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Big Bend Baryta 310

Big Bend Baryta (tell me more about the name) offers all of the rich tonality, depth, and feel of a traditional darkroom print. The paper has a elegantly smooth finish and subtle reflectivity. Big Bend has a pleasant neutral white tone imparted by a 100% barium sulphate (baryta) layer. Baryta is the "old school" way of whitening paper and it adds natural richness to portraits and landscapes. Black & White images benefit from Big Bend's deep blacks and exceptional contrast. Use this paper for your final product to surpass gallery and museum expectations.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper This Paper is Acid Free

Reviews for Big Bend Baryta 310

Beautiful prints
Liz Potter
Verified Buyer
I work in a traditional wet darkroom and love fiber-based, silver gelatin paper.... but I can't always spend the time to make silver prints and need to be able to sell work that's more budget-friendly. I was shocked at how beautiful this paper is. Even the tone of it is similar to Ilford multigrade fiber. It's reasonably priced, a nice fiber paper feel, and loads and prints easily in the manual feed of my Canon Pixma Pro 100. I love this paper!
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Flawless, as expected.
Glen Carpenter
Verified Buyer
Just printed my second 50 sheet box- Canon Pro 1000, nothing but a pleasant experience all around. Calibrated screen, supplied ICC- Very happy with the output. As usual, as expected, the Canon Pro-1000 handled this paper without a fuss.
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Big Bend Baryta
John D Comito, Jr
Verified Buyer
I have mixed feelings about the paper. It prints very well and I have had excellent results for the most part. As a black and white photographer, I was hoping for a whiter base. I used San Gabriel previously and loved the paper. The base here is more of a cream and renders my images on the warm side. While that is great for some images, I usually look for a neutral to cool base for my images. Initially I had issues with a test batch of paper I purchased. I would get squiggly lines on the paper usually about every third print. I contacted customer service and they advised it was a printer issue. I was not having issues with Harmon or Moab or even San Gabriel I was printing at the same time. I sent in photos of the print defects to the CS Rep but never heard back about the issue. So while the paper is good I am not too impressed by the lack of response from customer service. Paper 4.5 stars, Customer Service 3 stars
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Prints beautifully, but with some trouble
Miguel Guzman
Verified Buyer
It prints beautifully, no doubt about it. One problem I encountered however, is that for me at least, it seems to have a hard time with heavy ink coverage. I'm printing on an Epson P900 and the first two attempts buckled so badly that the paper started pushing the manual feed tray out. Third attempt I gently curled the paper downward and backed off on the ink density by -8. That completed successfully, but I just wasn't getting the richness i wanted. So I tried again at normal density, gently curling the paper downward as before. That worked, but I took a peek into the output path with a flashlight and I could see it buckling as it was advancing. Now, it did flatten out nicely after it dried, and the print was gorgeous, but I just can't use a paper that I feel has a high potential for head strikes. Gorgeous print quality, but it makes me nervous. I would love to have this surface texture and sheen on a heavy cotton rag like Palo Duro SoftGloss (I bought that too and I love it) and I think you'd have an awesome paper. So, I wouldn't say don't buy this paper, as maybe you wont have the issue that I did. Buy a sample pack if you've never used it before. If it works for you, you'll get truly beautiful prints.
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Very satisfied with Big Bend Baryta 310
Ken St.Clair
Verified Buyer
I have been very satisfied with this paper. It has become my new standard for show prints. The new paper is also very clean, i.e. no dust or debris in the box that can leave white spots after printing.
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A gorgeous paper
Bernard Kane
Verified Buyer
Great weight of paper. Feels substantial, feels opulent. Surface is beautiful, the sheen is just right. The tonality is astounding! Probably related to the fabulous dMax. This paper handles any image that I think is special, and makes the intention for my image be manifest.
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Peter Dunner
Verified Buyer
This is the first negative I've had about RR paper. The base is not clean white but yellow and as a result the whites in my b&w prints are cream-yellow color, not at all what I'm after. I compared it to arctic polar white-same print and there is a world of difference. Some might not mind this but I certainly have wasted the time and money on this paper. I love the weight of it and wish there was something of similar weight with a clean white base.
Thank you for taking time to review Big Bend Baryta. The relative warmth - compared to photo papers with OBA content - is intentional and to a great degree expected from this class of product. We refer to it as "neutral white", meaning it is not cool and not very warm like Aurora Art Natural, for example.
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Former San Gabriel User
Neal Rantoul
Verified Buyer
With the wonderful array of sizes, I tend to try to work with Red River papers whenever possible. The 17 x 25 inch size is a staple for me. I waited a long time for San Gabriel's replacement and I find Big Bend to be a worthy successor. Nice weight, lays flat in the printer, good contrast, and vibrant colors when called for. Very pleased this is now available. Wonder why Red River isn't promoting it more?
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Worthy successor of SanGabriel Baryta 2.0
Mike Cannone
Verified Buyer
I’ve waited a long time for San Gabriel Baryta’s replacement paper (it seems like) and I am very pleased with your selection of Big Bend Baryta 310. I recently received my first order of 6 boxes. I print B&W using Epson’s ABW option. This paper meets my criteria for paper base color, and especially weight and surface texture. It appears to carry a bit more contrast than my temporary replacement paper but I can manage that with a simple Photoshop adjustment. Couldn’t be more pleased with it. Thanks for persevering. I hope others will also find Big Bend paper perfect for their prints as I do.
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Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!

I loved San Gabriel; I love the new Big Bend Baryta! The new paper is a little brighter than the San Gabriel, my prints are popping!
Verified Buyer
D Smith - 06/17/2021
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