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Publisher Instructions Vertical Image Part 1

These instructions were produced using Microsoft Publisher 2000. Older and newer versions of the program will have similar layout procedures.

When Publisher starts, click
on the Blank Publications tab and select Full Page layout. Click

Go to the View » Toolbars
menu and make sure the Measurements toolbar is visible.

Go to the File » Page Setup menu. This dialog box will appear.

Here you will set the canvas size of the Publisher document.

Click the Special Size option and under the Publication Size drop down menu choose Custom.

Set your document width and height according to this chart.

Paper Size Width Height
7x10 10" 7"
6.25x9 9" 6.25"
5.5x8.5 8.5" 5.5"

Make sure Orientation is set to Landscape.

Click OK.

Your blank canvas will look like this.

Go to the Arrange » Layout Guides menu. This dialog box will appear.

Set all margins to 0.1" and click OK.

Your guides will now be near the outside border of the canvas like the image above.

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Last updated: November 27, 2023

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