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Big Bend Baryta 310

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Big Bend Baryta (tell me more about the name) offers all of the rich tonality, depth, and feel of a traditional darkroom print. The paper has an elegantly smooth finish and subtle reflectivity. Big Bend has a pleasant neutral white tone imparted by a 100% barium sulfate (baryta) layer. Baryta is the "old school" way of whitening paper and it adds natural richness to portraits and landscapes. Black & White images benefit from Big Bend's deep blacks and exceptional contrast. Use this paper for your final product to surpass gallery and museum expectations.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for Big Bend Baryta 310

Test Printing Conclusions- Red River Paper is the Best
Bartz Englishoe
I have determined through testing that I will be using Red River Papers. I printed hundreds of test prints using Epson, Hahnemühle, Canson, Moab and Red River products. I compared glossy, satin, luster, baryta, fiber, matte and fine art surfaces. I evaluated white, black and shadows details. I studied contrast, tonal range and sharpness. I compared brightness, whiteness, weight and thickness. I evaluated how fragile or robust papers were when handled. I use an Epson P800 printer and print mostly black and white images. I compared all paper types using both the manufacture's ICC color profiles, soft proofing/non-soft proofing and Epson's Advanced Black and White mode. I used the manufacturer's recommendations for paper type, print resolution, sharping level, paper thickness, platen gap and glossy/matte ink type. For color images I use color profiles with soft proofing. I only use the Epson's Advanced Black and White mode for black and white printing. During the pandemic I scanned over 10,000 black and white negatives, color slides and color negatives. My oldest scans were from 1968. All my print testing used scans files. My goal for testing was to select two paper types. One paper that requires Epson photo ink (glossy, luster, baryta) and one paper that requires matte ink (matte, fine art). I wanted to find the papers with the qualities that were best suited to my Epson printer ink set. My intent was to know how each paper and printer worked together as a system. I found out paper type influences how I edit in Lightroom Classic. I learned which paper qualities brings out the best in an image. I selected Big Ben Baryta and Palo Duro Softgloss Rag for my Epson photo ink type. I use Palo Duro Smooth Rag and Palo Duro Etching for Epson matte ink.
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Favorite Red River papers
Eric Ladner
I have standardized on Big Bend Baryta for black and white photos, and UltraPro Gloss for color. I think color benefits from the high gloss, but for b&w I just haven't seen anything to compare with the Big Bend surface. It really does remind me of traditional fiber-base glossy papers (like Kodak's F surface), unferrotyped.
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Big bend 310
I love the paper for bw. However it could be just a little thinner than 310. Sometimes it is hard to feed.
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First-rate paper
Steven Marks
My papers of choice had been baryta varietiess from Hahnemuhle, Ilford Prestige, and Epson Legacy. A friend suggested I try Big Bend Baryta. Well. Although my standard papers are a bit thicker (roughly 314 mm vs 310), the color, contrast, and overall resonance of Big Bend's version is noticeably superior. My wife observed the difference as well, without prompting. At a cost significantly lower than the name brands, BBB is now my new standard. Congrats!
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Timothy White
Verified Buyer
First I am not a professional. I am currently using BIG BEND BARYTA 310 on my Epson P900, the results with RR Epson printer profiles are outstanding. This is now my go to paper for birding, nature and wildlife.
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Big Bend
Edmund Montello
Verified Buyer
I just recently printed on this paper and so far I am very much pleased with results. I particularly like the weight and surface characteristics more than expected. I will continue to use this paper for a few upcoming photo shows.
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Print Like a Pro!
Dean Sewell
Verified Buyer
I am not a professional by any means but I have been an avid amateur photographer for a few decades. (Think Pentax K1000, circa mid-80s) I can also affirm that there is much I do not know about the printing side of this hobby I have enjoyed most all of my life. Having experimented with several different papers from a half dozen different manufacturers, I am convinced that Red River products are the finest available anywhere at any price point on the market today. Just this week I took first place in 4 different divisions in a photo contest, all printed on Red River papers. Big Bend Baryta was used on two of the winners, wowing the judges who could scarcely believe that I printed the 13x19 images at home rather than have them done professionally. (The other two first place winners were printed on RR Ultra Pro Satin) I could not be any more pleased with this product or any of the other Red River papers that I have tried thus far. As previously state, I am certainly not an expert but I do know that this paper produces stunning images that will elevate your printed material to a professional level.
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Get this paper
Robert Burgess
Verified Buyer
This is a brilliant paper for true color and bright presentation. The tones are rich and true.
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Great tonality and heft at a good price
Rob Schwartz
Verified Buyer
This paper delivers deep blacks and rich whites, and it feels substantial in the hand. I only write product reviews if I am very pleased or very disappointed. My images on Big Bend Baryta coming out of my printer make me smile.
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A Wonderful Paper that Delivers

To start, Red River Paper requested that I review this paper. I have already reviewed the paper favorably on my own, but now have more experience with Big Bend Baryta 310. It is a wonderful paper. Big Bend Baryta 310 has it all. It is not a bright white paper, but nearly so. I compare it to Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk, with a slightly smoother surface. I compare it in terms of ability to produce an outstanding image and its workability. If you want a paper offers control at print time and one that produces traditional darkroom appearance, this is the one. You can manipulate the ink density on this paper to suite the demands required of the final image. The paper is equally adept at producing stunning color images as it is blowing you away with black and white. The paper delivers deep and saturated colors and deep blacks with detail. As with any paper, you must learn to use it to its optimum performance. But out of the box I promise you this paper will impress you with its traditional photo paper look and feel. Once you get beyond the out of the box fascination, through experimentation you will make prints that sing. Be sure to use all of the controls your printer offers and READ AND FOLLOW THE PAPER PERAMETERS FOR YOUR PRINTER THAT COME IN EACH BOX. This paper will perform.
Verified Buyer
Paul Randall - 10/26/2021
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Lou Mana
Award-winning photographer, author, and teacher
"I am so impressed with the performance of Red River Papers — and even more so considering that they cost close to twenty percent less than other brands."

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