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UltraPro Luster 300 Rolls

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UltraPro Luster produces professional quality results and works with virtually any type of photographic subject. UltraPro Luster looks like traditional photo lab paper. Because it is heavier and thicker than a lab paper, your prints will feel more substantial and will resist handling wear. A relative of our best seller, UltraPro Satin, this paper features a deep luster texture to enhance your prints without being a distraction. UltraPro Luster is a brilliant bold white, which means it is particularly good at reproducing deep blacks and higher contrast. You will see a wider color gamut as well as smoother tonal transitions. Your black & white photos will be neutral and crisp.

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Reviews for UltraPro Luster 300 Rolls

Excellent choice for any of your general work
Alexander Sogliero
I use this paper in combination with 68# RR Ultra Pro Luster for most of my wide format print work. This is just a tad thicker than the 68# option and I notice a little bit better saturation, but both render colors beautifully. Red River is a great company and who I personally use exclusively.
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UltraPro Luster 300
Dieter Wilkinson
Recently purchased Epson's new dye printer. (ET8550) Having only used pigment inks in the past was not sure about the quality dye inks would give me, however I was sure I wanted my ink costs to go down. Over the last few months have experimented with a variety of Red River papers to see which would give acceptable results. There are two papers that stand out, and in fact just blow me away for color and Black and White prints. (For B&W I only use the Epson ABW mode, and ICC Profiles for color) On the Luster end it's hands down Ultra Pro Luster 300. Just the right weight with no feed problems. Absolutely vibrant colors as well as fantastic B&W. The other paper I'll mention is Big Bent Baryta. Again a stand out for this printer. Vibrant saturated color and great B&W. Reminds me of my Darkroom favorite Oriental Seagull. Just to say maybe the obvious but calibrate your monitor, and soft proof your file before passing it to your printer for best results.
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UltraPro Luster 300
High quality paper with dynamic results. I've switched paper suppliers since trying Red River Papers.
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Amazing Paper
Beautiful finish! Really impressed with Red River, their website support and quality.
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Love this paper!
Cyndi Sarfan
I am a professional photographer and I love this paper. I started using it on the advice of an artist friend who uses it for her prints. I have used it for two years now for my large prints I sell at art shows and galleries. It is a nice weight and finish and it comes well packaged. Big fan now of Red River papers!
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perfect paper for high quality general usage
adrian buckmaster
I normally make 2 prints, one on fibre, and one on resin for proofing/seconnd portfolio and for handouts. This paper is so good, my clients have noticed, lovely weight, great surface, easy to install profile. Red river is a great company, been following them for a while
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Great Paper
I'm printing on a Pixma Pro 100, the prints look gorgeous on this paper. I'm really happy so far with the quality of the paper.
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Going Back To Pacific Inkjet
Well, I have no complaints about the product itself - my complaint is about product offering. You used to carry 8x10 sheets in pkgs of 100, now you do not and only offer 50 count. 50 count is not economical - to spend $33.00+ per package in order to get 100 sheet quantity is not a prudent business move. I am going back to Pacific Inkjet. The paper quality is just as good as Red River, just a tad thinner (266gsm, I believe). My customers liked the heavier paper feel of Red River, but no complaints about thinner paper if I can keep the cost per print reasonable.
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My Favorite paper
Michael Karchmer
For many years, I used UltraPro Satin. I transitioned to UltraPro Luster 300 some time ago and rarely use any other semi glass paper. It is a thicker stock than Satin and gives a richer appearance. The white stock is perhaps perhaps a little less warm than the Satin. The .icc profile available for this paper/ Epson is just perfect on my Mac.
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Amazing Paper

Beautiful finish! Really impressed with Red River, their website support and quality.
Andrea - 07/12/2022
Not Sure Which Paper?

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Professional Profile:
Bobby Goldsmith
Photorealistic artist
"I have experimented with many papers but none have been as good as Red River’s Aurora Art Natural due to its texture and color being the best match for my reproductions."

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