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Paper Canvas 230

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Paper Canvas 230 is a matte photo paper with a canvas like texture. The texture of Paper Canvas is subtle, yet will add an extra dimension to images and artwork. Being made of 100% alpha-cellulose paper stock, you can use Red River Paper Canvas for a variety of projects such as portfolios, photo books, greeting cards, and more.

Product Note
Paper Canvas 230 is the next version of Paper Canvas. It replaces 60lb. Paper Canvas .They are the same base paper with a slightly different texture. Learn more about the differences.
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Archive grade inkjet photo paper

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No reviews yet.

Thanks for your advice.

I have been very satisfied with the Red River products, but the last time I ordered, there was a section on the end of the order screen that recommended printers that printed heavier papers and envelopes without jamming. The recommendation was a cannon printer that was going to be discontinued soon. I have a very good printer, but it doesn't like heavier papers, so I bought the cannon printer. I found it for 80.00, and wow what a difference with ease of printing! It never jams, and I really appreciate the extra step you took to solve my problem, that I would never had done on my own, and at the same time, you weren't trying to make more money off of me, since I had to buy the printer elsewhere. Your extra help is greatly appreciated. And to anyone out there with a similar problem, find a Cannon MG6220, it really is a great printer!
Scott - 11/17/2013

Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card
Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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Professional Profile:
Matt Hoyle
Editorial, entertainment, and advertising photographer
"I chose Red River's Aurora Art Natural paper. The paper is more fine-surfaced than a raw, fine art, rag paper and it's that quality that provides great earthy texture and tone to evoke vintage themes."

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