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UltraPro Luster 300

UltraPro Luster produces professional quality results and works with virtually any type of photographic subject. UltraPro Luster looks like traditional photo lab paper. Because it is heavier and thicker than a lab paper, your prints will feel more substantial and will resist handling wear. A relative of our best seller, UltraPro Satin, this paper features a deep luster texture to enhance your prints without being a distraction. UltraPro Luster is a brilliant bold white, which means it is particularly good at reproducing deep blacks and higher contrast. You will see a wider color gamut as well as smoother tonal transitions. Your black & white photos will be neutral and crisp.

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photo grade inket paper

Reviews for UltraPro Luster 300

Excellent Luster Paper
Michael Karchmer
I've used UltraPro Satin for some years now and still think that it's great value for the money. But since UltraPro Luster has been available, I've switched nearly completely to it. I use it in 24" wide rolls and in a few other sizes. This is terrific paper, thicker than UltraPro Satin and easier to handle. It has feeling of depth and both color and b/w prints turn out beautifully. The paper is very white, so consider that when selecting mats for display. UltraPro Luster is not inexpensive, but is well worth the cost.
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Great Paper...Misses on Available Sizes
art scott
Its the 21st Century and tou paper companies are still cutting paper like it was 1970...come on get with it...most sensors are in a 3:2 aspect ratio...all paper companies need to be supply all sizes upto 16x24 atleast
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My favorite paper for fine art prints!
Lisa Russo
I am a fine art photographer and ship prints to customers daily. This paper is wonderfully heavy, has a beautiful finish, is durable and rarely scratches or flakes. The color is deep and vibrant. Black and white prints are true. I love this paper so much I'm investing in a larger-format printer so I can print 16x20s in-house in addition to smaller prints...simply because I want more of my customers to receive their artwork on the UltraPro Luster 300 paper. It's rich and lovely, which impresses my customers and makes me look good. Thank you, RRPaper!
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Worst luster paper I use .
Alex K
Yes is Heavy ,is easy to handle large format print,but dipper luster and hi DMAX is miss advertised.Back and white images come out whit green cast,yes I use icc profiles and proper media settings.This paper look more like semi mate whit lower contrast.Pacaging is another story. Show your employees to properly package rolls and put supporting pads outside the plastic bags not inside ,its not protecting paper from dirt and dust,which can create problem for the Printer had.WERY DISAPPOINTING. This was my second attempt to use your company,but I bump to bad paper and unprofessional costumer service. By the way is absolutely not fare to post only positive reviews,this misleading professional people like me and waisted not only money but times is well.
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The RC Luster Paper I've Been Waiting for! Highly Recommend!
This is the luster paper I've been waiting for. 300 gsm weight, deeper texture than the UPSatin 4.0. Stiffer for safer handling. Testing this paper against the previous Red River Satin papers shows more depth with very accurate detail and color rendition (using the UPSatin 4.0 profile). Very pleased so far. I also use baryta papers and other high end papers for clients and exhibitions, but the delicate surfaces of the baryta class of papers can really be problematic. I think this RC Luster paper represents a real sweet spot. Highly recommend!
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Luster 300
Having tried virtually every major brand of luster paper on the market I can honestly say that the new UltraPro Luster 300 is an outstanding product. It has a nice texture, substantial weight and delivers perfect color rendition. If you enjoy a satin/luster finish please give this paper a try.
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Great Paper...Misses on Available Sizes

Its the 21st Century and tou paper companies are still cutting paper like it was 1970...come on get with it...most sensors are in a 3:2 aspect ratio...all paper companies need to be supply all sizes upto 16x24 atleast
art scott - 05/17/2019
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Bill Frakes
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"The quality and versatility of Red River papers allows me to get consistently excellent results quickly and efficiently. With papers like UltraPro Gloss 2.0, they always have exactly the product I need to get the job done."