require a product that gives me pride in what I do. Thank you Red River for a great product.
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68# UltraPro 2.0
I've been using Red River papers exclusively for a few years now. I feel the results from using Red River papers compared to that of other papers I've used from HP and Epson are far superior and more consistent. Pricing is competitive and the quality is great. I'll use Red River papers exclusively.
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68 lbs. Ultra Pro Gloss 2.0
Paul Grotzinger
I had to find 14 inches long paper, so it would match what my boss had of his photo. I could not do it on 11 inches paper! Otherwise, it would look smaller photo instead!
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Best Paper I've Used So Far

Not many manufacturers make 17x25 paper. So choices are limited. Before finding out about Red River, I purchased another brand that is very well known in photography circles. The paper was twice the cost of Ultra Pro Gloss. Granted, it was a much thicker paper and it felt good in the hands. But since my prints will eventually be mounted on a matboard under a frame, no one is going to feel the thickness anyway. So it came down to how the image appears on the paper and the ease with which I can work with the paper. The more expensive brand -- being thicker -- was curled up on the corners and edges. So I needed to roll it to undo the curl, which never really flattened out completely and would curl back again within a few days. As that paper went through the printer, the curl on the edges of the paper picked up the ink and the paper came out smudged. Moreover, I wasted close to half the box of paper because I had to experiment with different printer settings to get a good print. The thickness and the curling resulted in head strikes across the image. With Red River UltraPro Gloss, however, the print came out perfectly the first time. No paper or ink was wasted. No time was wasted experimenting with printer settings. And the Red River website had easy instructions for installing their ICC profile. When I compared the Red River print with the print from the more expensive manufacturer, I thought the Red River print looked better. Of course, that's a matter of opinion. But I like what a gloss finish does to my images and I thought the colors of my image came out with greater depth and sheen with the Red River paper. To my eye, the difference is quite obvious. So for close to half the price, I thought the Red River paper was superior for my needs and I plan to continue using it. In fact, I just purchased another two boxes for my upcoming exhibits. Also, take note that the customer service has been exceptional. Although my first box of paper was packaged well, somehow the corners of the paper got slightly damaged during transit. I emailed customer service and a new box -- with the paper in perfect condition -- arrived the next day. It arrived faster than I expected. I didn't even have time to repack the damaged paper for return, the cost of which was covered by Red River. - 08/29/2012
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Professional Profile:
Joel Grimes
Advertising and commercial photographer
"I use Red River Ultra Pro Satin paper to print images because it beautifully handles the subtle highlight tones while retaining excellent detail in the shadow areas. "

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