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UltraPro Satin Duo 255

Make UltraPro Satin Duo 255 your go-to photo paper for books, portfolios, and high-end presentations. This paper is double-sided - You can print the professional photo quality on both sides. The satin surface is the most popular photo paper surface and works with virtually any image ubject. UltraPro Satin Duo looks and feels just like traditional photo lab paper. The surface is textured to a medium depth - just the right amount to enhance your prints without being a distraction. UlltraPro papers are bright white, which helps to reproduce deep blacks and higher contrast. You will see a wider color gamut as well as smoother tonal transitions. Your black & white photos will be neutral and crisp.

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Reviews for UltraPro Satin Duo 255

Bought this for Comp Cards
Kat R
I love this paper. I bought it to use for Comp Cards as I photograph a lot of headshots. I ended up using it for a promotional items I needed printed right away instead of using my local quick print shop - It gave just the look I wanted and I am going to buy some other sizes and print smaller runs of things I need printed
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Amazing Photo Quality
I have used UltraPro for multiple photo books now. I like the high gloss look that it provides the photos, and the colors always come out incredible. It is a bit difficult to fold (takes a few scores with the bone folder), and can be somewhat squeaky but the professional look that it provides my photos outweighs the drawbacks for me.
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Love this paper
I love this paper, it is a little more shiny than the UltraPro Satin, but it is nice.
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I thought I'd try the UltraPro Satin Duo as a replacement for the Arctic Polar Luster, since it has been backordered for so long at this point, and it is nowhere near as good as the Arctic. Its surface has a fairly distracting glare, the paper is plastic-y and squeaky and loud, which is a word I've never used to describe paper. I made a book for my partner as a Christmas gift using this paper and the book literally made squeaking noises as he turned the pages. It's just not a paper that feels good in your hands. As far as printing quality is concerned, the images look decent on the paper, but the physicality and feel of the paper itself is pretty unappealing.
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Love this paper

I love this paper, it is a little more shiny than the UltraPro Satin, but it is nice.
Graham - 05/10/2019
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Jarvis Grant
Commercial photographer and educator
"For my exhibition prints I use Aurora Natural. There is a word for Aurora Natural inkjet paper: luxurious. "