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UltraPro SemiGloss Paper Duo 255

Photo Grade Inkjet Paper
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UltraPro SemiGloss Paper Duo 255

Make UltraPro SemiGloss Duo 255 your go-to photo paper for books, portfolios, and high-end presentations. This paper is double-sided - You can print the professional photo quality on both sides.

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Double-Sided Papers Kit $8.95
Grain Direction (GS/GL)

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UltraPro SemiGloss Paper Duo 255 Details & Information


Make UltraPro SemiGloss Duo 255 your go-to photo paper for books, portfolios, and high-end presentations. This paper is double-sided - You can print the professional photo quality on both sides. The surface is semi-gloss with a hint of texture - just the right amount to enhance your prints without being a distraction. UlltraPro papers are bright white, which helps to reproduce deep blacks and higher contrast. You will see a wider color gamut as well as smoother tonal transitions. Your black & white photos will be neutral and crisp.

Ideal For
  • Photo books, photo portfolios, high-end presentations
  • Anyone who wants the look and feel of a professional photo lab
  • Saturated colors, neutral B&W, and smooth tonal transitions
  • Images with deep blacks and rich color
  • Any inkjet printer
Good To Know
  • Print photo quality on both sides
  • Available in grain specific sizes
  • Semi-smooth semi-gloss finish
  • Acid free base stock. Coating slightly acidic.
  • Fold only after pre-scoring this product
Grain Specific Sizes
  • GL = Grain Long
  • GS = Grain Short
Watch a short video explaining grain direction.

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Related Categories: Photo Paper, Satin Photo Paper, Glossy Finish Paper

* Always display inkjet prints under glass, plastic or in a book for maximum print life.

  • Paper: Photobase base stock
  • Paper Weight: 255gsm (66lb.)
  • Thickness: 9.7mil (.0097")
  • Coating: Premium grade microporous coated
  • Color: Brilliant bright white
  • Printable: Both sides
Profile Note

If you do not see a profile listed for this paper, use the UltraPro Satin profile for your printer.

Paper Weight Comparison Scale
Is this paper compatible with your printer's ink?

All products are compatible with aqueous inks. Not designed for solvent, latex or UV.

  • Epson Photo (dye inks): Yes
  • Epson UltraChrome (pigment): Yes
  • Epson DuraBrite Ultra (pigment): Yes
  • Canon: Yes
  • Canon Lucia (pigment): Yes
  • HP:Yes

* Matte and cotton art media over 59b. may not feed consistently in Epson printers and may require some hand feeding.
* Epson 4000,6000,7000,9000,10000 series do not work with sizes smaller than 8.5x11 Card sizes under 8.5x11 are not compatible with Epson wide format printers

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Red River never let me down

I was introduced to red river paper by one of my fellow students at an Apple store symposium. I saw his printed photos and the quality of the pictures on this fine paper. He told me of Red River Paper and decided to give it a shot.I am a photography hobbyist but I like to have my work be shown on a quality paper.This why I chose Red IS QUALITY.
Verified Buyer
Gene Siejak - 08/11/2021
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Tony Corbell
Fine art photographer
"For images I create that have a range of deep color, Red River’s UltraPro Satin is terrific."

Reviews for UltraPro SemiGloss Paper Duo 255

UltraPro SemiGloss Duo 255
Skip Montello
I have been using Red River Papers for a number of years now and have always been pleased with the printed results. I am a member of several Art Associations and local galleries where my photography is displayed and sold. I just started using the Satin Duo 255 for a few of my recent B&W infrared monochromes and I can honestly report excellent results with the paper. The images have printed sharp with excellent surface textures. The paper lends itself perfectly for high contrast images. I have not yet printed any color images, but I am confident they will also be excellent.
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Nice surface finish and look
Jim Becia
Verified Buyer
I have been using the 12x12 size for a series of custom made books using the Unibind covers. At first I preferred the look of the satin finish in Red Rivers Ultra Pro Satin papers, however, this paper makes for a stunning book. It blows away anything I have seen from a Blurb or other bookmaker. One of the reviewers commented on it being squeaky, not sure what he/she meant, but I have not found that to be an issue in my book making. The images are sharp, the colors are right on if doing color and the black and white performance of the paper is excellent. My personal opinion - it's a great paper.
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Excellent Print and Finish, Customers love it
Rob Boullion
Verified Buyer
Love this paper, and the customers love it too! I use the UltraPro C2S for CD Insert prints (and occasionally tray cards). Customers nearly always remark on the excellent print and beautiful finish of this paper! I keep both long and short grain in stock to make insert and tray card folds easier. Definitely a bit pricey for this production format, but the quality makes it worth it.
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Bought this for Comp Cards
Kat R
I love this paper. I bought it to use for Comp Cards as I photograph a lot of headshots. I ended up using it for a promotional items I needed printed right away instead of using my local quick print shop - It gave just the look I wanted and I am going to buy some other sizes and print smaller runs of things I need printed
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Amazing Photo Quality
I have used UltraPro for multiple photo books now. I like the high gloss look that it provides the photos, and the colors always come out incredible. It is a bit difficult to fold (takes a few scores with the bone folder), and can be somewhat squeaky but the professional look that it provides my photos outweighs the drawbacks for me.
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Love this paper
I love this paper, it is a little more shiny than the UltraPro Satin, but it is nice.
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I thought I'd try the UltraPro Satin Duo as a replacement for the Arctic Polar Luster, since it has been backordered for so long at this point, and it is nowhere near as good as the Arctic. Its surface has a fairly distracting glare, the paper is plastic-y and squeaky and loud, which is a word I've never used to describe paper. I made a book for my partner as a Christmas gift using this paper and the book literally made squeaking noises as he turned the pages. It's just not a paper that feels good in your hands. As far as printing quality is concerned, the images look decent on the paper, but the physicality and feel of the paper itself is pretty unappealing.
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