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Aurora Art White 285

Made using fine 100% cotton rag content, Aurora White offers the look and feel of fine art paper. This Aurora features a brighter white shade for crisp color tones, semi-smooth surface, an acid-free base stock and coating. Aurora White contains minimal optical brighteners

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* Price per square foot for rolls.
Archive grade inkjet photo paper This Paper is Acid Free

Reviews for Aurora Art White 285

Great Paper. Terrible Dusty Residue
Ryan Simpson
This paper is my favorite paper of all of RR's options but for some reason it now comes with a coating of very faint dusty residue which ends up coating the printer rollers. The printer ends up not being able to grab the paper without cleaning the rollers after grabbing maybe 4-5 sheets of this paper. Also the same issue forces you to not be able to load multiple sheets in at once otherwise the printer has a very hard time grabbing and separating the sheets. I've even resorted to using a lint brush to run it over the paper to get rid of some of the reside, which helps but only slows down the residue eventually coating the rollers.
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Feeds perfectly on my Epson R2000
I was concerned that the new variation of Aurora would be too thick, as others have noted, and requested some samples. RRP kindly sent a couple of sheets. Not only did the paper feed flawlessly in an Epson 2000, but the final product, which was a small version of one of my paintings, looked and felt great. The 285 give it a little more gravitas as a print. I'm glad they are making the 250 available, but I will be buying this weight.
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Excellent rag alternative for fraction of the price
Freelance Photographer/Print Shop Assistant
I work at a fine-art print shop where Hahnemuhle Photo-Rag has been the house paper for almost a decade. RR Aurora Art White has become a comparable substitute for about half the price. Slightly less textured surface (compared to photo-rag standard), slightly less gsm, coated 2 sides is nice because it hangs flat prior to mounting
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Too Thick
Paula Neys
The 18 ml cardstock doesn't feed through my Epson p600 consistently. I'm so disappointed, as I love the feel of the paper. I wish I hadn't made the investment in the paper and stuck with the polar matte I was using.
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Problems printing with Canon Pro 100
lana macko
First of all, I love this paper. I could never go back to the old version after the look and feel of this version. BUT, printing it is a pain in the you-know-what. After spending a lot of time on the phone with a Canon tech, we came to the conclusion that it is the powdery residue that comes off the paper that dirties the rollers so the paper won't feed. So roller cleaning has to happen frequently.
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18 mil heavy paper
I love this paper, I print with a Canon Pixma Pro 100, and the cards look great. My watercolor illustrations are bright and colorful. I'd consider using this paper for art prints!
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Fantastic paper!
Anait S.
I ordered a sample kit to try on my Epson Artisan 1430 and Aurora Art White worked perfectly on my printer! I followed the Red River Paper's tips for successful printing (right ICC profile, printing settings, etc.) and my watercolor prints look amazing! Will definitely use this paper!
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Outstanding paper!
Like the new thickness for my art and poster prints! I have the Epson 600 printers and have no problem loading the papers. But I admit I only load one at a time. I have been buying Redriver papers for years and will continue to do so!
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Used to love it! But...
John Ergo
Aurora used to be my go-to paper for making fine art prints - my collectors loved the quality, and I could call my prints "giclees" and run limited editions for a slight upcharge compared to open editions. Now sadly, the paper is too thick to run through my printers consistently (Canon Pixma Pro-100 and Epson 1430) and I've had to go back to offering only open editions, as no one else offers a good alternative that fits these specs. Its a shame.
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I have used a lot of Red River Papers but this is by far my favorite. It gives an awesome punch of color to my children's portraits and really WOW's my brides. Thank you Red River for doing it again!
KW - 04/29/2013
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Professional Profile:
Helene Glassman
Fine art photographer and NAPP educator
"One of my favorites in the Red River Paper line is River Linen I've recommended Red River to many close associates who have received superb customer service."