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Aurora Art White 285®

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Made in the USA using 100% cotton, Aurora Art White 285 brings elegance and nuance to your photography and art prints. This acid-free paper features a pleasing white tone and semi-smooth surface.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for Aurora Art White 285®

Verified Buyer
Really liked this paper a lot, it made prints of my digital illustrations look amazing! Not only was the paper nice but the packaging for it. The box it came in is like a sturdy cardboard envelope box and makes it perfect for storing the paper in my room keeping it safe and flat. Will definitely be purchasing from this company again!!
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Excellent paper and service!
Daniel O Tubbs Jr
I have been using Red River Paper for ten years and have always found their products to be excellent! Aurora Art White 285 is no exception. It feeds well through the back tray of my Canon TS9120 and prints beautifully. I love the texture and feel of the paper. It is especially nice for my black and white images, giving them the feel of old wet-processed prints. I am a professional photographer and sell my prints at a local art gallery.
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Nice paper, great feel and print
David Neff
Verified Buyer
Printed on an Epson P600, and though my front feed has been finicky I was also able to feed it through the top sheet feeder one at a time. Printed on bth Hot Press bright for front feeder and Epson Archival Matte for the top sheet feeder and they looked nearly identical using the downloaded .icc profile. Paper has great neutral color, it's fairly rigid, prints easily both sides and doesn't show through unless backlit.
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Verified Buyer
After doing some research on selling art prints, Red River came up often as a recommendation for affordable quality paper. Due to poor planning, I needed paper ASAP, so I ordered fine art paper from a different brand on Amazon on Dec 2. That paper arrived on Dec 4 and it was fine but I did have lots of issues with it in my printer and was frustrated. I placed an order for RR Aurora Art White 285 on Dec 6 and the estimated delivery date was Dec 16. I continued with my business, sold prints using the other paper and ran out on Dec 9. I hastily placed another order on Amazon so I could fullfill orders. Two days later on Dec 11, to my surprise, my RR Aurora paper arrived!! I compared the prints on both papers and the difference was astounding (at least to me). The colors are vibrant! The best part is I don't have to use the fine art paper media setting on my printer (Canon Pro-100) so I'm not limited to huge margins, saving me paper! I've only printed like two sheets so far so I'm a little worried about the coating-roller issue people are reviewing about. It's also a little thinner than I'd like (I love thick papers) and it could have even more tooth (I love texture) but overall I am SO thrilled, and so excited I immediately had to leave a review. Luckily that other paper from Amazon got delayed and canceled it :)
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Very special paper
Michael De Luca
Verified Buyer
I started using the paper as per Drew’s suggestion. My florals and autumn leaves just pop and have an ethereal glow . I highly recommend this paper to any nature image. Mike
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Pro's & Con's
Verified Buyer
I use this paper in 4 sizes for fine art prints. I love the bright white color. The weight feels good and the texture is soft to touch. The price can't be beat. The new style of boxes it comes in is a solid white (or red) which I love, since I can reuse them for shipping product. The powdered coating is really annoying though, it coats the rubber track and won't pull the paper through, I'm constantly having to clean it. I don't recommend this paper if you're using a solid black background, the rubber track that pulls the paper in my Canon Pro10 leaves a scuff mark that's visible on the top of the paper. Also, shipping cost to Canada was overpriced, there needs to be an economy option. It also came in a box twice, if not 3x, the size of my product, maybe that is why shipping was so much more than necessary. Overall, despite a few con's, I'll continue to buy Red River paper!
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Comment on thickness
Jim Burlingame
Verified Buyer
I have read all the comments on the paper is too thick for their printer. I use a old Epson Stylus Photo R380 printer and the paper goes through OK but you have to feed it with a single sheet only.
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Great Paper. Terrible Dusty Residue
Ryan Simpson
This paper is my favorite paper of all of RR's options but for some reason it now comes with a coating of very faint dusty residue which ends up coating the printer rollers. The printer ends up not being able to grab the paper without cleaning the rollers after grabbing maybe 4-5 sheets of this paper. Also the same issue forces you to not be able to load multiple sheets in at once otherwise the printer has a very hard time grabbing and separating the sheets. I've even resorted to using a lint brush to run it over the paper to get rid of some of the reside, which helps but only slows down the residue eventually coating the rollers.
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Feeds perfectly on my Epson R2000
I was concerned that the new variation of Aurora would be too thick, as others have noted, and requested some samples. RRP kindly sent a couple of sheets. Not only did the paper feed flawlessly in an Epson 2000, but the final product, which was a small version of one of my paintings, looked and felt great. The 285 give it a little more gravitas as a print. I'm glad they are making the 250 available, but I will be buying this weight.
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Wonderful paper

I use an Epson 3800 printer and have been using Epson Velvet Fine Art paper for my photo paintings. Decided to buy a box of Red River Aurora Fine Art paper in 11x14 size and it is just wonderful. I've gotten beautiful results from my photo paintings. And, the price is great. I might just switch to Red River from now on.
- 08/15/2009
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Professional Profile:
Kiyoshi Togashi
Advertising and editorial photographer
"I also like Aurora Natural C2S for my botanical shots that have very subtle color nuances. It brings them out beautifully and it also matches my feeling for nature."