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75lb. Arctic Polar Luster

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Setting the bar for premium photographic inkjet paper, Arctic Polar Luster is the paper pros demand and enthusiasts deserve. Arctic Polar Luster's surface represents the true modern photographic look and feel. Its extra weight and thickness gives the assurance of a fine photographic print. The profoundly beautiful surface and state-of-the-art coating will make your photography look its best.

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photo grade inket paper

Reviews for 75lb. Arctic Polar Luster

75lb. Arctic Polar Luster Review
The best and only paper I use in my camera club competitions.
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Arctic Polar Luster
Lawrence Jordan
Couldn't ask for a better paper supplier. Customers are always Wowed with the finished print.
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Arctic Polar Luster Outstanding Quality
Frank Laski
I selected Arctic Polar Luster for an exhibition of photographs taken over the last 15 years in Central America. Printing was trouble free using 13x19 with the Epson R3000, The results were outstanding . This paper with its excellent tonal range and subtle texture is well suited for portraits. Many viewers commented on the "high quality " of the prints.
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Panoramic Size For Luster Fantastic
Brad Cherson
I have printed several images on the Panoramic size of polar arctic luster and am thrilled at the quality of the prints. I love the texture and feel of the paper and works equally well with both black and white and color images....great paper....great value....and red river's website is very informative.
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APLuster is Good Stuff!
A J Cotterell
Arctic Polar Luster is a very fine paper. It grabs the colors well, shows richness and fine detail superbly, and renders vibrant blacks. The price is fair and the quality of the prints I have made on this paper has been outstanding.
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Great Paper
Melissa Gamez
Love this paper! Very competitive price. I have been printing for years now and always come back to this one.
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Awesome Paper!!
Tammy Fox
I have been using this photo paper for several years now and the quality is by far superior to any other satin photo paper that I have found and shipping times are amazingly quick!! I will continue to be a return customer!!
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Exceeding Expectations
Dan DeGennaro
I've been using a Canon PixmaPro-100 and their ProLuster paper with satisfaction, then I tried Red River Arctic Polar Luster. I was very pleased, seeing greater detail in the darkest shadow areas, and creamy smooth highlight gradations - about a whole stop better tonal range than what I was used to. Amazing for both B&W and color.
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Justin Patterson
This paper is just gorgeous. For me, it's the perfect weight, grain, and clarity. It's just the best!
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Favorite of Red River Papers

This paper combines a clean, bright look with a pleasing luster surface that I much prefer over glossy. It feels great to the touch, and because you have less surface reflection, images look rich and saturated. I'm using this stock with an Epson R2400 and an HP B9180. I highly recommend Arctic Polar Luster.
Derrick Story - 02/18/2009
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