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Red River Paper Company Reviews

1st Rate Business with 1st Representatives Selling 1st Rate Products
I could not be more pleased with Red River Paper Company. They serve as an example of how a company should be run. This business should be the model for how all businesses, both young and old, should operate. Emulating how Red River Paper Company does business would be the best move that any business could ever make. And by doing such, your business would most assuredly become a winner in your industry. Whenever you call Red River Paper Company or just visit their website, you are greeted with a highly satisfying welcome. If you decide to call them to ask your questions or to place an order with them (instead of going through their website), you will find very wonderful people who will bend over backwards to help you get exactly what you are looking for. There's no rush and no limit on the number of queries you can ask them. And the answers they provide are not only accurate and helpful, but once the call has ended, the customer is left with a very positive impression of the company. The prices and the quality of the products you purchase from Red River Paper Company are nothing shy of perfection and their products serve as the quintessential standard for which every company who sells similar products should follow. And if for some strange reason the item you receive is not perfect, they will make it right without question. For the past year, there is only place I order paper from and that is from Red River Paper Company. And there is only one place I order ink cartridges from and that is Red River Paper Company. And if I ever have any questions about anything with regards to my printers, there is only 1 place I contact - Red River Paper Company. If you are reading this and wondering if Red River Paper Company is the right place for you to do your purchasing from, please rest assured that you can stop looking because you have found the place - all of your worries are now a thing of the past. If you are reading this and are a current customer of theirs and you're wondering if the great experiences that you're having must be some kind of fluke, like a shooting star (meaning that for some reason you got lucky because there's just no way they can be just as wonderful to you as they are to every other customer) well I can testify that while you are lucky that you have found Red River Paper Company, you are not a lucky customer and I say that with all due respect. It is my firm belief that Red River Paper Company treats all of their customers in the same inconceivable way which they treat all of their other customers. I'll conclude this review by thanking the representatives and the management of Red River Paper Company for delivering a model of business which other businesses would be best served to emulate. I’m grateful to have found you and I look forward to continuing to business in the months and years and decades ahead of us. Thank you very much!
Christopher Richter
Christopher's Photography
High Quality Paper
I love Red River Paper! I've been using it exclusively for the last 5 years! My art prints are my bread and butter of my business so it's very important for me to have the highest quality paper through a reliable company! I get so many compliments about my art prints when I table at conventions and also on my online shop! Definitely highly recommend!
new to the river...
I became the happy owner of a Canon Prograf - 1000 this spring. 17 x 22 paper can get pricey. Certain forums kept extolling the virtues of Red River papers. So, First I ordered a sampler pack. While waiting for it to arrive ( it was fast ) I came across an ebay auction for a BOATLOAD of inkjet photo paper. Mostly unopened packs of Red River paper. Guy said his printer died and he wasn't going to replace it. I got about $850 of RRP for $150! From 17 x 22 to post cards! I mean man - o- man! The sampler arrived first and I was well on my way to being very impressed! I mean, every print I made was just gorgeous; the metallics are to swoon over ( even my nit-picking spouse was impressed by the "pop" of the Polar Gloss Metallic ). The Arctic Polar Satin is as nice as any print I've seen out of a lab in my life and I've been doing this since the Carter administration! Now, get this: I came across a guy on youtube who showed how to print "longer" than 22" on the Pro 1000 so I got a roll of UltraPoll Satin 4.0 for making 17" x 36" prints. Just fantastic. And for much less than the manufacturer's brand of papers - also fine stuff but way pricier. Although I now have enough Red River paper to last me, well, a long long time, I know I will be back for for larger sizes and more rolls! The service and shipping has been first rate! You wanted a company review? Here, I'm a new customer and we're going to be in business together until I die, because i'm never going to retire. Oh, lastly, a lot of my photo printing is for use in litigation so I have some pretty demanding clients!
john spohnholtz
havoc productions ltd. LLC
Thank you for the feedback. It's no secret that 86lb. Pecos Gloss costs more than the average glossy. That's because we custom make it here in Dallas. It is a world exclusive - the heaviest, thickest, double-sided, pigment and dye ink compatible glossy paper you can find. We encourage potential customers to check out the "Cost per Sheet" column that is on every product page. It's our up-front way of communicating the cost of each paper.
Red River White Aurora Matte Paper
The paper is excellent quality! I appreciated the wonderful customer service as well! As an artist, quality is everything when reproducing giclee prints!
Alexia Hemingway
Awesome results using Red River papers
I have a Canon Pixma printer and get far better results using RR paper than I did using Canon's own recommended paper. I was awestruck with the results using the Metallic Luster 4x6 paper and also the polar satin! The colors are so rich and vivid using RR paper. Also, I am impressed with the way RR packages their papers and goes to extremes to protect it during shipping! I am in love with Red River Papers!
Lisa Sohngen
Red River Rocks! Excellent paper!
As a Professional Photography Artist, I’ve been searching for the best paper to print my artworks! After purchasing a sample box of various papers and testing them out..they were all excellent! I was very, very impressed with the polar luster metallic paper! WOW! Stunning! Looks like metal Prints with exceptional quality So happy!
Photo Papers
These matte papers are awesome. Ordering is easy and shipping is fast and timely. Great return policy too. Highly recommend this company.
Mollye Daughtry
MDaughtry Origiginal Art
Excellent Paper Choices
I have been a customer for many years As a graphic artist my customers demand excellent results. Red River’s choice of fine art paper has consistently given my great results
Bernard Matus
Pro luster photo print paper
I have ordered photo paper twice from this company 4x6 & 5x7 in Pro luster finish. Let me tell you, I have yet to be disappointed. The quality of my at home printed photos amazes my friends & family, they look so professional & I am no professional photographer by any means. Thank you Red River, I’m a customer for life.