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Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag 315

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From landscapes to fine art portraits, Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag is the ideal Museum-Grade paper to display your images with just the right amount of sheen.

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museum grade inket photo paper

Reviews for Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag 315

I'm big into blacks.
Terrance Wimmer
I shoot close-up photography, in studio, of flowers and plants that are in various stages of transition. I shoot with a solid black cloth background and was looking for a rag paper that would give me a true solid black. I also wanted some gloss but not too much. I came across Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag 315 in a RR sample pack. When it came out of the printer I knew I had found my paper. The blacks were gorgeous and the texture gave it the perfect amount of gloss. I also appreciate the extra thickness when printing in a larger size and placing it in a mat and frame.
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Favorite Go To Paper
Dale Jr
Love this paper! I wanted something with a cotton base with a semi-gloss surface for my nature photos and this did the trick. Also comes it the odd sizes I needed (9x13 and 17x25). I plan on always having this paper on hand!
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Palo Duro Soft Gloss
Will Shively
Palo Duro Soft gloss is very Quality paper I like that the texture is not toooooo overly course and the gloss is jus right Paper has a good weight to the sheets and i like that is white based paper My EPSON P-900 loves it ! This paper add distinctness to my fine art pictures , which can be found on INSTAGRAM @ willydogboy I have been photographer since 1975 and am still working hard to produce art @ 74yrs age This Palo Duro paper as well as 5 other Red River helps me create the pictures that I show me in their best Light !
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Palo Duro Soft Gloss Rag
Charlene Klein
Absolutely LOVE this paper. I used this for my client's 25th Wedding Anniversary invitations where I printed a photo from their original wedding 25 years ago & tinted the photo as a backdrop to the printed invitation wording. It turned out amazing. The quality & thickness of the paper is superb which created an elegant invitation.
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Excellent Paper
Sam Elkind
Palo Duro Softgloss in my standard paper. I work in black and white, with carbon pigment inks. This paper provides an excellent range of tones, with a very satisfying D-Max.
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My go to choice
Jan Barbas
I ordered sample boxes and printed the same set of B&W and color images on each paper. This was my favorite for both B&W and color. The paper has a slightly warmer tone than some others. It produces punchy, detailed images with excellent tonal range and saturation. The paper handles nicely. I also like the Big Bend Baryta 310 for color and the Palo Duro Baryta Fiber 300 for B&W. I use these for longer images as the Palo Duro Softgloss Rag is not available in roll format for my 17" printer.
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Excellent Vibrancy
Tyna L Headrick-Phipps
I love this paper. I like the texture and slight reflectiveness of it. It appears to be more vibrant that other types of paper I have used. This will be my go to choice in the future.
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Platine substitute
steve traficonte
This paper is a near match to Epson Legacy Platine. I am very impressed with this paper. I use it for printing black and white landscapes and love the 17x25 paper option.
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Palo Duro Soft Gloss Paper...FABULOUS!
Love this paper! I have used this paper to create xmas cards for a client last year & am currently using this paper for 25th Wedding Anniversary black & white photo invitations for another friend/client of mine. Whether printing color or black & white the results are outstanding. The Palo Duro Soft Gloss photo paper is definitely my favorite Red River Paper for all my photo projects!
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Now my favorite paper for art exhibition prints.

Given my long pandemic confinement, I had plenty of time to explore further different types of paper that I might use for printing my photographs on my Canon imagePrograf Pro-1000. I have changed paper preferences at different points in my artistic career. The quality of my prints has been extremely important to me since I am an art photographer who has images selected for juried exhibitions in photography centers, museums, and prominent art galleries in every region of the country. My prior, most frequently use paper was Canson Platine Fiber Rag. I liked it very much, but found that in making prints at 20x30” or larger on an Epson printer, the prints would often be ruined because tiny chips of ink would flake off after printing, which I just can’t have with my work. I have to say that I “found” you because I wanted 17x25” sheet paper, which almost no company makes, rather than the common 17x22” sheet paper for 17”-wide printers, so that I could print images at 16x24” rather than 14x21”. But once I did find and test your papers, there was no question for me but that your Palo Duro Softgloss Rag is the best paper that I have ever used. I appreciate being able to say in exhibition forms that I will be delivering my images on Museum Grade pigment prints, but it is the quality of the images on that paper that really won me over, with its beautiful color reproduction and saturation, its deep blacks, its perfect amount of reflectivity, giving it glow without distracting reflections. Unfortunately, in this pandemic, there is less call for physical prints, but in a couple of cases in which I shipped framed prints for an exhibition and the opening was recorded on video with commentary by the juror, when the juror came to my print on the wall, the immediate response was “Exquisite!” Yes, I’ll take the main credit for that, but I absolutely must give your paper part of the credit, too.
Verified Buyer
Lawrence Russ - 09/22/2021
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Professional Profile:
Joel Grimes
Advertising and commercial photographer
"I use Red River Ultra Pro Satin paper to print images because it beautifully handles the subtle highlight tones while retaining excellent detail in the shadow areas. "

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