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68lb. UltraPro Satin Rolls

If you print, you simply have to have UltraPro Satin 4.0 in your paper inventory. It produces professional quality results and works with virtually any image. UltraPro Satin 4.0 looks and feels just like traditional photo lab paper. The surface is textured to a medium depth - just the right amount to enhance your prints without being a distraction. The big news is that UltraPro Satin is now a brilliant bold white. Bright white papers are particularly good at reproducing deep blacks and higher contrast. You will see a wider color gamut as well as smoother tonal transitions. Your black & white photos will be neutral and crisp.

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* Price per square foot for rolls.
photo grade inket paper

Reviews for 68lb. UltraPro Satin Rolls

Shining Quality
Carol Isaak
I used RR Ultra Pro Satin for a portfolio review. Large prints. Light weight. The reviewers were knocked out by the print quality. The paper shone.
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Great Paper at a Great Price
Tommy Hyde
I recently purchased a Canon Pixma Pro-10. Gil at Arlington Camera told me about Red River Paper. I tried some of the 68lb. UltraPro Satin 3.0, and was extremely pleased with the results. I have since ordered the sample pack to try other Red River Paper products. I noticed that they also sell inks for my printer at a competitive price. I will be back.
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Immediate Gratification
Laraine Ritchie
When my local lab was down for a few days, I turned to my paper stash to do some rush prints. Usually I use UltraPro Satin for personal projects, but I was trapped. I began to print for clients, and boy do I miss those guys at the lab!! It's a beautiful paper, professional looking and just as good or better than the lab, who is printing by inkjet as well. So I have used up my stash of satin, and ordering more. Now on to the Polar White....
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I hadn't printed photos in a while, but a couple weeks back I decided to do just that. Used some UltraPro Satin that I had, and the pictures came out so great I ordered more. Great color reproduction, great price, and fast shipping. Can't ask for more than that.
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Exceptional quality and price
Kevin Woodbury
I have used top notch papers over the years but have paid a top notch price. I am fairly picky when it comes to the quality of my prints but am forced to live on a limited budget. I stumbled across Red River through a friend of mine and have found that Red River papers (not just this one) produce the quality I seek at a fraction of the cost of other papers. If in doubt, order a sampler but you won't go wrong not mater which paper you choose. The papers are top quality, well packaged to protect them and they produce amazing results.
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Almost perfect...
I love this paper, except I wish there were less imperfections. I know all papers have some imperfections, but there are sometimes small clumps that I have to try to physically scratch off. Sometimes they come off and other times they don't. So I am really only able to use some of the paper I have purchased. If I could exchange these pieces for new pieces, that would be ideal.
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Top notch results at a fraction of the cost
Jeff M.
This paper delivers as good if not better results as Epson's top of the line luster paper. The cost is much lower. This allows my photography business to increase it's profit margin. In a time when everything seems to eat away at my bottom link, it is great to find a product that helps it. Shipping is fast and fairly priced. The support of having printer profiles provided is great.
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A very happy customer.
Steven Barall
I have used many luster/satin papers and I am very glad that I have finally found this Red River UltraPro Satin. I am replacing the Ilford Smooth Pearl and because the two papers are different I'm not really judging the one against the other but I can say that all on it's own the UltraPro Satin is a really good paper and I am very very happy with it. I guess the question is how much do you want the surface of the paper to influence the actual image, how people see and judge your photos? I like a surface that is sort of neutral. I don't want people to say nice paper, I want the paper to support my images, quite literally, without overwhelming them. The surface texture of the UltraPro Satin strikes a good balance between shininess and resolution, less texture and therefore more resolution than a regular shiny luster paper but more texture and therefore more shininess than a soft gloss or matte paper. The actual color of the surface is not as super bright white as some others, like the Red River Polar papers, but overall it suits my personal taste very. (If the white was brighter however I wouldn't complain.) Also, of course, the paper takes the ink really well (Epson 3880) and the Red River supplied color profile is excellent. I'm also glad that I read the available printing instructions on the Red River web site. There is a lot of good info here. For instance you use "Perceptual" without black point compensation instead of "Relative" with black point for the UltraPro Satin. This is different than every paper and profile combo from all of the other paper companies on the market so this is important info and it does make a difference. There is also web site info on platen setup which is important and other things as well. It's all part of the customer service so take advantage of it. Let us not forget the price and range of sheet sizes available. Amazing. I'm glad to be doing business with Red River.
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Won't lay flat
This is a nice paper, and produces quality printing, but it does not feed properly with two of my Epson printers. Both are workforce WP4020 and WP7010. The problem is the paper does not lay flat and is slightly bowed. Due to it's thickness it pops when it straightens as it is being fed through the printer, and the end result is distorted printing at the end of the print. Therefore, it does not work with all Epson printers.
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Outstanding Quality

I got the sampler kit and was initially blown away by the Pearl Metallic (I am still blown away by it btw). Yet when I saw the Ultra Pro Satin results I couldn't believe that I was moving Pearl Metallic to second place. Beautiful paper hard to just need to see it and feel it.
Conrado Gonzalez - 02/04/2012
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Professional Profile:
Susan McCartney
Photojournalist, Teacher and Writer
"I frequently use several different Red River papers like Aurora Art White, Arctic Polar Satin and Ultra Pro Gloss to insure I get the best detail possible."