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Blanco Matte Inkjet Canvas

Blanco Matte Canvas is a fine woven canvas specially coated for inkjet printing. The results are simply stunning with rich colors and deep blacks. Discover a new way to share your photos and art from your desktop or wide format printer today. Blanco features an elegant double weave surface texture that offers great balance between image clarity and the visual appeal of the canvas look. Color saturation is excellent and black density is deep and bold with both dye and pigment inks. Blanco Matte Canvas is made using 65% polyester and 35% cotton content. Make sure to read the canvas handling guide.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper

Reviews for Blanco Matte Inkjet Canvas

A revelation with Blanco Matte Canvas and my Canon printer
Cindy Hamilton
Lately, I've been having problems getting my prints to look like my computer screen. A friend asked me to do a job for her, copy a painted portrait of her granddaughter, and print it for her. I photographed it outside, with diffused light, propped on a music stand and my camera on a tripod. I then "played" with it in Photoshop bumping up contrast, doing a curve adjustment, brightening it just a smidge. Then I printed, carefully copying the profile from Red River and installing it in the library of my computer. My first print was a bust and looked awful. THEN I realized I had one more step that I'd ignored, changing the paper type (*not profile) within my printer's settings to* fine art canvas*. What an incredible difference, and the print was zingy and nearly looked like I had painted directly on it. I LOVE this paper canvas. I bought the 24 inch roll, and would do it again in a heartbeat. My prints were the best ever! Thank you Red River. It's silly to be so excited but I am.
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Beautiful paper
Gary Brown
As an inkjet artist, I purchased this to make copies of my wife's original water color paintings. The quality is superb and unmatched! The copies I've made have been exhibition quality. My wife's artist community of friends are so impressed they have asked to make copies of their work. I would say: "Impress You Friends, Family and Community with this fine art reproduction".
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Over the moon happy!
Julia Parobek
I am astonished by how my art prints look on this gorgeous paper! The colors are actually a tad more vibrant than the originals and it's beautiful! Couldn't be happier :)
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Great product & service!
Your customer support and quality products are why I recommend the company. Thank you!
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GREAT medium
We bought the 8.5 x 11 from Competitive Camera in Dallas and are VERY impressed with the results of the paper. Well done!
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Awesome canvas for fine art
This canvas makes my art look amazing! The black turns out really rich and the colors pop when printed. I am super pleased with it and continue to buy from red river paper.
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Blanco Canvas Roll
Robert Mc Donald
We used the Blanco Canvas roll 13" wide into our Epson Photo R3000. We just love it we keep ordering it over and over.
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The Best Canvas Paper Ever
My mother does watercolors and we were looking for away to make copies of her work, By using the Canvas Inkjet paper we were able to do this. We framed the Canvas print and the original and no one could tell the difference.
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Blanco y Confiable
Travis Sennett
Personally, I use this for replications of my paintings. My customers like as close to the real thing without having to pay for the real thing. However, where this product really stands out for me was when I used it for a friend of mine. He runs his own small business and was having prints made by professional print shops. He always came to me complaining about the inconsistencies and high prices that came with several of these shops. They would print it on a much smoother canvas roll and the results would vary in fuzziness and color, despite using the same shop after they got it right. I told him to give me a shot printing it on my printer and on the Blanco Matte Canvas. Blanco Matte Canvas has a much rougher (and more true to canvas texture) surface. He was very skeptical that the results would be up to snuff. Boy was he wrong, and boy was he happy about being wrong. The very small text that he was so concerned about came out perfect. He, and I, are both very excited and dedicated to our use with this paper. It has yet to fail us.
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Amazing Art Photos

I am new to developing my own photos but I would have to say that the quality of this canvas paper matched with the excellent printer capability of my Canon Pixma Pro-10 blew me out of the water. I ran a text print on a 13x19 of a shot taken of the sand dunes national monument that I had gallery wrapped by an online store and I would have to say I will never order canvas prints online again!!! Ever!!!
Justin Ward - 03/18/2015
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Lou Mana
Award-winning photographer, author, and teacher
"I am so impressed with the performance of Red River Papers — and even more so considering that they cost close to twenty percent less than other brands."