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Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag 315

Museum Grade Inkjet Photo Paper
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From landscapes to fine art portraits, Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag is the ideal Museum-Grade paper to display your images with just the right amount of sheen.

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* Price per square foot for rolls.
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Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag 315 Details & Information


From landscapes to fine art portraits, Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag is the ideal Museum-Grade paper to display your images with just the right amount of sheen.

Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag 315 gives you the classic look of a darkroom print with the performance of modern inkjet technology. This OBA-free archival paper paper is made from 100% cotton fiber and has a lightly textured, semigloss surface. Palo Duro ranks among the finest quality photo papers you can use today. It meets and exceeds the quality of any platine type photo paper on the market. When you are looking for a true museum-quality medium for your work, choose Palo Duro Softgloss Rag.

Deep Blacks

The secret to deep blacks is a barrier coat between the paper and inkjet receiving layer. Ink stays locked into the soft gloss layer and cannot sink into the paper base. The results are luxurious deep blacks. We think that Ansel Adams would be stunned by what Palo Duro Softgloss Rag can accomplish.

True White Paper

Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag is almost perfectly neutral white. This means that the inkjet paper tone is neither warm nor cool. The whites of your image are true white and only take on tone if you add it to the image file during editing.

Ideal For
  • The look and feel of original platine darkroom prints
  • Deep blacks, smooth gray tones, true saturated colors
  • Fine photographic reproductions – for sale or for display at home
  • Discerning print enthusiasts
Good To Know:
  • True conservation grade media – No optical brighteners , acid free, lignin free
  • True White Paper – Neither warm or cool surface tone
  • FOGRA Certified ISO 9706 (paper aging standards)
  • There are no markings or logos on the back
  • Handle this fine product with care - hold by edges and use gloves
  • Download the handling guide to get the most from Palo Duro SG Rag
  • The ultimate fine photographic print experience - look, feel, and performance
  • Conservation grade media to support your long term display needs
  • Colleagues, family, friends, and customers will know they are holding true photographic art

Red River Paper is made by printing enthusiasts for printing enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional photographer, photographic enthusiast, designer, or business, our experts have firsthand knowledge of all our products. If you have a question, give us a ring or shoot us an email. You'll receive a lightning-fast response from an actual live human with actual real-life expertise.

* Always display inkjet prints under glass, plastic or in a book for maximum print life.
* Rolls come wound with five extra feet at no charge

  • Base Stock: 100% cotton rag content.
  • Weight: 315gsm
  • Thickness: 16.5mil
  • Coated: Microporous coated one side
  • Paper Tone: Neutral white - neither cool or warm tone
  • Surface: Lightly textured soft gloss
  • Pigment Ink Users: This media uses Photo Black inks.
  • Deep Blacks: For print geeks, spectro readings:
    • Epson P600 L*= 2.4, a*= -0.3, b*= -1.4
    • Canon Pro-1 (ChromaOptimizer turned on) L* = 3.5, a*= -0.3, b*= -2.4
  • True White Paper: Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag is almost perfectly neutral white. For print geeks, the spectro for Palo Duro SGR is L*=97.2, a*=0.3, b*= 0.
Paper Weight Comparison Scale
Is this paper compatible with your printer's ink?

All products are compatible with aqueous inks. Not designed for solvent or UV.

Will this paper feed into your printer?

Paper feed is related to your printer's design and age. It can also hinge on your willingness to put some extra work into the process with heavy and thick papers.

  • Desktop Printer With Front Paper Tray ONLY: No
  • Desktop Printer with Rear / Top Paper Tray: Yes*
  • Epson Wide Format: Yes
  • Canon Wide Format: Yes
  • HP Wide Format: Yes
  • Other Aqueous & Latex Printers: Yes
  • HP Desktop - No

* Heavy cotton art papers may not consistently auto-feed in the top main paper tray. They can be fed by hand easily, and may feed without assistance on some occasions. Returns on this paper are not accepted on the basis of feed problems.

* If your printer has a specialty media path, we recommend you use it with this paper. If you only have a top paper tray, you can use this product one sheet at a time.

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Fantastic Paper

I have used a number of Red River Papers primarily for note cards and invitations. The papers print beautifully on my Epson Stylus Photo 1900. I am very appreciative that Red River provides ICC profiles for their papers. I plan to try others if their papers.
Fred M. - 03/02/2014
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Peter Randall
Landscape, Nature, and Documentary Photographer
"Ultra Pro Satin's surface provides a clean, lustrous, graduated black and white tone that keeps both shadow and highlight detail."

Reviews for Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag 315

Wonderful Paper
John Ziarko
It is my favorite paper. It's also my 1st choice for most any print I make. I wish it came in 17x11 though as I have to order the 17x22 size, and then they cut it for me to size for an additional charge. But the paper is great.
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The paper is perfect for fine art, museum grade images
Michael Harris
Everything about this paper is high quality. Canon 1000 user. My best work will always be printed on this one.
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Custom Cut Palo Duro Softgloss Rag Gives Me What I Need
Wayne Jacobs
Bottom Line Up Front- Red River Palo Duro Softgloss Rag (PDSR) is my favorite paper for photo printing. Of all of the prints I share with my co-workers, I get the most positive comments with the PDSR, especially with the panoramic prints I produce. I had purchased the 13- x 38-inch size of this paper, but a 8.5- x 25-inch was not available. Key in Red River Paper's custom cutting service. I ordered the 17- x 25-inch PDSR with the whole package cut into 8.5- x 25-inch sheets. It took a short bit longer to get my order than without the cutting service, but it was absolutely worth it. The package arrived with this paper cut perfectly into the size I requested, and now I have another size option when printing with this fantastic paper.
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Lovely paper in every aspect but develops warping in box over time
Jacques Gautreau
I absolutely love this paper and have been using it extensively for several years. However, I recently had to use size 17x25 for a job and found out that for three of the four boxes I have, all sheets have a strong bulging in several locations. It's more like bubbles, rater than usual curling, which can be corrected with the right tool. I attribute the issue to the lack of a plastic bag to protect the sheets in the boxes. I also found that the sheets are very tight in the box(not allowing for proper expansion caused by temperature/humidity variations?) All my paper boxes are stored flat in a controlled environment. The only box that is still good is the one that has a protective bag for the sheets. Hopefully, the plastic bags were added to the newer batches as a correction to this problem.
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I'm big into blacks.
Terrance Wimmer
I shoot close-up photography, in studio, of flowers and plants that are in various stages of transition. I shoot with a solid black cloth background and was looking for a rag paper that would give me a true solid black. I also wanted some gloss but not too much. I came across Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag 315 in a RR sample pack. When it came out of the printer I knew I had found my paper. The blacks were gorgeous and the texture gave it the perfect amount of gloss. I also appreciate the extra thickness when printing in a larger size and placing it in a mat and frame.
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Favorite Go To Paper
Dale Jr
Love this paper! I wanted something with a cotton base with a semi-gloss surface for my nature photos and this did the trick. Also comes it the odd sizes I needed (9x13 and 17x25). I plan on always having this paper on hand!
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Palo Duro Soft Gloss
Will Shively
Palo Duro Soft gloss is very Quality paper I like that the texture is not toooooo overly course and the gloss is jus right Paper has a good weight to the sheets and i like that is white based paper My EPSON P-900 loves it ! This paper add distinctness to my fine art pictures , which can be found on INSTAGRAM @ willydogboy I have been photographer since 1975 and am still working hard to produce art @ 74yrs age This Palo Duro paper as well as 5 other Red River helps me create the pictures that I show me in their best Light !
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Palo Duro Soft Gloss Rag
Charlene Klein
Absolutely LOVE this paper. I used this for my client's 25th Wedding Anniversary invitations where I printed a photo from their original wedding 25 years ago & tinted the photo as a backdrop to the printed invitation wording. It turned out amazing. The quality & thickness of the paper is superb which created an elegant invitation.
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Excellent Paper
Sam Elkind
Palo Duro Softgloss in my standard paper. I work in black and white, with carbon pigment inks. This paper provides an excellent range of tones, with a very satisfying D-Max.
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