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75lb Arctic Polar Luster Big Sheets

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Setting the bar for premium photographic inkjet paper, Arctic Polar Luster is the paper pros demand and enthusiasts deserve. Arctic Polar Luster's surface represents the true modern photographic look and feel. Its extra weight and thickness gives the assurance you are a fine photographic print. The profoundly beautiful surface and state-of-the-art coating will make your photography look its best.

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Reviews for 75lb Arctic Polar Luster Big Sheets

Artic Polar Luster
Bob Klein
A great cold tone pure white paper with a luster surface. I like to have a consistent look to all my prints, so it's the only paper I use. I love that it comes in so many sizes. I print on everything from 5X7 to 13X19. I also buy 16X20, split it in half and print 8X20 panoramas. I print with a white border and the clean cool white is bright and fresh. My B&W prints look just as good as my color prints.
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Allen Schaefer
Crisp, vivid and alive without a lot of post processing.
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Always good paper from Red River!
Amanda Parente
I’ve been ordering from Red River for a couple years and get so many compliments from my customers! I tried this paper for laminated bookmarks and the image comes out beautifully!
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Terrific paper
Love this paper. Went through a box of 20 sheets of 17x22 in a weekend because my prints looked so good! I just couldn’t stop printing.
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Great paper
Edward Savaria
Needed a quality luster paper that would print great color and bw photos and not buckle when framed. This paper was perfect.
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Attic Polar Luster has become my default when it comes to printing
Hudson Ingram
Verified Buyer
Granted I am a Graduate Student who prints with university facilities so I haven’t printed with a big variety of brands. I really found and stuck with this paper after wanting to have brighter highlights and tone to my images. The images definitely have a brighter look to them than standard photo paper. Luster seems to lend itself towards the brighter material as well. I recommend it to anyone looking for a similar effect!
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Great Paper
Tom Leininger
Verified Buyer
This is my go to paper and has been for a long time. Red River is an awesome company and the paper rocks.
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75lb. Arctic Polar Luster
Verified Buyer
This order was for a replenishment box of APL 8x10 from one that I used up. I purchased a pro-level A3+ photo printer a in January 2021 and RR papers were recommended to me by a friend. After purchasing and testing papers from 3 sample kits, I settled on APL as one of the papers that I liked. I then purchased APL in 4x6, 8x10, and A3+, and RR Polar Matte in 4x6, 8x10, and A3+. I like the colors, detail, and contrast that I get from APL. I will continue to use this paper as my go-to luster paper.
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Fulfills my needs
Daniel Doyle
Verified Buyer
I have been working on a project, sample below. and when using this paper, its weight and finish produce exactly what I desire. An incredible array of products and services are available at my now go to place for printing needs. The speed and response to those needs is incredible. Red River Papers is my final stop after a long search
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Pop goes the photo

This was a first time using this paper ... and I just ran out, so immediately ordering more. I typically print 10 to 12 by 14 to 18 wide, so I use the 13x19 size. My first use of this paper, I reprinted an image I've printed several times before. That evening, my girlfriend asked 'what did you do to this?' She like it a lot more, but can't put her finger on what you changed. Comment were 'it looks so much more alive'. The only change was the paper. Try it, you'll like it.
P. B. Eleazer - 05/21/2010
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Professional Profile:
Jim DiVitale
Commercial photographer and NAPP educator
"To be competitive in printing, I need consistent quality along with multiple size choices for the different printers I use. I found that the UltraPro Satin from Red River Paper to be just the right surface for me to print on."

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