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Red River Paper Company Reviews

Absolutely Top Notch
Red River has been outstanding helping me with papers and printing. Since first hearing about them and ordering several samples kits, I have been impressed at every turn. The products are invariable top quality, perfectly packaged and shipped in a timely manner. Most recently, I had a project and I was looking for a particular type of paper. I posed my question to the RR Customer Service e-mail, and in less than 24 hours Kayla had responded with several options. I went with one of her suggestions - the UltraPro Satin Duo - and not only is this paper perfect for my project, it may be the best paper I have ever used. The weight and feel are perfect and the image and text quality is nothing short of outstanding.
Jeff LaBonte
Jeff LaBonte Photography
Thank you!
Well, thank you for your commitment to great customer service! I am an extremely finicky consumer, which comes at least in part from a lifetime of managing offices both large and small and training (or trying to train) staff in how to do things the right way, with attention to detail and providing what the customer needs and wants. Not easy! I have been incredibly impressed from Day 1 with your standards for customer service as well as your products and the information you provide on your website. I’m only a hobbyist, nowadays making cards using photos taken by friends, but your info about printers which led me to my Canon Pro-100, in combination with the papers I’ve bought from RRP, revolutionized my creative efforts.
Judy Barkan
Never buying paper anywhere else!
I never thought I'd be here writing a review about PAPER, but here we are. I run a small greeting card/paper good shop (one-woman etsy show) and I knew little to nothing about when I switched to home-printing (as opposed to sourcing via a third-party printing company). I purchased paper from a few different suppliers and couldn't get the results I wanted. The color was off! The quality was blurry! No matter how many Canon forums I read, I couldn't get the prints I wanted on other paper. I finally purchased samples from Red River and was immediately impressed! Everything from the online listing details, speed in shipping, and user-friendly packaging made my experience 10/10. I printed my first sample using the ICC profile found on the website, printed to the recommended specifications on the accompanying "user guide" and VOILA I was converted - amazing prints with no hassle. I am so impressed with how foolproof they have made my experience. If you are new to the intimidating world of paper and printing, then this is company for you!
Sara V
Flora Design Co.
Still Impressed...
Now that I'm living in Germany again and having a very difficult time finding quality photo-grade papers, I decided to try an international shipment from Red River Paper. Wow, ordered on July 6th and arrived 6 days later. Paper quality has always been fantastic and now I can say the same for overseas shipping.
Bob Rifley
Happy experience testing with the RR sample packs
I'm re-staking my claim to call myself a graphic artist lately. I have an AdobeRGB color-calibrated front end for high-resolution transparency scanning and soft proofing (GIMP). I have a long history with wet printing and film, but not inkjet. I bought a Pro-100 and a full set of sample packs from Cannon and RR, only focusing on the display photo-grade and archival papers, not any of the card or craft stuff. I downloaded all associated ICC profiles. It took me many days to make sure my color control management process was locked down, and then print the same DataColor test collage on about 25 different samples of 8.5 x 11 inch papers. The only place any of the Cannon papers managed to best the RR slightly was with shadow detail in the very, very darkest depths of the glossiest paper (Pro Luster vs. RR UltraPro Gloss 2.0 68#). And then only by a tiny bit. Nothing else in the Cannon Pro line was superior in any other way, and all the Cannon papers had an un-natural green cast in certain sun-lit images. The RR papers are diverse and the test prints make it easy to see the differences. When all was said and done I was very happy to be able to select 4 varieties that cater to my specific presentation style using larger prints, and the full range of medium-format art photos I create.
Dakota Nixon
Excellent products and service
I've ordered from Red River Paper many times and have always been pleased with their quality and service. The papers produce superb results on my inkjet printers and the quality control of the photo papers and packaging is consistently high. The products are received immediately, always within a few days of ordering.
George Arthur
Top Quality Papers
I ordered the sampler kits to try out the many types of papers, and each one was spot on quality. I love the gloss and metallic papers, the satin's and luster as well. I've recently needed to print on the Polar Matte and it may be my favorite thus far. These papers make my work look exceptional, and as a photographer/photoartist my work can be unpredictable and unique. Red River is my paper of choice. Highly recommend.
Excellent Paper--and Service!
Love the papers--finally feel I have the same quality I used when I printed everything in my darkroom--and really appreciate the fact that flat rate shipping arrives in less than 5 business days.
Best service and Paper
This is my second order from this wonderful company. I love the quality of their papers and they arrive quicker than I expected. I've had no issues dealing with them.
Kandi Boyer
Exemplary experience
Warren Buffet once said to become as successful as he is he had to go from buying good companies at wonderful prices to buying wonderful companies at good prices. That pretty-much sums up Red River Paper, Inc., wonderful company and products at good (very good) prices. My customer experiences have been consistent from one order to the next. The paper comes extremely well packed so there are no dented corners or bent paper boxes. The prices are good, often 30-35% lower than the internationally known "premier brands" of paper while still competing head-to-head on quality and performance out of the printer. Top that off with customer service that has been exemplary.
Michael B
Great Service Great Paper
I have been ordering form Red River for several years now and have always been impressed with the quality of the product (even the boxes that the product comes in) and the service. I never have had anything I order out of stock and shipping is reasonably priced and fast. I will continue to use Red River as my go to for paper products to use for producing prints of my paintings and photography.
Coko Brown
Best matte paper
I print my art on Red River paper because it's just seriously the best- my prints are always beautiful and matte, and the paper quality is the bee's knees! My customers like the heavy weight to the paper, and I do, too. I've been ordering for years because the quality has always maintained.
excellant service & products
Once again the quick response has amazed me. Very well done. Love the Polar metallic
Carl Freel
Nature Photography
Have been using Red River paper for all my wildlife prints and would use nothing else. The quality is superb. The results are consistent and make my images pop. Keep up the good job!
Rick Flematti
Why Do I Buy from RRP?
"Why do you buy from RRP , Dan?" "I'll tell you why. The products are superior but the technical support and provided resources are at a world class standard. Anytime I call in, the "tier one" support ALWAYS has an informed and correct answer. My experience with Kayla today was a delight. The subject was a tough one and she breezed right thru to the perfect solution. Bravo! AND... the packaging is superior - never a damaged paper carton. And thank you for all that extra kraft protective paper as I shred all packaging and re-purpose into packing for my products! =)" Simply delighted with RRP!
I have used a number of your products over a number of years, they are all excellent. I teach photo and printing classed and always recommend Red River Products. I also appreciate your tutorials and newsworthy photography items.
Rodney A Martinez
50lb Double Sided Matte
I've used Red River Paper for several years and have always been happy with their papers and also the printer cleaner sheets.
red river paper
It has now been 4 years or so that I started using red river paper. I very much like the print it get from the 16X20
John Parkhurst
Greeting Cards
They have greeting cards. There are options for greeting cards. That's enough for me. But then there are also printer paper profiles, and the care they put into packaging your products. I will continue to order from Red River Paper.
Kelly Gulliver
I have been using their products for over 6 years. The first time I received a note from their CEO, I was amazed: I'm just a "small time" user, an amateur retiree who gets a little bit better with each photo I take and each card that I print. They do what they do consistently and well. No problems. Wish all companies acted as well.
Kevin McGuinness
60 lb. Polar Matte
I love this paper and the print profile that Red River gives to go with it. Until I started printing with their paper and profile the results from my printer were so inaccurate. The 60 lb. Polar Matte (I use the double sided for graphics)comes out color accurate and the paper is beautiful, having a really good texture. I feel confident I can produce professional results for my design work now and am thankful that Red River cares enough about its customers to not only produce a great paper, but that it has the great profile and instructions for the profile to go with it which has given me great results.
Debra Becker
Great customer service
Have called many times and was never rushed or felt rushed. Which is very pleasant experience compared to other sellers. Had very good feed back concerning the inkjet paper I wanted to use,and was very satisfied with the results of the recommended paper. Knowledgeable staff that really knows there products. Tony Rizzo.
Tony Rizzo
Red River Paper.
I've been using Red River Paper for a number of years and have always received excellent customer service. Best of all is the quality of the Red River Paper and the reason I keep coming back for more. I enjoy the fact that I can place an order and delivery is one to two days.
John English
Web site
Very well organized, informative and easy to navigate web site.
Cem Giray
Great product
More than a great product, A great company very professional a credit to the USA.
Ken Taaffe
Amazing every time
We've been buying paper from RRP for over 5 years now, and every single time they provide the best service I've ever seen. We've bought paper from other places when RRP doesn't offer what we're looking for, but those never get packaged well and arrive with dented corners. Never with RRP! Their packaging is above and beyond anything I could ever wish for. Thank you for putting so much care in all your products, it really shows!
Kim Smith
Red River Papers in use for years...
I've been using several Red River Papers for a number of years now, with various Epson Professional Large format printers, and have always achieved wonderful results... (except when I put the paper in backwards.. ;0 )
Andy Schmitt
Always fantastic paper!
I started my own business two years ago. I experimented with a few different papers, but when I found Red River papers, I never turned back. The quality is great and no matter which paper I use, my cards and prints turn out beautifully. I also appreciate the fast shipping.
Melissa Elam Chavez
Customer service review
I was very pleased with the customer service I received from Kayla and Drew today. I received the info I needed to adjust my printer settings and improve my copy quality. Thank you Red River for having a great product and a great customer service staff.
melodie peck
So glad I found Red River Paper!
I tried Polar Matte for 5x7 cards and was so happy with the results, I'm now ordering it for my larger prints. Bright whites thru crisp blacks!
Judy Frisk
My Studio is Filled with Red River Boxes
I am a huge fan of Red River. I live in Alaska and have to order up paper for prints and pre-scored card paper/envelopes for greeting cards just about every other week, and I'm never disappointed by their packaging or shipping arrival times. I have even done overnight shipping a few times when preparing product for markets, and the package has always arrived on time. I also appreciate their helpful and educational website resources that aid you in making sure you have the correct printer settings for your individual printer, as this helps tremendously when first setting up and getting the best results right away. The paper quality is also outstanding - I have many repeat customers come back to me for more greeting cards because "they are fantastic". I credit a lot of this to the quality of paper making the colors of my artwork reproductions stand out and seen in the best light. Shipping to Alaska is not cheap - but I continue to place orders regularly because I believe in and support Red River's quality product, service, and free educational resources that they offer! I am a loyal customer for life - you should see how many Red River boxes I have in my studio!
Brandy Klindworth
UltraPro Satin Duo Additional, Surprising Functionality
I've ordered several boxes thinking it would be efficient to be able to print "on the other side" (e.g., photo credit, company marketing or even contextual information). But, I had no idea about two additional advantages of dual sided UltraPro Satin: (1) I now never need to worry about which is the printing side--saves a lot of time, at times. (2) Prints don't always come out well (surprise, surprise!). But, with dual sided paper, you can use the other side to "practice," without wasting any more paper. Thought you folks at Red River Paper might like to share these additional functionalities of "Duo" papers.
D. Thomas Porter
I love these papers!
I've tried several of the papers so far and love them all. The price is good and the paper prints beautiful colors and depth. I can't imagine making my greeting cards with any other papers!
Great paper, expensive shipping
The quality of card paper is great, much better than I was using previously. Shipping options to Alaska are limited, dissapointing, and cost prohibitive, shipping cost was nearly as much as the paper order making it almost not worth it.
Great paper and service
Always great service.
Bob Short
I have used a lot of different vendor's paper but find "Red River" paper to be some of the best. Not only for cost saving but it is good paper. The 60lb Polar Matte card stock I prefer for greeting cards.
Joe Slaughenhoupt
ultra pro satin 4.0
I been using Red River paper for my business about one year now,and mostly for the fine art papers. I was buying my satin paper that I use for most work as I do event photography involving people,from a near by Big Box Store to save money. At the end of the day the big box store let me down in several areas,thankly Red River was there,this paper serves all my needs,clients are happy,and it's just better all the way around.Red river takes care of their customers.
Anthony Paladino
loyal customer
Red River Paper is perfect for my needs. Quality paper products, service and support. Thanks.
Margare Cothern
8.5x11 Premium Matte Double- Sided Greeting Cards
I just printed an xmas greeting on my first RR card using an Epson R2000 at 200 ppi with outstanding results. I also used the RR printer profile. The colours were a brilliant replication of my Lightroom Classic raw file. Wonderful. I had had disappointing results previously with an available retail product and wasted money. Even with the Cdn exchange rate the RR product was well worth the investment. Shipping lived up to the promise; the products arrived in perfect condition. One happy customer.
Richard Burbidge
Simply the best
Excellent quality products and a user friendly website. My number one place to shopnow
Mandy Gille
5 Star Company
Exceptional paper at more than fair prices. I have tried far lesser paper to save money. Unusable paper and wasted money. I have searched far and wide and always come back to Red River. Their paper never disappoints and their prices are less than the "premium" brands. The packaging and shipping expediency are beyond compare. Do yourself a favor, save time and Red River.
Elizabeth Beardslee
Amazing paper HDR prints
Been using the Polar metallic papers for years! Spectacular results every time, I use for my portfolio shots. Especially with HDR shots it blow people away! I have used your 11x14 and 13x19 extensively. Can't say enough about the image quality of this paper. Yours Joseph Santos
Joseph Santos
Aurora Art Natural
I am quite pleased to have found this paper! I print reproductions of my artwork which varies from woodland scenes to animals to coastal waters. All turn out quite well!
Excellent Products
I've been using Red River Paper since I began offering notecards and prints of my fine art photography. I've never looked elsewhere. I especially love the polar matte greeting cards; my images pop and look super classy on this paper. Thank you for providing such stellar products and service!
Ashley Stevick
Fantastic Service and Products
I love all of the papers I've ordered. I love the service. Always comes on time and packaged well.
Red River Paper Rocks!
Your papers are amazing and make our cards standout from the competition. Actual review: "This is one of THE nicest cards I have bought off of Etsy so far. Love it!" THANK YOU Red River Paper!!
Marty Hulse
60lb. Polar Matte Greeting Cards
You saved me! As an artist and a graphic designer, I have always produced my work into note cards and using the best Epson printer printed my own work. Recently the pre-scored cards I had been using changed something up and my prints came out like "mud". I found you, ordered my cards and can't say how happy I am. I'm back in business and just want to "Thank You!" The cards are sharp, and the color is perfect!
ARTIST'S GO-TO Matte Paper
Submitting to Art Exhibition juries can be tedious, and print requirements often change at the last moment before deadline! This is why my Submittal Checklist includes: "Check Supply of Red River Paper Canvas sheets". For 8-color dye-based ink printing on my Canon PRO-100, I've found this paper yields incredibly rich Black coverage. Check it out for yourself at:
Barry Yarkon
Aurora paper for Postcards When using the Aurora for postcards, my prints came out beautiful. Other papers of the same type did not stand up, take a look and see for yourself in my lil postcard shop.
Shellie G.
The BEST Card Stock Company
I have used Red River Paper for many years to print my own designed greeting cards and Christmas/New Year cards. Highly recommend.
Margaret Mollick
Satin Paper 68 lb
I have been using this paper almost exclusively for my portrait packages and find that my customers are overwhelmingly delighted with the texture and quality of their prints.
thomas barbour
My Absolute Favorite!
Such quality paper! from a great company. I'm always excited to receive my order!
Brittney Jernstrom
I Love Red River Paper!
I'm so glad I found this company! The papers are high quality and do not disappoint. I normally always get flat rate shipping (5-10 business days, I believe) but it nearly always arrives before that! The quality of packaging is excellent! The paper is packed safely and I have never received it damaged. 100% would recommend this company wholeheartedly to anyone looking for an excellent paper and a reliable company.
Anna V.
5 Stars for Red River Paper!
I love Red River Paper and will continue to keep coming back. As a watercolor artist, the quality of my fine art prints is very important. Red River always impresses! Recently decided to add greeting cards to my line and I'm loving those as well!
Emilie LeFebvre
Very pleased w/Red River Paper so far
I did a lot of research before choosing Red River Paper and I've been so pleased with them. I like that I can try out different papers with sample packs and I appreciate all the great resources and helpful information provided, especially for someone who's still learning and figuring out how to create and sell their own prints. Even better, the customer service has been great. When I reached out to them for help with a printing issue, Cindy responded the next day and very patiently emailed back and forth with me as we tried to troubleshoot the issue. Eventually, she determined that the culprit might be the particular batch of paper I'd been using, and had a new box sent out to me right away, free of charge. I'll be a customer for life.
60 lb Polar Matte Double-sided notecard paper -- THE best!
I've tried other matte inkjet papers for printing 5x7 notecards for my photo business, but nothing matches the quality and value of Red River's 60-lb polar matte paper. I'm pleased my cards continue to sell well even in this age of mostly digital communications. Many customers have told me that the quality is so good they frame the cards as mini-art. Thanks, Red River, for an excellent product!
Judy Bellah
B&White Prints
I have used Red River paper for about 10-12 years. I mostly order photo matte paper and print with carbon based inks and dye inks for my B&W prints. In my opinion their paper produces outstanding results - midtones, blacks and whites.
Rod Bruckdorfer
Great company
I have been purchasing from Red River Paper for several years now, buying both paper and ink. Their deliveries are timely and they take great care in their packaging. Quality products!
Very quick service
I'm new to Red River Paper and have placed only two orders. However, both orders arrived quickly and correctly. All items were as described and in great shape! I'm looking forward to future business with them.
R Steele
The only place I can find 12x12 photo paper. I receive the paper in a very reasonable timeframe. Wish I had discount offers though.
I just love the 60lbs. Polar Matte card stock. My cards turnout beautiful and my customers love them because they are bright and very colorful. I would not use any other paper. Also, the envelopes are bright white and look great with the cards.
Dolores Root
Great paper company
I really like all the papers I've gotten from Red River. The sample kit is great since I hadn't even heard of some of these paper types before. I found them from people recommending them in amazon reviews of other paper brands, I see why they prefer these.
Best paper I have found.
I have searched for a lightweight glossy inkjet paper for a long time. Finally found it here. Excellent quality paper.
Tammy S
Excellent Paper, Excellent Shipping
I've been using Red River for my art printing need for almost two years this December and have never been let down by quality. My paper always arrives early and never once has anything been damaged. Thanks.
I have used Red river paper for years. Excellent quality,variety, and service.
Another Coupon Rigmarole
Nice, easy to use site. Good selection. However, another rigmarole site where you feel cheated thinking you might a missed a coupon and waste YOUR time trying to figure out the code(s). Where are the honest prices??
You are my heroes!
Paper quality is great, packaging is carefully done so nothing is bent or damaged. Item usually arrives sooner than promised. The first time I emailed a question I was astonished to receive a personal reply with very helpful information.
Grace L Carlson-Lund
canvas paper
Love the paper. It shows the perfect colors and the texture is great
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Excellent Product and Service
I use a lot of ink jet paper and my go-to brand is Red-River. The prices are very competitive and the quality is amazing. I also like the wide variety of papers available.
My only paper
Great business! Orders shipped promptly, properly packed and secure. No bent papers. I now use Red River papers only for my photo printing. Palo Duro Satin for color, UltraPro Satin for B&W and UltrPro Gloss for the occasional glossy. No more paper testing!
Clinton Fitch
Artist and Publisher
The quality of this product is outstanding. Definitely 5 stars! I have tried many other papers for publishing purposes and have been disappointed. Red River Paper is a consistently high-quality paper with a professional finished look. Packaging and delivery are also top-notch. No corner dings.
Nancy Yaki
The ONLY paper I use for photo printing
Consistent quality paper for printing portraits and landscape photos.
D Palmer
Changing the way I print. Wonderful new papers.
I normally print on Red River Paper in large formats with Metallic prints in 13 X 19 for my own enjoyment and for friends when they see something they like. I like this paper for the colors it projects and I also enjoy using 68 pound UltraPro Gloss in 8.5 X 11. After going to a family reunion I was inundated with request for group photos and soon learned that I would quickly run out of ink in my Epson Workforce printer. I ordered Polar Gloss Metallic but this time in 4 X 6 format. Love this paper. Pictures come out great and I don't have to waist ink. I've been asked to send out many prints and I can afford to make them all now. UltraPro Satin again gives spectacular colors and I use that in 8.5 X 11. I normally use Glossy papers but sometimes print on 32 lb. Premium Matte because my fiance likes Matte prints better. Last sale I stocked up and now have an abundance of papers. Wish I could stock up on ink as well. I'm pleased with all the fine Red River Papers I try. I will stay with this brand for a long time because they fit all my needs
Steven Bressan
I have used several Red River papers recently and am now a committed customer. Red River fine art papers, especially matte surfaces, renders colors and contrast exceptionally well. In addition, service is great and packing allows shipments to be received damage free! I fully recommend Red River!
Stephen Organ
Red River Excellence
I love that Red River Paper is always there when I need it. I do my own artwork in pastels and the quality of the papers is always spot on. Thank you Red River!
Carol Clark
285 gsm is perfect
The new heavier Aurora Art Natural is perfect for my older Epson 3800. The 5x7 cards I make can still be fed from the top and the colors are perfect with few adjustments. The calendars I send to my family every year look better with the heavier weight paper.
KIM M Childs
so happy
As a small business owner and work at home mom, I am beyond grateful for having found the gem that is Red River Paper! The safety and security I feel in the quality of the product and the reasonable costs is an immense gift to my work! I am thrilled to have this paper company to rely upon for my greeting card and fine art print needs!
Ashleen Whelan
Great Service
The customer service that Red River provides is the best!! I'm looking forward to receiving my order.
Isela Esquer
I'm so glad I switched to RR Paper!
I ordered the 88 lb polar matte paper on sale and it's like I found the holy grail. My search is over, here's what I was looking for. Bless.
Jacob Van dyke
Newbie printer led to Red River by Pros
Super excited to try most of Red River's photo papers. I have absolutely no experience printing, but between the support, samplers, profiles, range of products, and brand loyalty from well established printers, I'm certain I'm in good hands
Omid K.
Great products, prices and people!
As a newbie to the photo print arena, I am so glad I found these guys! We are a new art gallery and print our own art cards (Polar Matte 88lb) and mini canvas prints (Blanco Matte Canvas). The results are outstanding and our customers appreciate the high quality and great pricing we can offer thanks to RR's low prices. I would highly recommend them for all your photo printing needs. Thanks!
Red River is my Preferred Paper
I am a photographer and show/sell my work in a gallery as well as at juried shows and art fests. To best represent my vision for my photos, I need a reliable paper with a metallic sheen and Red River Polar Gloss Metallic is outstanding. I use no other metallic paper, and when I experiment with other papers I always try Red River first. Their S&H is also outstanding - I've never had bent corners or any other problem.
P.S. Showalter
excellent paper, excellent service
i can always rely on the quality and service. I have been using Red River for years and have always had great results. and the price! just icing on the photographic paper cake!
Calvin Burgamy
Great product, great service
I have recently purchased an Epson P800 and was looking for a paper worthy of this printer. I have tried all the Epson papers, Legacy fiber, Ultra premium luster etc. My favorite so far is 75lb. Arctic Polar Luster. It is bright white with super blacks and great color saturation. Very noticeable difference compared to Epson ultra premium luster. These are my main paper types but I will try the metallics and Mattes soon.
Will H
Ultra Pro Satin
A great all around paper for camera club print competitions.
Larry Petterborg
Where have you been all my life!?
You guys... Man oh man. Fantastic. My son, who has autism, started a business. ARTism by Joey 2 years ago. He does commission work and then we make greeting card reprints. I am an absolute nut about quality, so we were using a great local offset printer... they are phenomenal... but incredibly pricey. . I decided to investigate home options and came across the canon Pixma... best purchase ever, but was stuck because none of the card stock I came across looked like it would work with an inkjet... then I found you!!!! Let me tell you, I am a very very demanding about what Joey's products look like, and I think these look every bit as good, and when I print straight from a .psd file, they are even crisper. I AM OFFICIALLY your biggest fan.
Caroline Frye
Exceeded Expectations
The quality of the paper is always outstanding. It is packaged very well, I have never had shipping damages. I am very impressed with the variety of paper available in 12x12 and other hard to find sizes. I use an HP printer that prints up to 13x17 and Red River paper has always run smoothly through it, even with thicker stock. I'm very happy with this company.
Jessica Kennedy
Very great quality and colors!
I love to use Red River paper when printing out art prints -- the colors come out very nicely and the paper itself is affordable. The back being blank is a godsend because one of my pet peeves about buying photo paper is when they have watermarks on the back
Excellent quality & service
Canadian artist here! I absolutely love Red River Paper. The quality is exactly what I'm looking for and the service is great. I tell all of my fellow artists about Red River!
One Happy Customer!
After receiving several boxes of hot press natural Epson paper that was uncoated and unusable for the second time, I started to look for a replacement source for my fine art paper. A friend recommended Red River, and I am SO glad I switched. I now use the Palo Duro Smooth Rag, and I love how many options for size there are, no more trimming for me! And shipping is always faster than I expect. I also like supporting a smaller company. Customer for life!
Amy Ferguson
60lb Polar Matte
Very pleased and impressed with this paper. Love the results I get on my Black and White images.
Best source of Art Production paper for our small business
Our main focus is audio recording, mix and master, but we also provide CD productions upon request (still going despite the the digital download realm!). Red River Paper offers a variety of excellent papers for our CD package productions - gloss, semigloss, satin, luster, matte. Greatly miss the Zeppelin semi-gloss, but we have several other choices online! Great prices for great products, and great support online and by phone!
Rob Boullion
Quallity Assurance
I have been using Red River paper for my photography and now use it exclusively because the results are predictable and emulate the quality excellence I strive to achieve. Love how my work prints on Red River!
Nancy Quinlisk
UltraPro Satin
I have been using Ultra Pro Satin for at least ten years with Epson Ultra Chrome ink printers. With this paper and Red River's icc profiles, I get fantastic prints. I have been a professional photographer for twenty eight years and need great prints at affordable paper prices. This is what I get from Red River Paper.
Kent Shirley
Very helpful and knowledge of product
I called today and spoke to Cindy. She was very willing to help with any questions. she took her time, I didn't feel rushed, I appreciate all the suggestions and I am looking forward to receiving all my sample kits and paper orders. Thank you for your help.
Served like a pro
I have used various Red River Paper products for several years. Each is as good as claimed, and there is no company with better service. I'm not a pro, but I receive service as if I were!
Harvey Fails
Paper Samples
I've ordered numerous times from red river and their products are always great quality, and come in a timely fashion. I ordered all of their samples and love the variety that they supply.
Red River is the greatest!
Great paper! Great Service! That says it all!
Richard Hogge
I don't own a quality printer and therefore, I had to find a custom photo studio that agreed to let me print a few of my favorite photographs on your poster card stock. I am waiting to get this part done.
James F. Gallagher, Jr
I ordered the Palo Duro Baryta Fiber 300 paper. It's the best I've used to capture the essence of my photos. I'm now ordering other paper and replacing my go-to HP stock. Great paper
Roger Beauman
Good company, good service and very good paper
Joe Hayles
Now my go to for paper
I've been a Canon paper user ever since getting the new Canon printer. But they don't carry a paper size that I can print a true 8X12 size print. So, I ordered a 9X13 paper from Red River. Set up the first print job, and I can't select the correct paper size. Send a request for help to Red River and they show me what I should be able to do, but I still can't find the custom paper size. So, contact Canon's help desk and I'm told to re-install the printer drivers. So I do, and with numerous restarts, I still can't select custom paper size. Check my email one more time, and there's a message from Red River support, showing me that I simply had the wrong printing style selected. Once I changed it, BOOM, I'm in business. Since Red River knew better the printer dialog box than Canon's own support desk, I'm now a loyal Red River Paper customer
Drew Hendrix support
I really appreciate the support I got from Drew Hendrix. After realizing my HP printers would not print 6.25x9" Pecos glossy card stock, Drew was very helpful in recommending a Canon TS8220 printer which has the "custom size option". Thus beautiful results making cards from images of my soft pastel paintings. Thank you for your help Drew!
Metallic paper and card stock
Metallic Paper is awesome and glossy 5x7 lt weight card stock is off the charts great. Be sure to buy the thinner selection of card stock. The thick paper does NOT go thru my epson SureColor P600 printer . And do NOT forget to buy envelopes too. I get the 250 box
carolyn L bates
Customer Service
The responsiveness and attention to detail by the RR staff is beyond that of any other internet company that I deal with.
Aurora Art Natural
I just received my Aurora Art Natural, and am over the moon. I have been working on some book projects, and can now get them off the ground and into production. Along with the San Gabrial Baryta, I am able to offer lovely archival prints to all my clients. Thank you for wonderful service and wonderful papers. Grateful to have you guys. All the best. Staton Winter
Staton Winter
Best Paper Available
I used to use my printer branded paper with mediocre results. I discovered Red River paper a couple years ago and it has taken my prints to a whole new level. Great quality, reasonable price. Do yourself a favor and use Red River Paper.
Jeff Stoyanov
unfriendly website
Love your products, but your website sucks!!!
Steve Bart
Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag: Perfect for Landscapes and Cool-Temp Portraits
I have been using Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige paper for my prints (Canon Pro 1000 printer). The paper is simply gorgeous. I came across Red River and tried their Sample Kit. When I tested the SoftGloss Rag on my test print sheet the color and black and white were a match with the Canson. In particular, the Black and White image I test with (a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan taken from the Manhattan Bridge on a cloudy, hot summer's day), which has zones 1-9 from black to white, was gorgeous. There is one building that is in Zone 2--which one begins to see detail in the dark zone--was perfect. The 310 gsm weight is nice and heavy, which I prefer, and the soft gloss emits the right texture for a beautiful print. What sets the paper apart, for me, are the different sizes. My preference for selling prints is either 9" x 13" (I print 8 x 12) and the 17" x 25" (I print 16 x 24). (I have not tested the latter size yet). This paper is gorgeous and a perfect match for my Canon printer. I do have one important criticism. My box of 9" x 13" paper had no protective bag for the paper. This is expensive paper and should be treated as such. I would deduct a star for the packaging, but I do not want to take anything away from the quality of the paper itself.
Keith Manning
Such a wealth of knowledge in one place!
anything and everything you need to learn about paper and printers is here. And the paper selection is great!
Donna Haldas
Love your paper
Have had great results printing on your paper and cards !! I keep coming back for more !!!! The metallic is my favorite. Have done some amazing wedding shots on the beach.
Brenda Mattson
professionals choice
i make my full time income from the sales of my photography and it must look like the price I ask for each work of art and be something the can not get down the road or print at home. The paper selections here provide the look I must have to stay in business since 1947. Thanks
Brent LeBlanc/Allen Breaux Studio & Gallery Inc.
UltraPro Satin 4
I love this paper. Pictures come out awesome. Use this for bird and orchid pictures and they look great. Also like the metallics.
Joseph Garza
Metallic Luster Paper
I originally tried the glossy metallic. Excellent quality, but the Luster stood out to me. It provided the texture of luster with a little more gloss than traditional luster, and nothing beats that metallic look in my opinion. Open a competitors pack and smell it, then smell what Red River Paper has to offer. I know it sounds weird, but that super chemical smell I found on my OEM paper is horrible. Their branding is all over the back of the paper.... Red River Paper just does it right.
Joedy Barnes
Art Papers Sample Kit Pefect
I have an upcoming first time gallery exhibit and I needed to determine the best paper for my landscape photos. The Art Papers sample kit was perfect - free with shipping, nice selection, good sizes (8.5x11), and print profile recommendations. I ended up selecting the Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310.
David Hearne
Awesome Paper
Great paper, so many different one to choose, it's hard to decide. I got a few sample packs and will definitely be ordering some different types. Prints beautifully.
Phil B
32# DS matt
32# DS matt Best type of paper on the planet. We use it for flyers/posters and programs. Looks tack sharp, lots of pop and does not curl. My PIXMA Pro-100 loves it as embedded photos or graphics are spot on!
Robert Hill
Best Selection - Best Quality
I have been very satisfied with Red River papers. I am especially pleased with the variety of papers Red River offers. Also, I make greeting cards for a hobby -- Red River has the best selection of cards, and the best quality, that I have found.
Patrick Brennan
I never question if the products will be top notch
Red River Paper is my go-to source for quality products. Their site has a wealth of information, they offer a wide variety of top notch papers, and they deliver quickly. I never look anywhere else. I know I'll be satisfied with my purchase.
Joan Chamberlain
Great So Far!
Got the sample kits, including the specialty and lightweight add-ons. Trying different papers has been fun and enlightening. With some new insights, I just placed an order for papers that work best for my next few prints. Prices are reasonable, customer service has been good, and most importantly the printed art looks fantastic.
Jim Cook Images
Exceeded my expectations
Polar Gloss Metallic 255 exceeded my expectations! Now I do not have years and years of experience printing but seeing this coming out of the printer so vibrant had my pulse racing! I can't wait to try the other papers I bought, but I know right off the bat this is going to be my preferred paper and paper Company. Way to go Red River Paper!!
Gilbert Balderas
I dont need to try any other paper company
I already enjoy different Red Rivers Kind of papers and I could say that I dont need to try any other paper company, these papers are extremely high quality and brings all the information you need to setup your printer and also like the price and the fast delivery. You guys rock!! Already upload a couple of videos on my Instagram using these papers!
Ludwig Alberty Photography
great cards and envelopes
I love the river linen and canvas cards, really nice texture. I prefer the 60 lb matte and glossy cards over the thicker 88 and 96 lb ones. They fold easier while the thicker ones tend to crack on the fold and like to bow quite a bit. I tried the square ones as well but they feel too thin somehow even though they are the same 60 lbs. I'm going to order the Premium matte plus A7 which is a bit thicker and cut them down in future. The glossy cards are good but I had a few that had some bumps on the them so the picture smudged. I did not like the cotton ones, the print came out with weird lines, faded and super yucky. Other than that a great products if you pick and choose. I have ordered some more after these test runs :)
Georgia Edwards
Polar Matte
The quality of this paper is excellent. Their service and shipping times are great. It always ships out the same day if you order in the morning. Paper always comes well packed. thank you
the sample pack was a lifesaver - well worth the expense
Daniel Jerger
Always a great experience!
Thanks, RRR... Your website is very convenient to work with, your communication with customers is excellent, and I really enjoy getting my merchandise quickly and well-packaged!
Michael D
Excellent Service
Thank you. The service was excellent. I received what I ordered and in less time that I expected. My only comment is that I was interested in ordering 75 lb Arctic Polar Luster in the 11x14 size. I understand that it was out of stock for a while. When I called Red River, a staff member said it would take two weeks to replenish the supply. In fact, it took about a month. I just kept on checking the web site until the paper became available. Would have been nice to be told that it would take up to a month - but perhaps it is difficult to estimate the amount of time it would require. I really like Red River papers, your web site and your regular emails. I will continue to be a faithful customer.
Luster Metallic
I have purchased Luster Metallic in 11 by 17... those prints sell very well; so, now, I am buying this paper in 17 by 22. Additionally, I love how well RRP protects the paper for shipping.
Mel Stone
Long time customer
Good company to do business with. The product line and quality has been improving over the years and I would recommend Red River to any photographer looking to produce great looking prints.
Polar Gloss Metallic
Colors really jump at you. Sometimes it appears the picture is back lighted.
Robert Cummings
Very Pleased
I've ordered from Red River Paper several times and have been very pleased with everything.
Good product, good people
The quality of the paper products is top notch. I also very much appreciate the readily available instructional support. (There is a lot that go wrong when someone like me just "wings it.") I can't imagine there's a better company around in the photo-printing business.
Great Professional Paper
I sell my prints at a local art show every week here in Fountain Hills, Arizona. This paper provides wonderful colors or black and whites my customers love. Many customers come back multiple times because they love the colors and composition. The 68 lb paper hangs straight without any rolling or rippling. I love it!
Spence Fairbanks
couldn't ask for more
The paper is excellent and the packaging is as well. I will be buying more for sure.
Rod Gerst
Fine products, superb service
The results I've gotten printing on Polar Matte and UltraPro Satin are truly remarkable; side-by-side comparison with other manufacturer's papers really show the difference. Orders come packaged so very well that there has never been damage to the paper. Finally, the support provided on the site is outstanding; not just printer-specific profiles, but many useful tips and suggestions for achieving optimum results. A great company to deal with!
Jack Lord
Matte Papers exceed expectations
I have used Red River Papers for over 15 years and never had a bad experience. All papers exceeded my expectations.
Danny O'Driscoll
Good but
It this time I was looking for 17" roll paper, Im glad I called because website is not up to date on the roll paper selection.. And no commitment on availability on a popular paper, don't remember which one .. so I glad I called the company
Best Paper out there
I finally found a paper company I can depend on with the best prices for the best product. My ink colors come out AMAZING and I am printing my paintings on this paper, so it matters a lot to me! I always get comments asking where I printed my stuff! And I say.....I print it myself I just get great paper to print on! The printer matters too of course but I can't imagine using any other company :)
Victoria Voner
Excellent Printing Paper
I bought 2 paper sample packs so I could find my favorite papers. These papers were all high quality and it took some time to pick my favorites according to quality and price. But I managed to get 3-6. The Polar Pearl Gloss Metallic is my all time fav, but it is a bit pricier so I will save it for special printings! I love the 60 lb. Paper Canvas for printing my hand-drawn watercolor or Prismacolor pencil pieces. I also like the Ultra Pro Satin, Arctic Polar Satin, and 60 lb Premium Matte Plus. However, I ended up buying the 60 lb. Polar Matte as it was available in 8x10 and was a better price. The Ultra Pro Satin will likely be in my next order.
Stacy Caraway
Big and Beautiful and Borderless - 60lb. Pecos River Gloss 8.5x11 50 Greeting Cards SCORED
Making big borderless 5.75 by 8.5 inch greeting cards is 'my thing'. My little Canon PIXMA prints beautifully on these 8.5x11 sheets. Outside is splendid for fine, detailed graphics and photos, inside is great for text and 50% opacity graphics (perhaps higher, but that is what I do just as a preference). For some time I stopped making large cards after Canon discontinued their card stock of this size...I'm back in business and love the results. Love this card stock! Thank you RedRiverPaper.
Red River Paper My Go To Printing Paper
I am a Photographer who exhibits my work in many art shows and contests. I print my own photo images on Red River Papers along with an Epson 1400 wide format photo printer. No one can believe I am getting the incredible results that I do by printing my own work. I have won several first, second, and honorable mention awards in the art shows and contests I have presented my work. All were printed on Red River Papers. I especially like the Metallic papers and this has become my favorite and go to paper for most of my images. I have a car series including focal points of individual cars which usually has chrome or highly reflective paint jobs. The Metallic paper is amazing in reproducing these highly reflective surfaces and make the images pop off the paper surface as if you were there in person looking at the car. I have had nothing but WOW feedback on my exhibited work and have sold several with customers walking away amazed at the quality and very happy. I belong to two local art groups and have gotten nothing but praise and comments on how impressed they are with my work and the final printed image on Red River Paper. Red River Papers are my favorite papers to use on printing my images and I will continue to be a more than satisfied customer using these awesome printing papers.
Thomas Wright
Best papers for printing cards
Previously I had used the 53lb. premium gloss card stock and the images were really sharp. I will now be using the 60lb Pecos gloss and the 60lb Polar Matte card stock for all my cards. I tested several papers from the card sample kit and these both looked really sharp. I also have been using Red River envelopes for years and love them.
Kellie Cook
This is a WINNER
I have a Canon Pro 100 printer and have been using the Polar Gloss Metallic paper for over a year in my submissions to my local Camera Club. This paper just gives the extra glow and special look that I am pleased to say I have won awards every time I use it. Thank you Red River for giving us this amazing paper to be creative with. I don't need to look any where else!
Lynn Starkweather
I live in Belgium (Europe) and order paper for delivery at a military base in the US. I asked Red River for help to make sure the order delivered in time. And yes paper arrived at the airbase in time. Great service, correct communication.
GREAT SERVICE. Makes my 17x22 prints as good as my IMAC does
Love this company!
I don't order a huge amount of paper from Red River, but I've always been very happy with everything I've purchased. It's all top quality and the service is second to none. I'm just a small operator. If my business grows I'll be ordering more, no question about it. They're the best!
Rik Groves
Best packing and shipping in the industry. Best paper in the industry.
Frank Duncum
Great Paper
I have used Red River Paper for my printing for about 15 years, and have enjoyed every shipment. I am especially pleased with the printer profiles available for every one of the printers I have used.
Elisabeth Haug
a pleasure to do business with
As a rule, I don't give 5 star reviews. There's always room for improvement, after all. However, if I were asked how you could improve, I couldn't think of anything. Your service has been fast and accurate, your packaging sturdy, your products as good as I could hope. Your website and library are helpful for selecting the correct product and in learning how to get the best results from it!
L Funkhouser
Number 3 All Time
In thinking about Red River Paper as a company I would put it this way. The 3 great discoveries/inventions "All Time". 1. Fire 2. The Wheel 3. Red River Paper I think that sums it up pretty well.
Steve Bloom
Canvas Paper
Love the canvas paper it makes photography look like a water color painting. Absolutely beautiful. I just ordered more sizes.
Marty McKay
Vibrant results
The metallic paper makes photos so rich and luscious, reminding me of the days of Cibachrome.
Gay Ayers
Easy To Navigate
The red river paper site is very easy to navigate and find the kind of paper you want. Looking forward to my sample kit to see what paper options there are.
Dawna Larson
The only papers I use
I having been a fan of RRP for over 10 years when I bought my first Canon printer that was able to use 13x19 size papers. My favorite is the Polar Pearl Metallic, my friends are blown away by the quality.
Gay Allen
RR Paper solved my problem
Finding a thinner photo paper to make labels for my Artisan Chocolate in Costa Rica was a problem. I finally got to work to fix the problem and Found RRP. Great service, the paper is perfect and I am a happy boy
James Cameron
Excellent Quality & Customer Service
We have been using RRP for several years now and have printed over 30,000 prints with their Matte Photo Paper and love it! We have had very few problems or concerns, but when we did they address those concerns quickly and professionally. As we continue to expand our small family business we will continue to support Red River Paper!
I am extremely satisfied with Red River Paper! The excellent products along with great pricing. The customer service is above what I expected & the website is very informative with all the tutorials.
Great products
I'm in art school and need to print high quality pictures on nice paper a lot. Red River always has such nice quality paper and is reasonably priced. I've tried other brands before like Staples, Inkpress, etc. and out of all of those Red River is still my favorite. People in my school use it all the time as well. I use a Canon Pixma IX6820 and never ran into any problems with it.
Amanda Oesef
Over all experience
Outstanding ordering process and delivery!! Items came fast and undamaged!!
William Sterk
Paper for my new Canon 100 Pro
Have a new great grand daughter and she deserves the best!
Gil Frey
Best Products for a Private Photo Business
I run a private business as a photographer, selling my photo zines and greeting cards that I designed with my own photos. I have never doubt that Red River Paper always provide the best quality products: high-quality photo papers and related products such as clear bags and envelopes. My customers sometimes ask how I can make high-quality products, and I proudly say I make my products with Red River Paper's products.
Taehoon Um
All in one place!
I was so happy to see that I can now order envelopes, paper and INK from the same GREAT company! Always happy with my purchases and how fast I get my orders.
Melody Frey
Best place for unique quality papers
Red River is my turn to when I need a paper. Digital photography is much enhanced by choosing a paper that will define the photo and provide an artistic value. It is difficult to find such papers "over the counter" but Red River has them. Shipment is fast and accurate and price beats nearly all else. I will continue to use them for my studio.
New to Red River
This is my first experience with RR paper. I have always used Canon or Ilford for my print needs. I decided to try the sampler pack and was not disappointed. After test printing I find RR to be equal to and superior to those I used before. The quality and price point of Red River makes it an ideal choice for my need in the future.
Houston Bryant
So happy we found Red River! Quality & Great Price
We needed paper to use for greeting cards and prints and after doing quite a bit of research, we selected Red River Paper. So far we couldn't be happier! Great quality, great pricing, AND they also go above and beyond with all the helpful information, instructions and advice they provide, I would literally be googling questions about inkjet printing and the majority of the best answers took me right back to Red River Paper!
Joy Addict
Great Personal Experience
I like Red River Paper because with every order I feel they really care that I am happy with how my work looks. They provide significant resources on their site to help guide your paper selection. In addition sampler kits helped me find the exact papers I needed at a fairly low cost. After testing I knew exactly what papers I needed and how they will print. Their support people are experts in photo printing with the feel as if you are speaking with a friend. Overall, the product is excellent and the pricing is good and they provide a great personal experience.
Tony B
Satin 4.0
Great quality paper, just ordered very easy website to order from.
yakeli hernandez
Knowledge is power
The website offers a big bunch of knowledge, nicely parceled out and clearly presented. And the paper is beautiful.
N. B.
Fast, professional and top quality
This is my first time ordering from Red River Paper and I'm absolutely pleased. The printing is exceptional and top quality. Just placed my second order. Thanks!
Red River Paper
Im very happy with the quality of paper and service I received from Red River. Their service is excellent and this is a big point for me in chosing where I buy my paper from. Need more companies like this that strive to do their best with their customers.
Wonderful is a gross Understatement
Have been buying Red River Paper for about 5 years and want to say how incredibly pleased I am with the company and their paper choices and availability. Can honestly say I haven't had so much as a millisecond of displeasure with them or their papers. Have told several friends about them and have been rewarded with a big "thanks for the tip" from all. Very pleased with everything they do and continue to do and things they dream up to do to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.
Excellent service and good paper
I had a discount applicable to my account but could not get it to work. Called customer service and they applied and all is well. Good service.
Great Company Great Paper Great Prices
Always a pleasure to deal with. Paper Quality is better than paper matching my printer brand. Pricing is far better. I don't buy paper anywhere else.
Ron Nolland
Always consistently great paper
I can count on Red River Papers to deliver quality.
Connie Rudd
I use and refer Red River Paper all the time. I am impressed with the quality of products and service. Love this company.
samantha boehnke
The very best
I have ordered many different paper products from you and love them all. I will not order papers from anyone else. Your card stock is the best and I have tried different sizes and different finishes. Thanks for your excellent products.
Linda S Graham
Having used several different types of paper, Red River paper has been nothing but excellent.
Ron Paakanen
Excellent product
Superior product and customer service. RR products are a great addition to my new Epson SC p-800.
Love red river
Got the sample pack, fell in love with palo duro etching paper. Everything I wanted my digital prints to look like. I am new to digital printing, I am a professional B&W printer on silver based paper, was skeptical of inkjet. Got a canon pixma pro 10 pigment ink printer, tested your sample pack and etching is the bomb. So are you!
Paul Bergwall
First order with RedRiver
Just ordered my first sample pack and can't wait to get it. Have heard nothing but great things about red river papers. I have already downloaded all 25 ICC profiles and will let you know after my first printing project
James Nowak
Definitely Professional grade all the way.
I'm a event and portrait photographer. When someone's paying, they expect professional quality right from the start all the way down through the final print. Red River has the papers that is just right for the job. As I said, "professional all the way".
Exceptional company!
We love Red River Paper! Always great quality! Always helpful and fast! Would recommend to anyone!
Dr. Rhonda H. Comrney DMD
Photographer,artist, retired
Red River Paper is my gold standard for quality. I downloaded the the templates to Lightroom. Produced my own Christmas Cards.
Fritz Guth
Fast Delivery
I ran out of cards and reordered knowing I was too late for Christmas. But they got here seemingly immediately! Saved my bacon! Must have known I needed them fast so they sent them Very impressed.
Jerry Robinson
5 stars is not enough
I would rather print my art work on 5 star Red River Papers than eat at a 5 star restaurant. If I do a graphic that I'm proud of, there's nothing like having a quality of paper that makes it look even better. It's ALWAYS exciting when that first graphic rolls out of my Epson Printer. Your entire company is stellar. Merry Christmas.
E. B. Purcell
Top notch paper and service
I have ordered many different papers from Red River over the past few years. All have come packaged perfectly and all have performed impeccably. The quality is unmatched and the prices are very reasonable. Thank you!
Tracey T Anderson
Company that gives good service
I love doing business with Red River Paper because their web site is easy to use; their product is very good; I like earning points; their email with good information is very useful, and their product is very affordable. They also good info concerning the printer profiles.
Tested Arctic Polar Satin
I just finished testing the first image the the collection of papers in the Fine Art Sampler pack. I chose the Arctic Polar Satin, Polar Pearl Metallic and Aurora Art Matte as my staples. I also saw some deals in the clearance that were listed as overstock so I am pretty well stocked for now. I need to repeat the process with a different type of image next.
Anthony Bozza
Bravo Red River!
I was introduced to Red River Paper about 15 years ago. I had won a couple of online photography contests and the prize had been gift certificates to RR Paper. The thing that I normally print my photos for is greeting I tried Red River's. I had nothing to lose. Not only was I afforded wonderful advice, the owner of the company said he would combine certificates for me so I could use them for one order. I am here to tell you that the quality of their glossy greeting card stock is superior, as are their envelopes. On top of this, they provide tutorials on how to adapt your photos to their cards. Red River has found a loyal customer in me. They are really an excellent company, one I know I can count on. I was so lucky to find them!
Georgia Roessler
Quality Paper and Friendly Service
I have been printing with Red River Paper the past few years for seasonal greeting and special occasion cards. I especially enjoy the Polar Matte and Glossy for my cards. My recent order arrived within a few days which totally amazed me. When I call with questions the service personnel are always courteous and most helpful. I'm so glad I discovered Red River.
Good stuff, two comments
I have been happy with RRP. Two quick comments: 1) The coupon code from Derrick Story's site did not work. He works hard promoting you, so I am disappointed about this. 2) When I enter credit card information your website does not show as secure. Please try to update this. Company Reply - Thank you, Jon. Our entire domain ( is force-served though https via a Norton SSL certificate. In theory, it is not possible for you to have seen an unsecure page. We will run diagnostic tests to verify all is well. The Derrick Story offer has been restored.
Jon F
Best Ever!
My greeting cards come out perfect. I love this paper. I am amazed how well and fast the ink dries. Thank You
Jeannie Jay Creative Designs
Couldn't be more pleased....
While I am new to the printing business, I have been shooting for many years, the last 10 digitally. I decided a few months ago that printing my own stuff, and the control it offered, was the way to go. I purchased a Canon Pixma Pro-100 a few months ago and went about looking for quality paper providers. After trying a few, I stumbled upon Red River. The papers I have tried are great but moreover, the company itself is great to work with....perhaps the best I have ever known. The information offered on the website for determining settings and whatnot is far superior to anything else I had seen previously. Easy to follow, complete and as much depth as you want. Great for the novice and pro alike. After ordering the samplers, which were very useful in helping me to determine my needs, I recently placed a large order. I simply could not believe the care with which the product was packed. I order many, many things, and I have never seen anything packed this well. In short, as long as I am printing, Red River will be my sole paper provider.
NA Powell
Great Products, Super Information and People that care
I do not usually write reviews but, when I come across something that absolutely requires reviewing I get to writing. First, let me say that the quality of the papers, types of papers and people who sell the papers are tremendous (I hate using that word but...). Second, the prices are either comprable or better then the other quality photo paper suppliers. For eleven years I worked for Canon. I am a devoted Canon customer. But now I can say that I also am a devoted RedRiverPaper customer. I look forward to doing business in the future.
Bob K
Great resource
I have been a customer of Red River for many years. There products and service have been great. I also found their web site posts very helpful with info on printing and printers. I have printed several thousand cards over the years and never had a problem.
Shipping rates could be improved, so it seems to me.
I like RR Paper products, but the minimum shipping charge of $7.99 makes small orders very uneconomical. As for me, I usually postpone or refrain from placing any order for a single item. Perhaps that is the intent.
Chris Nelson
Enjoy doing business with Red River--very professional
roy rubeli
Helen S. Warren
Customer Service
I have been buying paper products from this company for a number of years. I bought a batch of card stock on Sunday at the regular price. I am not a person who is up on all the sales that take place. But in the morning I received an email telling me about the Happy Cyber Monday! I called the office to ask for a refund of the difference. Well guess what NOPE. I can return the product and buy this today but no return of the difference. WELL RED RIVER THIS IS MY LAST ORDER WITH YOU!!!! THIS IS NOT A GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE. How hard is it log in on the computer and credit a couple of bucks to my account. It sure is a lot easier then dealing with the return and re sending the product again..CRAZY CRAZY..
Frank Pali
Best Value
Red River offers the best value in the industry for high quality photo printing and they have enough variety to meet all my printing needs. And... I just found that Precision Colors has .icc files for all Red River papers if you are using their ink in a Canon printer. I recently purchased a Pixma Pro-100 to replace my failed Epson 1430 and I'll see how those inks work out.
Fantastic products and service
I have been using Red River Paper products for many years. Greeting cards are my specialty and I have found nothing better on the market. The service is great and they are always ready to answer questions.
Susan Bailey
True glossy prints
UltraPro Glossy combined with RR profile produces a print true to the file on your monitor
Great company! Products are superior and affordable. Large variety of sizes and finishes. Prompt shipping.
David Knox
Very Fine photo printing paper & Superb Service!
I have only been a customer at Red River Paper for about 3 months, but my experience has continued to be exceptionally fine. The paper selection, sizes, and surface finish is excellent, the quality VERY fine, and the prices fair. The Web site is reasonably easy to navigate, checkout easy, and shipping is prompt and packaged nicely. Overall, Red River has offered a superb experience with quality products and exceptional customer service. I'll be back.
A J Cotterell, Ed.D.
Excellent products, impeccable service
I'm a repeat customer for the 60lb linen, and 60 lb canvas 5x7 paper. My prints look excellent on both of these papers, and ordering from Red River paper is always a problem-free process. Excellent company to deal with in all respects.
John Green
Great Products and Service
I recently discovered Red River Paper and I'm definitely impressed with their photo papers and their service. I'm just placing my second of what will be many to orders to come.
Thomas W.
Great site & products!
Thank you Red River Paper, for the most helpful and informative website ever!! Not to mention your great paper products and quick delivery.
Arctic Polar Lustre is AMAZING
After recently being one of the winners for the NWF photo competition, I wanted to print the images. I selected the Arctic Polar Lustre, and used an old Epson 810 printer. What amazing results! The image looks fantastic - better than a professional printer could do. So impressed with this paper. Thank you Red River Paper for such an amazing product.
Shauna Stevens
Amazing Customer Service
Just got off the phone with Red River's amazing customer service staff. The employee was so kind and helpful, and she answered all of my questions promptly. I'm hooked on Red River Paper for my greeting card company!
Sarah Winecoff
Great paper, great service!
I've been very pleased with how nice the paper is for the cost! The descriptions are clear, and there are usually plenty of size options. My only request would be a sample box/option. I had to decide between a few different matte and glossy papers, but still wasn't disappointed.
P. Collins
I recently bought an Epson P800 printer and ordered sample kits from several companies, including Red River. After trying the papers from the other companies, I decided to go with Red River for all my papers and ordered several boxes for an upcoming show. The products are excellent and Red River provides all the printer-specific settings and profiles needed. The prices are reasonable and the products are shipped quickly and appropriately packaged. Red River is my new "go to" source for paper.
Best paper out there
I'm a graphic artist/illustrator and I print mostly on Polar Matte 60lb paper. I constantly get emails from customers praising the quality of the print and paper. Red River's customer service has always been super helpful when needed as well. 11/10 would purchase more RR paper
Wesley Fornadel
Amazing Sample Paper Pack
Recently purchased the Canon PRO-1000 and used the provided Canon PRO-LUSTER paper. The Red River Satin and Luster papers are equal or better than the Canon Pro papers and come at a much more affordable price point. The paper profiles provided by Red River were easy to install and immediately available in Lightroom and Photoshop. Another plus for Red River - when I updated to Mac OS Mojave the Canon Paper Profiles disappeared and Canon does not provide a way to download ICC profiles for their paper - you have to re-install the printer drivers. The Red River Profiles were still in place and even if there was an issue, the ICC profiles are easy to find and install. I just ordered more of my favorite papers and will be coming back to Red River for all my photo paper needs.
John Gerard
Highly recommend Red River Paper
I highly recommend Red River Paper. As an artist selling giclee prints and notecards, the quality and value of the products I've ordered have been outstanding. I use Polar Matte 60 lb notecards, matching envelopes which have a nice straight flap on the pack like a high quality invitation, and I've recently begun using the Palo Duro Etching paper for my prints. It's very similar to the paper I was using which I love but Palo Duro is a little bit heavier which is nicer and is a much better value.
Kathy Jurek
Always pleased with my paper!
I've been using Red River paper for various projects in digital art and mixed media. This paper never disappoints. I print with an Epson Sure Color P400. I am always pleased with the various types that I have purchased over the years and it is always packaged well. My favorite, however is the Aurora Art Natural. Beautiful!
Janine Gmitter
I buy all different kinds of Red River Paper as needed. The service is excellent, the available printer settings work really well, and the results always meet expectations. I haven't purchased a greeting card in years -- great selection of card stock here.
Card Stock supplies
Love the various card stock you have available. The printing templates make printing the cards with my images a breeze! The envelopes are a nice compliment!
Great source for greeting card stock
I use Red River 60 lb Polar Matte for my greeting Cards as it is top quality and my HP ENVY loves it!! Also their #7 envelopes are perfect for the cards.
Compares with the Big Brands - Better Value
In the past, I have used Red River papers. I had the metallic paper left over, so I placed this order to print my portfolio along with my wife's. In the past, I have used Epson and Hahnemule paper, but again trying your paper. The Metallic paper adds a beautiful glow to my images. Printed our black and white images on the Palo Duro Etching paper, the paper is beautiful. A beautiful creek color. My wife stated the images actually look like etchings. I printed a couple of our son's favorite wedding picture. They loved the images.
D Avery
Red River Paper is the best!
I am an amateur photographer. It is just a hobby for me. I use a DSLR camera and Lightroom to edit my photos. Not only do my photos come out beautifully on Red River photo paper, the support and the "extras" that Red River Papers offers to their customers is fantastic. I have installed both the Color Profiles and the Card Templates into Lightroom. It makes everything so easy. I also found their review of the "Best Monitor Calibration Devices" to be extremely helpful. I can't imagine using any other photo paper now. Thank you Red River Paper.
Linda Morrison
Best Paper Company!
I wouldn't buy paper anywhere else -- my customers are extremely happy with the prints I create for them.
Cindy Green
My new paper company
I am very impressed with all of the paper that I have used so far and the delivery was the best I have seen, this is my review of B&H/Canon performance...I bought some 17x25 paper from Red river and it is actually better than the Canon product. This was the second time I have ordered 17x22 Canon paper from B&H and both times the box was nearly shredded by the delivery people, B&H needs to use better packaging for this type of product... Red River's packaging was bullet proof, I was very impressed. I will continue to buy from Red River and will recommend them to all of my friends.
Rick H.
Constant perfection
I have used Red River paper to make my books forever. They do not just sell paper but make sure you get the best needed for the job. I get both paper for illustrations and for the book covers - I used the smooth 60 lb until I found the linen. My books bear your stamp of value Red River - thanks!
Grace Chetwin
Best Photo Paper Company Ever!
Red River is the best company in my opinion! Their papers are exceptional quality, and they periodically improve them to even better quality. The service is also great, both in sending packages to me which have always arrived in perfect condition, and in their customer service. Highly pleased, and I always recommend Red River. Personally I don't print to display in museums and so don't see a need to spend way more from other companies.
Great paper, great support
I was having issues with the San Gabriel Baryta SemiGloss 2.0 paper. Drew worked with me over several weeks to resolve. He even got a new profile made for the printer/ink I was using. The new profile solved my print quality issues. Great support and experience with RR.
I always have a pleasant experience with Red River Paper
No matter what I order, Red River makes it easy! I get my paper & ink faster than I think I will & it's always of good quality.
Ayesha Lakes
A notch Above
Red River Paper provides papers of exceptional quality while making the purchase as easy as if it had been made at the corner store. (Since I live past the Danger:Edge of the Earth signs, the corner store is a long way away)
Great Black & White Prints on Baryta paper
One of my complaints for years was that digital cannot reproduce the same deep blacks and range of greys one can get in a wet darkroom with traditional paper. With Red River's Baryta paper, I was completely satisfied with the final print. I recommend it highly. I look forward to trying other Red River papers for color prints.
shipping should be free considering the cost of these products
joss dominguez
Great company
I am able to find paper for any project I have. I really enjoy the different sizes available and the quick shipping. My first choice for paper
Pamela Doby
Love Red River Paper
Your products are outstanding and your emails are chock full of helpful information that run the gamut of everything photo.
Leo Thimmes
Metallic Papers For A Wet Plate Look
Been working on a Roaring 20's project and having been inspired by the Wet Plate look,I've been printing my facsimile prints on Polar Pearl Metallic and the results are sublime. Rich blacks and perfect grays with just the right amount of blended whites.
Roy Ricci
Red River Paper - Excellent Quality and Service!
I am a digital artist and I order all my fine art paper from Red River. Simply put, the choice and quality of their paper is second to none. I'm a fan and highly recommend them. Ivy
Ivy Sinkunas
Have always liked RR paper. True colors and better selection than most manufactures. I have Epson and Canon printers and I will certainly be purchashing more varieties later on.
James E. Plew
Always a pleasure; never a fear
Anywhere else that I have ordered paper, I have worried, with good reason, about what I will receive. Will the box have a dimple in one corner, which will have telegraphed to all of the sheets having little accordion folded corners? Nothing like this has ever happened with my shipments from Red River; they are always zealously packaged, arriving in perfect condition. The paper selections, in surface, weight and size options, are better than anywhere else I've found, and the online descriptions are very useful. The company goes even further to contribute toward your master printer education with its many helpful documents, articles and reviews in the support section of their website. If you've not availed yourself of this free resource, you are missing out on a valuable knowledge base. I have contacted the company for pre-sales support, and received a fast, complete response. I have no knowledge of how they handle problems one might encounter, since I have yet to have occasion for that. But, I can only surmise that all support would be as professional and satisfactory. I order mainly my favorite art papers for myself, but I have for several years been a product specifier for a large camera club's printing lab where the Red River papers of a number of finishes are prominent favorites by club members; even our 24" printer's default load is a roll of Red River 68lb Ultra Pro Satin.
High quality, informative
I spent forever looking for a good paper company that provided accurate information which I could easily understand. Red River Paper is the only company I purchase any high quality printer paper from now! Their website is easy to navigate, their descriptions are helpful in making purchases and their color profiles provide high quality prints time and again.
Chris Sperling
Customer service excellence
This is a Shout-OUT to RR customer service. Leslie C. received my call regarding a damaged order in shipping, my first in many orders, and immediately took care of the problem sending me a new roll at no added cost. This was my first time ordering a 17" roll and to my surprise the shipping box had a crack in the middle. The roll was puncture thru at the same point as the crack and the puncture went thru deep in the roll. The replacement came in perfect condition and the printing is on the way. Thank you Leslie and RR, you're a class act!
You have always exceeded my expectations!
Images are crisp and sharp, paper NEVER jams in my printer, and the results are always as expected or better. I sure wish you would make the greeting cards in Polar Pearl Metallic, though, or at least some variety of lustre paper. I like the matte, but do not like glossy. Give me another option, please! Other than that, REALLY pleased with all your products! Thank you for a truly high quality line of paper products!
Bonnie Madre
Excellent products and service
This is the best paper for printing on an injket, the print is sharp and clear. We print thousands of package inserts for our products, and no other paper comes close. Not only is the product great, the care in which it is packaged and delivered shows how much they understand the importance of protecting the products so we don't get damaged paper. We will only order paper from Red River.
Mike C
Best all around selection and quality paper at a fantastic price
Red River has more papers than I ever thought existed. They all are in one place easy to compare and order with great shipping. They always arrive damage free and protected very well in a box that works great for storing the paper long-term. I ordered the sample kit along with the specialty sample kit and love the Palo Duro softgloss rag. It is a substantial upgrade from a more standard paper like the ultrapro satin 4.0, however they both look fantastic. I also like the polar pearl metallic, however, I don't know what I am going to use it for yet because it is such a specific type of paper. It provides a very cool effect that I have never seen before even from professional labs. I plan to continue using Red River Papers in the future and am more than impressed so far!
Great paper
Just getting starting with printing and so far have loved all the paper...especially the Palo Duros. Looking forward to printing more!
Michael James
Review Jack Price
I am so glad I found Red River Paper a few years ago. I was spending a lot of money at the local office supplies store on photo paper. But with RRP I can now get better quality paper and better selection of paper and at lower cost.
Jack Price
So I'm a new kid on the block after recently purchasing a Canon PIXMA Pro 100. I found out about your line of premium papers while searching the internet for top rated photographic papers. I am delighted with the high quality of all of your paper lines. I am stocking my paper inventory with Matte, Satin, Glossy, & Metallic.
William Trap
Delivered to Manila, Philippines On Time
We got tired of paying the outrageous prices for premium photo paper here. Ordering from the "big box" stores was OK, but they only stocked the really expensive papers. We were very worried about ordering from a new supplier. But from all of the great reviews we decided to give it a try. To our surprise, the paper was delivered early and the overall price was 50% less than the big box stores. The Red River papers are outstanding and we already placed our second order. Thank you Red River.
Edward Barilla
Red River just keeps flowing
Great service, Wonderful Service. Excellent back up. Just got an order of their new Polar Luster Metallic - a REALLY neat paper - comes darn close to metal print color punch and detail. Red River gets new products, supports them with color profiles while staying focused on customer focus.
Bill Struth
Always meet my expectations
Each time I have read about Red River's offerings I have gotten exactly what I expected. Their descriptions are spot on .
Gary Frieswz
Christine Sterritt
Best Media
I love this paper. I've been purchasing Red River for reproducing my husband's painting and my mixed media art prints for many years. I am so glad they found me (or I found them). No other papers I've tried can compete with the quality of Red River.
M Susan Coppola
Pecos River Gloss
Excellent photo grade results using Pecos River Gloss. Going to try Polar Matte next. The quality of Red River Paper thus far is superb. Also, the functionality of the website is very user-friendly. Much appreciated!
P. T.
i have been using red river paper for my company's needs for about 5 years now. this is the first time I've seen a shipping special which i think should be de rigeur for regular customers. i know a company of the size of red river paper can get great deals from their shipping services and that should be passed on to us. the paper is wonderful, there has only been one time where they were out of stock on one of the primary papers we order to produce our line of products (we use the paper as one of the raw materials that goes into a gift line we produce; so shaving pennies from every part of manufacturing in the u.s. plays into strengthening our economy) and i was able to order a different size and re-calibrate templates. we love what red river offers, and we hope that the shipping special becomes permanent.
Fabulous Paper
Red River is by far the best company to order paper from. The paper is fabulous and the service is outstanding....
Jaynee Bontomase
The best for many years.
I have been purchasing RR paper since they opened their doors and have never been dissatisfied with the quality of the papers, nor my customer service with the staff from the President on down. The best paper on the market today for all of your inkjet needs.
Stan Godwin
Since I discovered this web site I have ordered. I have always been satisfied with the print results. I often had problems remembering which side to print on for the single sided paper. Then I noticed that Red River offered double sided. I have ordered double sided every since. The quality of the paper is also truly amazing.
Maxine Tidwell
Tips for Humid Weather
I've been purchasing paper from Red River Paper for many years now and your customer service and your products are top notch. I ran into a problem a few years ago that left me scratching my head as the bottom of my paper would sometimes end up with black ink on it and would ruin way too many prints. I finally figured out that it was the humidity that was warping the paper and it would not print correctly. Here we are in the thick of the hot, humid weather again - only I got smarter - my paper goes in the fridge now when the humidity is high and my paper stay flat and prints beautifully! Sounds crazy, but it works! Hope this helps someone who may have encountered the same problem.
Super stars!
Continue to be thrilled with the print quality - am including 'cards' from my watercolor painting scans for a month-long 'solo show'. Suppose I am now officially an Inkjet Hero - referred RRP to fellow artist in Texas, who I believe is now a customer
Service beyond all expectations
I have been using Red River Papers for several years due to superb quality. I had a question about printing from Photoshop. The president of Red River, Drew Hendrix, personally answered and resolved my issue for me. His level of personal concern demonstrates why the quality of Red River products is consistently so high. Red River and Drew will have my business as long as I can keep shooting and printing. Thank you, Drew!
Very satisfied
Outstanding product! And very easy to do business with Red River Paper
cards Aurora art white
Very disappointed in this product (Aurora Art White Greeting Cards)
Great paper!
I order the 60lb Polar Matte (greeting cards and 8"x10", single side) and have never been let down. The paper quality is excellent, affordable, and arrives in a timely manner. I use the paper to print out scans of my artwork, and the detail (compared to other papers I've used) is crisp, bright, and has a soft finish to it. Perfect for what I need.
This is the way it should be.
I was stumped coordinating my OS , editing program, and printer. I got the answers and directions I needed. When one person did not know the answer she quickly sent me to someone who did. what more can you as for? The and paper that is true to color and is beautiful. Thank you.
Sandy Olson
Very helpful
Red River Paper has high quality products. Additionally, I appreciate the extensive descriptions on their website. As someone relatively new to inkjet printing it's very helpful to have the products differentiated by more than just title/thumbnail. The help articles are also welcome, although I wish they had dates to indicate how old they were. All in all, Red River is the perfect partner for home inkjet printers.
Alan Krakauer
I just printed my first image onto the polar matte paper and all I can say is wow! Thank you for the amazing paper!
Best Buy
The UltraPro Gloss is the best buy in relation to price and quality of the paper.
fast and helpful
I am a freelance illustrator running an online shop and printing high quality prints to provide high value products for my customers! I have recommended Red River to many artists already because I trust Red River and have never ever had an issue :) Thank you!
Polar Luster Metallic
Having been a user of metallic photo papers over the past several years, I was excited to give the new offering from Red River a try. As with all of their other products, the paper was shipped very well and arrived in a timely manner. The polar luster metallic paper is fantastic. It has a nice, subtle texture and gives images a very unique "pop". Every time I set a grouping of photos out, the ones printed on Red River metallic papers are picked out as *favorites*. In particular, I tend to use the metallic papers when printing images of reptiles, birds of prey & butterflies. Keep up the great work - your papers are some of the best on the market and are sold at an affordable price.
Jeff M.
Easy ordering
Best site I have found for the ease of placing an order. Easy to find what I need.
Fine Art Prints
Love using your papers for my fine art prints.
Stephen Emms
Outstanding service and quality
I could not be happier with a supplier. The speed of shipment and quality of product received is always outstanding. My prints have never looked better.
Stuart Carlin
Great Company!
I've only been dealing with Red River for a couple months, but I have been so impressed by their service, products and website. They are so helpful in so many ways and their products are superior. I'm in the midst of trying to learn how to print my art for selling and Red River has been a great resource in helping me to find my way. You may know that printing is a complicated business. I found this out the hard way after ordering my new Epson printer. My prints were coming out too dark so I called Epson to ask for help. That was a fruitless effort so I turned to Red River after seeing all the information they provide on their website about the process of printing. I called the customer service center and they quickly helped me by pointing me in the direction of how to download a profile for my printer. That along with their quality paper made all the difference. My prints are coming out beautifully now. Thank you Red River!
Great Card stock Paper
I have used Red River card stock for about 5 years now, and have never been disappointed. The quality is always top notch, and it is something I don't have to worry about. I am using about 300-500 sheets a month, my customers appreciated the quality.
Garry Palm
Love the Satin Finish
Being a free lance graphic designer and photographer, I use several finishes. I like to use the satin finish for most of my projects that include a photograph. Even the announcements for my father's interment came out beautifully. Proud to send them out. Thank you.
Quality and Service
As a working photographer and artist, having one source for all my paper needs is a must. Until I discovered Red River I had to go to 3 different suppliers for all the printing that I do, once I found Red River all my supplier headaches have gone away. I started using Red River for my photography printing needs about 7 years ago. Prices at all the retail stores had gone through the roof and sending my images out to an out of state print house just did not sit well with me. I called Red River and they suggested a free sample package of their papers, since I was only use to working on those brand named papers, and I have never looked back. Their customer service is excellent, their shipping is fast and the product comes packaged with care, in all the years there has never been any damage to the order, oh, sometimes the outer package looks like it has been through WWIII but the contents are in perfect condition. The quality is as good or better than the brand names and the cost allows for a nice return on a sale. My images printed on Red River paper have won both national and international competition, some will say well that is the image, but the substrate matters, if the quality is not there then the image will not be as good as one printed on quality material. Plus they always have a profile for their paper which makes the printing process that much less of a headache. It is rare in today's business world that you find a company that is this good both with product and with service, they earn the 5 stars and they deserve it.
Kevin Pack
Always pleased!
I have used 16x20 Polar Matte as well as rolls of Aurora White and 47lb Premium Matte on my Epson 7880. I have never been dissatisfied. Papers are exceptional, no shipping surprises, and they are consistently less expensive than Epson products. Every so often I'll do a google search for paper and I always come back to Red River. Thanks!
Edward Tuttle
Lost item replacement
A package from Red River was delivered damaged and ripped with one item missing. Red River replaced the item (an ink cartridge)within 24 hours. Great service. Thanks Red River
I love the Polar Matte!
I am a watercolor artist that makes prints of my work. I love how true to the color the Polar Matte paper is and I absolutely love the smooth surface. I have recommended Red River Paper to many of my friends & customers. They are always shocked when they find out I print at home. Keep up the good work!
Red River
Great Paper at a good price!
new to this
I am an amateur artist and would like to get into the selling prints of my artwork...ordered and tried some of your sample pack, and was extremely glad I did. The prints look great, and Red River has a customer for life.Excellent paper at a reasonable price!!
Quality Paper!
Great selection of paper stock and variety of sizes. Our favorite is the 88lb. Polar Matte Card Stock. We use it to make matted reproductions prints of original acrylic and oil paintings. Super smooth and bright white! Great prices too.
My New Paper Source
This company has exceeded all expectations. Finest quality paper, super fast shipping and the best prices you can find anywhere. Tutorials for everything... Not to mention, I am saving a ton of labor not having to cut and score my own cards anymore. If you like Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, you will LOVE Aurora. If you make cards, get ready to up your game BIG time, with 60 lb. Polar Matte, pre-scored! The best part, it's a one stop shop at Red River Paper, cause the envelopes and plastic sleeves are fantastic, top of the line at a price that can't be beat. Thank you all, at Red River!
Rachelle Montoya
Red River has given me a whole new opportunity of creative expression.
Red River has given me a whole new opportunity of creative expression. I owned a creative design/communication/ advertising firm for 32 years. My work brought me to places and people that I had the opportunity to photograph in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Ethiopia, Ghana and South America. That coupled with photography in the US, has left me with approximately 300,000 images that I have always wanted to do something with. Well, with an Epson 7800, Ink Owl, Macs and IPad's, my dream is coming true. I'm doing a lot of digital painting and the results because of your paper are incredible. I have been a fan of quality film and screen presentations for years, and I can honestly say that I've never been able to achieve the color, texture and vibrancy on paper. Now I can. The quality is amazing. I'm certainly not a big customer, but the service and quality of Red River, have made the third-third of my life a real joy. Please keep your standards high. It is obvious that Red River cares and is passionate about serving its customers. THANK YOU! You are doing an amazing job. Every print I make, has become a bit of a magical experience. What fun! Mark Tanis Kitchen for the Mind, LLC
Mark Tanis
Amazing Service
I always receive prompt responses to my questions when I email. The staff are always helpful & knowledgeable. The shipping is quick, the ordering is easy & the tutorials are informative. RRPFTW!
The paper specialists that care!
Great product well worth the price. Shipping department must be obsessive... best shipping and packaging I have seen. I have not been this excited over something that doesn't need electricity or have a screen for a long time. Congrats!
Mark L.
Great products, easy to order, great company
Barry Booth
Fantastic quality paper and packaging
Red River always packages papers excellently so my orders arrive safely and intact. With other companies I would end up having to trim my papers due to dented corners or other issues due to poor packaging leading to damage during shipping. Red River paper is always consistently great value for the quality and wide selection of papers. Before I ordered from Red River, I would have to wait months for sales which would end up the same or more than Red River prices for paper that would usually arrive in poor condition.
Ultra Pro g/lossy 2.0
Love the look. good quality and good price.
Tim Wallace
Combining Orders
I ordered a couple boxes of papers and an hour later realized I needed a couple more. When I placed the second order I searched for a way to combine the orders but could not find one. I hoped your shipping would combine them and save me the additional shipping cost, but they came separately. It would be nice to be able to modify orders until the time they are packed up.
Randy Keller
Happy customers return!!
Paper MAKES all the different in archival quality printing. Each piece of artwork including my photography becomes a work of art unto itself with the paper I use which I purchase from Red River. I've never found their equal in quality and price.
Jim Atherton
Lots of choices
There are perhaps 100's of places to purchase paper online - but try Red River and save yourself the trouble of looking. They are #1 in quality - look no further. Great prices & if you need help, just ask. Been buying there for years & see no reason to change.
Canvas Paper
I've been buying Red River Paper's Canvas Paper for a few years now. My art looks great on it and customers really like the quality and texture.
nicole caulfield
Fantastic experience!
I have placed several orders with Red River Paper in the past few months as I set up my in-house printing setup. I am an illustrator and accurate colour and high quality are important to me, and the paper quality is top-notch for everything I'm printing. I have also found the information on the Red River Paper website to be super helpful as well, I found the site while trying to decide which printer to purchase, and I've gone on to purchase seven types of paper and replacement ink cartridges. The service is prompt and friendly, products are well-packed and shipping is very reliable. Every order I have placed so far is shipped the next business day. Can't recommend this company highly enough.
Bambi Edlund
From all the paper products to the wealth of technical information regarding the papers and how to print digital images onto them, Red River Paper is an excellent one-stop shop! I finally am able to produce my own greeting cards and similar products.
Polar Pearl Metallic and Cards
I love Red River Paper's Polar Pearl Metallic, as do my customers. I recently made a print with Red River's and one with a lab's (Fuji) and a gallery representative chose the Red River print over the lab's. I also use many sizes of the Red River's greeting cards. They all are great, glossy and mat. Also, customer service is exceptional.
Catherine W. Singer
Outstanding Metallic Paper
As a self employed artist I'm always on the hunt for the best deals. But I never want to lose quality. So for years I was buying one of the "better known brands" metallic paper. And I paid for that quality and name. BUT then I found Red River Paper and gave their Metallic Pearl paper a shot. And damnit all... I was floored at the quality it reproduced. And the best part is the cost, Red River truly is a fraction of the cost of the more "popular" papers out there and their quality is just as good if not better! Do yourselves a favor today and give them a try, Red River Paper has become my secret weapon for reproducing my works.
Tom Ryan's Studio
Satisfied Customer
My Husband & I have used your products before and are always completely satisfied. Thank you
Suzan Redmond
Always packed well!
So happy that all my orders arrive undamaged, the packing on these papers is awesome!
photo paper
I have been very happy with the service and the paper quality that Red River supplies.
Donna Nieder
88lb Polar Matte Magna
Wonderful paper...very robust and presents quality.....can you make in the 5.5 x 8.5 card size!!!!!!
Amazing Company
I can't say enough good things about Red River Paper. I'm just so thankful that I found them! I just started my own photography business and printing professional quality pictures on quality paper is so important for me. Well Red River Paper is my go to for picking the perfect paper. I wouldn't dream of shopping anywhere else! Thank you Red River Paper!
Naturally Jessie
Always excellent
Red river provides the best papers for the best prices! Orders are carefully packaged and always arrive in good shape. I have won several city and one state photographic award using Red River paper. No need to shop anywhere else. This is the best!
Superior in Every Way
Red River Paper has superior products, service, and most importantly, people. Their products consistently perform as expected for a reliable printing experience...there are no negative surprises! My experience with the Polar Matte 60 lb square cards and Polar Matte 60 lb paper has been wonderful using my Canon Pro-100 printer. The staff has been super-responsive to several inquiries with very helpful answers.
Bob Boettcher
Excellent service and support
Red River products are exceptional. The folks in customer service are extremely knowledgeable,and a pleasure to deal with.
H. Miller
San Gabriel Baryta SemiGloss 2.0
So after finally running out of Canson and Hahnemuhle paper I decided to give Red River papers a shot based upon the reviews that I've red from people that have used it. My first print was terrible not knowing the paper (profiles from Red River) so I played with the settings in Lightroom and made two more. After letting it dry for a few hours I compared the same print to the Canson and Hahnemuhle and I could discern no quality difference between the three prints. This paper is less expensive than the high end papers and to an amateur photographer like me it's a great value.
Aurora Art Natural
Excellent paper, comparable to Epson Hot Press Natural, but more affordable.
RedRiver is like having a personal guide into the paper, printer, ink realm. Whether it's the wonderful printer/paper online guides or phone call -I really trust and have good success with the info I've received. The papers are beautiful. I love the variety and the fair prices.
I Love Red River
The papers are great. The customer service is responsive and on target. The print profiles work very well. And the prices are reasonable. Wow.
Your paper makes my artwork sing with color!
I've been a Red River Psper customer for several years and this is my first review. I have been using the polar matte greeting cards in various sizes . My watercolors pop with saturated color and well very well. Customer support is always prompt and informative. I thank you for a great reliable product and customer service that has helped this novice printer! Diane D
diane demers-smith
I love Red River premium matte scored note card paper!
I have used this paper for years for notecards that I design using my photography. No other paper that I have tried compares to this quality and the images are always sharp with beautiful color. The support and customer service that I have received has always been outstanding. Red River can be proud of the products that you sell and your customer service and production team members.
and your customer service and production team members.
love Red River products
I have been using the 60lb. matte 9x6.25 greeting Cards to make note cards from watercolor paintings. The quality of the painting is excellent. Easy ordering process and quick delivery!
Great Product!
The product I ordered was the 11x17 47lb matte and the quality is superb. I just placed another order for 13x19 47lb matte and will definitely be ordering paper from Red River exclusively!
Great paper. Great Service
I have used Red River Paper for a number of projects and I always get it in a timely manner and it is always what was promised.
John Normington
Red River's service is almost better than their paper
I have used Red River Paper for several years and love the quality of the paper and the prints that I am able to get from all their paper. But an often overlooked value added is the customer service I have received from the support people. I have used them as an effective source for solving problems with my printer. Epson and their website are functionally useless. But Red River Paper Support has solved several printing issues that developed. They are excellent in making recommendations for paper but their printer problem solving skills are without equal.
Larry Carver
By far, the BEST paper company yet
Out of all the paper that I received from different companies this company has by far been the best that I ever bought. They ship their paper with care there are no bumps or scratches on the paper everything is nice and clean. The paper itself is beautiful, clean, and has been the best paper that I've used so far when it comes to photo printing.
Clarissa Gonzalez
Pecos River Gloss 42 lb
I want to thank Kayla H of your customer service/support staff for listening to my paper requirements, sending a number of very helpful samples in different weights, and solving my specific printing needs. Pecos River Gloss, 42 lbs turned out to be perfect!
Excellent Paper!!
Red River's Luster/Satin paper is comparable to Canon and much more affordable. The already trimmed 8x10 paper is a huge time saver on my part, I previously used Canon's 8.5x11 paper and trimmed myself. It's definitely the best kept secret, I will not shop anywhere else moving forward.
Cassie Rinehart
Very disappointed
I made a purchase and a couple of days later I was told that the postage charge that I paid ( even though it was quite high ) was incorrect and I needed to pay a much higher price. I have been dealing with Red River for a long time and nothing like this has happened before. I am now looking elsewhere for my card stock much to my regret.
Great customer service!
The people at Red River Paper always provide me with excellent guidance. They are very knowledgeable and willing to offer help when I'm trying to decide what paper is best suited to my needs.
Roger Hart
Payment Methods
It's extremely inconvenient for public entities, like schools, to order from Red River. Most vendors will accept Purchase Orders. Red River will not.
The very best...!
If you value your work, you cannot go wrong with Red River papers. I am very glad I happened upon them. I have found no other brand papers that challenge the quality of Red River. If you want the very best - now, remember, the very best - order from Red River.
Excellent paper
Red River paper is by far the best paper I have ever used. I make greeting cards and love River Linen 2.0, but have used all of the different cardstocks and they are all excellent. Customer service is excellent and the tips are always appreciated.
Londa Coy
My Favorite paper!
After scouring the paper providers I've come to the conclusion that RRP provides the highest quality paper for the best price. Very happy with the product and the fulfillment end of the process, time and time again. THX
jeremy klonicki
Matte photo paper -- doube sided
The delivery service was great. I always get great results with your paper.
Exceptional customer service
I had recently run into some issues with paper I had bought and had emailed customer service about my problems. The emails didn't take an absurd amount of time to hear back, Drew was very polite and helped resolved the issue and proved that customer service is a top quality. Thank you Red River for your exceptional service.
Great Paper, Price, and Delivery Speed
The great quality Red River paper I ordered arrived the next day! Online ordering was a snap, and the price was competitive with printer manufacturer-brand papers. Thanks!
Red River Note Cards
I purchased the Note Card sample packet. After testing these I ordered 3 different papers (Premium Matte Plus, Pecos River Gloss & River Linen2.0) and have been able to produced beautiful Nature, Landscape & Wildlife Note Cards for Clients.
Great Product
I print my own cards and highly recommend Red River Paper Inkjet Greeting Cards. I like the various sizes of the card stock, the finishes, and the very helpful tutorials and customer support.
Love this Paper
I love the look and feel of the Red River papers. Every photograph I have printed is beautiful. My personal favorite paper is the Polar Pearl Metallic. With the right photo it is amazing!
Good quality at a fair price
The Red River Paper greeting card papers were exactly what I was looking for to print my photographs as greeting cards. They are a very nice quality and at a fair price. I'm quite pleased with them.
Great paper - need to refine order
Should not allow customers to order an item that is not in stock when it is unknown as to when that item will actually be available.
C C Robinson
60# Polar Matte
Because I have chosen to go that extra mile and purchase this Polar Matte paper, my reputation for quality products has allowed my business to grow into what I always knew it could be. Before finding Red River, I was constantly ordering paper from other vendors and constantly not impressed with their paper or their service, not to mention their prices. When printing, the colors seemed dull considering the high price I paid for the paper. With Red River's Polar Matte, the colors are vivid and jump off the page. Many times my customers contact me more than once, telling me how beautiful my products are. This has led to not only repeat business, but also word-of-mouth advertising thus, more business. Ordering from Red River is easy and I'm happy with the price. I have my paper in a few days and my mail lady brings my package right to my door. Happy customer!
Mark Graham
Service and Shipping Costs to Canada
Great company and great products. Only down side is that Canadian customers have tremendous shipping and brokerage fees to contend with. Too bad you don't have a Canadian outlet. My last order had 38% of the total cost as shipping (roughly calculated as shipping cost/total amount before shipping)!! Will I continue to order from RRP, most likely.
Pat Murray
LOVE the paper, wish the shipping was more reasonable
I absolutely LOVE Red River Paper! It shows incredible color, is very high-quality and affordable. I use it for all of my small business printing needs. My one wish is that I could purchase Red River via Amazon or that shipping was more reasonable and faster. I sell on Amazon Handmade and use Fulfillment by Amazon. I would pay a higher price for Red River Paper if it meant I could get it sooner.
Michelle Bauer
good selection, and helpful sample packs
RR has the papers that I needed. The descriptions and sample packs were very useful to help me determine what papers were best for me.
Reliable Paper supply for Graphic Design Student
Paper quality perfect for finals and sellable material. Super stoked :)
Excellent 88lb. polar matte!
This paper is perfect for my greeting card business. I am blown away by the quality and durability of this card stock. Red River has the best paper and customer service!
Sarah Winecoff
I received my 42lb & 32lb, all is well. My 42lb Pecos Gloss is the paper for my pictures right on. They have the details showing, not too glossy but nice & soft glow to the faces. Thanks. The 32lb Premium Matte double-sided worked better for my book. The feel is great and stands up well to added weight. No bleed through, just follow the directions that come in the box. I learned a old trick from a more professional than me, that before putting paper in printer, fan all sides first, if you feel a sticky/double paper, flip over and fan all four sides. You wont have papers sticking together or going through half printed. Thanks
excellent quality, excellent communication, excellent packaging
I am consistently impressed with Red River's attention to the way they package their products for shipping. While that may seem like a small matter, it tells me that they are aware of every aspect of their business and concerned about quality. It leaves me feeling confident about future orders.
Dave Robinson
Love the tutorials!
The only thing better than your great papers are your tutorials. They make my work so much easier. Thank you!!
I appreciate your fair prices, great products and quick response to orders. As a very small business person who orders when the need presents itself, I always come to Red River Paper and encourage others to try your products too! Great packaging means a lot too, I have never received an order that contained damaged products, and that means a lot! Thank you
Alice LaBier
Great paper and great service at a fair price.
Red River paper just works. It is as good or better than any other brands and Red River offers many more paper options than other companies.
Rober Gaudet
Best Product and Company Around
I'm a photographer who has been struggling with finding the correct photo paper. 1. Needing to not have water marks 2. The ability to print on both sides of the paper. 3. The ability to print my photographs as post cards,greeting cards etc. 4. True Professional feeling photo paper vs store bought paper. 5. The best quality for my money exceptionally since I just started my business. Well I've finally found it. I ordered every sample kit that Red River provided. I fell in love with the variety of options. I really like: 60lb. Pecos River Gloss 7x10 100 Greeting Cards SCORED 86lb. Pecos River Gloss DUO 4x6 50 Sheet (Perfect for post cards) Especially since Red River offers for free a downloaded template to assist with creating my postcards and greeting cards in a variety of sizes. 96lb. Pecos Gloss Magna 8.5x11 50 Sheets
Amanda H.
Color really pops!
I've tried multiple scored greeting cards from different companies and Red River Paper is by far my favorite as the color really pops when I use my inkjet printer. And they always deliver quickly and in perfect condition.
L. Elias
LOVE this paper!
I received the canvas-textured paper the other day and am absolutely SO happy with it! I unfortunately tried other brands, before finding Red River Paper. NONE compare to it! It is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!
The best photo paper I have ever used
I have gone through a few photo printers, Epson and Canon, and I find using Red River papers work the best with all. The UltraPro Gloss is my current favorite, and the Pecos River Gloss produces stunning cards, printed from photo images of my paintings. I also love the Aurora White for color digital images. I have been ordering from Red river for many years and will use no other brand!
Kathleen Gross
Double sided matt paper 50lb
Perfect for calendars. Great product. Highly recommend.
Norm Pietila
My top recommendation...
Whenever I encounter another photographer who likes to print his/her own images, my first and only question is, "Where do you get your paper?" and regardless of the answer, my only response is "try Red River." The reasons I give: 1) quality paper, good array of choices; 2) free color profiles that will make your printing easier and better; 3) excellent customer service, not only in the form of a library of sound articles on many printing issues/problems, but in the quick and competent response to every question/problem I have posed. Keep up the good work, Red River. BTW, one of my photog friends just told me a few weeks ago that he followed my recommendation and now uses only Red River paper.
Shipping Notices AFTER PAYMENT!?
So I hear nothing but good things from you guys, and $7.99 shipping for up to 10 days on 100 sheets of 5x7...fine. BUT, AFTER I place my order you then tell me there could be another four (4) day delay??? Maybe say that BEFORE I place my order. This is a BUSINESS PURCHASE and time = money...lost time = lost money. B&H is FREE 2-Day Shipping and so is Amazon...they will be getting more future orders pending how this shipping and paper works out...
Jacob Held
Love your products
We were looking for a double-sided paper, that Epson doesn't have and came across the Red River web site. Requested some samples and have been adding various sizes and finishes to our arsenal. It is quite possible that Red Rivers paper may become our primary source for printing.
I make my own cards and had a hard time finding paper that could be printed on both sides. I was steered to Red River and no longer have to search. Red River for me from now on.
Patricia Scott
Polar Pearl Metallic
Wow! This paper is amazing! The images appear to pop in 3D. My whole family is astounded at what a difference a paper makes. This is definitely a paper I'll order again, and again.
Christopher Jelinek
Love the two-sided 32# paper!
I just received my first order from Red River, the two sided photo paper, 32# "Premium Matte." I am using it to make a Zine. The quality of the print is wonderful -- excellent color and sharpness. It's also perfect for making my Zines--sturdy yet easy to neatly fold in half. Thanks!
Ellen Darby
Superior Paper Company
Every year, I design (and print in-house) my kids' birthday invites and our annual holiday cards. I found Red River Paper a few years back and have used them ever since. Our photos and designs printed on their paper stock (I mostly use Polar Matte) are top notch. I always get compliments for my cards and I have to give Red River Paper major kudos for supplying such superior paper quality that brings out the sharp, "high-end design company" results...all done from a little computer nook in my basement!
Michael Griswold
You can always rely on Red River to provide the best paper. How they keep their prices so reasonable while providing that quality is a amazing. Try their sample pack, and you will be sending them your next order before that pack is used up!
Ten Plus Years of Red River Paper and Art-making
When I started Bear Trail Art publishing around 2004, I experimented with a number of fine art archival papers to find the quality and value that I wanted. It didn't take long to land on Red River paper for both. Fourteen years and hundreds of prints later, I still appreciate the product, the expertise, and the company in general. I enjoyed redeeming my customer "points" today that indicated you value my business as well. Thanks, and keep up the great products coming!
Wes Waugh
Polar Pearl Metallic
Images on this paper just jump off the screen into your face! Superior to anything else out there.
Patrick McCafferty
Great Supplier of Quality Paper
Great quality, great metallic paper, only place I can find 9x13 metallic.
Couldn't be happier
Rad River paper is amazing in all my printers. The shipping and support are second to none. Top notch company and products.
consistently excellent
From paper quality to customer service to expediency Red River Paper has come through for me for over 20 years.
Tom Longwell
Customer Service
Needed greeting card paper quickly but the product I wanted was listed as backordered. I contacted RRP and the customer service rep. Cindy W. told me to go ahead and place the order then send the order number to her. Within a few days I received my order. That is true customer service. Thanks!!!
Mark V'Soske
Great paper. use for cannon pixma pro 100.
My go-to company for all paper for my art shop
Can't say enough good things about Red River. Selection, service, quality--it's all great.
Lisa Firke
Exceeded my expectations
Palo Duro softgloss rag is the most beautiful paper I have ever used. Ordering process easy and delivery fast. Would highly recommend
Linda B
Happy printing in Canada
I've ordered UltraPro Satin 4.0 13x19 50 Sheets and Aurora Art Natural 13x19 50 Sheets, got my order in time did some print on my Epson R3000 with the correct ICC downloaded from Red River Paper web site. Result a Happy Customer from Canada!!!
Bernard Brunet
As good as it gets
I have been a photographer since 1967 and have long missed the European papers I used to print on. I recently began scanning my film negatives into digital images and started the arduous search for a paper that would rival what I was familiar with. After trying several popular brands, I ordered some San Gabriel Baryta semi-gloss, and to say I am impressed is an understatement. Your paper actually gives justice to my non-digital work, and it has inspired me to reprint my portfolio. What I am so pleased with is that your ICC profile for my Canon Pro 1000 is a spot on match to my monitor image. I no longer have to add an 'adjustment layer' to my Photoshop images to make the printed image match what I see on the monitor. Thank you so much.
Gary Gruber
Great product
I bought 60lb. Polar Matte Double-sided 12x12 scrapbook paper to be able to print pages from Photoshop. First, I was blown away by the care in packaging the boxes. The outer box was very sturdy and the inner boxes very secure. So much better than any other company out there. The paper prints so well (Epson photo printer) that a friend of mine thought each small photo inset was separately printed. Definitely will reorder paper from Red River.
Susan J
Prints for Fine Pen and ink work
The 60lb River Linen is a beautiful quality paper giving crisp printed lines with my Epson printer so important to show off my fine Pen and ink prints! Red River Paper is the place to shop for your fine art paper needs.
Monica Minto
Polar Pearl Metallic is a Winner!
I have been using this paper for the past several years. It can often make one's landscape photos pop. It works great with either dye ink or pigmented ink (Canon Pixma Pro9000 and Canon Pixma Pro-10). My three entries this year into pro division at AZ State Fair were all printed on this paper and all 3 entries took 2nd place wins. One of the matted prints also sold! If you think a particular photo would look good on high gloss, I highly recommend you trying this paper. Otherwise I like to print on semi-gloss and fine art (Red River Aurora) papers.
Gregory Triandafilou
Only positive experiences in over 3 years!
We have ordered paper from many different places online, but the sheer amount of care that the people at Red River Paper give to their product, shows in every single way possible, every time we order. From the way the individual packages are designed, with cardboard and instructions to keep each set protected, to the insane amount of care put into packaging their products. With thick bubble-wrap, as well as packing paper, we have yet to receive any order that wasn't just absolutely 100% perfect. No damaged corners, or wrinkled paper here!
Daniel Smith
customer service
I ordered the greeting card sampler and had a technical question about printing on envelopes with my Canon printer. Cindy from customer service gave me good advice and taught me something very useful things I did not know about my printer! Great products and great customer service.
Linda Salamon
Awesome Find
Having just purchased a new Canon Pro 100, I didn't seem to be able to make a black and white that I was satisfied with. Searching online, I found a recommendation for Red River Paper. I highly recommend purchasing their inexpensive sample pack and downloading their printer profiles. Using their settings and paper, both my color and black and white prints are top shelf. THANK YOU!!! I haven't had this much excitement to see my print since being in the darkroom.
Constance Bocko
Outstanding paper!
I have been using Red River paper for a couple of years now and I use no other! I have sold thousands of photos with there products! The paper comes in very secure packaging and they ship on time!
Richard Locke
polor pearl paper
I use a Canon PM100 printer. The Polor Pearl Metallic is the best paper I have ever used.
Jon R Carr
Love the Paper
All the paper I have order has been true to size and very very good. Way better than the paper produced for my printer mfgr. Keep up the good work plan on buying more and more in the future.
Robert Forrister
Great papers and service
My son and I operate VanOsdol PhotoGraphics a commercial printing service serving the fine art community in the Galena, IL area. Our clients expect the highest quality reproductions of their work. Red River papers enable us to meet and exceed their expectations.
Mark & Andrew VanOsdol
Extraordinary paper for an excellent price
I've been using Red River Paper as a professional artist and photographer for several years now, and I cannot say enough good about the paper and the company. Quality is always exceptional and their packaging has ensured that I have never received a damaged order. And their customer service is always friendly and helpful. Five stars across the board.
Matte Photo Paper
I heard about your wonderful papers from a fellow journal maker so I made my first order for 26# Matte Photo Inkjet Paper. I am able to print the most beautiful journal pages using it. The color is crisp, clear and vibrant. I have recommended it to many of my fellow crafters because it never disappoints, even printing with an inkjet printer that has "waterproof" ink. :) With my recent order, I purchased more of the 26# and added the 60# Linen 2.0. Oh, my, I love it! I am using it for some of the covers I make for my journals and I am blown out of the water with how beautiful this paper prints up! The images are even more crisp and vibrant! I am sold! I highly recommend these papers!
I feel so lucky that I found Red River Paper. It is exactly what I wanted- glossy on one side and matte on the other. And to add to my luck, the paper is always perfect, it is sent on time and all the people I have spoken to are so helpful and friendly
Susan J Bloomenstein-SOO BLOO Designs
Great paper plus fast shipping!
We've been using Red River to print our work for a few years now and couldn't be happier with the quality of product, plus the fast shipping. We also love the reward points earned as it typically makes our shipping cost free! Keep up the great work Red River team!
Chris Robleski
60# polar matte
This paper was the first RR stock I tried. I can't believe how perfectly the colors match up to my original artwork. Purples are particularly hard to match, but with the handy color profiles that work with your exact printer it's perfect. I couldn't be happier.
Long Time Customer -
I have been a longtime customer of Red River paper for both my personal work, and my students. I have been completely satisfied by their, products, pricing,and customer service. Great company to work with.
Love all types of Red River Paper!
I've been buying from Red River since 2012. I love their paper for general pictures and greeting cards. I've received many compliments on my cards and will continue to use Red River Paper for all my needs. Cards are primarily red river linen, but pictures have been all types of satin, luster and gloss.
Linda Skaar
Love This Paper
SanGabriel Baryta 2.0 Love this paper! The weight as well as the slightly lectured surface makes this paper ideal for reproducing my digital paintings, this paper combined with my Epson P800 matches the vibrant color pallets I use in my work.
Eric Messinger
Card Stock
I love this card stock. The icc profile worked like a charm.
Polar Pearl Metalic
I started a year ago with Polar Pearl Metallic and just love the depth and color saturation that I see. Other members of our local club also like their results.
Best Photo Paper Ever
I love every one of the photo papers I have purchased from Red River. They are equal or better than most photo papers on the market. Colors pop, flesh tones are wonderful.
Chase Bill
Great paper for fine art printing
I love the Aurora Art Natural for making high quality prints of my original watercolor paintings. The feel is elegant and the color is sophisticated and warm, without looking too creamy.
John Keeling
Retired teachers/artist in new venture. Searching for reasonable, quality stock and found you on Google. Ordered sample pack, loved your stock and feel totally welcomed to your website. Hope to use lots of it. You will hear from me in the future.
Douglas Brown
Great Quality!!!
I'm a graphic design student and my classmates all use this paper. We use this paper for our projects and I have to say that it is great quality paper. Customer service is prompt and friendly. I recommend getting this paper.
Arlene Flores
An excellent source for paper
Red River is great! I found them when searching for a cost effective paper for my Epson printer. Nothing matches their quality and prices. I've recommended them to many of my friends. I can always count on them for great customer service and my greeting cards look amazing with their paper.
Melissa Escobar
Best Photo Paper
I'm an advanced amateur photographer love printing my own pictures. Red River is the best!!! I have been using their paper for some years. Their paper is top quality for an affordable price. Shipping is excellent, paper is always perfect no folds or bent ears. Supplemental information on printers is better than OEM manuals. Red River is an excellent company with excellent products, a great company to do business with.
Hands down, my favorite
I have used Red River photographic papers for years and will continue to use for years to come. I especially enjoy the variety of papers, and the various sizes available.I have bought more paper from Red River than from my local photography store. I have to admit that i almost gave up on Red River when they cancelled my favorite, River Linen, but they reinstated it so we are once again on good terms.
Leslie Simpson
100% satisfied
We're a few sample packs deep, and have ordered our faves. Totally satisfied each time and can't wait to try more! Just ordered our first batch of greeting cards, with envelopes and bags. We certainly expect to be thrilled with them as well!
Johnston Haynes
Red River is simply The Best!!
I have been using RedRiver,for many years,their paper quality is excellent,and it is the first place I go too ,for Tech advice,with all papers I am interested in buying. E-mail questions are immediately answered ,usually the same day. Recently,I had some questions ,comparing the differences of 3 papers I was undecided upon-;they cleared up the issue ,with a long e-mail ,and suggestions,as to which paper,would be best ,for the job ,I was on. Shipping,is instantaneous,all items are strongly packages,and arrive in perfect condition. I could not be happier,with all the staff at RedRiver.and I will continue to use & recommend them,for all my paper needs & technical advice.
Michael Spille,MS
60#Polar Matt photo card stock
Ordered and received 60# Polar Matt card stock. Very pleased with results. Cards look great and what I see on my monitor is what I see when I print the cards. Great product and great service at a fair price.
Bob Corson
Eye-popping cards
I use the Polar Matte d/s for making 30+ birthday and all occasion cards each year. Everyone is waiting for their "favorite" gift. I can know that what I come up with will always be consistent because of the quality of the Red River Paper. Some of my other favorites are Polar Metallic and A2 Glossy cards. Thanks for always being there.
T. Wayne Lewis
Great Paper at Great Price!!!!
I have been using Red River Paper for years now and have yet to be disappointed. I have used everything from the Metallic paper to Matte and have been very happy with the results. What takes it over the top is they provide free paper profiles for each specific paper. Highly recommended
Larry Girk
Metallic Photo Paper
I bought this paper because of the reviews, and I was in love with this paper from the first image I printed. I started with the 8x10 size, then to 13x19, because the colors were so rich and the blacks so deep. I highly recommend this paper to all.
RRP's careful packaging survives delivery-service's handling
Lest anyone think that Red River Paper overdoes their packaging, let me tell you about my recent experience... Apparently the delivery service dropped my package several times along the way; 3 of the package's 8 corners were accordianed. But the photo papers and their containers survived the trip perfectly, thanks to RRP's extraordinarily careful packaging. This is really a first-class company to do business with.
Rich Hathaway
Perfect quality paper
Ive tried most name brand papers for photo printing, and by far RRP is the most affordable without any compromise to quality. I was turned on to RRP by the printer guru Jose Rodriguez, and I cannot thank him and your company enough. If I had more than two thumbs Id put them up also :)
Jeremiah Urbas
Finally found the ideal paper!
I am an orthodontist and need to print photos on the fly of exceptional quality to present to my consultation patients. I have used many papers over the years with varying results. Recently, I got a sample pack from Red River Paper and was impressed with all paper types. The 68lb. UltraPro Satin 4.0 is what I settled on. It provides consistently stunning results. I purchased the 100 ct. first to try it out more and quickly bought the 600 ct. I have to say the packing of the paper is almost overboard, but it is appreciated because there is no way the paper was going to get damaged in shipping. I highly recommend Red River for their quality product and for their quality service.
Excellent paper and customer service
Red River paper gives my artwork a high quality finish. Be certain to download their printer profiles for excellent color matching from screen to paper.
Karen McClinchey
Top Notch
I am more impressed with Red River every time I buy or interact with them. Their support and the info they offer is unparalleled. I know of no other vendor that goes to this extent. How to install and use ICC Color Profiles to specific printer settings to get the most from the printer/paper combo. Our prints are beautiful. Orders are processed quickly and arrive very safely boxed. Thanks RR.
Rick Carlton
Red River supporter
I've been a dedicated RR supporter for many - 'go to' paper supplier!!!
Great service, great paper
We are always pleased with the customer service and with the quality of the paper products. We recommend Red River Paper to all our customers who come to us for their fine art printing needs.
Tamara Gurevitz
68lb. UltraPro Satin 4.0 11x14 50 Sheets
Great paper! I've tried to buy paper at other places but you can't beat Red River Paper.
Thomas Pace
Great products & service
Prompt service really good quality products professional level
Pam Sproul
Palo Duro Etching
I love the Palo Duro Etching!!! I love the weight and the texture of the paper. I use it for B&W and colour prints. It gives great range of greys and contrast in my B&W prints and the colours pop in my landscape and macro photography while still holding the sharpness on the finer details of the macro. I've even used it for some newborn photography - it allows for a softer image that I love with newborn images while still rendering sharp where needed. I would highly recommend anyone try this paper if you like the subtleness of fine art/watercolour papers.
Eugene Horvath
Great packaging!
The quality of the photo paper is great. But even better, Red River impresses me with how well they package the paper for shipment. It's completely surrounded by packaging so I've never gotten damaged paper. Whereas I've received a lot of damaged paper from much more mainstream websites.
John G
Good Service
I place an order, it gets shipped in a timely manner, product is very good, packaged well, I don't have to call and ask...when are you going to ship the order! On time every time!
Mark G
Experience with Red River Paper
Red River Catalog is one of those websites that you later wonder what you did before you found them. They have great photo paper, yeah, yeah, most of the websites who specialize in photopaper do, but that doesn't do you much good if you're just a hobbyist and never worked in anything remotely connected with the industry. Red River Catalog has all kinds of fantastic help pages that explain not only the differences in the types of paper, but more importantly, why you care, when to use one type versus the other, and so on and so forth. I LOVE the sample kits! Who knew some of those papers were even manufactured? But better than that, they ALSO have pages that talk about different printers, the differences between dye inks and pigment inks, when it matters, and so forth. Another great find: they have printer profiles. At one point, I was desperate to figure out how to get my artwork to "bleed" off the front page of the 7 x 10 greeting cards. It took me several days to put it together, but all my clues came from the RedRiverCatalog web site. I wouldn't consider buying my photo paper from anyone else.
M Roach
Been using Red River paper for awhile now. Service excellent, paper top quality. Do not use any other paper for photos now!
John E Essick
Great customer service
I am new to the world of printers and papers for specific purposes. Red River Paper has been wonderful about answering questions over the phone to help me make decisions about what will work best for me. They offered to send links in an email to help me research on my own, which they did immediately. I have made my printer and paper choices and applaud a company for having such friendly and helpful customer service!!
BEST paper for art prints!
I run a small art online shop and I do my prints from home. I have found that this paper makes my prints look incredible and my customers are very satisfied with the quality. Truly content with Red River Paper.
Awesome Company - Beautiful Products!
I have been extremely impressed with Red River Paper so far. I own a custom art printing company and the fine paper selections here are by far the best I've experienced since starting by business in 2012. The quality is nothing short of exceptional.
Tiffany Dissel
I'm so impressed with this company...
I'm so impressed with this company, and with the paper I received. It's lovely for printing photos for journaling, which I knew it would be because it came so highly recommended by friends. But what I didn't expect was how eager they would be to help me find a new printer, and work out some of the kinks of trying to match paper to inks and printing styles. They are so helpful!! I will never buy my paper anywhere else. Thanks, Red River!
Shelli L.
Excellent Paper, Packaging, and Service
After all the frustrating times of buying epson paper on amazon, where the paper was always half speckled, and majority of the time bent in packaging, it was a HUGE relief to find Red River Paper. I've ordered paper for my print business from Red River for several years now, and every single time it is PERFECT. All of the paper is excellent quality, all of the packaging is above and beyond so there is no chance of anything getting damaged, and the shipping is fast even when selecting the longest shipping time. I would highly recommend Red River Paper to anyone in need of good quality paper.
Carrie Tomaschko
amazing website and products
I was able to find a new printer for scrapbooking using the guides on the site.Then I tried all sorts of new papers out with the sample packs. The quality is amazing!I can't wait to try more!
linda hunt
Excellent paper, exceptional service
Above all, Red River makes absolutely exceptional inkjet paper, with the added bonus that it's competitively priced and created by a fantastic company. I am always blown away at the care they take in packaging and shipping orders, and after years of purchases I've never had a single problem. Highly recommended.
Deb Richardson
Absolutely the Best!
We were looking for postcard stock to print a small questionnaire for customer feedback on the quality of our HVAC installations and ordered 50lb. 4"x6" Premium Matte Double Sided paper to use in our office printer. The depth of color is unbelievable and cannot be distinguished from a professionally printed postcard. We have never seen such quality paper. Thank you Red River.
Allied Air Heating and Cooling
Nobody Sells This Size 9x13
This is the only company I have found that sells 9x13 paper. This allows me to print 8x12 prints without cropping a 3/2 aspect ratio in camera. They even sent me the detailed instructions on how to set up my Canon printer to print this custom size. This is great customer service, product and selection. I now buy paper only from Red River.
Howard Kardonsky
Top quality card stock.
I have alway had good service from Red River paper Company. No matter how large or how small the order they have been punctual and through with getting my order to me. I have had great success selling my cards and can contribute this, in part, to having good card stock to print on.
Anita Nichols
Go-To Paper
I have been using Red River for several years. Whether it be metallic, matte, gloss or semi-gloss, RR has been superior to all others I have tried. I don't even consider options any more!
Scott Oberle
Amazing paper, great service
It's hard finding companies willing to help you locate what you need. I have emailed support a few times, they are really quick to respond, have helped me find what I want, helped with any problems I've had & have always been super informative! Great service for amazing paper!
Great company for all my printing needs!
I found RR paper about a year ago and use them exclusively for my printing paper needs. Luckily I live in TX, so shipping is super fast and the rewards points really add up. Good prices on quality paper!
Carol DiQuilio
Fantastic products
I have had a Canon Pro-100 for about three years now and have only recently broke the code on how to use that printer to its fullest potential. I have a small supply of Canon ink jet papers and decided to consider getting additional types of paper. I explored various options, some of which were really expensive. I know, printing can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be! When I discovered Red River and the tremendous variety of papers they offered, I was hooked. Every order I have received has been very well packaged, arrived super-fast, and allows me to print fantastic prints from my Pro-100 that doesn't break the bank!! Red River produces quality paper that performs as well, if not better, as OEM papers. Not only does that paper perform well, but Red River offers the crucial setup guides for individual printers to ensure optimal printer operation and performance while using Red River papers. They also develop and provide the ever-important ICC profiles for each paper type they produce. As I continue to gain experience in printing, I will look to Red River to provide me with all my photo paper needs.
Justin Kautz
So far, impressed.
I just opened an account and order Sample Kit. Hope to try it soon on my Cannon Pixma-100. Will come back with my next comments. Thank you very much.
4th Order
I wont change suppliers for paper, love the color, texture and sizes this comes in. Only wish it was heavier.
Amy H
Great service, great product
I've been using Red River products for several years now and don't even look at anything different. The papers are equal or better than any other paper I've ever used. The service is fast and efficient. The support is wonderful. If you want to know anything about your paper, proper use, profiles, examples - anything, it's all here. I recommend following the blog as well! This paper is built around a real passion for printing and printing is what counts in fine photography. Hats off to Red River. I HIGHLY recommend using these fine products. Try them and you will see for yourself!
Mitchell Lorens
Excellent Matte Greeting Card Stock
I love the smooth finish of this card stock and they way it makes the colors of my photos pop! Making my own custom greeting cards for personal use and for marketing my photography is ideal!
Deborah Lightfoot
Tim Cannon
Awesome Paper
I heard about Red River Paper from a photographer/printer guru on you-tube, let me just say I will always be purchasing paper from Red River as long as possible, I have only Purchased the Arctic Polar Satin and Polar metallic Pearl as of now but I will be purchasing more in the future. Very competitive pricing and the quality is unsurpassed........My paper of choice from now on.
It working for us!
We have been using the 8.5X11.0 canvas paper for our Artwork prints. All of our prints have come out with a brilliant, true color. Now we're looking forward to printing on the 13"X 19" canvas paper. We're really excited about your wonderful canvas paper!! It's been a real game changer in how we present our Art. Also it looks really great in a frame without glass!
Billy & Naomi Patton
Great Website
If there was ever a website where you could feel the "caring for customer" this is it. Its not slick... but its so thorough and easy to follow. As a Fine Artist, I'm not particularly techy, so this website makes it easier for me to do my own reproductions. Thank you
Will not disappoint!
All of the types of paper I have tried from Red River Paper has been great.Much better quality than the office supply store brands. Their product is also packaged in boxes and not just wrapped in cellophane which protects it while being stored.
B Keith Sykes
ArtCenter College Of Design
We use this paper. Only the best.
Karlo Francisco
Great papers
I've been shopping exclusively with RRP since purchasing my printer as of late last year. Invested in a good paper cutter and finding RRP was a great perfect match. The papers are great. I just wish I had more space to store more paper. Waiting for shipping is a drag. But once you have what you need, you forget the waiting part. My favorite paper now is San Gabriel semigloss. It makes for a great invitation/photo/card medium. The surface is awesome. The thickness really takes it to the next step in quality. Would recommend for any custom work. Aurora white/natural makes a great matte finish poster/art prints. Love it for that exact prints. Any artist would love it in my opinion. I will no longer need a photo lab thanks to RRP and printer. the only limitation now is bigger prints. As of now, 17 inch prints satisfy my needs. Can't wait to try canvas papers next.
miguel delatorre
Great paper and fair price
I have used this paper...mostly high gloss...for many months now and never had a bad photo turn out... Heavy, good stock... Love this paper
Mark Rogers
Great Company
Always my go to store for ink and paper. Paper especially is second to none. Have tried other brands and from packaging to finished product, Red River is at the top of my list. Thank you :)
Daniel OSullivan
Epson Stylus Photo R2880: Blanco Matte Canvas
Had an issue with Color Profile from RedRiverPaper: substituted Epson Color Profile to correct Printer seem to struggle slightly more in loading whereas the Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte loaded very smoothly. Note that this is an older model printer and does not have a thickness adjustment. Your technical support is top notch.
The only photo paper I will ever buy!
I discovered Red River about 5 years ago as I was starting my online Etsy business. I create custom journals and I was looking for a paper stock that didn't have any watermarks on the backside but held the color nicely on the front. I have been hooked on Ultra Pro Satin ever since! Will never buy anywhere else!
Jennifer Guilloty
I always get my paper from Red River Paper, because they are reasonably priced for quality paper. I also like how I can count on receiving my order quickly, in fact I can purchase the paper at the beginning of the week and always receive it by the end of the week. Best customer service!
product and customer service
I recently ordered the sample pack. It was so easy to download and install the different drivers to get the best results for each paper. When I ran into a snag I called Red River and in a matter of minutes my questions were answered and I was getting beautiful results. Thanks Red River!
Beth Anne Mansur
Easy ordering system with sample pack
I have never tried Red River Paper before today. I was pleased to see their great deal on sample packs and how easy it is to find for my printer! I hope to receive quickly and that it works well with my printer!! We will see!
kris comer
Awesome company!! A++
always prompt shipping, never had any issues or complaints, and amazing quality paper! I will continue to recommend RRP to all my friends!
Jon Ross
Customer Service, not so much
I put in a paper order on 4/21. On 4/22 Red River announced a free sampler with purchase I inquired of my eligibility. my response was "Your request went to the wrong dept, we don't understand what it is linked to, blah, blah. Love the paper. Cust Service not so much
Satisfied Customer
I am so pleased to have finally found affordable card stock that works great with my Canon MP280 Inkjet printer. I thought I needed a new printer to get good clear results from the cards I create with photos I have taken. As it turns out, I just needed Red River card stock. Happy customer!
UltraPro Satin 4.0
I purchase 8x10 and use on a Canon Pro-100 with excellent results.
Arthur Guertin
Great quality!!!
I love the quality of Red River Paper. My hand made journals look GREAT!!! Lot's of compliments from customers on brightness of colors on quality paper!!
Khaos Art
As an Art agent I need great papers quick. Red River delivers on both. I love them! Pam
Pamela Taylor
Great service
As a first time buyer and a complete novice I found the customer service great!
Phil Smith
great product and service!
Recently, I wanted to turn some of my art into note cards and I needed to do it economically. I found RRP and ordered because of their great prices. But I was not expecting much. I was SO pleasantly surprised! My order came very quickly and I was so happy with the product. Not only that, when it came time to print, I was lost and I called and their tech support guided me through the process! I created beautiful note cards and have just placed my second order! Thank you so much!
Kristen Powers
Pearl Metallic
Two words: Beautiful and Amazing. Everyone that has seen this paper is amazed at it's luster especially under proper lighting conditions. It's truly amazing on most landscapes, and I have also used for events. Tone down your contrast slightly when using.
Frank Lavanier
Good Quality Paper for a reasonable price
I have been happy with the Red River papers I have purchased. The paper is good quality and for a reasonable price. I usually stock up when there is a special discount to make a good deal even better. Thanks for running specials on a regular basis! My only wish is that they would pack paper in archival portfolio boxes for a super value added.
Service, paper quality
Been using red river for about a year. Quick delivery on paper. Tried metallic and satin and San Gabriel papers. Very pleased. Print on pro-100. Have asked a couple of questions via e-mail and received quick response with helpful info. Buy most of my paper here now.
Chester Weems
Wow Paper Quality
Very pleased with both Linen and Canvas paper. I recently ordered the Inkjet Greeting Cards Kit and dazzled my friends with greeting cards samples. I was so pleased by seeing their reactions that I will start printing my own cards and selling them. Already have an order from friends after showing them the samples.
Maria Fernandez
Great paper and selection
You can't beat Red River. They have a terrific selection of high quality papers. Customer service is equally good. My papers always arrive well packed and undamaged. Prints are beautiful.
Eugene Chao
Great company
Red River is a great company to work with. They have fantastic papers and support is superb. I recently emailed them asking about specific papers and they responded with detail information the next business day. I did not receive this type of service from other fine art paper companies.
Michael Malta
Palo Duro Etching
I received my purchase of the new test paper Palo Duro Etching. I was amazed at the vivid the color from the Canon Pro 9000 MK II with this paper. Very pleased with the saturation and color this paper produces.
P Dovie
Great service and advice
I've used Red River Papers for quite a few years. It's one of the few places you can get really great service with a personal touch. I've had occasion to ask questions about my printers - and without hesitation, Drew Hendrix provides the right answers. Furthermore - Drew elaborates on the information so that the answer has context and i learn from the interaction. I value the great products I get from Red River Paper - but also appreciate the personal touch of dealing with a helpful, considerate fellow photographer. That's the reason I recommend Red River Paper to my friends at the camera club.
Del Simcox
Love the Polar Matte Paper
Love the Polar Matte Paper! This paper is a dream for journals. I have a new HP printer with the automatic ink refills. It prints full pages of beautiful vibrant colors. The depth of the prints is amazing. The ink just sinks into the paper. With the automatic ink refill I can print 300 full pages a month and every single color print is a full page. The colors that this paper achieves are just amazing. Love it!!
Cheryl Grieb
Red River Paper - Great Paper, Great Service
I've been using Red River Paper Polar Matte paper for my pigment inkjet prints and note cards for several years. Customers love them. Recently I've started printing my newest images on Aurora Art White and I'm extremely pleased with the results and will be making this my go-to paper. Great products, great service.
Robert C. Bicknell
Inspiring Creations Spiritual Greeting Cards and mounted photos: The Power of Gods word
I love your paper; the packaging is a powerful blessing for me. Thank you for taking SO MUCH PRIDE in your shipping. I know you have heard this many times over, BUT I MUST SAY IT MY WAY; FROM A TRUE BELIEVER IN TAKING PRIDE IN MATTERS AS THIS! Thank you.
Caroline Martin
Great paper, great service.
I've been using UltraPro Satin with my Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer for several years and I could not be more pleased. And the service from RR is as good as it gets. Buy from this company with confidence.
Ken Haak
#1 Resource for card stock; love their info resource too
I've been using Red River paper products now for about 2 years. I have a fine art photography studio and business and with their papers I have saved money and gotten just the results I want for printing my cards. I love all the options of the sizes and paper and am particularly pleased with the square polar matte...quality works great every time. And really happy with all the info they provide...from feeding printer, to cleaning printer, to ICC and proper color mngt to DIY canvas printing and stretching. Really great resource.
Kathryn Hayden
The Paul C. Buff of Paper!
They are such a great company with awesome quality papers. Like PCB, they are a bit off the Radar from the "Major" names I am used to seeing.. and like PCB they set the standard anyway!
Jason Borean
Great paper and online tips
I have ordered several types of paper from Red River over the past few years, and all have been great. I tend to use matte paper more than glossy or pearl, and Red River has a good range from plain matte to art papers. There is also a good variety of glossy papers, including metallic. I also like all the information on their website and links to photography information.
Aurora art perfect for watercolor
Love this paper! It prints so bright white and clean, with the colors popping off the page. I am a watercolor artist and love seeing how nice the prints of my originals come out!
carrie fisher
50lb matte 8.5 x 14
This 50lb. Double-sided matte paper is PERFECT for printing out custom video game case covers to use in nintendo ds cases, ps3 cases, sega cases, ps2 cases, wii cases, xbox and xbox 360 cases, etc. It soaks up the ink perfectly and doesn't wrinkle up the paper. Also, you can print on the other side too with no bleed through. This looks cool with clear cases such as ps3 cases. I recommend this paper to anyone who needs a great quality paper that yields great photographic results. A+ redriver! Home run on this paper! @jakekammerer on instagram if you want to see some of my results.
Jake Kammerer
Glad to see 8.5 X14 paper sizes
Was looking to HP for 8.5 X 14 inch paper, they're best solution was to buy too big and cut down. Red River paper offered the 8.5 X 14 paper in the right dimension and affordable price. I was a little disappointed I couldn't get it in 50 lb weight, but was glad to get the size. Novice printer here so not always sure which gloss and weight are most suited to my printing needs.
Bob M
Dependable customer-oriented firm
Red River has one of the clearest and most informative sites among the fine inkjet paper suppliers. Descriptions are accurate, and the papers are consistent in quality. I shop elsewhere for some special items, but this Red River is one of my best go to places.
Arthur Fink
glossy note paper
I have been using 8459 paper for years and wouldn't change it for the world. Great color which means great sales. Thank you RR
Vicki Johnston
Red River Paper
I have a graphics line at an international garden. The scored cards purchased from Red River are always top quality and the finishes (gloss and matte) make the color of the images pop. It is very convenient and cost effective to be able to order the envelopes and card sleeves from RRP as well ! The staff is very helpful if there are any questions. I highly recommend this product.
Shelia B
45lb Zeppelin Semi-Gloss
Use this paper for 11 x 17 poster prints with awesome results. Printing Epson with Artisan 1430. Great color and detail, very nice feel as well. Thanks!
Justin Phillips
Reliable Source for High Performance Papers
Since receiving the sample pack several months ago, I've decided Red River Papers are my choice for the future. In addition to the high quality and reasonable pricing, Red River provides accompanying data to assist with printer settings that take advantage of the individual paper being used. Since I use printer color management, this makes my job easier. Thanks to RRP for outstanding products and timely service.
William Maxwell
new customer
All the help programs are very good. sent in a question and got an immediate response. Looking forward to trying the products.
Steven Ball
Love the matte blanco injet canvas!
I recently started a business printing my photos and stretching them, and I use the 24" canvas roll and 13" canvas sheets. The quality is superb and runs through my printers well. The colors turn out well, and customers are buying, so Red River must be doing something right :-)
Great art prints
Polar Matte produces great art prints at an affordable price. I am very happy with this product.
Jessica Mahan
Great paper and service!
I have been purchasing the Aurora Art White paper and am very happy with it. No matter what I print, they always come out beautiful. I am using the Canon Pro-100. The service is always great!
Lynn Barrett
Red River Rock
We've been using Red River Ultra Pro Satin since its original version. I love v4.0. We photograph a lot of high school and middle school bands and choirs at festivals all around the state. We print a sample of each group and we get lots of comments about how nice the pictures look, especially the colors. I was also a big fan of the canvas paper and am really glad it has come back.
Great Papers and Great Service
The papers here are great quality and the delivery time is very short. Papers come well packaged and secure. I've never been disappointed in the paper I have ordered from Red River!
Great Service!
Fantastic paper and service. I received my order quick!
The best resource for all my paper needs
Not only is the paper the best quality out there, I feel like I have the tools to succeed. The education provided really helped me print art with that "wow!" factor. Pair all that with the best customer service on the planet and you have a recipe for success!
Great card sample kit
The greeting card sample kit was very helpful in figuring out which papers were best for my needs. The kit shipped the day after I ordered it and arrived very quickly. Each card was clearly labeled and the information sheet with tips about choosing color profiles was very useful. Thank you!
First Order
I received my first order of Red River Paper and everything was well packaged and protected from damage. It arrived sooner than expected, which was nice. I have only printed on a sample sheet but I liked what I saw well enough to order full size 17x22 sheets. I believe that they will be perfect for what I am doing. I was able to print directly from my Epson P-800 using the epson Ultra luster setting and colors were exact to the epson paper. Did not need to change a thing which was also a bonus. Thank you Red River Paper Company.
Roger Bird
Simply the best!
I use your photo ultrapro satin pro and notecard papers (canvas and linen are my faves) for reproducing artwork and printing proofs and sometimes orders for clients. All print beautifully with my Epson professional printer and are also very affordable. I have not found anything that comes close in comparison. In fact, the prints I make at home with these papers have superior contrast and clarity to the ones my professional lab prints!
Lana Smith
Beautiful paper and cards
I have used a lot of different sources for my media and Red River Paper goes above and beyond most if not all standards of quality. The product is amazing, the packaging shows that they truly love and care for what they do and customer service is outstanding!
Cindy Gillespie
Great paper
Excellent service and product
River Linen 2.0
I loved the original River Linen paper, but the new River Linen 2.0 is unusable. It's more like canvas. The colors are dull and the ink goes on unevenly; the finish is partially matte and partially luster. Don't Buy!!! And hope that they bring back the original linen.
Great company dedicated to End User Success
My first order for Red River Paper was somewhat hesitantly sent, and included an order for samples of different papers (see if you can get that from big box office stores). Since then all of my personal and gift prints are on Red River Paper. The quality is great, the price is more than reasonable, and Red River Paper has demonstrated they want ME to succeed! Their weekly email with links to interesting photography articles/tips/tutorials is faithfully read over here. They even provide ICC profiles for different papers on major printers. They invest significant time and money in testing major new photo printers and publishing approximate cost for printing photos. All of the "extras" that concern hue-conscious photographers.
Excellent Quality...Couldn't be happier
I had the privilege to try a few sample packs from Red River. All the papers are an amazing quality. I am back to order a full stock for my daughter's graduation announcements and senior photos. We both are very excited. Thank you Red River!
Jennifer Johnson
Beautiful paper
I have used Red River Paper products for more than 12 years. The paper is high quality and it produces a consistent print. Red River Paper is very quick in getting the paper to me and their customer service is excellent!
60lb Polar Matte -- Love it!
A few years ago I was new to an all-photography gallery and one of the other members recommended Red River Paper for fine art greeting cards. Well, I love the look and feel of the card stock and the prints are gorgeous! I thought that I wish I could use this for my large prints. Then I saw on their website that the same stock is available in all sizes. I just ordered a box of 13x19. I can't wait to get my hands on it; I'm sure I won't be disappointed! (and you can't beat the price)
Bruce Frazier
Red River makes me look good!
Several years ago I put my note card and print business together, featuring reproductions of my original art works. I had a heck of a time finding a quality consistent paper stock to make my business work. Fortunately I finally found Red River and it's been smooth sailing ever since. I use the River Linen 2.0 and the Red River Paper Canvas paper for my cards and prints, I get great reviews on the impressive impact upon presentation that the cards make to the recipients. I create custom cards for businesses and individuals who use them as Thank Yous and customer service follow up as well as art cards for art shows and retail, they are a huge hit! Partnering with Red River Paper has been the smartest move that I've made, I highly recommend them, their products and customer service of the highest quality. Thanks Red River! Sincerely, Tom Hanson Tom Hanson Arts
Tom Hanson
I recently was informed about this site by a friend and made my first order. I absolutely love the quality of their paper. I am an art major and most of the paper I've tried from other sites, is either too thin or had logos on the back. Without a doubt, this is the best photography paper.
Maria Herrera
Absolute Satisfaction
I have never been disappointed with Red River papers. I print on an Epson SureColor P600 and before that an Epson 3880. Over the past few years I've used Aurora Art Natural and Aurora Art White when I printed on matte papers. My current favorites UltraPro Satin and San Gabriel Baryta Semi-gloss. I especially like the warm toned San Gabriel. It looks outstanding on B&W prints and to my surprise also with color prints. In my situation I had a custom profile made for the San Gabriel that really neutralized the color tones. I used to pay premium prices for llford Galerie Prestige papers but now it's Red River for everything. Their descriptions and reviews on each type of paper are quite helpful too.
Mike Cannone
Customer service at Red River
I contacted Red River about card stock for my printer and they were very helpful. They knew more about what would work for my printer than Canon did. Their website was very helpful as well. Again, Great service!!!
Gary H
Awesome quality!
I just started my online business and not only use Red River for all my paper and plastic sleeve supplies but when I was setting up and wondering what printer to buy they answered all my questions thoughtfully and complete. I had not even been a customer at that point! They just love what they do!
bryan s
Love the paper quality and service. Please start producing your satin and metallic papers in A2 and A3 sizes. Would greatly improve options for printing. Keep up the great work!
Bryan Stockton
Red River Rocks!
I recently purchased an Epson SC p800 and learning about printing. I took advantage of Red Rivers's free 10 pack with purchase. Very pleased with the 68lb UltraPro satin. The paper arrived in a timely manner and was nicely packaged. I'll be exploring the note and postcard stock. As well as some different types of paper and sizes. I found it easy to find the paper profiles and really good instructions for how to download them.
Ron Jones
Great Quality and Variety
I ordered two sample packs and was impressed with the feel and appearance of my test prints. Surely anyone can find an ideal paper for their work. The website made ordering easy, and is a wealth of information such as icc profiles, paper selection guidance and accurate descriptions of the products.
A Kulick
Red River Paper Delivers!
Very early on a rainy morning, I went outside, and there was the package from Red River, which had apparently been sitting outside all night in the rain. The UPS driver had not rung the bell, so I had no idea that your box was waiting for me. He had not even placed it under the front door overhang, so it had been directly in the rain. Yes -- the box was quite damp. But lo and behold, due to the meticulous packing of Red River Paper's employees, although some of the bubble wrapping inside was wet and a few boxes of paper had droplets of water on the shrink wrap, NONE of the paper or the boxes containing it were wet, or damaged at all! I had been completely out of paper, so I was very thankful. Not only does Red River have beautiful quality paper, even your packing materials are of high quality. The heaviness of your shipping box contributed to the good outcome -- a night in the rain did not destroy it! My only comment is that maybe you would be better off using US Postal Service to make your deliveries. They ALWAYS ring the bell, and see packages safely into my hands. Thank you so much for your outstanding service. I called after receiving the box and asked customer service to convey my thanks to your warehouse workers. I hope they got my message.
Gretchen L
Best of the best
I rarely contact vendors about their products, because it is rare that I encounter a company who so consistently produces a product that laughs in the face of everything else on the market. Your paper is superior to any other photo paper I have ever encountered. I have shared positive reviews with you a few times since I began ordering from Red River almost a year ago, but I simply cannot wait to tell you again how much I enjoy printing images on your paper. At times, I am simply gobsmacked when I walk to my printer to retrieve an image -- an image that looked really great on my iMac retina display. Red River papers give pictures something that the rest of the digital world cannot provide. I am professional musician and teacher by trade, but as a side "gig," I have spent the last several years restoring old photos. Folks have always complemented my work, but when I started using Red River paper, the increase in quality has made ME look like a consummate professional. Thank you for providing me, and so many other graphic designers, with such a powerful tool.
Charles W
Rookie Sucess
I finally had a good photo printer now I had to find a good paper to print on. Red River Paper really helped me through the process, learning about profiles, how to set up my printer and choosing the best paper for my situation. No other site was as easy to navigate or had the details I found at Red River!
Brilliant - Bright - Gorgeous!
Red River Paper for inkjet is beyond compare. I love the end result and my customers do to!
Ginger Oliphant
Wonderful results!
I use a Canon EOS 70D camera and find that the Red River Paper gives better results than the Canon paper. The Canon paper is not the bright white and black and whites don't print to my satisfaction. The Red River 66# Arctic Polar Satin paper gives great results. I have just ordered the UltraPro Gloss for black and white and am looking forward to seeing the results. Great products, help with profiles and service.
SE Turner
Why Pay More?
A professional photographer and personal mentor was having special images printed on aluminum sheet which accepted inkjet printing. The results produced exceptional brilliance and color. I showed him my images on Red River Polar Metallic; he tried it, and now uses Polar Metallic papers at considerably lower cost with no loss of image brilliance or color saturation. He passed on the information and his assessment to yet another art photographer who was equally impressed, and so the word spreads.
James Taylor
6-Stars for all aspects of your company
I have been a customer of Red River Paper for many years and the papers have always been top-notched. I have found that the product arrives in perfect condition and the various types of papers are perfect for the various artistic photographs that I have taken. My clients give me high praise and partly it is the paper that makes my art photos to look spectacular. Thanks for your aim to perfection in all aspects of your company from a happy Canadian client.
Great shipping and packaging!
Thank you to Red River Paper for a meticulous job on packing! Our delivery driver is not best. They drop off the package, never ringing the bell or knocking when the delivery is left & it happened last night during the rain. When I finally discovered that the package was there, the box was soaked. I opened it and all the packing was soaked. But because of the bubble wrap & the shrink wrap, my paper was perfect! Thank you very much....
Gretchen L
Great Products
I've ordered several different types of paper and haven't been disappointed by any of it. Everything prints exactly like you want it to so my customers are very happy. Delivery has always been prompt and the paper is always packed well.
Simply the best!
I use both Polar Matte and Canvas paper for printing my art. They both create super quality for fine art.
Terry Allred
Metallic, Satin, or Luster?
66lb Polar Pearl Metallic: Irreplaceable for B&W, High Key and any metallic colored sunrise/sunset photos. Just love it! Satin vs Luster - I have used your 75lb. Arctic Polar Luster paper (loved it) but decided to save some $$ and order your 68lb. UltraPro Satin 4.0. While I'm not unhappy with it & it's a lot better than other medium textured satin paper I have used, for my best prints I will go back to the Arctic Polar Luster. The deeper texture makes a world of difference in the depth of the colors. Really making my photos POP! I just ordered more! p.s. I wish you'd make it in a 50 sheet pack!!
Beautiful fine art paper
I purchased a Red River sample pack to make prints of my drawings, watercolors and photographs. The papers are excellent quality and I have now selected the Aurora Natural to print all of my drawings and watercolors on.
Great paper
I use the Pecos 60lb glossy paper for greeting cards. Absolutely excellent quality. I have not found a better plain paper back photo card paper anywhere. I have looked at a couple of the "so-called" alternatives and they are terrible in comparison. Red River is the best!
Steve Thatcher
Red River Paper is the ONLY paper I use now...and that includes their greeting card paper. The printing results are unbeatable! You aren't getting beautiful prints until you use Red River Paper!!
Nancy Springer
always a pleasure...
I'm a graphic designer and artist, printing reproductions of my work in both my Etsy shop and my retail home store. I have been buying paper from Red River for about 7 years, and it's always a good experience. The paper quality is the best I've found, great prices and shipped quickly. No need to look any further-I only buy from RR
Jennifer Snyder
Red River All The Way
I use Red River almost exclusively for my online art prints and invitation products. As an intermediate level user, I always know I can depend on RR to have support for any issues on their website and LOVE the tutorials and tips for best practices with the different types of papers I use. If I can't find the answers I need on the website, the customer service is always friendly and top notch without a lot of voice mails and phone tag, which is MOST appreciated!
Steven Bunce
Red River Paper, a long term partner of my photo printer
I have been using Red River Paper for photo printing at home for more than 7 years. Polar pearl metallic paper with different size (e.g. 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and A3+) are my SKU at home. The printing quality of Red River Paper with Canon Pixma Pro 9000MII and Pro 100 is definitely perfect to meet all of my family's photos and greeting card to friends.
Richard Lee
Advancing the field and the art
Red River Paper not only offers consistently excellent papers at great value, they provide all kinds of resources to help us realize our visions with finer technical skills. I appreciate all of the informative content at the website as well as the terrific service. Thanks!
I have an Epson 3880 and really wasn't dialed in for output. Your website and staff I spoke to on the phone were extremely helpful. I absolutely love the card stock I have purchased, along with 11x14 - killer quality, now that I have everything aligned: templates, drivers etc..... Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Barry Sharp
86lb. Pecos River Gloss DUO
Fantastic double sided glossy card, print quality is spot on very vivid and flawless, this is my 3rd time to re-order this paper, fast shipping etc Red River are a pleasure to deal with I'm a euro customer as this quality is not available in my region certainly not this quality and service, thank you
Conor Gibney
Greeting Cards
I've been using Pecos River Gloss for a few years now for my greeting cards. Most photographers making cards affix their images to the card stock; while I print my image directly on the stock. This makes my cards look much more professional. Today I received an order for 125 cards from a local realtor who wants to use my cards to send to her clients for the holidays. She said she deals with high-end clients and wants to distinguish herself with a very original,quality card that isn't like the ones her associates typically send. Thanks, Red River!
Donald Turner
Red River delivers
I've used Red River for several years and have been happy since I was using an Epson R800 to mt current Epson 3880. From cards to posters, I have not been disappointed in the product, or the service.
Andy Z
96lb Pecos is beautiful!
It creates wonderful prints and is perfect for sending out Holiday cards!
Bree Adams
Never a problem with Red River papers
I've been using Red River papers for several years now, for both cards and printed photos. I've used most sizes up to 13 x 19 inch, matte, glossy, polar, etc. I've never been disappointed with the results. I often have other photographers ask me what paper I've used, especially when printing on the Arctic Polar Satin paper. I love how my photographs turn out on that particular paper. The delivery of my purchase is always on time and there's never been a problem using these papers.
Laurene Poole
Good company. Good products
It's great working with Red River, since they are responsive and deliver a good product at a reasonable price. My only complaint is that they discontinued the old San Gabriel semi-gloss in favor of the San Gabriel 2. The new stuff just doesn't have the same feel as the old. I suppose I can learn to live with it. As long as they keep Palo Duro Rag -- it's great!
Raymond Keithley
Top Notch
Top Quality papers and fast service.
Thank you Red River
I have been buying Red River papers for about 6 years or so. i love their products and all the help. I really love the extra videos and such that they also provide, along with the template for cards etc.. I had recently been having an issue with my printer not ejecting cards correctly and having print issues because of it.. but in one of the videos they showed how to reverse how the print come out.. now because of that, i do not have that issue and all my greeting cards are great.. again, thanks Red River, for all you do.
Thom D
This company is amazing. The product is absolutely terrific. Great printing papers and fast efficient service. Now, about their customer care. It is the best! I have found their emails to be a great help, and suggestions for printing are excellent. They even answer questions I have regarding printing issues that are outside the realm of photographic paper . Kudos and thanks to the entire crew.
Nick Partrick
The quality of the polar matte was just perfect and the price was so affordable. I'm going to be coming back for more and more.
Stephanie DeVoid
Love The Polar Matte
I print on a Cannon Pro-100 and I love the clarity of the tiny details from my illustrations when printing on Polar Matte. Crisp and clean and as lovely as the original. I highly recommend this paper!
Kim Panella
paper and envelopes
Red River was recommended by a top notch photographer. I'm strictly an amateur, but enjoy using the high quality products. Service is prompt and efficient. Can't wish for better.
It's great!
i ordered 50lb double size matte paper. The paper quality is really good, it work perfectly for my school project.
Melisa Agata
I been a customer for 12+ years! Always reliable, immensely helpful, and their papers are great too!
Barbara Thornberry
Just Like Savoring My Favorite Wine
Printing on Red River Paper is like savoring my favorite wine. Although one can't taste or smell Red River Paper. It elicits the visual and touch sensors to their max. As I watch an image being printed, I am in awe of the print quality and feel of this product.
Kaylyn Franks
Excellent Paper and choices
I am a new customer. I was introduced to Red River Paper by a friend who enjoys the paper too. Excellent paper and many choices to select from. I have used your #32 paper and now your double sided paper. Both excellent.
Greeting Cards
Until last year I was using regular card stock to print my greeting cards. I ordered a sample pack of Red River Cards and was introduced to what a difference quality paper makes in the end result. Right now I'm using Polar matte for regular cards, but I also love the look of the gloss and paper canvas cards. Definitely recommended.
Carol Knox
Red River Metallic
I've been using this paper since it first came out a few years ago, and have turned many other photographers onto this great "shimmering" print material.. It really "POPS" with intense colors and depth. I just did an art show with this paper almost exclusively with awesome comments from the viewers and buyers!
edward wiseman
Paper Order
The paper was great, however due to living in Canada it cost me 3 times the price of what the paper was worth. Shipping and handling, cross boarder fees and money exchange rate cost me $130 Dollars for 100 sheets of photo paper. Again the product is great and what I needed.
William Mitchell
Amazing Paper!
I sell my art online and at shows, and all my prints and cards are done on red river paper. The quality is amazing!
Rachel Fisher
Great Paper
I use the lightweight glossy photo paper to make calendars. Received quick delivery and the paper was in very good shape. The calendars turned out great, and the lightweight paper makes them very attractive.
Great Products!
Great products and excellent service! I use the polar matte paper and the aurora white paper for my greeting card and print line. I made high quality prints from my original watercolor paintings and wouldn't use anything but Red River Paper! The quality is superb.
Amazing products, even more incredible support!
The paper is incredible, hands down. So many options, all wonderful quality depending on your needs. But the support staff really makes this such a wonderful company to work with. They have been wonderful offering advice on the products and printers and set-up. I had issues with one of the papers and calibrating it for some prints and they have gone out of their way to help resolve the issue. I am very thankful I found them and the paper!
Rena Andrews
Customer Service
The best customer serves around fast response friendly. Best company to deal with. I could go local and get it a little cheaper but with this kind of service and product I know I am get the quality I want for my customers. Thanks Red River Paper for being number 1 in my book.
Michael Garland
Red River Paper review
I have loved dealing with Red River Paper. The paper choices are awesome and the service is excellent. I am always pleasantly surprised when my order arrives early. I hate buying paper from anywhere else now. Thank You Red River Paper!!
Regina Hicks
WOW! Linen 2.0 Rocks!!
As a watercolor artist, I have used your Linen card stock for years and loved the results. This year, I ordered your Linen 2.0 A7 card stock and I don't know how you did it, but it is even better than the original linen paper. I wish you could see how great this year's Christmas card came out. Again, thank you for all your wonderful products. I am spreading the word!! PS, If I could give this paper 10 Stars, I would.
Phoebe Crais
Great Company to deal with
I have been purchasing the 60 lb Polar Matte paper both 8 1/2 x 11 and the greeting card stock for a few years. I have always had great results printing greeting cards and full page calendars. The service is great and I enjoy the tips and links in their newsletter.
Red River Paper
I use Red River exclusively. When I started printing my photos I didn't know anything about it and was very frustrated about getting prints that reflected my monitor. Through Red Rivers web sight I was able to teach myself the secrets of creating a fine art print to be proud of.(I especially like Polar Pearl Metallic). I love you Red River.
John Strickland
Just As Good As Ilford
You get a lot of bang for your bucks with Red River Paper. Big fan of Arctic Polar Luster and UltraPro Satin 4.0.
Very High Quality paper!! More Options with Shipping Please
I have been purchasing high quantities of Red River Paper over the last year (particularly the Ultra Pro Satin and Matte). This is the best paper I can find in its value range - it's terrific! Hands down Red River is my go to company. If I could change 1 thing, as I'm a small business owner, I really need more options on shipping, such as USPS 3 Day Priority Mail, which is both economical (as I use it all the time in my business and timely delivery). I wear many hats in my business and often don't have the foresight to order 7 days in advance. The expedited shipping methods you offer is just too high for my small little budget.
Leslie Fuqua
Glad I Found Red River
I started doing my own printing about a year ago. Like everybody else I was trying out different papers and I got the RR Sampler Pack and I was sold. I love everyone of the RR Line that I have tried, and it is my go-to paper. The Red River Staff is superb and they make you feel like you are their only customer!
Michael Sturgeon
Great paper/great support
I just started a greeting card business and Red River Paper was a great help in selecting the right paper and printer for my needs. Great paper and great support.
Great company
I had used Epson paper for years, but had a problem getting information from Epson. 3 years ago I discovered Red River paper,and any time I have called to use there customer service I always had marvelous service on the phone or E-mail! at this price point I will not switch there paper, is to good.
Bob D
First time Customer
I have been searching for a good paper company ever since Dunder Mifflin went out of business. Your sales associates are much better than Dwight and for this, I am truly thankful.
60# Pecos River Gloss Greeting Cards are Fabulous!!!!
I love to take pictures of nature - flowers, trees, mushrooms,leaves,water, the sky - you name it and I love to share what I see. I do this by printing my own greeting cards using my pictures and am so glad to have finally found the amazing 60# Pecos River Gloss Greeting Cards. It makes my pictures really pop letting people know I care enough to send "the very best". And they're pre-scored - making them look very professional! And I love the written and video tutorial - very thorough instructions on how to print. Thank you so much!
Judith Waxlax
66 lb. Polar Pearl Metallic
Just received this paper. I printed out about 5 different photo files and the results are great. Love this paper and just ordered more.
Kenny Knapp
Quality Products, Helpful Staff
I have purchased from Red River in the past, both sampler packs and 32lb premium matte paper, which I mostly use in scrapbooking. This is the best paper I have found for printing photographs. I'm looking forward to using a new purchase, 88lb Polar Matte Magna for booklets I am creating from old magazine advertisements (Modern Priscilla, 1928).
Thea C.
Amazing Quality!!!
I ordered the sample kit for photo and fine art paper, and I am already amazed at the quality of the paper. I just ordered the Arctic Polar Luster and the Polar Pearl Metallic to make prints of my art. Can't wait! I will definitely keep ordering from Red River.
Sierra Barnes
I'm very satisfied with the products
Excellent Product
I have been using Red River paper since 2009 when I produced my school's 50th anniversary reunion book. The quality of their paper is the best, and the various papers available have produced excellent photo prints. I have tried other mfg's, but always return to Red River. They can not be beat!
David M. Schnitzer
Great service
I have had nothing but good service from red river. I find there site easy to navigate and a lot of helpful information. I am very picky about my final output and their papers live up to my expectations....
Restore, Reward and Added Card Business
I've been using RR for several years. They are the ONLY ones I use for my cards. I have a small photo restoration business. For each client I create a complimentary note card using the image I restored for them. They love them. In fact, this gesture has generated added "note card" business for boxed card packages of their "new" restoration cards -- for gifts, families, etc. They now refer to me as the "card lady!" Great business return on an idea.
Mary Alice Valvoda
The Best
This paper has always been great and comes in a timely fashion. I have called customer service once or twice and they have always been so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend to friends in need... and I have!
Sara Norman
Red River Paper
As a group, I find Red River papers to be reliable and of high quality. There are enough choices to suit the needs of almost any photographer. I am just starting to use fine art paper, and enjoying learning about how these papers react with my photos. These papers are well worth the exploration, and represent good value for quality.
Unmatched Customer Service
I have used Red River Paper, on different occasions, for years, and love it. And, the customer service is superb. Drew is my go-to guy, when I have a question, about the papers, printers, profiles, etc. He is always willing to help, and very knowledgeable.
David K. Johnson
I am a watercolor artist and my work looks bright, crisp, and beautiful on this paper. I print with a Epson Artisan printer and the combination of the Polar Magna Matte cards with the printer is wonderful. I researched a lot of different card stocks for greeting cards and I was sold on the quality and cost of this paper. Inks dry incredibly fast, and I have never had an issue with smudging. I highly recommend this product for greeting cards.
emily d
My most used paper supplier
I use Red River paper for most of my fine art photography. Could not be happier. I do wish though that I could buy Arctic Polar luster in a 50 pack of 9 x 13. It is my most used paper, just seems silly to only have 20 sheets in a pack.
Scotts Fine Art
Finally, an affordable quality paper
I love this paper. I use photoshop to create faux photos and have I've had difficulty finding paper that doesn't require endless adjustments in both Photoshop and printer. The colors I get are what I see on my PC. Not having to make several test prints saves on paper and ink.
KIM M Childs
Amazing Website!
I wanted to let you all know that your website is the most sophisticated & well thought out that I have ever seen! There is so much information available.
mr a
Customer service
I have greatly appreciated the support offered by Red River. As I have attempted to learn more about the papers and printing technology Red River staff have always been patient and helpful.
David Erikson
Excellent Business
I was looking for a substitute for Ilford Galerie of Pearl paper...RIP Galerie of Pearl! Red River Paper is a substantial replacement for Galerie papers. In my experience with Red River, response has been quick, the product provides the same kind of brilliance, and I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome. Way to go, Red River!!
Lovely Paper / Great Customer Service & Prompt Shipping
I've been solely using RRP for my graphic arts business for the last year. I couldn't be happier. The paper is perfect and the packaging / shipping is excellent too. Excellent customer service / overall....great experience.
teresa anderson
Excellent service and products. Highly recommend
Donna Winters
Love my new card blanks!
I'm so glad I finally took my card-printing in-house. Red River's Polar Matte is GORGEOUS. I feel like this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
great quaility prints
I've been using Red River paper for years now. It has been the best paper for use during our on site events. Always very pleased with the results we get. Great doing business with you!
Bruce Badgley
Great paper for great color
I use an Epson 1430 and an Epson Workforce, and the color on Red River paper is absolutely gorgeous. The color profiles that Red River provides really helps my illustrations to come out spot on.
The 5 star rating is deserved
Not only does this company provide qualtiy paper...they have done their homework. I appreciate the info for their products and suggestions for printers. I bought a Canon Pro 10, which I love. I did have a question with print size so "techi" Drew, patiently walked me through the steps and then sent me an email with added notes. The company and their staff are great.
Very happy
I am not a pro but want the best paper for my images. A very good value. Really happy with the Polar Pearl Metallic.
Robert W
Excellent Company
I have not been disappointed with the quality products, ease of ordering and timeliness of receiving orders. Rewards points is an added bonus. Instruction and tips articles are very helpful. Love Red River Paper!
B Herbig
The best paper!
I am a freelance artist and I exclusively use red river paper for all of my paper needs. They have an amazing variety of type, weight, and sizes- plus their prices are great too.
Priscilla Benitez
Love the site and all products received
I feel happy I found your company. It has educated me in numerous ways, has given me great products and has responded to my questions honestly and quickly. Thank you...
Paula Neys
Great Everything
Quality products, excellent service, fast turn around, helpful articles..... what more can one ask for?
Thank you!
I am so glad I found Red River Paper! I had looked high and low for art printing paper in 8x10...and couldn't find it anywhere. I am SO GLAD you carry this size, and the paper is excellent as well!!
Hayley M.
Attention to Detail
I ordered my usual paper with very little time before my art show. The paper arrived on time, but the delivery person left the box sitting in a puddle and I didn't discover it until I had returned home from work. Thanks to Red River Paper and what I used to think was excessive packing material, my paper was undamaged! There was bubble wrap between my paper and the bottom of the box, and the inner pack of paper was sealed in plastic. Even if the entire outer box had been soaked, the inner box would still have been pristine. Thank you Red River Paper!
Great paper and great service!!
I've been using red river paper for years, and I wouldn't use anything else. The metallic and the lusters are some of the best out there. I've received many compliments on my choice papers for my photo's when entering shows.
Wonderful variety & quality
I started with the art paper sampler and loved the Aurora Art White for my higher end prints. Then when I purchased a printer for greeting cards, moving to the Polar Matte 60lb for cards was a breeze. I just printed up 300 cards and am ordering more today. Super easy to load, they always fold cleanly, and most important they look and feel wonderful.
Kristin Richland
Great, cost-effective paper, well supported
Red River has been supplying paper to me for several years. My old favorite is Ultra Pro Satin (since version 2.0), and I have used early Greenpix, early San Gabriel baryta (new favorite), current Aurora Natural, and various mattes and glossies in two sampler packs. Palo Duro softgloss rag and some large sheets of 32 lb matte are incoming. The samplers have been a great way to learn about the variety of papers available in the whole market and to experiment. I print on Canon and HP non-specialty inkjets and recently acquired a Canon Pro-100. My printer refurbishing work, 100-150/year to sell by a nonprofit, also gives me access to Epson photo printers -- if by chance they can be unclogged, it is fun to try Red River sampler sheets in them. The greatly varied papers in Red River's samplers all work very nicely in the Pro-100 and the majority are fine in the lesser Canon and HP printers. Red River's ICC profiles recently began to help me to take best advantage of the papers. Red River's website contains many informative articles that point me in constructive directions to help with my refurbing and own printing. An emailed offer of photo cards let to a sampler that made me switch my winter holiday cards from purchased ones to custom ones with my own landscape cover photos. In general Red River transformed my printing habit from frequent amateurish using printer OEM paper scraps, to improving enthusiast matching paper type to image content. And I can afford my habit much better than if I were using certain European or Utah inkjet papers. Red River puts it all together from paper to advice to support. Many thanks to Drew and colleagues for lifting me to a higher level of print literacy and quality!
RRR is a classy experience
I absolutely love printing on all RRR papers. I use them exclusively now as they never fail in any circumstance. Printing to these papers is like wearing elegant diamonds!!!
Kaylyn Franks
New user
Just got my first order of Ultra Pro Satin after using Epson Ultra Premium Luster for many years, and I am impressed with it. Its every bit as good as the Epson, and comes on more usable sizes. My Canon ipf5100 bit the dust, and I replaced it with the Epson p800. That combination of printer and the Red River paper is giving me my best prints ever.
Wendell Thompson
Great Service and Paper
I contacted Red River Customer Service as I had a couple of questions about their Polar Pearl Metallic paper and their shipping to Canada. My questions were answered by email within the hour (my first big surprise, as I was not expecting an answer for at least 24-48 hours). I purchased 2 sizes of the Polar Pearl Metallic. It arrived at my home address in Canada 2 days prior to the expected arrival date. And when I printed my first photo on that metallic paper, I was amazed. Wonderful results. I will definitely recommend Red River Paper and the Polar Pearl Metallic paper to professional or enthusiastic photographers who want to see an improvement in their overall printed results.
F.M. Stewart
Having a love-affair with red River Paper
I have used many of the Red River Paper products. Note Cards I can print myself as thank you cards, sympathy cards, anniversary cards, etc.. so they can be personalized. I love printing large fine art photos on my Epson 3880. My favorite is Aurora Natural, but I have also used glossy and super glossy pearl. All excellent. The service is great and I have never had to wait on my order. Great company to work with.
Martha Weaver
I own an invitation business. I use Red River Polar Matte paper, because it is the best paper on the market!
Cindy Callahan
I always use Red River for all my paper needs. I can always rely on them for fast service and they aren't far away from me so I usually get my order within a day or two. Very satisfied customer. Am going to try out some of their other papers I haven't tried yet.
L kennedy
Nice sampler
Th inkjet sampler came quickly and has a good variety of papers to try at a very agreeable price. Have only tried a couple so far but results have been lovely.
Fabulous !
Ordered the sample pack to give these photo papers a try and am so glad I did. Printed two photos on the Polar Pearl Metallic sample sheets and immediately went online to place an order. Couldn't be happier with the results! Can't wait to try all the others from the sample pack.
Rita Anthony
I am so happy I discovered Red River Paper!
I ordered a sample pack about two years ago and have been using Aurora Art White ever since for the prints I sell in my Etsy shop. The print quality I achieve on this paper with my Epson Pro 3880 is excellent - colors are always clear and bright. The variety of sizes is amazing and everything always arrives in perfect condition. I also order my Epson Ultra Chrome ink from Red River because their prices are a little lower than I have found elsewhere.
Susan Weiss
Great Papers
I use a lot of the 60# Pecos River Gloss for note cards and post cards. Love the gloss finish and the weight. The plain paper back is great as well. My customers love the plain paper back as well because ink does not smear when they write on the cards. RR packing is great. I have never received any damaged product - not even a bent corner. Thanks Red River!
Michael York
Great support
So pleased with RRP! The product is great quality...came packaged very nicely...and when I had some questions regarding notecards and Lightroom -everyone I spoke to at RRP was very helpful and kind! I will continue to use and recommend RRP!!
Jeanne F
Love Polar Matte
I like the detail that matte paper captures. I don't notice a difference between the more expensive one hundred percent rag paper Aurora and Polar Matte. I've been buying from Red River for years and have been happy with their products and service.
Very Pleased, as Usual!
I'm VERY PLEASED, as usual, with your product and service.
Paul Hughes
Very impressed with paper sample kits
I ordered a fine art sample kit to determine the best paper for my pencil drawings. I was very impressed with the size and amount of papers included in the sample kit. There was even additional free samples included. And on top of it, shipping was free! Even my husband, who isn't impressed easily, was impressed with the quantity of samples I received for $12.99. Thank you so much for providing such quality papers and such wonderful customer service!
Tricia Beggrow
Ordering was easy!
I haven't received my order yet (I just placed it), but found the web site easy to navigate and ordering a cinch! Can't wait to try out the paper....
San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber
I used this paper for close up Loon photos and the blacks were absolutely incredible! It brought a new found clarity to the other colors surrounding the objects. This is my now my go to paper...and the photos are selling like crazy. Love it
Mark Armstrong
The BEST paper for inkjet!
As a student in Design School, printing your projects and having them look exceptional is KEY. Red river paper is the paper we spec and it's the only paper that makes the color look phenomenal! Thank you Red River!
Danielle Tobin
Pecos River Gloss Note-cards
I am an amateur photographer and use my pictures to produce Christian note-cards. I have tried a number of different papers and I can't compare any of them to the Red River paper! They are superior quality papers and run through my printer flawlessly. Thank you Red River!
Cecelia Shelton
Good Choices
Years ago, while watching the mechanic work on the front end of my motorcycle while chatting with his girlfriend, I realized that no one was as concerned about my safety as me so I began doing my own maintenance and I have let that carry over to many other things I deal with such as my prints. I like making large prints (16x....)so I bought a large format printer. I began by purchasing supplies from the manufacturer and still get my ink from them but I could never get the color right using their paper. I switched to Red River Paper and after one false step I asked Drew for some advice and today I can print with confidence. I'm just "Po' Folk" so I usually wait until one of my favorite papers is on sale and I'm never going to be their biggest customer because I am only making prints for myself but I will always be among their most loyal customers mostly because of the quality of the paper but the speed and efficiency they demonstrate once the order is placed is a clincher.
Kurt Motta
Spectacular Results
I use Ultra Pro Satin 4.0 and Polar Pearl Metallic for my prints. Best papers I've found to reproduce my work, and economical as well. Can't say any more than that!
Richard Fox
Newbie, but not
I have worked with many pro photographers, in printing and in figuring out what papers and sizes to use. RRP was always the leader in variety, quality, and support. Their educational videos etc are also amazing. I am now printing and selling my own work. I will continue to use RRP for my fine art photography papers!
Parham P Baker
This is a beautiful quality paper. Quite remarkable. Love to make thank you cards and prints. Readily accepted and enjoyed by me customers. Red River Paper is an outstanding company with astonishing products and service.
Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag
Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag What can I say? I am in love with this paper. And, Red River is always a pleasure to work with. Lovely products, that arrive fast, in perfect condition.
Wanda Holmes
Great Paper!
I ordered the premium Matte 32# paper to print off digital downloads and the Paper Canvas 60# for printing tags for junk journals and the colors just pop off the page. What a difference the right kind of paper makes! When I teach classes at my local scrapbook store I'll be sure to tell them out your awesome paper.
Good quality paper
Recently I ordered a sample of papers in order to find which one could be the best for my kind of work... and let me say...I found two of them that really fit my needs SAN GABRIEL SEMIGLOSS BARYTA and ARTIC POLAR LUSTER. from now on, SAN GABRIEL SEMIGLOSS will be my paper. I felt the same sensation of the traditional baryta paper of the old days, in the darkroom. excellent material, amazing results. I give it 10 stars!
Abigail Gonzalez
I was in awe. The packaging was top notch, the paper superior! I ordered a sample pack, so am busy trying them all. Reasonable prices, great quality.
Lynne King
Seconds Finish First
Recently bought 13x19 88 pound Polar Matte Magna seconds. Went through my 20 sheet box and found only one (insignificant) spot I've followed up with a 50 sheet box and in about 3 months I'll tell you how it worked out. My only complaint is the thick paper fills up my file boxes. I feel a print should be handled and this paper feels and looks great.
Bob Dales
Best Paper for anything you need
I run a small creative business. We print photos, design cards, work with clients needing wedding invites and promotional materials. Every time I order from Red River I know that the paper will come undamaged and will print beautifully.
Good paper - inflexible customer
I have been a regular Red River Paper customer for a couple of years, buying paper for use in my photography courses and also to make fine art prints that I donate to fundraisers for local charities. Recently, I contacted RR to inquire about the possibility of a discount for a very large order of paper to be used for an exhibition/fundraiser for a local charity. I wanted to check to see if there was a discount/coupon I might have missed, whether there might be an upcoming sale I should wait for, or whether RR would consider extending a special discount on a one-time basis given the nature of the project. Every penny I save is a penny that goes toward the charity, since I donate 100% of the profits. (I also donate some of the products outright, so every penny I save is a penny I can spend on additional materials to support the charity.) Unlike my experience with a number of other providers of products I use for my charity work, RR was inflexible - no, there were no upcoming sales, no special discount, no there were no coupons I'd missed. Since I was on a tight deadline, I decided to go ahead and order the paper. I used my principal RR account. I had forgotten, though, that I had a secondary account under a different email address (one I hardly use) and I had actually saved a cart with paper in that secondary account. I started getting emails from RR about a day later regarding that saved shopping cart under the secondary email address. Within a day or so, I was being offered a 15% discount on the items in that cart. Naturally, I called RR to see if they'd consider retroactively applying that discount to my prior purchase. I wasn't surprised when they said no (retroactive discounts are fairly unusual and I think somewhat hard to process in computer systems). So I suggested as an alternative that maybe RR would consider giving me a credit (for the difference in price for a future order). Again, I explained how I was going to be using the paper and that I would be donating the profits to the charity. And again, I was met with inflexibility. I realize, of course, that Red River is a business and businesses need to make a profit in order to stay in business. It's also their prerogative to decide whether and how to offer discounts on their products. But in this case, I think their approach to dealing with my request showed a lack of flexibility, fairness and regard for their own longer-term interests. Because they've lost me as a customer. And whereas before I used to recommend Red River to my photographer friends, I will no longer do so and suggest instead that they deal with a service provider with a more flexible and customer-friendly approach to service.
Spectacular Results
Red River SCORED 8.5 x 11 60lb Pecos River Gloss has transformed my ordinary greeting cards into incredibly fabulous works of art. The photos I use are now so clear and gorgeous and everything has been upgraded to the highest caliber. I'm thrilled and have now repeated my last order.
Jo-Ann Joseph
60lb. Polar Matte Scored Card Stock
Wonderful paper, constant batch to batch as far as color goes when printing. Easy to fold, vivid colors, makes it easy to sell my cards.
Thomas Kostes
Gift boxes for Photo Cards
I make photo cards and I ordered white boxes with clear lids, in which to box my cards as gifts. I am delighted with the quality of the boxes. My cards fit perfectly, the see through lid allows for a lovely photo card at the top. The boxes are made of good quality cardboard.They will hold up to 13-14 cards wrapped in sleeves.
Palo Duro Softgloss
I'm surprised that in your "best paper for printer" and other areas of paper choice you seldom (if ever) mention your most wonderful paper: Palo Duro Softgloss!
I have never had a bad experience with Red River!
I have used Red River paper for at least 10 years. I have tried most of the papers offered by Red River. I have talked to Drew many times on technical details. I have never had a bad experience! The printer profiles are the best part of Red River. I own several copies of printer profiling software. since I started using Red River profiles i have never needed to create my own printer profiles. When compared to Red River profiles my profiles were inferior. I will continue to use Red River papers as long as they are available. Good products, backed by great service, what more could you want?
Howard B.
Quality, price, and support can't be beat.
RRP sets the bar for quality, price, and support. I don't feel the need to shop around anymore, they have earned a loyal customer. Thank you!
Maura Mudd
Great packaging!
I wanted to let you know that I love how you package & ship your product! You have it down to a science. You don't use the obnoxious peanuts which is appreciated!
Diana La Guardia
Superior Product
Purchased a Sample pack and there is no looking back. Quality of paper is excellent and equal to Epson high end paper.
Happy clients equal happy business owner
I create my own greeting cards from my fine art photographs using Red River Paper. I've been incredibly pleased with the quality and had great feedback from clients. I won't go anywhere else for my paper needs!
Tara M
11x14 on 11x17 Ultra Pro Gloss
I own a Canon Pixma Pro-10 and cannot print borderless 11x14 as Canon does not support that print size. I came across the document on the Red River site that explains how to print a full 11x14 on 11x17 paper. Since I had no 11x17 paper I ordered a 20 pack of Ultra Pro Gloss and DL the paper profile provided by Red River. I followed the instructions in the document regarding printing 11x14 on 11x17 and it worked perfectly on my Canon printer. By the way the Ultra Pro Gloss is a high quality paper and will try a different Red River paper in the near future. Thanks Red River.
You are awesome
Not only are your guides, reviews, tips, printer profiles and customer service extremely helpful, but even your "spam" is interesting because it always has a roundup of interesting articles from around the web. Well done! I recommend RRP to all my artist friends who are looking to print their own giclees and note cards from their artwork.
Very good experience.
I've only begun printing my work, but Red River makes it easier to figure out what will work best in a specific situation.
David Pavlich
Great Paper Great Service
I've been a customer for many years and the quality of the products has been first rate. Orders are shipped quickly and considering the weight of the paper, the shipping costs are quite fair.
Absolutely great customer service
I can 100% recommend this company, and their service. I was having trouble making my prints match my calibrated monitor, and Drew spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone explaining the ups and downs of inkjet printing, in the process offering several tips to make my prints look better. What they say is right, they are really passionate about their products and what they do. Definitely give them a chance.
Exceeded Expectations
This was the first time I used Red River Paper Products, and the quality of the Polar Matte 60 lb. paper and envelopes are professional, wonderful quality. My cards were a true hit with family and friends, my Mom and a dear friend commented on the wonderful quality of the paper and envelopes, my friend called me just to say that! Additionally, I received wonderful help from Red River staff when I consulted with them to ascertain what printer might work well for the Red River Paper supplies. I ordered it, and am looking forward to printing on this high quality printer. I am so happy with the quality and cost, thank you Red River Paper!
12x12 glossy photo paper
I use this paper for scrap booking and it makes it so much easier that the pictures can be downloaded directly to the paper and then after they are printed, decorative items can be added. Saves time and pictures don't have to be glued to paper.
Customer service
I have only order a couple of times and have received excellent service. Shipping has been excellent also..I plan to continue using RR photo paper. The type I have chosen are excellent and far exceed my expectations.
William Collins
Awesome Photo Paper
Just received my 1st order of photo paper. 5x7 double sided. I could not be more pleased with my finished birthday card for my husband. Red River Paper will be my go to place for all my photo paper needs. Shipping was also fast and earlier than expected. Thank you Red River!!
always satisfied
Red River has always delivered on all fronts- great paper, printer supplies and prompt deliveries. Couldnt ask for more, or be happier with their service.
mick wiggins
Love Red River Paper
I am always pleased with the customer service I get when I am ordering Red River photo paper. The paper is very high quality & I am always pleased with my prints. It is very important for me to make a very good presentation when I am exhibiting my work. Red River paper helps me to do that Thank you for your customer service & your high quality paper
Zeppelin Paper
I looked years ago for paper to make thermal photo books but gave up. The Zeppelin Semigloss Paper was exactly what I was looking for. I am a first time customer but I have been a wedding photographer for years so I know how important good photo paper is. In my opinion this is the best. I tried it out making a calendar without even installing the color profiles and I love the results. Thank you
T. DiBiase
Great Card Stock!
I have been ordering from Red River for a few years now. I primarily use the Pecos Glossy Card Stock. The stock is great not only for the way it prints but the feel of quality for the person receiving the card. The company itself is great to work with my orders always come quickly and in perfect shape. I will continue to do all my paper business with them.
Terry D.
Not sure any more
I found Red River via an You Tube recommendation and was a little skeptical that for the price the product would exceed name brand papers especially for the price. I decided to order a sample pack and am very happy with the results. I got even happier when my grand children were thrilled with their sports shots, high school age and college age are not easy to impress.
Great Photo Paper
Red River has everything that I need in a Photo Paper, I love that I can print on both sides of the C2S paper and it won't smear. I have tried all of the different types of Red River paper and I am satisfied with all of them.
Alzaretta Tribble
I printed a collection of Paris images on UltraPro Satin 4.0 and am more than happy. The pictures like jumped off the pages and I received rave reviews from customers. This is the best paper i have found after testing many others. Thank you Red River.
Awesome Customer Service!
Although I'm just getting started with wide format printing and have only placed a couple of orders with RR, I greatly appreciate the attention to detail for even the smallest of orders like mine. Great customer service is a rarity these days but not with RR. Cheers! Steve
Steven Bunce
# 1 paper
I love the price, the paper (polar metallic) and the website. A long time customer. Oh and i love the rewards.
gary kalpakoff
Very Fast Shipping
I'm an artist, and have finally been able to buy my own printer for giclees and whatnot, and it was recommended I try Red River Paper. The prices were excellent, and even the basic shipping option was very fast-I was super pleased. And the paper is just lovely-exactly what was described.
Rebecca Roelant-Wauson
So Glad to Have Found Red River Paper!
I have recently started a small business printing note cards, using my photos (or customer's photo)that I turn into a watercolor effect. I had no clue where to start, so using Google, I found Red River Paper. My luckiest day ever....I ordered a sample pack, chose my stock, and made my printer choice (Canon Pro-100) by RRP's recommendations. Love the paper, love the printer, and my cards are outstanding and have made a very good impression. Your customer service is excellent and they have walked me through a couple of situations that had me perplexed. I am looking forward to growing my business with Red River!
Lou M
Great service and products.
I have ordered several times over the last 10 or so years and have only ran into one situation which was resolved promptly. I will continue to be a happy customer. I love the quality and the deals are great. Thank you.
Ms. Gayle
Great service and Cindy, you are very helpful
Never Disappointed
We have been using Red River photo papers, card stock, and envelopes for several years now and wouldn't use any other. We have gotten numerous compliments on our finished products, and it apparently is obvious to recipients that we use top of the line papers. Red River is consistent, too. We have tried many different kinds of papers, and have never been disappointed in any of them.
Robert Love
Satisfied customer
I ordered your sample pack several years ago but never did anything with it because of the size. I had been using card stock that used 8.5x11 size for years, but now am having difficulty getting my normal stock because of it being discontinued. I decided to try the A7 size and experimented with my Photoshop program. When I finally figured out how to configure the settings (thanks to your excellent instructions), I was delighted with the results. I wanted to order the Aurora art paper, but because of the cost I decided to stick with the glossy 60 lb Pecos. I ordered it very easily on your website (I found it very user-friendly) and am looking forward to getting it now. This will change the way I normally make my cards, but I think they will be better - I certainly like the size better than the letter size (folded).
Patricia Gregory
Highly Recommended
I am a wildlife photographer and have started printing my own images on an Epson Sylus Pro 3880. RRP was very helpful not only in providing great papers but also guiding me in setting up the configuration files. I have printed over 300 7x10 cards with my photos that are being offered in a local store, and plan to continue to use their papers for various projects. I would highly recommend to a friend!
Richard C. Eastman
Great Experiences with Red River Paper
I have just placed a second re-order of paper that I love, and I found it originally by reading about it on the Red River Paper site. The site queued me "don't forget ink" and I found the best price on Epson ink tanks through Red River. The back-up information the site provides is absolutely wonderful - all card sizes are diagrammed with folded and unfolded dimensions, giving me total confidence that I am ordering what I intend. I love the flat rate shipping! I will shop here from now on.
Carolyn Cole
Excellence all around
Excellent website, excellent products, never had a problem but I am sure the customer service would be excellent too!
Jean Macaluso
Premium Matte Plus Paper
I do love the Red River Papers, I always get a quality print on my projects of greeting cards photos and printed graphics. I have tried other papers but nothing compares to this quality paper.
Great Site! Great Paper!
I ordered the greeting card sample pack sometime back. Wanted to see what the different papers were like and what worked best in my HP inkjet printer. Was blown away by the difference between RRP and standard Avery greeting card stock. After going to all the trouble to design my own cards in Photoshop, it was unbelievable to see how truly beautiful the cards became on quality paper. I just ordered the double sided polar matte in two different card sizes. It came well packed and in a timely manner. I will never use any other brand of paper.
Jo Campbell
Great paper for print
I have searched all over for good paper stock for printing my art onto card stock. Great company with help and very good products.
karen bell
Excellent paper; excellent service
I'm so pleased with Red River Papers. They're beautiful quality and perfect for professional printing. Customer service has always been great and I look forward to many years of working together to make beautiful images. I'm devastated that Arctic Polar Gloss is being discontinued, my favorite paper.
Barbara Lewin
The very best results for an unusual application
I use Red River paper for a very unusual application - I hand cut vinyl records, and create picture disks with Red River Paper. The combination of very high, consistent quality, price, and incredibly fast shipping make your products truly the only option for me. The combination of paper and ink have a huge effect on the overall quality of my product. I also have begun using your paper for album jackets...they look better than anything on the market. You can see my stuff on Red River Paper at
Jon Niess
Simply the BEST
Best paper source out there! Not only do they have AMAZING quality paper but they also have all kinds of tools to help you when it comes to printing! FAST shipping so you get to printing ASAP and GREAT customer service! I will never get paper from ANYWHERE else! Thank you Red River!
Brandon Fincher
Excellant For Calendars
Each year I print a family calendar with each month highlighting activities for the last year. Could not find 32lb Matt paper in 11x17 printable both sides. Doing searching online I found Red River Paper and purchased "Ink Jet 32lb Premium Matte C2S 11x17" Printed one calendar as a test and the color and quality was better then I used before. I am hooked on Red River Paper.
James A Crist
Excellent products and information
As a person new to creating art and wanting to scan and print it, a friend told me about your Aurora papers. Thanks to your excellent website, I found that there was only one paper that I would be able to use with my limited printer and fortunately got the right one and was able to make a print for my first art gift. Then my husband received an offer for a printer discount and I was able to go straight to your site to evaluate the printer, which, I am glad to say, will be able to take most of your papers for my future art life! I also found the profiles info very helpful and look forward to better understanding in the future.
Photo Paper
I have used many of Red River Papers and have found them to be superior to others including Epson (which is my photo printer of choice). Downloading the profiles are easy and a must if you want the quality prints from RR paper. I once had a problem with the heavy weight paper and had to call for help...they were very helpful and professional. All in all I probably will not use any other paper for pictures and projects I care about. Thank you Red River
C Silva
Paper is great but the packaging is outstanding
I am a longtime user of RR Paper. Most of my use is of card stock of all the types. Not only is the quality of the paper stock really good but the customer service is great and the packaging for shipment is the best I have seen. I really wish some other on-line photo sites would take a hint from RR Paper. Thanks!
fast delivery
Thanks for the beautiful paper and great advice.
Excellent Quality
I have been a customer of Red River Paper for many years. Their service is great and they have fast response times. But the best thing about them is the quality of their paper. Photos appear brilliant when printed on Red River Paper, especially on their premium glossy paper.
Jim Benet
As Good As It Gets
I will not order from ANYONE besides Red River Paper. It was so nice to find a company that produces great products at a very reasonable price. Not only do they have great products this company goes above and beyond in customer helpful tips, printer profiles and tutorials all at no extra cost to the customer. Thank you Red River Paper.
William Henderson
Best Photographic paper on the market
I have been a Loyal Red River Client for several years, I have been a professional photographer and educator for over 45 years now and when I found the RED RIVER Company, it is without a doubt the best thing I have done in four decades. Their papers are second to none, their value surpasses everything I could ever want in my media. Their wide array of media and ICC Profiles, makes it so easy for 1st time printers, to Professional printers to have every tool in todays competitive printing market place. Drew is always there for me, when I have questions, concerns or opinions and always listens to me and the rest of his customers. RED RIVER has made my business come alive with value rated top notch media and makes my profit margin larger because of the great value.
Dennis Krieger
Love the quality of print & thickness!
Red River Paper is my only supplier for 60# weight paper (double sided) and higher. I love the quality of the print (my customers love it too) and also the thickness of the paper. I make many different types of print material for parties and other occasions, and my customers are always pleased with the paper I print on.
Michelle Raine
great products slow shipping
I am a long time customer and you have a great product with competitive pricing but this year's holiday order took almost two weeks to arrive, too long...
A great resource
I'm new to photo printing with wide format printers. I stumbled on Red River's website and ordered some paper. I was happy with the products, but I've found their website to be a tremendous resource. I probably visit it a few times a week to get advice. I will continue to use this company because of their level of service and support; it's more important to me than the products alone.
Marty Conrad
Great Product, Company
Red River has been a life saver. The products are high quality and when I first started printing cards they were very helpful in walking me through it. Lots of information is available. They want you to succeed! How nice is that?!! Very happy. I've been a fan and customer for several years now. A+++
Jill See
High quality at a fair price!
I've used several different paper types over the last several years. I recently needed cards and envelopes for the holiday season. I sent an email with my order asking that prompt shipment was necessary. I received a response the same day that my order had shipped. Now that's responsive customer service. Combine that with an excellent product and I'm a happy printer! Thank you
David Nix
The Best
What more needs to be said than Red River Paper provides great quality products with the best of service...
Roger Levesque
New User
I was extremely satisfied with the service and product supplied during my first encounter with Red River Paper. I will be ordering again soon!
Kathy L
Excellent product
Ordered note cards for my photographic artwork. The paper canvas card stock is just wonderful. The note cards arrived well packed in a timely manner. I will definitely be order again from Red River Paper.
Robert Mepham
Customer experience
I've been using Red River paper for a couple of years now and just love it. I use the 60 lb Polar Matt for card printing and it works beautifully. I receive shipments quickly and I'm very pleased with both the quality of the product and their customer service. Great company that I highly recommend.
Tina W.
Exceptional Service. Exceptional Products. Exceptional Resources
I have been a Red River customer for more than 4 years. Red River is in a class of its own. Red River consistently provides first class service, exceptional products, and many resources to help its customers continue to be successful. Thank you!
John Stebbins
Great products and customer service
I have been ordering from Red River Paper for about two years. Their products are great, and their customer service is exceptional. I had a shipment that was delayed for a day by UPS, and Red River noticed it and refunded the shipping cost even though I did not contact them about it. That is customer service! I love the Arctic Polar Luster paper and use it for all the art prints that I sell. I have also had great results with the 60 lb. Pecos River Gloss note cards. I just used three packs of "seconds" on this paper, and did not have to discard a single sheet. I highly recommend this company and their products.
Debra Jones
Best Printing Papers on the Market
I've been purchasing Red River Papers for quite some time. From the first 8x10 papers to latest Greeting Cards I've never been happier with any printing papers. I've never used their textured papers (or anybody else for that matter) but am extremely elated with their glossy, satin/luster, and matte type papers. Red Rivers tutorials provide a wealth of information on how to use their papers and/or, in general, any inkjet printer on the market. If you are unfamiliar with Red River papers, then I suggest you try the various sample packs they provide at minimal cost. You'll be happy you did! Red River...keep up the good work.
Great Inkjet Paper & Printing Resource
I've been a hugely satisfied customer of Red River Papers for more than 5 years. I used to do a lot of photo printing and their papers were outstanding for the effects I wanted (texture, color, surface) for my prints. They are the equal of any quality photo paper I have used. Now I only do a custom Christmas card every year. I love 60 lb. Pecos River Gloss & 60 lb. Polar Matte, pre-scored cards. They both print great, though I do have to hand-feed them, and the results are perfect. RRP also has great reference articles about getting the most from their papers and your printer. They are well worth reading. All in all, I am incredibly pleased with their media and the results I get year after year. Thanks Red River. You are a terrific partner in my efforts.
I am pleased
I only use Red River paper. RR has a large variety of papers and I love them all. The service is excellent. I receive my papers, beautifully packed, within a few days. Red River is the way to go!
Jan van Leijenhorst
Very long time customer
I started using Red River in 2009, it has been my exclusive use since that time. The variety of papers you offer make it pretty easy to always have the right paper. Thanks.
Marion dickinson
Great Paper, Great Service
I started using Red River Paper on the recommendation of two friends with whom I photograph. I had seen many of their prints and was pleased with the results. Red River has a wide range of papers and their service has always been reliable and fast.I have also used many of the tips that Red River has posted on their site and have found them very useful.
Stephen Gies
Gloss DUO is the Best
Using the 86lb DUO paper is a pleasure. It has the right weight and finish for everything from brochures to business cards. I'd love to try a product with SLIGHTLY less weight, the same glossy front, but a matte finish back. Any suggestions?
Chuck Dugan
Great product, great packing
How many times have you received a book or a boxed item in the mail and found a dinged corner on an item inside the package? You'll never worry about it with Red River. My paper always comes amazingly well packed. I use Aurora White for my inkjet art prints, and they look absolutely perfect every time. It is a gorgeous paper. RR also makes it easy to learn how to install and use printer profiles, which I'd been shying away from in the past.
Sarah Melling
Artic Polar Satin
I've used Artic Polar Satin for a year or 2 now and I'm very satisfied with it's performance. I like its rich black and vivid contrast. I'm an old school guy who used to use double weight F surface back in the day, and in order to get that nice satin look, I would squeegee the water off and let it dry and not ferro-type it. Artic Polar achieves that same look.
Jeff Jensen
Quality Product, Service and Fair Prices
There is not much to add to the title. Drew and Crew are focused on the print quality and service for the customer.
Cliff in Colorado
Best Products and Best Prices
I resumed my interest in photography 3.5 years ago when I retired, mostly macro photos of flowers and butterflies. Friends suggested that I should print them on cards as gifts; my son-in-law suggested Red River Paper company for paper and ink. It has been a successful partnership ever since. I have never received a damaged shipment. The diversity and quality of the photo paper products offered are unsurpassed, as is the customer service and support. The folks at Red River know paper and photography. Thank you RR for giving me the opportunity to share my love of photography.
Michael Fraher
first time customer and I'm extremely stoked to be receiving my photo paper!!! I was able to check out some of your sample "test" paper and I loved the quality!!! can't wait to get my hands on my box of paper!!!
Was disappointed with my last clear bag order. Sizing terrible on A2 bags. Now they no longer carry them and had to order directly from clearbags. Extra time and extra shipping.
Great Photo Paper
The polar pearl paper is absolutely beautiful. I haven't found this type of surface in any other paper I use. I also order Pecos River Gloss greeting card stock, and I love it. Red River customer service is terrific, and I will continue to shop here for many paper needs.
Nina Eisenberg
Quality & Value for a Budget Artist
I first started ordering from Red River paper when a digital photo professor of mine said he's always used their paper, for client and gallery work alike, and that it kept things affordable. He's a fairly well known fine art photographer doing mostly landscapes and portraits. While is great for students, Red River had made it even more possible for me to really experiment without worrying too much about the cost of it, but still having excellent prints when something works out. I've used the popular UltraPro Satin 4.0 in many different sizes (including the excellent and pleasing, unusual dimensions of 8.5 X 25; great for smaller triptychs or panoramas), but am now switching to the Palo Duro Satin for a slightly warmer look, which I think I'll want for some prints, so it'll be good to compare. I'm yet to try the B/W film paper and expect to soon. I guess it's rare for me to say this about a corporation, but I'm grateful Red River exists to provide this kind of quality at a really fair price for artists, emerging and otherwise.
Christina Procter
Great paper
I have to say I was a bit hesitant ordering photo paper online, so I decided to try the sampler packs. When the paper arrived I was blown away by the quality, shine, sheen and luster of the paper! The Polar Pearl Metallic is absolutely AMAZING! Im only giving 4 stars because of one problem I have with the sampler... You print the "name" of the paper type on the print side of the paper, which prohibits me from making a full 8x10 print with the paper type I choose. In my opinion, you should put the name on the back of the paper, so I can actually use the paper to the fullest to see if I really like it. I now have to downsize my images from a border-less 8x10 to something "custom". I am hoping that if I decide to purchase a single package of one of the papers that is in the sampler pack, I will be able to use the whole page!
red river Ultra pro Satin 4.0
I have been using this paper since my freshman year of college for all my artwork, the finish is so beautiful.
Great Paper Source
Been printing my own photos for years. Love Red River papers. The paper lives up to the hype.
Cyndi Cavalier
Best paper around
Have been using Red River paper for a couple years now. Will never go to anything else. Such amazing quality. I've used the Polar Pearl Metallic and the Arctic Satin and both are outstanding.
Ryan Anderson
ICC Profiles
The papers I've used from Red River have all been of the highest quality. With the Profiles RR supplies I get beautiful results everytime I print. Thank you.
M Susan Coppola
Great Company, great paper!
I have been very happy with the products and the service I have received from Red River Paper. The prices are great, shipping is quick and products are competitive with other fine art papers I have used.
Best photo paper anywhere
I used to use photo paper from several sources. I started using Red River papers ( Polar Matte, Palo Duro Satin and Polar Pearl metallic)several years ago and haven't looked back. These are excellent papers for all my printing needs and produce excellent prints. Red River's service is excellent and I have never had any problem from ordering, to delivery and use on my printers. Thanks Red River.
Arthur Guertin
Very satisfied customer
I recently bought a epson 1430 to print greeting cards and prints. Im retired and live in a small coastal town in nw florida. We get many tourist thru here so Im going to try and sell nature and landscape photos. In setting up the epson I got great help from red river particularly on one late afternoon call to RRP. I talked to Drew Hendrix and he spent a good amount of time helping me as well as emailing tutorials and other tube videos he searched for me as we talked. Very patient and kind! Red River Paper is a one stop for my needs. I just now made another order with nice explanations to help me choose! Service is great! Shipping is fast! And packaging is excellent! You will be satisfied!
Ron Rudolph
Aurora Art Card Paper
I use Aurora Art Card Paper to print greeting cards from my watercolor paintings. The colors are almost like the original paintings. The cards are very popular.
Alice Liou
Great paper
I use the #1080 premium matte plus folded notecards. Love the white, since I print my photographs on them. Templates supplied by Red River embed perfectly into my photo editor Adobe Lightroom.
Tom Sweeney
Amazing Product and they actually offer 8x10 Photo Paper!!!
I run my own home based print shop and use a ton of photo paper. I have tried several types of Red River photo paper and have been more than pleased with every product I have tried and I have yet to find a better quality photo paper. Also, the fact that Red River offers 8x10 size photo paper is a huge plus, before I found Red River I was having to cut each sheet to size as most companies do not offer 8x10 so I am saving a ton of time using this paper!! I will definitely continue to be a return customer!!
T. Fox
Mr Gorley Photo Class
Taking photography class this semester. Mr Gorley instructed the class to purchase photo paper from Red River because it's the best price & quality. Can't wait to start printing my photos !
Tracey Loyd
Extraordinary service
My orders always come carefully packaged in a way that defeats even the most ruthless handlers. Wonderful papers and lots of choices.
Professional, with an understanding
Most suppliers just deliver the order without having a clue what problems their customers can have with the product. Nor do they understand to make additional information available so their customers can use it. Red River Paper supplies That Extra Touch in a personal and dedicated way, only real lovers of the product can and will do. They understand your issues and they can explain them, before they become an issue with you
Bjorn Sjogren
Satisfied Long term customer
I have switched to Red River papers for all my printing needs and couldn't be happier. Fast service and great prices just completes a wonderful experience.
This paper is by far the coolest paper ever!!!
William Parsons
Red River Paper is the best!
Red River Paper is the best with all the helpful tips, cost analysis, reviews and details of the products and the product offerings. I was able to buy my notecard, envelopes, printer ink and clear bags all on the same order and not have to go to different websites and pay shipping at each one to get all I needed. Thanks!
Marilyn Lyons
Love the selection!
Red River Paper offers great quality papers for all your needs! I make high quality archival prints and I absolutely love using their 60lb Polar Matte papers.
Minerva Torres
Great Products and Value!
Love the beautiful quality of their fine art and other inkjet photo papers- in any size! Great user friendly site, and I just love printing on their paper. Thank you!
R Easterbrook
Wonderful customer service! They provided quick, detailed, and knowledgeable responses to my questions. The pricing is very reasonable. I'm excited to receive my new metallic paper and try out some art prints.
Glossy Card Stock
I purchase Pecos Gloss card stock and have found that it prints beautifully with vivid color and detail. Am very pleased with the look and quality.
Susan Starr
Red River is the best!
I love Red River - their products are top notch and 60 lb Pecos Gloss is by far my favorite product for printing my photographs on greeting cards! The service is excellent. It is very easy to order on-line and they are shipped promptly. I will remain a loyal and regular customer for my printing needs as a photographer.
Joan Herwig
Creative control
Printing for me is about having complete control over the creative photographic experience. The glorious prints on Red River papers have helped me to bring my original vision to full realization. Members of my local photo club, seeing the beautiful quality prints that are possible with a quality paper, are becoming inspired to begin printing their own photos for which this current purchase is intended as a primer.
Pamela Careau
Polar Metallic Rocks!
I process a wide variety of my own photography, indoor and outdoor. I am able to add something unique with the metallic finish of this paper. I do miss the elimination of some heavier stock, but I cannot replace the finish from any other vendor. On occasion, I default to RRP Ultra-Pro Satin paper, which is high quality, but am reminded of the trade-off.
carol estes
Wonderful to do business with!
Kim Rollins
Red River is just awesome!
I have to say this place is amazing! Ordered a sample pack and got it fast! and so many different types in the samples. They made it so easy to pick what type of paper I needed and the prices are amazing so is the quality or there paper wonderful and so much to pick from.
Genev Bevis
Great Papers!
I have been using Red River Card Stock, envelopes and Blanco Matte canvas for several years and I love them! The quality is Great and ordering and delivery are fast and efficient!
Chris Abigt
Customer Support is Awesome
The paper is 5 Star. I love it, even more - would give more than 5 stars if I could, when I ran into a problem and called, the technical support helped my through it. They are awesome!!
Barbara Reed
Not just for printing
I love Red River Paper note cards. I have a confession, however. I don't print on them (even though that's why I originally bought them). I have my boys create their own cards for holidays, birthdays, and thank-yous using markers, crayons, or pens. The note cards work great!
Karen M
New Customer
Just ordered a greeting card sample pack and a paper sample pack to see how they worked with my printer. I used the 60 lb. Pecos River Gloss and was amazed at the color and quality of the print! Just finished ordering my first set of greeting card stock and envelopes for an upcoming event! I'm really excited to print up some new items!
Sherida Dans
Just Great Stock
I have used the card stock, and the 4x6 66lb Polar Pearl Metallic paper. This is just unbelievable paper. My images pop, and have depth. They look so sharp. I have moved on to get the 9x13 to see what I can do with this stuff. In my area, money is tight for luxuries like fine art. This paper really looks professional, and the quality is unmatched. This helps to keep my bottom line price affordable, and my customers get a quality print to show and enjoy for a lifetime.
kevin lyons
Love using their paper!
Love using their paper! I have order from them 3 times now! Each paper order is perfectly packed. Each paper is some of the best I have ever used! Thank you so much!
Outstanding printing papers
The papers: Ultra Pro Satin 3.0 and Polar Pearl Metallic are the best I have used in years. I have been printing inkjet for many years and now that I'm 80 years young I'm getting back into Black and White images. Thanks so much.
Red River Paper Love!
Ever since printing my first image on your paper I've been in love! This is the first time I've ordered cards and can't wait to see what my photographs will look like on the textured surface. I'll be "on the edge of my seat" waiting for my order to arrive!
Julanne Kowalski
Just placed my first order -- and it's love at first sight! I haven't even received it yet -- and although we've only just met, I'm already in love with Red River Paper. So excited to have found you! Can't wait to receive the order and give RRP another 5 stars!
Good paper, high shipping cost
I am well pleased with the print quality I get with polar 60lb matte, and paper cost. Shipping charges seem high, however. So far, I have not let this caused me to seriously look elsewhere.
Kenneth Dodds
Quality Paper
I am so thankful that I found this site. I tend to buy a lot of paper each month and was looking for a way to cut cost without cutting quality and I found my solution with Red River Paper. I've never had any issues and the colors are vibrant on the paper. I will continue to order from your site.
Great Paper
Use the matte most of the time for our church's "Hall of Photos"
I use red river all the time and the orders come quick. They are awesome!
I love this paper.
Red River Pecos Gloss Duo - brilliant white, double sided and opaque. I love this paper and use it exclusively for my direct mail self promos. I send them out to ad agencies and designers so the images have gotta pop, and this paper simply out performs anything else out there that's printable on both sides. Definitely worth the shipping cost to Australia!
Richard Furhoff
Excellent photo paper
I have used several of the papers from Red River and they are by far superior to anything else I have ever used.
Nancy Falco
Consistent high quality
I have been using RR Paper for many years and have found it to be consistently the best quality paper for the money. I use the UltraPro Satin and Polar Matte for cards and framed prints. Their customer service is first rate!
Great Shipping
I have a very new etsy business, so I order small quantities often. I need to make sure a product's demand is there before I order in bulk. This means I need to depend on fast shipping, and the product must not be damaged; I don't have time to re-order. My supplies always arrive on time and in great shape. Their packaging is superior! I live in TX, so I get supplies super-fast!
Susan Rae
Great Paper!!!
I highly recommend Red River Paper for all of your photography printing needs. Great quality paper at fantastic prices! Not too mention the oh so easy to navigate website to find exactly what you need. The only thing that would make it perfect would be a free shipping offer for purchases over a certain amount.
Anthony Roma
Happy customer
I've been using RRP for several years now and couldn't be happier. The support is invaluable. Very pleased with the papers. Now RRP is offering ink which is very handy. Shipping is prompt. I recommend RRP to everyone.
Judith Roberts
Great product cheaper than Moab
I was really excited to get my sample packs I ordered after my friend told me about you. I'm a photography student and I buy a lot of paper, and anything is better than Epson luster am I right? Well, after trying some of them I am very impressed at the quality in comparison to Moab and Illford papers that I've tried for a lot cheaper than they are too!
Ashley Brazell
Love This Paper
Red River has been my inkjet paper of choice for years. Over Epson and Canon. I use Aurora Art White for my design portfolio prints and Photo Satin for photographs, both with great results. Wonderful grain, color and consistency. A great value. It's the only ink jet paper I happily recommend.
Best inkjet paper on the market!
I have tried many other papers and brands, but hands down Red River is the BEST QUALITY and VALUE!!!
Kerry Newsome
Tim Mannle
Great product. Great Service. I'll always come back. Thank you!
Tim Mannle
Nothing but the best for my customers.
I have many repeat customers for my custom greeting cards. I will not use any other paper than Red River. The cards come out crisp and colorful and my customers just love them! The same is true for all the other paper I use for portraits, beautiful! I am a longtime loyal customer!
Brigitte Kiba
Red River Papers
Thus far I have been using Red River Papers for about 3-4 years and have not had any type of problem with it. The results are always exemplary. I have referred several other photographers to Red River.
Randy Smith
The best products and service.
I have been very satisfied with the photo papers and the service is great.
Daniel Wright
what great paper!
I have just made my first print with your 50lb Premium Matte Double Sided paper and am totally Wow-ed by the results, brilliant crisp edges on the text and such deep rich blacks, my artwork is looking better than in the original, you have a new fan!
Using for 10+ years
Always good service and great paper. Currently I am loving their metallic paper.
Barbara Gallagher
Happy to order from Red River
A photographer pal recommended RRP to me. Ordering and delivery has been smooth. Their newsletters always contain something educational for me. Using their card stock has upgraded the look of my cards and the reviews of them have been enthusiastically positive.
Amazing products, great prices, even better customer service.
I stumbled upon Red River photography doing research to compare printers and ordered a sample pack. From that moment I was hooked on them as my paper source. The prices are competitive and destroy the big name companies. The company is based out of Dallas and I needed to order greeting cards quick for a friend's custom birthday card and didn't have time for shipping. I went to the facility and had to come in through the back since I am in a wheelchair I was given a tour of the facility and paper treatment process. I have not ordered any other paper since finding this company.
Ordering assistance
Had a question while placing my online order so called the support line. The Red River team member was extremely helpful and completely answered my questions and helped me complete the order.
Why would I use any other paper?!
After taking the big step and purchasing an Epson 3880 to print our own photos, a friend recommended we get Red River paper. Super impressed with both the highest quality (we use 68lb Ultra Pro Satin and 75lb Arctic Polar Luster) as well as the crazy fast shipping! Plus the cost is also right on budget. Thanks Red River team!!
Nice photo paper with a resonable price
I have used the "UltraPro Satin" for many years. It give my pictures' presentation always the best. Red River's service is excellent and their prices are reasonable,fast shipping. I can't say nothing but keep on to order their products.
Stanley Photography
LOVE Red River Paper
I have used this paper, mostly the luster paper, for several years. I will not use anything else. This photo paper whether its matte, satin, the quality of your prints are wonderful! You will never go back to other manufactured photo paper. I am spoiled and hooked when it comes Red River paper.
Amazing Quality
I just tried an experiment using my usual quality paper that I picked up a the office supply store against the 47lb premium Matte paper that came in my sample pack. The settings were exactly the same for both papers and I printed the same picture for comparison. The difference was amazing!! The images on the Red River Paper were so much more vibrant. I was showing everyone in the household the difference. Quality paper really does make a difference. My images are now the quality that I've been trying to achieve. I just ordered to packs...THANK YOU!!
Diane Sprague
Wonderful company with outstanding service and quality products
Red River Paper is really a gem of a company. I have ordered many products from them over several different shipments. I have always been completely satisfied with the quality and value of the products I have received. Items always ship quickly and I have never had anything arrive damaged. They take care to box each product well and then package each box well for shipping. Sounds basic, but not every company ships well. I have been in contact with customer service on two separate occasions - once via email and once via phone. Both times the rep was extremely helpful and friendly. I am impressed with the variety of options available within their product lines. I can usually find exactly what I am looking for, and sometimes find something I didn't even know I was looking for! I think sometimes the price on certain cards and papers might be a bit high, but to me it is worth is since the quality is always, consistently fantastic. Overall I think Red River Paper is really an outstanding company. They offer a great variety of products that are of the highest quality and at a reasonable price for that quality. Their customer service has also proven to be top notch. They are always my first (and often only) stop when I am searching for printable cards and papers.
Superior Paper
I've practiced the craft of photography for over 40 years. My transition to digital printing was challenging and at times very frustrating. Especially finding a paper that delivered exceptional and consistent quality. Enter Red River Paper. Their sheets of Premium Matte Paper and Premium Matte Plus greeting card stock are superior to any and all of the competition.
Larry G
Oh, my, I wish I found it sooner!
I have a scrapbooking project requiring hundreds of pages of printing for family. The last hundred pages, with two other brands, have required me to sit by the printer and hand feed every sheet -- they just would not feed correctly! Red River paper just goes right through -- high quality, heavy stock, beautiful results, and I'm no longer tied to the printer! Oh, and a very good price, too.
Printex Cleaner Sheets - yay!
Printex Cleaner sheets saved my inkjet printer! I had tried everything I could think of, and was ready to throw my printer away. After running a couple of sheets through, the printer works beautifully. They are a great product. Thank you!
Never Use Any Other Paper For Prints
Since moving to Red River papers many years ago, I have not looked back. I use the Arctic Polar Luster, AP Satin and APGloss in various sizes and best paper for my Canon Pixma Pro 9500II and 9000II. Love the colors, the sheen..just a high quality paper!
Danpbphoto, Dan P. Brodt Photography
First time I tried metallic paper and it exceeded my expectations. I use an Epson 3880 printer and the pictures came out sharp and not overly glossy. Colors stayed true. Highly recommend this paper.
Red River Consistently Good
Red River's service is excellent, their prices are the best, and their shipping is fast and reasonable. I've used many of their papers over the past 10 years or so, and I have not ever been disappointed. Currently, I'm working on an "ice" portfolio which looks tremendous on the Polar Pearl Metallic paper.
J. A.
First experience placing an order with Red River Paper
Other than having to place two calls to customer service, first to ask questions about paper and second to see if first order went through because screen went blank when I hit "submit", I'd say I maneuvered the twists and turns pretty well. Signing in as a Guest, however, didn't work as I expected, whether the website's or my server's fault, I don't know. I expect the next time will proceed smoothly. I can't comment on paper yet since I have just ordered it.
Anne Votaw
Glad I found you!
I have been looking for a site where I can get ALL my printing needs.... And BAM! There you are! I live in Alaska and your package came faster than expected and undamaged! I have now bookmarked your site and will continue to use you! Thank you!
Russell Campbell
Outstanding Artistic Photographic Paper
Have been using your Aurora Art Natural Paper for my photographic art for a year now and find that my customers see it as water color art..... the effect is most impressive...I like it and they like it too......Kudos to an excellent product
Best Company Ever
I use a variety of Red River Papers. In the past I used top end expensive papers. Not any more. I can not tell the difference between the much more affordable Red River papers and the high end papers. The cost savings has freed me up to print different possibilities of the same image instead of trying to compare them on the monitor.
Sidney Eley
greeting card paper
This 32# Premium Gloss photo paper is a perfect weight for my quarter fold greeting cards. It always prints perfectly (ink jet) giving clear, beautiful cards. It folds cleanly without the bulk of heavier paper. I will definitely order it again from Red River.
I recently used the Polar Pearl Metallic in 13x19 for a color and B&W image. When those images got into the light box used for competition they really popped.The color won the top spot in the club competition and scored highest in the federation competition.
Perfect paper for book dummy!
Love this paper! I used the 45 lb. Zeppelin semigloss 2-sided paper to create picture book dummies which I then submitted to publishers. The paper has the feel of a high end magazine or picture book. The paper takes the ink from my Epson Artisan printer beautifully. Also used the Zeppelin to print color promo sheets. Very accurate, professional results. Would highly recommend.
The Best Paper!
I have been using Red River Paper for 10 years now, and have yet to disappointed in the quality. I produce my own giclee prints, and Red River has saved me $$ which I can also pass on to the consumer. Great web site too.
Heidi Gallo
Beware 88lb Polar Matte Bent Corners
I have been purchasing Red River Paper for 2 years and are generally very satisfied with their products. They made a change to the packaging in which they send the 50ct 88lb Polar Matte Paper and I have received multiple boxes in which the paper inside has bent corners or is all bowed causing printing errors. I have left 2 messages and am still waiting to hear back about this issue and getting replacements for my recent order, meanwhile not being able to fulfill print orders for my online shop. It looks like if you get the 25ct boxes, they still use their original packaging which we haven't had issues (it is just more expensive).
Christopher Wright
Photo Metallic
Once I found this paper, I seldom use anything else.
Doug Finch
I only shop Red River!
I only shop Red River for my paper/ink needs. I especially love the GreenPix paper and envelopes. I have been using this paper for years. Using recyclable material for my greeting cards is not only great for my business, but also for the environment, and that makes me feel great! :)
Jack of Hearts Photography
Pecos River Gloss 7 x 10 Scored
This was my first experience with Red River paper and I am absolutely estatic. Over the years, I have created hundres of greeting cards, utilizing the standard "office store" papers. However, I have now discovered Red River papers and I know that I will be a regular customer. I have not yet tried any of the other papers but I am confident that they are as superior as the Pecos River Gloss and I look forward to purchasing and printing on other Red River papers in the future.
GreenPix Greeting Cards
This 100% recycled paper is so great! My cards look so good.
M. Meade
No Ordinary Paper Supplier!
I am a big fan of metallic papers and Polar Pearl is at the top of my list for metallic paper. However what I really like about Red River is the wealth of technical advice available on almost every related subject and the positive customer experience I have enjoyed! I am a long way from Dallas in Montreal, Canada and I wouldn't deal with such a distant company unless they were outstanding!
G Smith
Arctic Polar Luster Paper -- PERFECT book paper!
This paper has the perfect weight to comfortably and easily turn pages within a portfolio book. Highly recommended for book-making!
Red River Paper , Shipping, and Service, and Paper
I am super satisfied with the service and shipping. The paper was beautifully packaged, arrived in perfect condition, and it arrived very quickly. As for the paper, it is just amazing. I have tried Pecos River Gloss, Ultra Pro Satin 4.0, and the 60lb. Polar Matte. All 3 types are just perfect. Excellent print results on both of my Canon printers (Pro 100 and MX 922).I will not search for paper any more, I have found the quality papers I need, and I plan on trying more types. I love the pre-scored sheets, for greeting cards, folds so neatly, cards look super. So glad I found you.
Marge Gerbrandt
Great Service & Great Product
I got GREAT service when I was placing my order and the product was PERFECT. What more could you ask but a company to simply do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it. If more companies were like Red River then the world would be a much better place.
Blair Graber
Pecos River Gloss
I just started using Red River's 60lb Pecos River Gloss for note cards featuring my photographs. The paper prints very well on my HP printer, and service from Red River has been great. I am looking at other Red River products for my paper needs.
A Great Mate!
Aurora Natural has the perfect amount of "color" and texture to complement my cooler-tone prints. It is slightly warmer than my rag board and "shows" beautifully. Blacks print rich and deep.
jeffrey kellner
RRP...the Place for Paper!
I always look to Red River Paper for my print paper needs. Turn around time is good and the quality is great but the one thing that I've always appreciated about RRP is their 'Tips' section. I really learned a lot and feel that is the reason my prints come out looking so close to my originals.
Sharon Petersen
Ultra Pro Satin is a Winner
Just tried Red River's Ultra Pro Satin after years of using Epson Luster Pro. The results were outstanding. The color balance was right on using the Epson Luster profile on my Epson 3880 printer. I entered 2 prints into my camera club's competition printed on this paper. One scored the highest, a perfect score. People came up to me asking what paper it was printed on. This will become my new standard paper. I taught traditional color printing in the color darkroom at my university for 20 years before going digital.
Michael Dziak
Everything is awesome
I have been using RRP for several years and all of the papers are great and well priced shipping is fast and packaging of products ensures no damage claims. My customers freak out when i use the polar pearl metallic. It just works for all types of photography
Wayne Felcher
Red River Paper Value-added Service
Not only does Red River provide an excellent selection of papers - both sizes and finishes, I find the additional services to be as valuable. Help with how to get the best results with your ink-jet printer; printer profiles and how to install them; cost/card estimates; monthly links to relevant photography and post-production articles of interest. These are but a sample of the other ways I've received value from Red River. Couple all of this with their excellent products, excellent order fulfillment and customer service - I don't bother to look anywhere else.
So Glad I Stumbled Upon Red River
I had been using regular cardstock to print a lot of my party favors. The quality was okay but not what I wanted. I also use laser for candy wrappers and the glossy paper I had was just OK. I am so glad I stumbled upon Red River. The quality of print with my Epson 2000 is unbelievable for both the matte photo and the glossy paper. I love this paper and I doubt I will ever go back to what I used at first.
Red River Papers
I have been using Red River papers for some time now. Must say I have become spoiled and simply will not use any other papers. The quality is amazing and has never failed yet. Highly recommending to family and friends.
Judy Huck
Polar Pearl Metallic
Awesome paper! The photos jump off the page. I use only Red River now as any of the papers I have tried are all fantastic. I know you will not be disappointed.
Happy New Customer
We got our sample pack of papers and have tried out a few. They are all labeled and organized for ease. Very pleased with the assortment and the quick delivery. I am impressed with all of the information on this site from tips to cost analysis. I am a happy new customer!
Kimberly D
Very Happy
I am making wedding invitations and I've been searching for the right weight and texture in cardstock. I ordered the sample pack and when I opened it, it was like Christmas! Each sheet was better than the next. And happily, I found the exact paper I've been looking for. I've ordered it and just waiting for it to arrive. Red River Paper is now my go to store for cardstock.
60# Pecos River Gloss 7x10 pre-scored Photo Notecards
Look no further - Red River's 60# Pecos River Gloss pre-scored Photo Notecards will yield stunning professional results for your fine art photographic images. By installing Red River's color profiles for the Epson 3880 printer I am using, I know I can expect true color rendition. Red River never fails me. Why not give this fine company's paper products a try?
Good quality paper
This company is the best for quality and support.
Don Myles
New customer and happy
Though only a recent customer I am most pleased with the papers and the service. It was nice to receive a note explaining why a delivery would be late. I also appreciate their printer profiles and that I can also get the ink I need!
D Davlin
Great paper and service!
This is my first time ordering from Red River Paper. I searched the internet for a company that had the greatest variety of papers along with the best pricing. Red River fit that bill. The paper arrived ahead of schedule and was in perfect shape. It is excellent quality and has made us all happy with what we ordered!
Jane T
I'm customer for LIFE!
I've been using Red River Paper's card stock for my illustrated greeting cards and posters and NO other matte cardstock compares. My customers love their prints and even some other artists and greeting card companies have emailed me personally after receiving samples and orders asking what kind of paper I use because the prints are so vibrant!
deb turcio
Beautiful, luminous paper
The Aurora white is an excellent quality paper, with the inkjet inks printing with vibrance and luminosity! Lovely product. Love this product! A+++
Taking me to the Next level
As a fairly new photographer, I was overwhelmed with the "learning curve" of the first year. I was unsure about what camera to buy, what tripod to buy, what lenses I need and how to navigate post processing. But, when it came to deciding what paper to use, that was easy! A friend recommended Red River paper and ever since my first phone call, they have taken the "guesswork" out of the process. Not only do I get the most true to life color and professional quality, I receive answers to all of my questions in a timely manner. Thank you, red River for helping me take my photography from a hobby to a profession this past year. It is great to know that you are in my corner!
Carrie Jena
Profiles and sizes
Two things, among the many, that set you apart from the other paper suppliers: 1, your profiles are the best out there. Everything I print on your papers is always spot on color wise. And 2, your 17x25-inch papers allow me to print full-frame 16x24-inch prints on sheet stock. This alone puts your company on top of the heap. Keep up the good work; we really appreciate it.
Joe Coyle
I'm switching
My wife has been experimenting with pastels on canvas and making prints of her work we were using Epson Velvet Fine Art paper. We just made a print using your Canvas Paper and were blown away by the difference. For her work this will be our paper going forward. I'm a photographer working mostly in BW and just received my sample pack of your papers. My first print on your pearl metallic was a wow moment. Then I printed an old weathered barn on Arctic Polar Luster and was blown away all over again. No more Epson paper for me.
David DeVoe
60-LB Premium Gloss card stock is Terrific!
I buy this paper for the retired Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, KY who print all of their cards on Red River stock. This paper which sadly is being discontinued is proving to be a favorite. They hope RR will keep making this paper.
7X10 card paper
I love your new canvas card paper, but glad I still have some linen - they're both great! For a gloss 'look' the 'Pecos River' is still the best.
Photo paper
I have used other brands of paper in the past. 4 yrs. ago I tried red river paper and it produces great photos. I will not ever buy other than Red River paper. Great product and good price. I use card stock, satin and gloss for photos, all produce a great print.
Ronald Albert
Aurora art White
Aurora Art White. I downloaded the profile for this paper for use with my Epson 2200. For the color print I made, the colors were way off. When I switched to an Epson profile for enhanced matte the colors were fine. A black and white print using the aurora profile was fine. 5 for the paper, 2 for the profile. Has anyone else had problems with the profile for the 2200? Or has everyone scraped their 2200s? Also it took 10 days for the paper to arrive from the time I received an email saying it was shipped. Could have been severe weather in the Northeast.
Judy O'Dell
best value, fine quality
My B&W prints on this paper show such depth and detail. I ran some comparison prints on another brand that costs twice the price and Red River was better. Color prints and macro images also print with fine quality. Thanks Red River for keeping us looking good with less expense!
Great Paper and Great Customer Service
I love the variety of papers they have. I fortunately found them about 10 years ago and have been a customer ever since.
Stephen Immer
Customer Service
Red River Paper is my go to for every type of paper and inks. One reason I keep coming back is the customer service and of course the product. I love this company, here is the deal, you get what you ordered, it is quality and you pay very reasonably for the product.
Premium Matte 37lb
Hi, I have been using this paper for 10 year now, always pristine prints I get. Will not try another paper. SO happy with Red River.
Polar Matte exceeds expectations
Good day! I'm primarily a landscape photographer but also get requests for children's portraits and special events excluding weddings which I prefer to pass on. Having recently acquired a Pixma pro-100 printer with a pkg. of Canon Pro Premium Matte 13x19 in. paper included. Printing on this paper of sunsets and sunrises in Venice Italy as well as other landscapes in Florence, Sorrento, and Rome I was very pleased w/ the results' Being a Canadian living in southern Ontario purchasing additional paper was costly,(70.00 for 20 sheets.I checked the web and found Red River Paper Products. After reading about all your paper as well as personal reviews I decided to give R.R. Paper a try. The cost was very favourable. Well Red River your advertising was very true. I'm extremely happy w/ the final results. While in Europe many images were HDR. due to the time of day and only a quality printer accompanied w/ quality paper would produce the the results I'm looking for. Koodo's and accolades to R.R.Paper.I over the moon with your product and service. I'll definitely be a follow up customer looking to expand my paper use on other varieties. Thanks every so much Vincent.
Vincent A Doyle
Excellent Service
I have used the card stock papers for printing cards. I am into my second or third order. The service has been excellent and my cards are appreciated by the people who receive them. I am now getting request to make my cards and photos available for purchase.
Polar Pearl Metallic 13x19
I've been using the Polar Pearl Metallic paper for a couple of years. For the past two years, I've enter the Royal National Capital Agricultural Shows Art Section in Canberra, the Capital of Australia, and both years, I've won First Prize in two of the Sections. This year in Landscape and Portrait/people category as well as a 2nd and Highly Commended in the B&W categories and a 3rd for a landscape. All images were printed on Polar Pearl Metallic. I attribute some measure of my success to this lovely paper that makes images stand out and demand attention.
Red River Paper from 4x6 to 11x14
I have used red river paper for over 2 years now from 4x6 to 11x14. I have purchased Gloss, Matte, metallic, and various forms of all mentioned. To date I have not been disappointed, on the contrary I am delighted with their products. I enjoy the various weight and types available. So, in closing, I only buy RED RIVER. Why tamper with excellence, give them a try .
Excellent paper
I have no problem with the paper, but I do with the shipping charges. I feel they were excessive for what I bought. There wasn't much of a selection for shipping.
New user
Thank you for the fast turn around on my recent order. I am a new user of your product and so far, I'm having success with your Aurora and Polar Matte. My order came in well packed and safe, and your prices are great. I started by ordering your sample pack and liked the results so that is the reason for my recent order. I'm looking forward to impressing my customers with my images printed on your product. I look forward to ordering from you again.
D Jackson
Shipping excellence!
I have ordered multiple types of paper from Red River Paper. Besides being absolutely thrilled with the quality of the paper (I especially use UltraPro Satin for all my "pre" printing), I have been extremely pleased with the condition of the packages I in Alaska, it is hard to get supplies without dings, etc. in the packaging. Red River is thorough in their care of my orders. Thank you!
S Biggs
Above and Beyond the Call
I've been a happy purchaser of Aurora Natural for a number of years now, and recently, Red River went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with a problem which frankly was my own doing. They acted as if they owed me a favor when they really didn't, and exceeded my expectations in every way. Plus, as always, Aurora Art Natural is a great paper. If only all companies offered such great products and were this well run!
Katharine B.
Blanco matte canvas
This is a review of Red River Paper as much as of Blanco matte canvas. I read the reviews of this paper before purchasing and noted that many reviewers had difficulty getting the paper to feed correctly. I ordered a minimum amount of letter size paper to give it a try. It took about 10 sheets of paper to get one that wouldn't jam. I tried all the tricks suggested by other reviewers as well as Red River Paper. My printer now makes a seeking noise while printing and I noticed some hesitation in printing as evidenced by some smudging. When I called Red River they said I could return the unused paper for a partial refund. I told them the dollar amount wouldn't be worth my time. I will still use other Red River papers as I like their metallic and Polar Matte papers but I think this is very short sighted of management. Buyer beware of this paper.
Dr. Jack Bynes
What more could you want?
The paper quality offered by Red River is top notch. The sample packs make it easy and inexpensive to get a proper bead on what you actually like and want to buy. The shipping times are reasonably fast. Pretty much everything is excellent from start to finish!
Great paper, easy service.
In the spirit of less is more, my review. All the papers and card stock I've tried so far by Red River have been fantastic (just ordered the Aurora White Fine Art, very excited) and at reasonable prices. The service online is fantastic, and their emails are always actually interesting (links to photographers/media/etc...). All around a win.
dan florez
Increase Profits by Reducing Costs
I print most of my own jobs up to 17" wide. Many of my most profitable shoots come from shooting team photos for all different sports in my small town. I offer individual items and packages and have to be very careful to match my pricing to my customer base. For many years I used a top of the line Luster finish paper made by my printer manufacturer. My options to increase profits were to increase prices or to reduce costs. I first tried refillable inks but the quality wasn't good enough. It was only when I switched to Red River UltraPro Satin that I found a paper that had the reproduction quality and the weight that could compare to what I had been using. But it was the pricing that sealed the deal. I now buy Red River UltraPro Satin in the 600 sheet box and my cost per sheet has dropped dramatically. And that means that my profits have increased without having to raise my prices. Red River is my first choice for papers!
Chuck Almarez, Fire and Light Gallery
Super Products & Service
I recently place my first order for Red River products ... 60 lb. Pecos River Gloss 5x7 Notecards and envelopes. Wow! Fantastic paper. I'm so pleased with the results I'm getting. And all arrived quickly and with excellent packing. Thank you!
Greg K
well done folks
over the last several years RR became my first then my only choice for cards, envelopes, sleeves, boxes, paper ... responsive customer service, great products, new stuff, cutting edge, love the printer drivers. My only regret is that it took me a couple of years to write a review.
Love Red River Paper products
I use the UltraPro Satin for my photographs. They look like they were professionally printed. The paper is great! I have also ordered the premium envelopes in white and red and the card stock, both the matte and the shiny finishes, and used them to make my own custom birthday and Christmas cards. I was impressed with the high quality of these products. My orders always arrive in a timely fashion and are well-packed and arrive undamaged.
Great Paper
Great paper and reliable service. What more could I ask for?
R. Paine
Competitive papers with satisfied customers
When we first started our fine art printing service, the idea of choosing papers to offer in-stock was daunting. However, time after time we find Red River Papers to rival or surpass the boutique brands. We love hearing our customers say "I love this paper, who makes it?" and the surprise on their face when they hear that it didn't come from Epson or another mainstream paper maker.
Hope & Feathers Framing and Gallery
Outstanding products and service. First order arrived early well packaged in secure packaging. Product packaging, the boxes, provide workplace security and uniform flatness of the paper. Following orders confirms that my first order was not just luck.
Love Red River
I first discovered Red River about 8 years ago when I was looking for a high quality inkjet vellum and I fell in love. First, of all shipping was rapid and they went through extreme care to make sure my paper wouldn't get damaged. Secondly, the product was just what I was looking for! Recently I have purchased both a high gloss and matte finish A6 greeting card paper. The weight on each sheet is just what I wanted. I am always pleased with my purchases And I will continue to use them in the future.
Tournament Framings
I learned about Red River through my Nature Photographer's group and then started ordering paper for tournament framings through my business. Our members and their guests rave over the quality of their prizes in terms of these framed photos.
32lb. Premium Matte Double Sided Paper
I have used Epson Premium Matte Paper for years but always wished that it was available in a double sided version. Having just discovered and tried out your double sided paper, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The images are gorgeous and there is no visible print-through. Now I am looking forward to trying out some of your other papers as well.
H. Jacobs
I am an artist in a process of opening an online store. While preparing I had to get a new printer (Epson R3000) to be able to produce archival quality prints. Not being very "technical" I had several problems and have to say that Red River Paper provided me with all needed answers. I found more information on RRP website than one can hope for. When stranded, I called and was patiently led through several steps by Drew. I also have purchased Blanco Matte Canvas, Polar Matte Greeting Cards Stock and Aurora Art Natural paper, all great products. I just had a bit of a difficulty loading the 13"x 19" canvas sheets, but eventually fallowing the instructions did it. Prints are amazing!. Thank you for all you do !
Grazyna Wolski
Red River Paper Rocks
My sister raved about your Red River Polar Pearl Metallic paper for its superior quality and characteristics. She had used it with a sunset photo and it turned out stunning. She urged me to order your Red River Samplers. I have rarely seen such great value for the price. I loved experimenting with the different finishes and am totally impressed with all your paper, especially the Polar Pearl Metallic and the Arctic Polar Luster which I subsequently ordered. The colors turn out so rich and vivid ~ also love the texture and substance of the paper. Your packaging is outstanding and delivery quick. Can't ask for more! Thanks for such a great product and service.
JJ Counts
Red River Paper Overall Review
To date I am not a large user of photographic related papers. However where I have needed quality paper my first choice has been Red River Paper. I started with their sample packet(s) and branched out from there. My current use is for a line of greeting/note cards that I am developing. Whether it be card stock, metallic paper, simulated canvas or other photographic print medium, I have never been disappointed.. Paper is not the only thing that RRP provides. I Have found their service/support to be second to none. Orders are filled on a timely basis, information is within easy reach on their website and there has always been quick response to my questions. Thanks Red River Paper
Don R. Millbranth
best by far!
Although I am not a prolific printer, I use your paper exclusively. I especially love the metallic finish for photos of water. Thanks for such good service on orders and for such fine paper.
Orders are filled quickly
I order my inks and paper from Red River Paper because they always fill the items and ship quickly. I have not run into any out of stock or other delays. It keeps me coming back.
First time user review
I'm a first time user of Red River paper. It was recommended by a friend. I ordered a couple of boxes and did my first prints yesterday. Today, I am ordering more paper, as well as some post card and card stock!! Very pleased with the product!!
Peggy McLemore
Polar Matte 60 Lb Item 1879 9x6.25 Scored
60lb. Polar Matte. The absolute BEST paper for greeting cards. I also purchased corresponding envelopes item #7160, 4.75 x 6.5. Long have I waited, long have I searched and tried. The stock I bought from the office supply store was too absorbent and faded the colors. The envelopes would not seal. I was so glad I sent Valentine cards!
Customer Service is Excellent and professional
Every time I call Red River with an order, their CS people are very helpful and Professional. If I can't find what I'm looking for, they are right on spot to guide me to the right page and walk me through the ordering system.
Polar Pearl Metallic is the BEST.
I am 75 years old. Getting back into photography after a 40 year absence. I can't tell how great it feels to make a print using Polar Pearl Metallic. I had always loved making prints. Seeing the image appear in the developer was Magic. Using the Polar Pearl Metallic I get the same wonderful feeling when the print comes out of the printer. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. After using this paper I have come to realize that just isn't true. Try it and you will see what I mean.
Peter Zurla
Purchasing Sample Kits Is The Way To Go
By purchasing sample kits, I was able to determine which paper best fit my needs. I settled on Premium Matte Plus due its exceptional color accuracy and superior detail definition. This was an easy decision when I lined up the different printed papers and reviewed them. For me, purchasing the sample kits was the way to go. I smile EVERY time I retrieve a print from my printer.
Geo. W.
Great Variety
I now have a great variety of paper from RR. Each one is getting great reviews. People at golf outings marvel at the prints on Polar Pearl Metalic. I have had great response from the Canvas Wraps I have done lately and can't say enough about the help I received from a Red River expert when I was having trouble loading my canvas paper into my Epson R3000. I recently entered 5 photos into a local show and contest. Judging is not done yet but the initial response by the jurors was excellent. Red River has been not only a great source for excellent photo paper, but for hands on help and excellent helpful articles and links to informative information on printing and photography. What a company.
Robert Gustin
I'm A Believer
I was using named brand paper when a friend told me about Red River. I got a sample pack. That was 3 years ago. I now use Red River exclusively.
Brent in Tularosa
When you order and get the quality, the time frame, everything the way you order, this is joy!
Jan Johnson
Red River Understand their Customers.
I just love the ease, the reviews, and the info that is contained with every product that Red River sells. Not only can you see customer reviews but the information provided by Red River is stellar even the printer ICC information is included online so you know exactly what you are getting and what you can do with it. Red River are made up of people who understand their customers and want their customers to make the best informed decision. Thank you.
Marcel D Bassett
New Favorite
I have a new favorite paper!! ARCTIC POLAR SATIN. I tried it in Jan. It gives sensational results with all my printers: Epsons 3880 ,Epson 2880 and Canon PRO 10.
Ralph Laughery
Pecos River Gloss for greeting cards
I've always printed a lot of greeting cards for myself and friends, and recently have started selling them as well. The 60 lb. Pecos River gloss paper has been ideal for me, in the A2 and 5x7" sizes. Great color, durable finish, and an overall professional look make this paper a favorite of mine. The available clear envelopes and boxes really work for public sales, too.
Mark Lankton
Exquisite products
This is only the second time I have written any review about any product. I just won the photographic grand prize from Overseas Adventure Travel and a free to anywhere they travel, with a picture I took in 2011 on their Ultimate Africa adventure. It is a herd of elephants walking towards me at sunset with a large plum of dust almost obliterates the sun. I am printing this image for sale and friends on Red River Polar Pearl Metallic and also on Ultra Pro Gloss 2.0. Both papers really bring out the highlights and deep shadows along with the orangish-reddish sunset. The detail is terrific. Yes, I have calibrated monitor so the Red River supplied ICC profiles are extremely helpful and very necessary when using multiple papers of the same image. I have been using, and will continue to use, Red River Aurora Art Natural C2S for my "thank you" notes. This paper is also astounding to use for my computer restored images. Did I say I like Red River Paper?
Lloyd Beard
Beautiful quality paper, fast shipping, careful packaging, and easy navigation of website!
Wonderful Paper
I have used Ultra Pro Satin 3.0 and Polar Pearl Metallic paper with great success. The delivery is quick and the paper is packaged so it arrives in perfect shape.
Polar Pearl Metallic Paper
Received my order for the polar pearl metallic paper and was very happy with the black and white prints I made. The detail was outstanding. My wife was very impressed with the images also.
Does it Get Better Than 66lb. Polar Pearl Metallic Photo Paper?
The Polar Pearl Metallic photo paper is by far one of the most dynamic photo presentation medium I have found and will always have it in my stash of other Red River fine products. If you have not tried this extremely well developed product I highly recommend it.
Could not be more pleased
I had been wanting to try metallic paper and did not have an excuse not to when it went on sale. I ordered one day, they shipped the next and I got it the next. Great service. I cannot see myself using any other paper for those photographs that really matter. I cannot put into words how wonderful my pictures are using this paper. Here's one: SPECTACULAR!
L. R. C.
Fantastic Papers!
I have used Red River Papers for a few years and have NEVER been disappointed. My favorite at this moment is the Polar Pearl Metallic, but that is just one of several. I'm now trying their card stock, which I'm sure will be as superior as their other papers. It's just a great feeling to be able to order papers for both my Epson and Canon printers and not worry about what or how to order!...Red River takes care of it all! I can't praise them enough!
Nancy Springer
fast turn around~
I am always impressed with the fast turn around once I place an order!
great paper
I have tried your scrapbook sampler, ultrapro satin, and polar matte, and they all great. Everything arrives really fast and is packed so well. I meet with a scrapbook group and everyone thinks I have the best pages thanks to your wonderful paper.
Mary Danhour
Always Happy
I have been using Red River for a few years now and I have always been happy with their products and their service. I particularly love their Ultra Pro Satin Ink Jet Photo Paper. I use it to print my student's best photo projects and they look great.
New Business
I've just started an online business which requires the use of greeting card stock. I came to your site in search of information and became an instant customer. Not only do you offer a great selection of product, but the breadth of information on printing made getting started 1000 times easier. You have NO idea how useful all the information you provide is. (Or maybe you do!) I started with the sample pack to get a feel for the paper and printing and ordered my first box of Pecos River Gloss. Both orders were delivered to my door in less than 2 days. Excellent!
T. Walsh
Sample Pack
I ordered a sample pack of greeting cards to find out which paper I would like to use in a line of cards that I am starting. I am very please with the quality of the paper. Customer service when I placed the order was very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to ordering cards and getting started.
Polar Pearl Metallic
After reading many reviews, I finally made a leap of faith and ordered some Polar Pearl Matallic paper. I love the speed that Red River processed my order - it was done in less than 24hrs and shipped! Once I received the paper I found it very helpful that they include in every box of paper instructions on what settings to use to get the most out of your prints. My first print was awesome!!! I did not waste any paper trying to get things just right. Overall: Great service, fast processing, helpful instructions.
Red River UltraPro Satin Photo Paper !
I have always used Pro Jet and Ilford photo paper for many years. I just ordered and tried the Red River Ultra Pro Satin photo paper for my first time. I was shocked to see how good the Red River photo paper really is. I am sure that I will be ordering again and trying something different in the photo papers just to see if they are as good as the Ultra Pro photo paper is. I have tried many photo papers over the years and Red River is without doubt a very great Photo paper. I am just glad that I done some research on new photo papers and found Red River Photo Papers. Thank You for an outstanding quality photo paper !
will bunger
I found all kind of papers I was looking for.
I had been looking for papers that I could print both sides to print high end portfolios and I found this kind of paper with Red River Paper. I also spent a lot of time researching about metallic papers that I could print in my professional inkjet printer and I found it with them. I am learning the way to print my photographs in the most professional way and I found Red River makes it easy. It was easy to find the ICC profiles for each kind of paper on the website, so I am pretty happy having found this supplier. My orders was carefully packed and paper arrived in perfect condition. I expect to build a long term business relationship with this company. Thanks.
Jaime O.
Polar Matte 12x12
I absolutely love the 12x12 Polar Matte paper for my scrapbook pages. The quality is awesome and so is the service.
Nancy Branigin
New Adventure with my wide formate printer and your Polar Matte 11x17 paper
Hi, I just printed off several 11X17 enlargements on your Polar Matte paper. The photos were of our drive up to the top of Mt Evans in Colorado - highest elevated road in the USA. The colors, texturesand subtle details of my Mountain Goats , Bristle Cone Pines and "Top of the World" landscape turned out perfectly. I have used other papers but have never seen these results. I have just been introduced to your papers by a friend and want to say thank for a great product.
Joanna Learner
Aurora Natural Fine Art Paper - Mixed
I use this paper to print stationery and art prints that have a good amount of white space, which I then sell. In an order of two boxes of 50-sheet 8.5x11, about 20-25% of the sheets are imperfect -- there are a couple dark specks that are large enough to look glaring in the white space. I have to double check all the paper before I use it, and sometimes I can only print on one side, when the paper is sold as printable on two. And sometimes I can't use it at all. For the 75-80% of the paper that is perfect, I love it. Not too "cream/natural", as others have stated. Because it's 100% cotton, though, be careful when handling/trimming, because it can pick up dirt much more than uncoated stock. Shipping was also great, and paper boxes arrived undamaged.
Awesome service
I have been using Red River for their fine paper and inks for over 7 years, always great service for a great product.
Arctic Polar Gloss
I am absolutely amazed every time I use the Arctic Polar Gloss! The Gloss, depth, clarity and true whiteness. Previously, I used top of of the line paper from Epson, Kodak, HP, etc. super ultra pro glossy photo paper. Never again ... they don't even qualify for backup I trashed all my remaining paper. And equally amazing ... your price is right!
Paul Preston Davis
Excellent Quality
I have been ordering from Red River for several years now. The quality of the note cards is Top Notch. I make the cards for a garden show and always receive many compliments. This years show another vendor asked where I purchase my cards and of course I said Red River Paper they are the best.
gayle brandt
This company is simply amazing. I have 'discovered Red River Paper just a few months ago. Their customer service is "real"!! Their products are top of the line. They follow up with show their "genuine" appreciation. Their shipping habits are stellar!!! What I order, not only goes out FAST... it is packaged so sturdy, that even a brinks truck would be safe!! I just love this company, and they make 'me' and my business more professional.
nancy galligan
After 3 years, Red River Ultra Gloss Pro 2.0
I have used Red River paper extensively in the past, with great results. After 3 years of NOT printing "in house", I pulled out my Epson Stylus Pro 2400. It took about 3 hours of head cleaning to get it up and running again. I put in my last sheet of 11X17 Ultra Gloss Pro 2.0 and ran a "test print". PERFECT! Just amazing paper. I just placed a new order, and will be trying the Arctic Polar Gloss in addition to my stand by favorite. The quality of Red River Paper makes producing my own prints extremely satisfying. After experimenting with many other big "Name Brands", nothing comes close to quality, price and overall value. Give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.
William Levitt
Art Looks Great On Red River Papers!
The art class I attend has 15-20 artists on any given day. Capturing their art on my "aim and shoot" camera, I then download the pictures to my computer and create note cards, specialty cards, greeting cards, etc. All the art looks magnificent -- the paper quality enhances the inherent beauty of our far from professional attempts at creating masterpieces. The class has told me Red River card stock is far superior to any other company.
Excellent quality
I just received my first box of Red River Paper and I am impressed by the quality of it -- thickness and how well images come out. I wish there was an easier way to distinguish which is the printing side though. It says the "smooth" side is the printing side, but there's hardly any difference. Maybe if they printed a water mark on the back?
Jason Sanqui
card stock and envelopes
I've used this paper for several years and able to see how nothing changes with the quality of print and color. I love being able to order on-line and get a thank you and excellent service on the receiving end.
Suzanne BeVier
Pecos Gloss greeting card
Outstanding product and service. We use these to print custom greeting cards for our business. By far the best quality photo card stock we have found. A nice weight and our customers love them.
Julee Shepard, Fuzz Therapy
Paper and Website Review
Great paper for printing notecards. I especially like the the helpful printing tips and information provided on the Red River Paper website.
You'll Never Find Better Paper
I've used many inkjet papers, but none as good as Red River. I have even gone so far as to purchase only the printers listed on this site because Red River papers are the only papers that pass through my printers. Excellent paper, excellent customer service! Can't ask for more.
Great everything
Great prices and great paper. I like the polar pearl metallic for image quality. Great customer service too.
Paul Ostrum
Photos for Displays
Most of the photos I take are put into displays or saved for archival purposes. Because of the quantity required, a 600 sheet order was no problem. The papers print well on our Epson printers and Red River Paper's timely delivery and pricing sold me on using them. And I have been pleased since the first order.
S. VanDorn
Outstanding Service/Product
I have been using Red River photo paper for years and can say that in my opinion, it is the best product on the market. Color and sharpness can not be duplicated with other manufacturers products. If you have never tried Red River, you are losing out.
Highly recommend for other galleries
We here at the Shane Lamb Gallery stand by our artwork quality and that means using a quality paper product. They do not disappoint and we appreciate their quality customer service as well.
I was surprised to find icc profiles for my printer on the site, not even canon offers them for my printer(canon pixma mg5520) nor do any of the other big paper company's. A combination of that and my teacher recommending you guys as a paper i should check out, the decision was a no brainier. I just placed my order for the sample pack and cant wait to test it out
Great service and products
I became a Red River customer on the recommendation of a friend. I am extremely glad that I did. I have found their service to be fast, accurate, and courteous. I have had great results when printing photographs and in making Christmas cards. I look forward to years of continued satisfaction.
Steve Gies
never disappoints
I am always impressed with the quality and the timely delivery. I only wish they could read my mind so that I don't order the wrong size.
Cost per Print info is Invaluable
I stumbled upon the Red River Paper site while researching the cost per print of photos on my two inkjet printers: Canon Pixma Pro-100 and Epson Workforce 435. The information that Red River publishes concerning their tests with printing is essential to me to help establish pricing which is accurate and competitive for my customers. I am a professional photographer and I need to know when printing is cost effective and when to refer my customers to a specialty lab. The knowledge that I have gained here has been extremely valuable to help me with those decisions.
Pecos River Gloss
I have sold more cards since I changed to this paper from another brand
Love Red River
We love your selection and quality. We make a few large orders every year and have always been happy. Thanks for all the hard work!
Nicholas Cravotta
Wonderful selection of top quality papers
I own and operate a photo lab in Norwell, MA. Red River papers have been a customer favorite for cards and books. The best thing about them is the consistent quality of the product (which many aftermarket papers lack). The price is affordable and the delivery time is also very good. The staff is also friendly and helpful every time I have called. They have been the best solution for many of the services we offer here. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an affordable quality paper!!!
Sean Goss owner of Goss Photo
Better Than I Expected
I am new to printing my images and was a bit anxious about ordering paper online for my Epson Artisan. Paper and ink are so expensive and experimenting was just frustrating and costly. I emailed customer support and got a prompt reply to my questions. I am so happy I found Red River Paper and ordered because the prints I've made are beautiful. One of the prints I've done even made it into a juried art show! I am a happy customer for sure.
Linda Kosidlo
new customer...but not for long
I had questions regarding what was the best paper to print my art as a calendar. Had no idea where to start but posed the question via email to RedRiverPaper and got an immediate response with links to papers suggested. I went in and ordered some and it arrived quickly and it indeed was PERFECT!. I have now turned my art into calendars using this paper. Will definitely be back for more products and questions too I am sure. Thanks so much
This is the best paper I have used. I have been using RR papers for better part of 5 years. Quality paper, great support. All of the papers I have used get a 5 star rating.
Eugene J. Wolski
Fast delivery
I ordered a number of products over the last month and was impressed with the product, overall experience, and fast delivery.
My Best Choice
It is so convenient for me to order from Redriver Paper that I order all my printing paper and card stock from you. Saves time and gas.
Paper is impressive
Polar pearl metallic paper is impressive. It greatly improves the look of my wildlife and scenic photos. The colors of the photo are bright and vibrant while remaining natural.
John Terry
60 lb Polar Matte
For years I'd struggled to get our home-made Christmas cards done. Sending 500 was extremely time consuming as each letter-size card had to be printed, then scored and trimmed by hand. I told all my wonderful friends that I was stopping after 25 years at age 80. BUT Red River found me! Now I've cut my work by 75% using 60 lb 7x10 (scored) Polar Matte stock and plan to keep on til I'm a 100! You saved me! You saved my friends too who seem to love our cards! I also make 13x19 enlargements on several other of your gorgeous papers, many of which are on the walls of my local Oklahoma Bank! RED RIVER, you make this serious amateur look like a pro! THANK YOU!!!
Elbert Waldo Gepford
Polar Matte is the best!
This Polar matte is the best matte paper that I have found, producing great colors on my Pixma Pro 100 printer. I've used it for cards, and fine art framed pieces, and I'm very happy with both.
Debra Pruskowski
Great paper in an unusual size
Search online for large-scale panoramic paper and you'll find just one manufacturer: Red River. I've been using the 8.5" x 25" Ultra Pro paper for a few years now and my clients have been very impressed. Colour rendition, level of detail, and weight of paper all make this a compelling product that I have purchased repeatedly.
Why use anything else?
I've been using Red River products exclusively for a few years now. Why use anything else? Never been disappointed. The shipping time and the gorilla proof packaging are top shelf!
Exceptional quality cards
I enjoy making card sets as gifts and for my own use. I tried many different papers before finding Red River. I now use the pre-scored 60 lb Pecos gloss almost exclusively for exceptional quality cards. I highly recommend Red River papers for people who care about quality.
Nancy S
60 lb. Pecos River Glossy Card Stock
I made my own Christmas Cards for the first time this past Christmas. I used 60 lb. Pecos River glossy card stock. I was very pleased with the results and received many complements. Thank goodness Red River Paper promptly shipped my order, as I made the decision to make my own cards at a late date. One more accolade for Red River Paper!!!
Larry R.
Game Changer!
LOVE Red River Paper. I am an artist and I have sold so many prints and cards using red river paper. The printer profiles red river supplies ensure that the prints of my work look JUST like the originals!
Evan Neidich
Great products, service and shipping
I am an amateur photographer, but do show my photos at local contests/shows/etc. A friend turned me on to RRP and I absolutely LOVE the quality of the paper, and the price can't be beat. Before I knew better, I used more expensive papers that were suggested online, and in large camera shops ... but RRP has a better product, better pricing, and their service is top notch! Camera Nikon D610, Printer Canon Pro-100, favorite paper - Polar Pearl Metallic
Pecos River
I ordered the 7 x 10 Pecos River Gloss cards that when folded make 5 x 7 cards. Then I ordered more because my wife said she liked them so much that we should have some additional on hand for other occasions besides Xmas. The product did its job in an excellent way.
Great Job Red River!
I have been using Red River products for the past five years to make greeting cards. The 60lb Pecos River Gloss is the perfect card stock for my photography on greeting cards. Great weight and color saturation is exceptional. My Canon printer handles the stock fine. Orders are packaged carefully with full padding in a sturdy box. You can't find better pricing on such high quality product. I'm a Red River fan for life!
Just what I have been looking for
I have been looking for a textured card stock for printing cards I make (either digitally or stamped) and this paper is PERFECT! Will order again and again! :-)
The Best Paper Ever!
Polar pearl metallic paper is phenomenal. It makes a photo pop. Colours are vibrant, natural and beautiful. This is my favourite paper for wildlife photos and scenics. It is exquisite.
Dr. Madeline Kalbach
Fantastic Paper
A friend of mine recommended Red River Paper over a year ago and I thought my paper was superior to anything out there. For some reason a month ago I decided to try Red River Paper and could not be happier. I love the weight and my prints look so professional with great color. I love this paper.
Great products, great service and help.
I am relatively new to photography as a hobby, and enjoy printing and framing. the photography and printing part of my hobby was ok, but I quickly found out that taking a good picture is easy compared to getting that good photo printed. I was having trouble with the quality of my prints. I could never seem to get it right.I purchased a new printer, but still could never get the quality I wanted. After researching, I came across RR Paper. Their selections of papers are great, I ordered a sample kit, and was really impressed. They provide all profiles and give instructions on installing them. I highly recommend this company. Add together their products, service and technical help, and you have one great company. Thanks.
Lou Algieri
Excellent resource
I just started making greeting cards and prints from my watercolor sketches this year to sell at craft shows and found the information and variety of papers available to be key to my success. I used the Photoshop Elements greeting card plugin they sell to design my cards and eventually settled on the Paper Canvas paper for all my printing. I learned how to use ICC profiles and the output looks extremely professional. Also their packaging is great and shipping is fast. Highly recommended.
Almost Perfect
I recently tried the Premium Matte for printing 4x9 in. cards and the results are terrific. The colors are clear and strong and the white provides a great contrast. The one shortfall is that the envelopes I bought for the cards were poorly packed and 8 of them are too bent to use. I'll be contacting RR for replacements.
Never disappointed
I'm not a huge volume buyer...but very particular with products. So, simply said, RR Paper saves the day every time. Plus, their website has so much to offer in addition to buying paper. No need to go back to college for "how to"'s all at NO CHARGE. Thanks, RR gang!
Note cards as Christmas gifts
Each year I create note cards as Christmas gifts for my neighbors using photos of flowers, birds and butterflies taken in their beautiful gardens. I have used many brands and types of card stock but recently tried Red River Polar Matte, based on so many positive reviews. The results were outstanding and I could not be more pleased. The colors were the brightest ever and the photos in some cases looked almost three-dimensional. Thanks Red River for such high quality paper. My neighbors love the cards.
Bill Welstead
Best Paper
When reading an article about printing pictures, the writer of the article mentioned Red River paper as the paper he uses. I looked at the website and bought a small batch of paper. I was hooked the first time I printed up a picture. I have since order many different types of paper and each one meets or exceeds my expectations. The photos come out absolutely gorgeous. My friends ask me where I get my paper and I direct them to Red River. I wouldn't think of using any other paper
James Watson
68lb UltraPro Satin 4.0
First time user of Red River paper and satisfaction is beyond belief... this paper is lovely...finish is exquisite, allowing details and colours to reproduce in an outstanding way. Full ICC profiles and paper handling guide are bonus. Will be trying their other papers in the future. Try this 68lb UltraPro Satin, you'll see.
Excellent Paper & Excellent Service
The friendly folks at Red River Paper helped me choose a photo printer and the best papers for my types of images. RRP products compare favorably in my testing to Canon professional media.
Mitch H
Outstanding Photo Paper
Red River provides extraordinary photo papers at an exceptional price. Their customer service is unexcelled.
Jack Larson
A First Timer
I have just used Red River Paper products for the first time. I am a newly minted pro photographer and do all of my own printing to be able to manage the complete creative process. The online ordering process was easy and, when I called customer service to assist me in increasing an order, they were very efficient. There is a great deal of instructional material on the website which helped me a lot. I work on a just in time basis and RRP was completely up to the task. Also, the paper is grand. Peter
Peter Crowell
68lb UltraPro Satin 4.0
68lb UltraPro Satin 4.0. This is the best Black White Paper I've found to date. The first print out of my Canon Pixma Pro-100 was great!!! I feel it's just like photo paper form back in the day. I believe the whiteness of the paper adds to the ability to capture all zones for a fine Black & White prints.
Poloar matte greeting caards
I love using your polar matte greeting cards. I create greeting cards from my photographs which I sell for charity. People love the cards.
Red River Paper's Service is #1
I've been a satisfied customer since 2011, and just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your first-rate service and customer support. Thanks!
Good Quality Paper for a good price.
I loved most of the papers I've gotten from Red River. My all time favorite is their Metallic.
Love Red River Paper
Red River Paper is a five star paper company. The products are fabulous and the variety cannot be found anywhere else. I'm stuck to this company and tell everyone who likes my work about the paper products I use. Keep up the good work Red River!
Deborah Marie Butcher
Pecos River Gloss
Thank you Red River for supplying such great paper. I live in the UK and by which ever way I can (mainly friends and family visiting the US) I manage to get hold of your paper to print on my printer...The results are always good and my customer base is expanding thanks to the wonderful results.
jennifer Hewson
Fantastic product
As a manufacturer of commercial inkjet printers, I am always looking for new materials to print on using our products. We use Memjet print technology in our printers and found that the Red River Papers are excellent substrates. I am excited to see how the other papers that they offer perform with our products. I am printing on the double-sided photo paper with our Neopost AS-950C / Mach 5 printer.
William J Longua
The Company and the Paper.
Merry Christmas to you and your staff. I was 'caught' in the change over from traditional photographic printing to today's digital and had to close my doors in the year 2000. I witnessed the demise of my beloved Kodak, Konica, Minolta, Agfa, Calumet Photo, as well as some awesome films that were being produced at the peak in the early nineties. My Mamiya RZ67 sits quietly wondering of its future. This year, as I cleaned out the old studio, I thought I would give it another try. I purchased the Nikon D800 and Epson 3880 and then found your company and paper. While it is not the absolute replacement to the silver halide of the past, I have been pleasantly surprised with your products and speed of you delivery. Thank you....I am experimenting with your canvas. I will let you know.
Willem Lankhaar
Happy new customer!
I am brand new to Red River Paper and am so pleased with the paper I have purchased so far. The colors and detail are amazing. I also love the help on your website for printing! Thank you! Customer for life!
Pecos River & Pecos Magna Gloss
I have used both the 96lb magna and 60lb River 7x10 papers for note cards with excellent results. I both print on the card with images and use it in combination with printing and attaching an overlaid 4x6 photo. Both products give wonderful colors and finish. For cards that may be displayed, the 96lb Magna is preferred, as it stands up very nicely and has a wonderful feel. The pre-scoring is great and saves me time.
J.S.Williams Photography
Great paper!
Great paper for reasonable price
Newbie to Red River
I just learned of Red River this November. Where have I been these years? Tried and loved the sample pack. Immediately ordered several items, and wondered why I had not found out about or used Red River before. I will continue to use their products in the future.
Sample pack
Great looking paper, but don't expect to make full use of the sample pack, since each sheet is stamped with the name of the paper on the front of the sheet. I was able to use a couple of the sheets by printing pictures with black borders around it. I guess if you are going to mat it then this can be covered up.
Well pleased
I've been printing on Red River Paper for several years now. The quality is great and consistent. I really appreciate the paper profiles, the prints do match the screen. My mainstay is the Ultra Pro satin.
Art Larsen
Everything I wanted
I ordered the 14 mil Matte paper to perfect bind my books and I have to say this paper was exactly what I was expecting. First off, the thickness and quality of this paper is perfect for personally paperback binding books. The size of the paper was 17"x25" which allowed me to trim it down to 8.5"x23" so I could completely wrap my 8.5"x11" book from back to front and having a 1/2 inch bind on each side (follow me?). The paper looks professional and I got enough of it that I am going to print business cards on it next. Couldn't be happier. FYI: it got delivered a day before they said it would. That's amazing.
Eddie Sheerer
Polar Matte 60# Double Sided
Really pleased with this paper -- my first time ordering from Red River and the paper came promptly and very well packaged. The representatives I spoke with on the phone were also very helpful. The paper itself seems to be of high quality -- I used it for several design projects and the colors were nice and vibrant.
Sarah H.
Great shopping experience and products
Thank you Red River Paper for a great shopping experience. The clear boxes are beautiful. They arrived just a few days after I order them. I gladly recommend your company to my friends.
Outstanding service
This order was a small one but yet important. I needed some ink but did not want to pay for any special shipping. I knew that if I ordered from Red River my order would be handled quickly and even though tight I could handle it with regular shipping. Yes I was right, Thank You again.
You're gonna love this paper!
My paper is Polar Matte 60 lb. It works for portraits, landscapes and grandkids. It also makes the greatest greeting cards the receiver has ever seen; use 7x10 Scored 60 lb. Polar Matte. I also do the care & feeding of my Epson 3880 with these folks. Outside of the fact that the prices are fair, the people are friendly and the deliver is fast, there isn't much to recommend these folks.
Lynn L.
Consistent quality prints from Red River papers
I'm using Red River Aurora Art Natural, 60lb Polar Matte and Arctic Polar Gloss, depending on the type of image I wish to print. I use the 4 X 6" size to test and then follow up with the larger size papers once I confirm the result. When using the provided ICC files I rarely need to make adjustments to get stunning results. Highly recommended!
Price and quality are good, but...
The paper has been fantastic, no complaints there. They would have gotten 5 stars, but the ordering process has a big problem. See I wanted to order metallic paper, and RRP has very nice metallic paper at a very good price. So much so that it seems to always be out of stock. Here's where the problem comes in, there's no way to place an order if it shows as back ordered. You can't place an order and have them ship it when it becomes available, there isn't even a way to sign up for an e-mail when it comes in. Best paper and price aren't any good if you can't buy it. Just saying :)
Bob Panick
So glad I found red River paper
The papers are all wonderful, the information on the site is fantastic. I learned more about operating my Canon printer here, then anywhere else. Fast shipping of orders. I am so glad I found Red River paper.
Double-sided Matte
The 50# double-sided premium matte paper is ideal for the custom calendars I make for my family.
John G.
You make me look good
I print greeting cards for my family. They always look forward to the cards because although they are very personal, they look quite professional. I also like to print some of my digital landscape photos. Red River papers have never let me down.
Red River 8.5 x 11 scored 60 lb Pecos River Gloss
I love this paper, very professional, comes out perfectly when printed on my Epsom or my Canon printer...I've been making cards for years, this is the best paper!
Blown away by the packaging...
The paper I ordered was not only completely nested in packaging inside a large box which I will re-use to ship framed art (it was packed that well!) it came in a re-useable cardboard box of its own with clear directions on top. Most paper comes in flimsy packaging that is useless once you've opened it, and it's unclear which side to print on etc... Red river paper was beautifully and functionally packaged with clear instructions. blown away! very happy
Just great!
I've never had less than perfect service from Red River, and the papers are excellent!
Greeting card paper
I have been making my own greeting cards for a number of years using Red River matte paper. I recently purchased a box of Pecos River Gloss cards. The first one I printed turned out great. By following the recommended printer settings, the colors of my image were accurate and the finished product was impressive.
The Best I Have Ever Used
I just completed printing a collection of calendars on UltraPro Satin 4.o to rave reviews. All the pictures jumped off the pages and I received compliments from several fellow photographers.
Tim K.
Disappointed so far
After hearing great things about your Polar Pearl Metallic Paper from a friend, I excitedly ordered a box of 8 1/2 x 11 and 13 x 19 on Nov. 13th. There was no indication that the 13 x 19 was backordered on the website. I didn't know that until the box of 8 1/2 x 11 arrived on Nov. 19. Disappointment #1. Based on my friend's encouragement and results from the 8 1/2 x 11, I considered taking advantage of the cyber Monday sale and order more even though I now knew it was backordered. However, the website wouldn't even let me order it. Another disappointment. Your product is great, but I have been extremely underwhelmed with your website.
Great paper
I have been using Red River UltraPro Satin and Pecos River Gloss Cards for years. The quality is excellent. Why pay more.
Ultra Pro Satin 4
I just started serious printing within the last month. I've used Ultra Pro Satin 4 on the recommendations of a professional photographer and of a personal friend. Fantastic paper matched with my Epson 3880. The paper is excellent for my black and white--and color landscapes.
Lou Kaufman
Great Paper
I've been using Red River Paper for several years now and love them all! The packaging and shipping are superb and timely. I also love the Greeting Card Designer, makes making cards a breeze! Thank you Red River Paper!
What can I say
Plain and simple you can't beat the product or the service.
Great Service and Products
I love the availability of sample kits, it takes the guess work out of what product to purchase. The turnaround time on shipping is outstanding! Will continue to purchase paper, and have even purchased for my sister. It was great that the product could be shipped directly to her. I have been using the greeting card paper and it is great that templates were provided free of charge.
Love, love , love Red River
Hi, I am an artist and have been using Red River papers and cards for nearly a decade now and I love it. Never a problem and far as service goes, well, it can't be faulted. They are fast to respond and respectful. Delivery is also very efficient. I can get my orders from Red River faster than I can within my country. Pretty amazing!
Excellent Service and Quality!
I have placed numerous orders with Red River Paper over the past ten years and have never once been disappointed! Whether full sheet photo paper, scored greeting card stock, or envelopes, the quality of product received has always been superb! The shipping fast and dependable! Red River Paper, you make my images look great!
Vicki B
Excellent Customer Service
Today (cyber Monday) I had a glitch with the online shopping for my aurora art natural paper. The sale price on the web was not matching the amount that was in my shopping basket. I decided to call the Toll Free number to ask for help. I was overjoyed to hear a calm and friendly voice on the other line even though it is supposedly the busiest online shopping day of the year. A few minutes later we had come to the conclusion that perhaps I should restart my computer, and Voila! it worked! Thank you Red River Paper for continuing to create an exceptional product and thank you Kayla for making my shopping experience a great one!
Fantastic company and products
I have had the chance to order 4 times now from Red River and tried a number of their papers. All have provided exceptional results. I did an exhibition recently and got rave reviews. Red River paper helped my work be the best it can be. Each shipment has arrived in pristine condition. They have perfected the art of shipping. And I find the value for the product to be exceptional. I would highly recommend them to all my photography friends.
Stephen St.Lawrence
polar pearl metallic
I LOVE this paper. It makes virtually any photograph look beautiful. I have done landscapes, family photos, animals flowers etc. It has a depth and subtle shine that I find awesome. I have it in 4 x 6 up to 11 x 14 sizes and use it for almost any photo I take. Highly recommend this paper.
Luella Long-Red River Paper
By far, the best inkjet double-sided paper than any place. I always get prompt service from Red River Paper. I have been using their paper for several years.
Luella Long
Excellent Tutorials and Product!!!
This site has given me invaluable information with their knowledge base & tutorials; from choosing the best printer for photo cards, to selecting different card stock. This type of service guarantees a lifetime customer!!
Nancy Watters
Premium Matte Plus gets an A-Plus
I purchased the 8X9 Scored Note Card stock of Premium Matte Plus. The weight and feel of the paper says "this is a valuable image and you are a valued person." It maintains a rich, full range of color and contrast.
Robert Griffen - Gryphon Graphyx
I purchased my first order of clear boxes to hold photo cards for sale at craft fairs. They were very easy to put together and are durable. I ordered 2 different sizes for what I needed and everything looked wonderful. Will purchase again in the future!
Enjoying Red River Papers
Hello. I've been using Red River Papers for a few years now. I started out with a sample card pack and then ordered the pecos gloss card stock and I use them today. Due to the good quality I have tried some other papers and have found that Red River Papers meet or exceed the quality of the papers that I was previously using. I currently use the Ultra Pro Satin as a go to Paper along with the Polar Pearl Metallic Paper when I want my colors to pop off the Paper. I also use the San Gabriel when I'm printing portraits for Clients. Thank You Red River for a wonderful product.
Glenn Smith
great service
I ordered both the sampler pack and wide format sampler pack. According to the original invoice, the wide format sampler was back-ordered and would ship separately a week later. imagine my surprise and pleasure when i opened the big box from red river a few days later and the wide format sampler was already included!! bravo
Red River Paper
I have been doing business with Red River Paper for many years. Their products are consistent and they stand behind their products. They are a reliable company to do business with.
Walt van den Berg
Red River Fine Art Sample Pack
I purchased the Red River Sampler to get the feel of how the images I create will print on the various papers. I really like the variety of the papers and have since order each style for my printing purposes.
JS Outdoor Photography
cards and paper
I have been using Red River Paper cards to create my greeting cards and have been totally satisfied with the quality. Also happy with the prompt service and I really appreciate the tips and other information regarding creating and printing cards.
Sharon Hanse
I had a hard time finding thick paper for my new inkjet printer, and when I found some it would not perform as expected, until I came across Red River's site, their way of reaching customers is simple, "Premium Photo Inkjet Papers", that's all I needed to know, upon learning more I found an amazing selection, the description for each paper is very accurate, I received my paper and did not find any surprises, only the confirmation of my expectations, beautiful printouts. I didn't like the back of the paper, plain paper, but they said that on the description, so no surprise there, I knew it would be that way, the accuracy of product description is what makes me cling to a vendor the more. In other words, transparency is premium, indeed. I hope they increase their selection on Business Cards papers, since I'm starting a Business Card printing business, nevertheless I'm very please with this company.
The best ever
Red River is the only place I buy my Photo paper. I Love the quality of my prints and their customer service.
C. Harris
Great service and support
Thank you, Red River, for answering all of my stupid questions every time I call!
My favorite papers
I've been using Red River for a while now. I love their metallic and pearl, and have started using their fine art papers. The quality of the paper and the images printed on them is exceptional. They remain my papers of choice.
Doc List
My Two Favorite Photo Papers
The majority of my photo printing consists of two types of paper: Polar Pearl Metallic for gloss and Ultra Pro Satin for the rest. I have been well pleased with the excellent quality and consistency of Red River products. Their customer service and shipping are top notch; the best.
Bob Soyars
Premium paper for photographers
As a photographer who prints his own images paper quality is of major importance. Like many others I have tried many different paper producers over the years. Red River Luster and Gloss paper is unequaled in my opinion.
Larry Wilkinson
Information Brought Me to Product
I recently purchased a Sony RX1R camera and an Epson 3880 printer to get back into serious amateur photography. In researching the printer, a major concern was in the cost to print images that I would offer to local art galleries to sell on consignment. From a marketer's perspective, allowing the gallery maximum markup was critical, and cutting my costs to print so that I could make them competitive with a profit for me. Red River Paper's website was the absolute best site for detailed data as to the cost to print with the Epson 3880. Their charts were extremely helpful in making my decision. Of course, then it was just courtesy to buy some paper from them, at least to give it a try. Having had a high quality Epson printer in the past in which I used only Epson paper, I can tell you that you don't lose a thing in buying from Red River Paper. Quality is excellent, and help in settings and production is available on their site. They're just great.
James Kimmons
Great products, but even better people
Every RR product I've used -- mostly card stock, but some other materials as well -- has been *at least* equal in quality to comparable products from big-name paper manufacturers. And because they sell direct rather than on retail channels, the prices are unbeatable. But the best part of working with RR is the people: customer service, from Drew and Lee and everyone else I've dealt with, is absolutely first-class. They're proactive, responsive, and always helpful no matter what question they're asked or what they're asked to do. Do yourself a favor and order one of their sample packs: I print mostly fine art reproductions, and "even" their least expensive papers are excellent -- I use Polar Matte and Pecos River Gloss CS1/CS2 for most work, but the other surfaces and substrates are also great. It's just that the Polar Matte and Pecos River are so well suited to fine art repro that my artist clients are always delighted -- and I make good money while charging rates that are even low enough that an artist can turn around and sell my cards at a profit. That's a tough combination of quality and price to beat.
Jon Pastor
Beyond the paper
Beyond the paper (I like to see all the detail in my photos and use the best high gloss Red River paper to get it), I appreciate that you continue to carry the ink for my aging printer. Thank you!
Stuart Nafey
Great Experience all the way around
I received my paper within 4 days of placing my order, fast delivery. I have been extremely happy with the performance of the 11 x 14 paper I purchased.. I will use Red River again.
Great service!
I have been impressed with Red River as far as quality of materials and how quickly I receive my orders.
G A Ramsey
Excellent company!
I've been a Red River customer for many years. Continue to be impressed with the quality of the products and outstanding customer care. Order is always correct, delivered in perfect condition and on time. Great company, great prices...what more do you need?
Jack K.
Love them!
I use the Aurora White for my art prints, and it looks and feels like theyv'e been screen printed!
the answer to my card printing problems
Before finding Red River Paper, I printed, cut out and taped on 4 X 6 prints onto 5 X 7 card stock paper. I tried dozens of printable cards and none gave me the quality of prints I get on this card stock paper. Delivery is really fast too!
Hope Carr
Love the sample package
The sample package has allowed me to try a number of different papers for my greeting cards, photos and now post cards. Tips and tutorials on the site have proven very helpful - including info that helped me make a choice on a great printer.
Carol Wooley
Great products and service
I use a variety of RRP products and am very happy with them all. Order processing is easy and delivery is FAST. Packaging is also excellent, which is crucial given the propensity for UPS to absolutely destroy anything they get their hands on. Red River Paper ROCKS!
Warren Harris
Great Quality and Service
I heard about the Red River greeting cards from several other photographers. I needed to prepare some cards for a client, approx. 250, on a quick turnaround. I placed the order. The shipment arrived on time and the quality of the paper was great. The downloaded templates were perfect and allowed quick preparation. The finished product looked great, superb quality, easy to print and the envelopes gave it a professional look. Very nice. Communications from Red River as to the progress of the order were very good. Would certainly recommend the products and Red River.
Stunning results
We've been buying Red River papers for home use--greeting cards, photo prints, and special projects--for years now. People always ask us where we got such wonderful paper. We've passed your name along to a number of serious amateur photographers. The quality is always excellent and the results are always stunning.
Anita Kurth
As good as old fashioned photo paper.
I have been in photography for many years and Red River paper is as good or better that old fashioned Kodak or Ilford Paper from the good old darkroom days. I have found none better.
Simply The Best Product & Service
As a customer for over three years, Red River Paper offers the best prices along with premium quality card stock! Polar Matte and Pecos River Gloss has never let me down when I need only the best stock for a project and timely delivery!
Christopher Hayes
Great products and support
Red River Paper has a great selection of products. I am using them to print greeting cards to sell in my art gallery ( I had no previous experience in printing greeting cards, but with their online videos and templates, I was up and running in no time! I started with the sample pack of paper, which was extremely helpful in choosing which paper I wanted to use in my gallery. I would highly recommend Red River!
Rick Scalf
Great paper
I've used Red River Ultra Pro Satin 2 for years and I was excited to see the new 4 series paper. I couldn't be happier. The paper is less expensive and produces a gorgeous print. I notice a big difference in the surface and it is a very pleasing finish. Delivery couldn't have been better, my shipment went out immediately and arrived in three days. I also bought a roll of the metallic. This paper is excellent on items with a shiny or metallic surface. Red River has great products and fantastic color profiles.
Buddy Hatcher
Amazing service and incrdible product
I'm an artist and found that the one place in the world that had the quality product I was looking for was Red River Paper. I ordered two boxes of the 96lb. Pecos Gloss Magna 5x7 60 Sheets (Gloss one side matte the other)and had it delivered to my home in Sydney Australia it arrived in less than a week! (Even though the freight cost was almost as much as the paper itself I was ecstatic with the quality of the paper and wished I'd ordered more! Thank you SO MUCH RED RIVER :) Excellent in every way!
Sue F
Paper Canvas
Long time fan of River Linen but this is an excellent replacement and gives more realistic tone than several Museo texture papers.....would highly recommend for portraits....
charles sitts
Sample pack was GLORIOUS!
Although I have not yet had an opportunity to work through all of the GENEROUS sample pack, I was immediately impressed with the packaging and method of identifying each sample. My first introduction to customer service, for me, is a "grabber". Now I find I am more concerned about selecting the proper images to display on these beautiful papers rather than how the papers will enhance my images.
Great paper, great service
Great paper, great service. What more can be said? I am especially pleased with the consistency between batches of paper.
Wish I Lived in a House of Cards
Cards printed on Red River Inkjet greeting card stock, that is. The paper is sturdy, printer-friendly, and my cards look GREAT on it. Especially the 96-lb. Pecos Glossy postcard stock. I like this paper so much that I have decided to focus exclusively on making and selling postcards for a while. And as for the company, they are efficient, easy to work with, and they really know their stuff. Their website is an entire education in printing in and of itself, and they offer items like color profiles for free. If you're looking for professionalism for your product and the company that supplies your paper, look no further. You have found it in Red River Paper.
Lee Meddin
Excellent panorama paper
I recently purchased a box of 8.5 x 25" Ultra Pro Gloss paper from Red River. I printed a panorama image I had produced from images taken in Grand Teton National Park. The colors are vibrant and true, and I'm very impressed with the quality of the paper. I have several different types of Red River paper that I use almost exclusively. I always get superb results. Red River does have excellent products.
Matte card stock
I am using the matte card stock for professional materials that I send as thank you and contact information in. I am using one of my photos and then hand signing the notes. With the color profiles and light room templates, the process has been simple and very professional looking. Terrific combination of products and support.
Shopping for Years and still highly recommend
Never had problem with their paper or delivery.
great quality and value
Great shipping, quality and value of paper is impressive
red river first timer
I have not tried some of the papers i bought but so far excellent. I have been a loyal ilford paper user. Now after trying R&R paper, i believe i found a paper every bit as good or better. The service from R&R was perfect from billing to follow up. Could not have been better. Thank you.
Jim Dvorak CANADA
consistent quality in all papers
I use the ultra pro satin for my 5X7 cards and also for my 12X16 prints and am extremely satisfied with the results......Frank Jones
Love it
I found it easy to navigate the website and I love they have the option of sampler packets. I order the sampler for paper and cards and chose a product other than the one I was originally thinking based on the descriptions. The descriptions are very thorough though. I just placed my first normal order and I can't wait to get them in the mail!
Callie Zuck
My Paper of Choice ...
I have been using Red River papers for many years, and I could not be happier. I print photographs on both a high-end pigment printer and a dye based printer, and I couldn't be happier with the results. After experimenting with a variety of high-priced papers, I keep coming back to Red River! Keep up the good work.
Linda Quinn
Worth every dollar
There is no one in Australia that compares with the range and quality of Red River Paper. It costs a lot to have my order sent out here, but it's worth every dollar.
Nicholas Fiennes
Excellent outcome for my new venture!
I'm a studio artist. Recently my son bought me the Epson pro 3880 for my birthday and after learning what was needed to make it work... I had to choose paper. I searched and researched and found Red River Paper. They were fast, delivered exactly what I wanted, and the prints are AWESOME!!! If your a novice to printing, like I was, you cannot go wrong with this company.
Donna M
Great paper, good prices,fine service
Have been a (modest) buyer for more than 10 years. Use it for all my printing (Epson R-2880). Happy with results.
Customer Service Quick Replies
I had questions about the shipping of my order and they were answered immediately via email. The paper arrived quickly with flat rate shipping and the packaging kept it in pristine condition. Great quality for a reasonable price.
Red River Paper
This is my third order from Red River Paper, well two orders and a purchase from Arlington Camera. Last time I ordered their sample pack, and have been very pleased with all their products. Now I am ordering some additional sizes, and ink for my Canon Pro-10. Last time I was amazed by the speed with which I received my order, one day. Granted, I do live fairly close to Red River Paper, but the processing was still very quick. I plan to be a long time customer of Red River Paper, and tell all my photographer friends about it.
Tommy Hyde
Always meets expectaions
I have repeatedly gone to Red River Paper to buy greeting card stock. I usually by the paper, envelopes and plastic bags. This is the best greeting card paper I have been able to find. Will continue to buy from Red River
Best place for photo paper. Period.
It's a pleasure to do business with Red River Paper. Photography is just a hobby for me at this point, but I scrapbook and print the majority of my photos myself. I love the paper choices and how they make my amateur photos look wonderful! I love many of their papers, but the Polar Pearl Metallic is my all-time favorite. I take a lot of garden and pet photos, and the metallic paper really makes the colors pop! As far as I'm concerned, there's no other place to purchase photo paper.
Holy Cow! What a HUGE shipping box!!
The following is not a criticism but an observation... I recently took advantage of stocking up on the closeout of UltraPro Satin 3.0 in 13x19. I love the color reproduction and wanted to have the paper available for future printing. What shocked me (once again) was the size of the shipping box. My wife skeptically inquired, "What are you buying here?!? A new printer?!!" Ultimately she asked if I would keep it for future use and not recycle - the box or all the packaging. RedRiver does it right on SEVERAL levels... :)
Bill Kendall
Greta Paper
I was introduced to Red River UltraPro Satin by a friend several years ago. It is now the paper I use for practically all my photos. I created a custom profile with the Color Munki system and print with an Epson Pro 3880 printer.
Quality paper, quality experience, quality company
It is obvious that the Red River Paper company believes providing quality in every phase of the company is the key to success. Your papers are outstanding and are my choice for printing my images. It's interesting to note how often I am asked what paper I used for a particular print. Keep it are outstanding.
Raleigh Harmon
The Best
I've used RedRiverPaper exclusively for the past few years. They offer the best products with the best service, the best prices and the best support. I consider RedRiverPaper a business partner.
Dave J. Struthers
Red River is Great!
Love your paper and especially like the monthly links to various web sites. Very informative stuff I would probably never find on my own. Thanks, Red River!
toni zappone
Awesome Company To Do Business With
I've had nothing but good experiences with Red River Paper and would suggest them and have suggested them to others. Their products are top of the line for the needs I need them for and to be! They are prompt at getting my orders to me and their customer service is at the top of the professional line of good business! Thank you Red River Paper!
Brenda Boyer
Simply the best
You can't go wrong with Red River Paper. I've not had any problems with any of the different types I've purchased. Currently, I'm facinated with Polar Pearl Metallic. Unlike other metallic paper's I've used it does not have the "artifical metal" look about it plus the price keeps you coming back.
Robb T.
great products and selection
I have been using RedRiver products for 4 years now and am really happy with their paper quality and ink quality. Prices are competitive and service is totally reliable.
Hilde Stapgens
Regarding a best printer for 4x6 for post cards on RR #8457 Paper
I have had excellent printing with all of your papers I have purchased over the years, but i did have a problem with my previous Canon -MG6120 printer paper feed. I recently purchased a Canon MG 7120 with a different paper feed system and it is working perfectly with all of your papers. Highly recommended for printing post cards for our church.
Wiam E Russell WER
Fast and Easy --- I can count on it
Fast service, easy website and professional paper & ink I can count on. In addition I appreciate the tips and follow-up emails. I receive wonderful comments on how vibrant my Night Sky Landscapes look on the 66lb. Polar Pearl Metallic Paper.
Robert Howell
Images look GREAT!
Small runs for double sided 5x7 direct mail. I'm all about the image and both of Red River Papers for double sided printing delivered the goods! Also, the profiles you have online were a great help.
Best Paper Company
RR has the best paper and the best customer service of anyone. And thank God because both of those things are of equal importance as far as I'm concerned!
I am a student at the Art Institute of Dallas (soon to be a graduate) and I have used Red River paper for all my own printing. OUTSTANDING describes the customer service, Red River Paper as a brand and the products they carry and provide.
Scott Hutchison
High Quality Photo/Text Paper
I've been looking for several years for a high quality, 26-32lb paper that would print great color photos as well as text. I need this for photo collage letters, so the paper must be able to be folded. I've tried all the usual store brands, but none of them at this weight have good clear color. So I ordered some samples of RR's papers and was amazed at how well their 26lb inkjet paper printed bright color-correct photos. So glad to finally find something that worked for my needs!
No hype!
I buy your paper not only because I find it to be good and the price right, I buy it because I feel good about how you do business: there is no hype, no fancy pictures, plain white boxes and honest, professional advise when needed.
You Have Spoiled Me
How can I go back to using cheaper photo paper after I have printed on your Polar Pearle Metallic paper? It provides the WOW that judges look for in competition.
Jean DeSchriver
Red River Paper is a Favorite
I love all of the Red River Paper that I have ordered and used! I have recommended to members of my Photo Club to order and use Red River Paper.
Cindy Lou Henley
Love the paper!
Love the prints I get for my fine art watercolor reproductions. All my customers are impressed with how beautiful they turn out. AND, customer service is always fantastic.
Brett Blumenthal
excellent all the way
I bought several of your products ( Greeting Cards, Printing papers ) and am more than pleased with the quality, as well as your top quality service, which is second to none. I live in Canada and can track my order with ease and you manage to use the most economical, best and simplest service as well. Bravo!! Excellent all the way!!
Alois V.
My gift every Christmas fom Red River
Eight years ago I saw a how to article on printing your own Christmas cards in which the author mentioned her success with using Red River cards as a great source for both advise and card stock. That year I called and spoke with Kayla for the first time. I have been using Red River as my card and envelope source ever since. For a small investment, that first year, Kayla sent me the Red River sample pack of 7x10 card stock. Last year when I explained to Kayla my needs she was kind enough to recommend the 86 Lb. Pecos Gloss Duo cards and I received raves from both customers and friends and family when they received the holiday card. It is so nice to have a caring human voice answer the phone when I call Red River. With Kayla as my personal contact I know the order will be right. Each year I have sent one of the holiday cards back to Kayla in Dallas to show her what I do with the product. Red River is my source for quality cards.
Don McGehe
customer service
Thank you for this solid customer service and the high quality of your product . I love this paper (Pecos gloss duo 86lb) and my clients too.
Jean-Yves Cliche, Quebec, Canada
Red river service and products
I have been ordering all my photo printing papers from Red River for some time now, and I think their arctic polar satin paper and the polar pearl metallic papers are the best I have used. In addition to the best papers, their prices and their delivery services are the absolute best in the country. Many Thanks to Red River Paper!!
Leland Freeze
Love this paper
I got the 42 LB Pecos Gloss (Item # 8400) I am very pleased with the results.
Red River for Scenic Notecards and Fine Art Prints
I have been using Red River for a few years since I heard about it in the Digital Story blog. I have had a local Bodega Bay photography exhibit at the Local Color Gallery, all prints done on Red River 60 lb. matte paper. I print all my work on a terrific Canon printer. Also I use the matte notecard Red River Paper to print my 5x7 scenic notecards of Bodega Bay and the California Sonoma North Coast oceanscapes, birdlife, cliffs, and sweeping panoramas. Red River's quality is outstanding, and at a reasonable price. I know that compliments on the quality and richness of my images are the result of printing on Red River.
John Hershey
By far the BEST paper anywhere for Fine Art and Fine Art Cards
I am a watercolorist and a stickler for quality in the surfaces I use for painting. The same is true for any reproduction i do for my images, whether they are Giclee's or Fine Art Greeting Cards. The quality of Card Stock Red River has available is a dream. I searched high and low for quality Card Stock and found it here. For my Watercolor images, I choose the Aurora Fine Art Card Stock. My Cards are beautiful, and most of all, they feel wonderful in the hand. I am hooked and hope beyond all hope, that they never discontinue this product! I don't know what I would do! Thank you Red River Paper!
Julia Dufault McGrath
San Gabriel semi-gloss fiber
I've been using Red River paper for several years, and except for depleting supplies of older non-RR paper that I use for family snapshots and the like, it's all I work with. Recently, I've settled in on San Gabriel Semi-gloss Fiber as my go-to paper for both color and monochrome prints, with the exception of the occasional situation in which the print requires the brilliant white that Arctic Polar Satin and similar papers provide. Occasionally, when I'm printing in B&W, I find that I want to cut back on the warmth of grays printed on San Gabriel, and do that by reducing the color temperature 7 to 10 degrees in Lightroom. That gets me back to a truer gray in the finished print. Since SGSGF is a bit more expensive than other RR papers, I cut letter-size sheets in half for test prints rather than experimenting on 11x14 or 13x19 sheets. Fantastic products and out-of-this-world service!
Bill Geoghegan
Top Notch
Been using Red River almost 10 years I think... Best priced inks and top notch paper quality...
Tim Aylwin
Sharing a wonderful product experience.
The quality of the product I feel is head and shoulders above others tried. The experience of dealing with your firm has been nothing but satisfaction, and will continue to use your products.
Howard Cooper
Henry M. Allen
I have used Red River Paper for several years now. I am extremely pleased with the image quality and color. Your papers are "spot on" every time.
I am so happy to have found Red River Paper. I tried name brands and store brands, but could never get the right product in the end. Then I found Red River Paper and it was exactly what I was looking for! I use this stock for all of my in house prints and cards. I can't imagine ever going anywhere else for my paper again!
Definitely "Red River for the win"! Being an old-timer, my biggest belief about my photography is that it needs to be printed, matted, framed, and hung. Red River has provided me with papers that meet the needs of the images at prices that easily beat most of the other retailers. I just wish I had more walls...
Randy Ennis
As much as possible I always try to buy my paper from you guys. You are the most reliable and I get the most out of my money from you guys. You are also one of the only places that gives me affordable samplers for paper as well. I feel most in tune with you guys as a company
I purchased the sample kits and found that most of the paper were incredible, except the Polar Pearl Metallic had a major color shift. I contacted your technical support and they provided a new printer profile that worked like a charm on the PPM paper. I also purchased the Arctic Polar Satin and love it.
Wayne Carlson
Love at first sight !
A first time user of Red River UltraPro Satin with stunning results on initial print. I could see much better detail and more vibrant colors than my previous paper. I am not a pro but this paper makes my photos better than ever. I can't believe what I've been missing. Will use again for sure.
Gary Mc
Beautiful Papers! Stunning Results
I bought sample packs to get me started - it was a great way to decide what I like and what doesn't suit my style. Red River's suggestion on how to make a sample pack useable by printing a collage of images on each type of paper was very helpful - am easily able to see subtle differences in the papers. So thank you for that useful tip. Loving the canvas and Polar Pearl Metallic - wish I could have gotten a sample of linen, but I guess that's on it's way out. ICCs were very easy to download and use - directions were very complete.
An Honest Company
Why did I call RRP an honest Company? I wanted to try there metallic paper in my printer. I had a nice chat room talk and RRP rep told me of a sample of 2 papers for nothing. So I gave them my name and address and waited for the paper. After 3 weeks I emailed them about the sample that I never received. One word. Sorry showed up. My sample was delivered in less than a week. I have asked them many questions about other papers. An honest Com will tell you the truth if it will work in your printer. That is what RRP did. By the way their Metallic paper looks great. I have an Epson Artisian printer, not a pro printer. But it does have 6 changeable cartridges. The prints are fantastic. I do not print much, but I am going to order so I have some on hand. I am to a person who bps's. If I don't like service or any other problem I will voice my opinion. This is a very honest company.
Kudos to Red River Paper
Wonderful information about the papers, great links for printers, etc., and the papers are just fantastic. Especially endorse the 60# Pecos River Gloss for reproduction of my paintings to 5x7cards. So nice, folks are framing the cards! Also endorse the envelopes.. Certainly is pleasant to have a company like Red River Paper to help out self promoters on our smaller business scale. Thank you, Red Rive Paperr!!
A trusted and reliable source for superb printing papers
After using only name brand papers with my Epson 3880 printer, I have experienced superb results with UltraPro Satin 3.0 and Polar Pearl Metallic papers from Red River Paper. Black & white prints with Pearl Metallic have a special look. I no longer miss the smell of fixer when creating fine art prints. The UltraPro Satin is wonderful with Epson pigments. The new 4.0 version will be even better when its released. It's nice to have an alternative supplier who offers great papers at reasonable prices with real customer service.
Richard Clompus
First time I ordered a sample pack. Used some and it's hard to pick which I liked the best.
Amy Horton
The only place for double sided 13x19 paper.
I was looking all over for double sided inkjet 13x19 paper. Red River was the only one that had it. It was shipped to me quickly and it was beautiful quality. The project was a success and Red River saved the day! I've since ordered other paper and inks as well from them. I'm glad I found them!
Carrie Zeidman
Red River Papers
I made my first purchase from Red River and was very pleased. The Aurora Natural fine art paper is sumptuous, and my prints look great - I'm sure the icc profiles supplied by Red River helped a lot - Thanks Red River!
Clients love the prints as do I.
I recently got a good printer and was directed to Red River Paper and have been very pleased. I recently got Polar Matte Cards for PFCA thank you's and the parents just love them. Of course they love the imagery, but they commented about the cards and how they felt very quality. Love RRP and looking forward to expanding my paper selection.
UltraPro Satin Paper
Have been using this paper exclusively for some time now. Prints absolutely beautifully and easily on my Epson pro printer. I print many different things, weddings, school photos, sports and portraits. This paper has never let me down, and Red River Paper always ships on time and without problems with the paper. Never a crushed box. And best of all, they keep improving this already great paper. I'm using 3.0 right now and 4.0 is coming soon. Can't wait. What a great company and great paper---why use anything else? 5 STARS!
Steve Samoyedny
Customer Service is excellent!!!!
When it comes to great customer service, Red River goes the extra mile. The website is excellent and convenient. The online videos and tips are very helpful and second to none. Keep up this superb service.
Richard Hilton
Great Product
I am a fairly new customer and have ordered twice from Red River. Each time I have called and spoke to a customer service rep to place my order. Customer service representatives are polite and helpful. I am very pleased with the 75lb. Arctic Polar luster products (4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 8 x 10). Quality prints each and every time. With the last order I received a sample of the paper canvas and the polar pearl metallic products. Looking forward trying them both.
Cathy G.
Aurora Art Natural
Love Red River Papers! I use them exclusively. Metallic makes images POP off the paper, and the Aurora Art Natural gives me the feel and texture I love for my fine art prints. My go to paper is Polar Matte.
Great company & product!
Red River Paper is always my go-to company for ordering paper for my art prints! They ship fast and the quality of the paper is excellent!
Lana Manis
Love the Products!!
When I started my new position as photography teacher at our local high school, I noticed that almost all the paper was from Red River. So, I was shocked this year when I went to order and they would no longer accept checks from our school board. After extensive searching, I begged my school board to order for us and make Red River Paper an accepted vendor. It was worth the wait! I love the products and the fact that I can order everything I need from them. My favorite product is the Polar Pearl Metallic paper -- the depth and tone of the print is phenomenal!
Red River Sets the Standard
I sell art prints for a living, and have done photography for 30 years as a Contributing Photographer at LIFE MAGAZINE and then as a an art photographer in New Orleans. I use Red River Paper exclusively for my gallery prints and find the papers consistently give me a superior product relative to any other paper I have tried. In fact I just placed an order for over $600. in Red River Papers!
Andy Levin Images
Product quality
I only buy Red River paper to print on. I am a professional photographer and use it for all my sport mates and general printing.
Great cards, great envelopes
Red River card stock and envelopes are perfect for the fine art and photographic cards I make of my images. The 60-pound Premium Matte Plus is ideal for printing my images (using an Epson 2880) and the envelopes are classy and fine. I'll always use these products, unless Red River invents even better ones!
Jeremy Joan Hewes
60# Pecos
This stock is terrific for printing beautifully professional-looking note cards. We looked a long time before we found the perfect stock that was glossy on one side and had a suitable reverse side for writing with pen. Thanks for this great product
Exceptional Service and Product
My first experience was dealing with customer service representative for produce inquiries. Not only was she professional, courteous, patient and knowledgeable in directing me to the product that best suited my project; she also assisted me in providing information for file preparation for print. I was also sent samples along with my first order. My order was delivered the following day and the quality of the paper I received was secondary to none. I'm extremely pleased to partner with Red River Paper Co. to provide an exceptional product for my customers.
Tammy Stewart
Red River Paper
This is a great product. No fingerprints. Easy to fold. I will order again.
Anibal Reinaldo Rivera
The only place to buy Photo Papers
I recently started printing photographs and making cards, and I took a chance on Red River Paper Co. Their papers are simply amazing, the ICC profiles are giving me perfect results and I can't say enough good things about customer service. I had a problem printing cards (I put the card in wrong side up, duh!) and my email with a description of my problem was answered quickly and they solved my problem immediately. I will never buy paper anywhere else but Red River.
47lb premium matte
RR 47lb Premium Matte is the best matte paper I have found. I have used Epson, Canon, HP & Inkpress in the past but I am switching to RR. I also use a good bit of RR PolarPearl Metallic and love that paper as well.
The 68lb. UltraPro Gloss 2.0 8.5x11 600 Sheets for 172.99 is a quality price for a quality paper. The Ultra Pro prints and dries readily with fine contrast ( having the correct paper profile is a big help as well). The paper at the 600 sheet price is a good value and stores well if kept in constant and dry conditions.
G. Geer
Great Paper!
Besides having to wait a while to receive the paper, I have no other complaints! This paper was not only easy to find and order on the website, but prints beautifully!! The paper makes my pictures stand out and look amazing. Couldn't be happier! You MUST try this amazing paper!! RRP, you've done amazing.
Note Cards
Your note cards are a perfect way to display my photos. I use both the 5x7 and 5 1/4 square Pecos River Gloss. Sometimes people frame the cards instead of using them.
Love Red River Papers!
I love Red River paper. I especially love all the pre-scored card paper choices. I print my own cards and sell them at several galleries in town. The Red River card papers all have a professional quality look and so easy to use! Love ... love .. love them.
Anna B
Red River is Innovative
Red River offers such a wide variety of papers that I have never had to go looking elsewhere. In addition they keep their customers up to date with new product, printing profiles and even tips on photo editing. Red River's customer service is first rate.
Over buy with confidence.
Since I never know when a new order for photo cards will come in, I always make sure to have your 68lb UltraPro Gloss photo paper on hand. How chagrined I was to discover I couldn't completely fill an order when I got caught in short supply. So I immediately ordered another 600 8 1/2 by 11 sheets only to discover I already had plenty but had stored them in a cool, dark place and forgot about them. Now I don't have to worry about running out for quite some time. Or a shorter time if I keep selling photo cards like I have been thanks to your photo paper that always gives my photos a rich, deep color and dependable results.
Diane Collar
Amazingly Fast!
As an online shopper, I've experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of that experience. RedRiverPaper proved themselves among the best. My order was shipped immediately and arrived in pristine condition. They are my new go-to paper supplier.
Quick, Quick, Quick
Delivery is much quicker than expected. I am a first time ordered and was pleasantly surprised by the short delivery time.
Bill Brennan
First Timer
This was my initial contact with your company and I was very impressed with the transaction. The order came in a very timely manner and the quality of the product was A-One. Thank you for this service. I will be buying from here in the future.
S. S. D.
Perfect balance of quality and price
Red River papers blow the standard photo papers out of the water, and are often cheaper as well.
Steve Gorman
Never disappoints
I have enjoyed Red River Paper's quality of products and their prompt service and delivery. Keep up the good work.
Tom & Elk Rapids
Postcard order
Great service and products. Fast delivery.
Kerry M.
Pleased, pleased, pleased
I've only had one with RRP but it has been a great experience so far. The delivery was crazy fast and the paper is fantastic. I never would have though something as simple as paper would help, I was wrong. Thanks RRP keep up the good work.
Cory Barnes
Matte Canvas Paper
Matte Canvas Paper. The delivery was prompt and the paper is wonderful. I print my own art and they looked just beautiful. The paper has a nice texture. My only word of caution is to be careful. The paper will tear easily if something like tape adheres to the front or back. To not use tape to mount this paper.
Rebekah Farrell
When I have called to inquire about papers, customer service has been very helpful and clear. Samples were sent to help clarify the characteristics of a product.
I have not had such an easy, honest, straightforward company to deal with since the early '60's! Lee had my answers at the tip of her tongue, very helpful, polite AND she spoke English~ Yahoo! Red River Paper is going to be my "go to" paper supplier. Thank you so much
vicki theriault
ME Greetings
We have been using Red River Paper for all of our greeting cards since we opened our Greeting Card and Art on Canvas Business in 2012. Red River delivers their product to us quickly at a very affordable price. You have been a pleasure to do business with via telephone and online. Thank you RED RIVER!
Mary Lee Bruton and Paul Cribb
Great Paper
Great paper works well with my Epson R3000. White paper that's white and gives you true colours.
Wedding photos are outstanding
I would normally print my wedding photos on Epson luster, but I wanted something extra, for a special client. I ordered a sample pack and was blown away by the holdout and shimmer of the polar pearl metallic. I ordered a package of 100, printed and presented some beautiful images. Bride and family are very happy, and so am I. All printed on Epson 3880 pro. Thank you Red River.
Steve Q.
Web page navigation
I found the web site extremely easy to use and very factual in the presentation. Everything is clear and concise.
G. Schagerl
Polar Gloss/Polar Matte/Pecos River papers
I have both a Kodak and a HP Inkjet printers and have tried papers from almost everyone. I can say that without a doubt when it comes to photo quality, these Red River papers are the best. I recommend Red River to all my friends as all their papers are tops and at great prices. Great service and always fast shipping.
Brave Eagle
Great Service & Awesome Paper
I recently found Red River Paper online and ordered sample packs to test their different papers. When I placed my order I was accidentally being charged for shipping so I called customer service and they immediately credited the shipping charges and even included an extra sheet of paper I needed in my sample pack! I am a graphic designer and fine artist so I am know for being extremely "picky." I was delighted with their great customer support but the quality of the paper stock is "Top Shelf!" The Aurora Art White and Blanco Matte Canvas are my favorites. The ink hold-out and print quality is amazing! It is absolutely perfect for the prints that I sell ~ I highly recommend them to any first time buyer, you won't be disappointed.
Best Source for Beginning
When we were starting to think about going into business with artwork we googled, of course. Looked at many sites. When we got into the Red River site we both let go a breath. There were the printers, which to choose and even how they worked -- instructions right out of the box! Which papers to choose -- amazing how easy the choices became from the clear information about each paper. Sample boxes of papers before we spend a lot on a certain type. Red River puts the information from quite a few other sites together in one place and invites you to understand what you need. Thank you.
Red River vs Epson Paper
We have an Epson Wide Format 1430 Printer. We compared the Red River papers vs Epson papers and we were shocked to find that the colors were much more brilliant with the Red River. We are Red River paper junkies now and can't stop ordering them. I can't wait to try all of them. We just ordered the sample packet for further testing.
Highly Satisfied
I have used Red River Paper for notecard production for nearly 10 years and have been highly satisfied with their product. There have been many paper product changes over the years but Red River always seems to provide just what you need and when you need it! Thanks Red River!!!
BEST Paper period.
I am so glad that I found Red River. I only use the Red River products and have recommended them to all my friend and fellow photographs. The paper is excellent, the service supreme and helpful information on printers and setting. I trust this company and won't use anything else. I belong to an organization and we use the Linen card for printing note card with out logo. Everyone is pleased with them
Cheryl Swift
When the package arrived (on time), I was first impressed with the sturdy packaging in which the paper was contained. The box was not the typical flap-end package, but a sturdy container with a full lid. An internal note clearly indicated which side of the matte paper was printable. Nice touch. Finally, I was very impressed with the quality of prints my Epson inkjet produced -- clear, colorful, and commanding attention. Nice product Red River Paper.
Love the Polar Pearl metallic
By far, the Red River Paper Polar Pearl Metallic is the best paper of that type I use and have stopped using other brands. Every client of mine loves the end result. That is all I want and RR delivered.
Order Received
You have convinced me with the quality and accuracy of your profiles. They talk to my new Epson printer beautifully, while the Epson web site apparently no longer supports my computer and just runs me around and around and around and aro - - when I try to find profiles. I'll no longer order papers from anyone else and will begin to build up and increase my library of RR papers.
Lynn Lamoreux
After seeing a # of reviews I decided to try the 60lb. Polar Matte paper for my notecards. I was completely blown away by the quality of print that I got with this paper. I print on a Canon Pro9000 MKII and I absolutely love the way the ink lays on the paper. The matte texture adds a very elegant and rich feel to the end product. I am more than pleased with this paper.
Polar Pearl Metallic Paper --Wow!
Kinda stumbled across this paper while surfing the net looking for new photo paper sources. boy, do the prints sparkle! Like no other paper I have ever tried. I'm sold oh it!
Polar Pearl Metallic
My best photos are reserved for Polar Pearl Metallic 13x19 which brings them to life and which I can display with confidence.
Kostas Fotografos
Lots of Paper Selection and Printer Support
Love that you help people with printer problems and often know how to trouble shoot a problem with a printer the printer companies don't know or share. This is invaluable. Great service and great papers. Deserves more than 5 stars....
Leslie Sinning
Glossy Greeting Card 60Lb Stock paper
I have been producing fantasy "star wars type" wrestling cards for Krazy Kards and the Champions of the Galaxy game for 14 years now and have used many types of glossy card stock papers to print out these game cards. I have found that the paper varies greatly more so then your printers printing capabilities. After searching countless hours researching and reviewing glossy card stock paper weights, resolution, and the ability to print on both sides with two different finish types, this is by far the best paper that I have ever used. I have used HP, IBM, Epson, Canon and countless other paper types even generic brands from trade shows which all have had different results. Some printed very well but the card stock was to thin. Some paper was very thick but the print outs had poor resolution and the artwork was washed out and muted or they could only be printed on one side. I first tried one box and was shocked that I finally got a paper I can live with: perfect card stock and the resolution is fantastic. The cost is reasonable for the quality paper. I just ordered a second box to have as backup since paper like this is not easy to come by.
Kevin K
UltraPro Satin
I love the way my images look on this paper. This is a high quality paper at a very good price. The service from order to delivery was easy and very fast.
Jim G.
Red River Matte is the best for 3880 epson
I have found there is no better matte paper than RR for my Epson 3880, and using their profile makes it is on the money every time.. A number of Black/White contest prints have brought home the Blue. Good Stuff....
Don Price
Great 12x12 Glossy Paper for Scrapbooking
I've just recently started to dabble in digital scrapbooking. I was using Epson's matte paper but didn't like the dull look of the photos on the page. I found this glossy paper and it is awesome. The photos look like photos now. I am also a nature photographer and will certainly try your other papers now.
Arctic Polar Satin Might Do The Job
I usually use Epson, Moab or Hahnemuhle Luster. However, I thought I would give Red River a try this time with Arctic Polar Satin. It provided a wonderful rich colors with great D max. It looks so good that I am going to try the Luster next. The prints not only look great but the price is a real benefit as well. With Great Products and Great Prices, who wouldn't use Red River.
Awesome 12x12 Paper Polar Matte
This paper is excellent. I scrapbook, and I've used it to print layouts on my wide format printer. The color is amazing which makes my photos amazing. Thank you so much for having 12x12 paper.
polar pearl metalic
This is by far the best B&W paper I've ever used! It is also fantastic on color landscapes and portraits. I have the 13x19 and the 4x6. The 4x6 is my go to to proof prints before using the 13x19. Every one who sees the prints asks immediately what paper I'm using. Takes a ho hum photo and really makes it pop! Real crisp images with sharp edges. Love IT!!!!!!
John P Connelly
Red River Paper products
Red River products are just great, good selection, prompt shipping and perform super on my Epson printers. Couldn't be happier, recommend RR to others all the time.
Brian Benson
Great paper!
I love Red River paper. I use several different types of paper and also card stock. It performs as well as Epson paper. The card stock is over the top awesome providing photo quality images printed directly to the card stock.
Great Service
I am totally sold on the service and the quality of the paper. It always arrives in perfect condition. Good job!! Keep it coming.
Al C.
Epson inks
I ordered a full set of Epson ink cartridges for my Epson 3880. They arrived promptly and despite freight, customs import costs etc. the total cost is several hundred dollars cheaper than buying them in New Zealand. I am delighted with the service from Red River paper. I also buy paper and am impressed with the quality and the fantastic range.
I tell my friends
This is the best ink jet paper I've found and at a great price. I'm sure I'm like a lot of graphic artists / designers with the cheap ink jet (lower end) printers and am able to get great prints out of them because of the paper performance and quality. Great stuff!
P.J. Yinger
Polar pearl metallic
LOVE this paper. I saw some prints on metal in a gallery and wanted to try and get the same or close to the same affect. I love the result on this paper. My prints are so sharp it makes your eyes bleed. I printed some beautiful Loons on the lake and they just pop right off the paper. I cant wait to try some of the other papers Red River offers.
Owner Operator
Quick reply to my order and excellent paper.
So glad we found Red River
After searching for hours(literally) for the kind of paper we were looking for for DVD case inserts, and only finding exactly what we wanted(32lb. Premium Gloss 8.5x11 100 Sheets) from a place with indecent advertising, which we didn't want to support, we finally found Red River Paper. Our first thought was, "Thank you God, we finally found someplace!!" Well, after receiving our order we were happier than ever. The paper came extremely well packaged, not only with lots of padding in the shipping box, but also in individual very sturdy little boxes for each "ream" of paper. Not only was the packaging great, but they included an instructional flyer in each box on what print settings to use for the specific type of paper ordered. We will definitely order from them again!!!
John and Sarah
Great paper - great company!
I have been a customer of Red river paper for a long time. The quality of the papers is fantastic and the customer service is top notch. I just tried the San Gabriel baryta paper and it reminds me of when I used to do my black and white prints in my darkroom. I also tried the Polar Pearl metallic - beautiful,
John L.
Nashville Show w/ RR paper
I have been using RR paper for the past two years and just mounted an exhibit at the Nashville Jazz Workshop using RR papers exclusively. I print BW using an Epson 1430 and a carbon inkset. The paper used for these BW prints is Aurora Fine Art paper (both Natural and White). I find that the images are very well balanced and reveal more shadow and highlight detail than can be seen on the monitor. I am very pleased with the results. I also print color with a Canon Pro-100 and use RR's San Gabriel paper. There is a lovely presence of light in these images that I attribute to the quality of the paper. Overall, I am very pleased with these results that are being exhibited. The show is up through November. Thanks to RR for offering such a high quality product at a very reasonable price.
Henry Rinne
White Haven
Red River Paper is awesome. I love how colors appear just as vibrant on the paper as they do on my computer screen. I ordered the sample pack and printed a variety of things on it and decided to go ahead and order 3 more reams because I am that satisfied with the results and quality of this paper.
Emily Kemp
Red River Paper
Each type of paper I've ordered for photography has been unique and of high quality.
Why consider anything else?
Red River is my paper supplier. Period. I have used half a dozen different papers for fine art photo printing as well as greeting cards and flyers. RR products provide a consistently excellent quality, and their online support to help select the right paper for each project saves both time and money.
Best Paper, Best Service, Best Value
I have a small publishing company that does limited edition art prints, greeting cards and photography. After trying many brands of photo papers I now use Red River products exclusively. Polar Matte, GreenPix and Aurora Art are excellent quality matte papers. Ultra Pro Satin and Polar Pearl Metallic give me excellent results on my photography. The Pecos River Gloss gives me super quality greeting cards. Combine Red River's quality with their excellent customer service, fast shipping and great value pricing and I put them right at the top for all of my photo printing needs.
Left Coast Editions
Great Product
I have been using the 60# Polar Matte 9x6.25 (#1879) card stock on an Epson printer and the results have been great with nice color and detail. I would recommend anyone to try this product.
George Simpkins
I am new to printing my own photos
I just bought a Canon printer & found Red River's website extremely helpful in getting me starting on this new experience. I go to the site constantly for helpful tips & tutorials. I am still learning which paper I like -- so the sample packs are a true blessing!
A company for ever photographer
I am a returning photographer photographer after 40 some years. What a pleasure to find a company that was designed for me. You answer all my questions give me tips, give service coming and going. I have just tried 4 of your papers all outstanding and very fairly priced. I want to try more and feel confident in exploring your products. When you have people that are proud of a company everything shines through to the customer. There is only a handful of company's that i feel good about giving money too and your one. Thanks for your Custom Products, Service, Education and Pricing, why would i go anywhere else.
Perfect cardstock & envelopes
I have owned a small greeting card business for ten years. The ONLY cardstock I use comes from Red river. The 60lb Pecos river Gloss shows my photos to perfection. Many oohs and ahhs on my 'beautiful' cards The matching envelopes make it a no brainer. Customer service is the BEST.
K henry
Great paper, great service
I have been using Red River Paper products for 8 or 10 years now. The quality and variety of papers offered is always top-notch. I always print my holiday cards on RR blank card stock with great results. I also printed presentations for a feature film company I was working for on Epson and Canon large scale pro printers - our images looked great!
Why I use Red River products
After Calumet Photographic store in Philadelphia closed, a friend told me about Red River Products. After trying their Photographer's Choice Sampler, I made a decision to purchase a box of each of their paper. And that is my goal because I have found their paper fits my every need.
Ronald Walker
Founder and Director Visionary School of Arts, Stuart, Florida
We have been printing hundreds of the 60lb Pecos River Gloss greeting cards for our Holiday cards for 4 years, as a part of our curriculum at our school of arts for ages 5 - adult. Our children have won awards for their brilliant designs and the reproduction quality on the Red River paper cannot be duplicated by any professional printing company out there. We are able to print in house. The quality, brilliance and clarity are amazing. The weight of the paper is rich, heavy and we can print with inkjet on both sides. No one else in the world produces a card like this one. Thanks Red River!
Lynne Barletta
Wonderful Resource
I print photos to a Canon MG8220 multi-function inkjet printer, not considered a pro printer. I love that Red River provides ICC profiles for this printer! My favorite papers are Polar Pearl Metallic and San Gabriel Semi-gloss Fiber; each enhance my photos in their own special way, and it's great fun pairing images with the paper that works best. Shipping is great, the paper is packed well and arrives in good condition. All in all, a pleasure to do business with.
Polar Pearl Metallic paper
Beautiful paper! The metallic sheen complimented my artwork and gave it a wonderful sheen. The price fit my budget and I received it within a very short period of time. I'm very pleased with Red River Paper.
Melanie H.
We recommend your paper to all our Camera Club members.
Once we discovered Red River paper, we never bought any other brand. You have all the types of paper we will ever need, and the printer profiles to match.
Exceed expectations
I am fortunate to be able to sell my photography so I am very concerned about the quality of the various componets in the process. I was a user of Epson paper for years until I discovered Red River Paper. The product cost is much less plus Red River tries to help me become a better photographer with tips and articles on their website. I appreciate that!
Jack L. Clark
Quality and pricing is excellent !!!
I started using Red River paper several years ago,I started with a couple of Sample Packs. I tried different papers and ordered the ones I liked when they were on sale LOL. I really like the heavy 2 sided Matte for business cards etc.
Roger Roberts
Love the Paper, Love the Flat Rate Shipping
My love affair with Arctic Polar Satin continues. I have received so many compliments on the quality of the paper I use for my prints. And, I'm not sure when you implemented the Flat Rate shipping, but I'm giving it a great big "YAY". Thank you.
Anne Garrison
I found red river a couple years ago and don't need to go any where else for high quality paper. I am not a big user,however I do appreciate great products and service. The Tech articles are very helpful
David L. Wilson
Red River vs. Epson papers
When I first purchased my Epson Stylus Pro 3800 I was primarily using Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper. After trying Red River Aurora Fine Art papers, I was hooked on Red River. I use it for all my archival printing as well as for posters and cards. My results are as good or better than Epson for a fraction of the price. I currently have a show of my artwork that is all printed on Aurora White Fine Art paper.
Andrew Newman
ultra pro gloss and the polar metallics
These are the papers I use the most and find all to be fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased! Mail times are quick and packed well. Red River gets all of my business.
Simply the best solution-source for the COMPLETE solution!
As a small business owner that looks for quality products, great prices, and flexible solutions; RR is truly #1 as a supplier. RR is like a partner with an interest in seeing that I reach success. They have great products and pricing to match, especially if you're able to find your favorite paper on one of their specials they always have, which I have tried to stock up when they do. (I love Polar Pearl & Arctic/Polar Satin & Luster's) However, what makes RR so special as the most COMPLETE-best supplier is all their incredible support, hands-on advice with real world application testing that they do in an effort to offer such great tips, input and education to help small guys like myself, stand-apart from competition. They always seem to be SINCERE in their desire to help, regardless of my questions or needs. That is what make RR hands down the best solution in my eyes and I appreciate their ongoing support. (BTW: I suggest to take advantage of the great information that is sent in their e-mails, with links to some wonderful articles and tutorials.) Thanks RR!
Dennis Da' Menice
Why pay more?
Red River is recognized and reviewed favorably in every photo magazine I read. Their library of profiles is huge as well. The paper comes well packaged with no damage yet after multiple orders. Prices are very reasonable given the quality and shipping is prompt. Regular sales on popular papers make for an even better deal. What else could you ask for?
Red River Rocks
I have been using Red River photo papers for years and have never been disappointed with any of your products, but it wasn't until the last couple of years that I realized you sold ink cartridges. I own two printers and one is an Epson Pro 3880, and the ink cartridges are not cheap, but Red River has the best price on these cartridges that I have found anywhere. I am totally sold on Red River and find that your products are of the highest quality. I print a lot of photos and really appreciate your products. Your customer service is great and I always receive my orders in a very timely manner. Thanks for being a company that I can count on. Keep up the good work.
S. Scurlock
Quality Paper
I've been using Red River papers for several years -- over that time, I've used a wide variety of papers, for printing photos as well as printing note cards. And as a professional photographer, I am VERY PICKY about my prints. Every type of paper I've used has been excellent (I keep reordering). And the service has been consistenly impeccable.
Jerry Weinstein
Something New - and Good!
I recently tried two varieties of RR paper - Polar Matte and 68lb UltraPro Satin. I downloaded the RR profiles for use in Lightroom, and those, with my Canon printer, are a winning combination! No tweaking, no reprinting, it just works. People who see my prints ask what camera, what printer, what paper, etc. My experience with RR is recent, but I expect to be a long-term customer.
Dave the GA Photo Guy
Ultra Pro Satin
Great Paper to use as a semi-gloss/satin. I've been using red River's Ultra Pro Gloss for a few months now and asked them to recommend me something a little less "shiny" for some or our darker posters. The Ultra Pro Satin was recommended to us... tried it, loved it and will buy again!
Kade D
Great product, excellent service!
In echoing some of the other reviews, I'm so glad I found Red River Paper! I primarily purchase greeting cards and envelopes, and I'm always impressed by the quality of the product and the care and speed of shipping. I also appreciate the reward points system, which gives you reward points based on your purchases. All in all, great product and service, and I will continue to recommend Red River Paper!
Red River is just phenomenal-They have a fantastic array of papers,(I love their Polar Pearl Metallic Paper), great service, great prices-AND-their shipping is always fast and the items well packaged.
Love Aurora Fine Art White
I am a fine art photographer and digital artist. I also am the owner of Fine Art Productions on Cape Cod. I produce giclees for artists on and off Cape. My go to paper for smooth is Red River, Aurora Fine Art White. My artists love the feel and weight of the paper as do I. The beautiful paintings, pen and ink drawings, and photography look just beautiful on this product. All in all, I am very happy with Red River.
Mike Petrizzo
Wow!! So glad I found you!!
I scrapbook and use an Epson wide format printer and have always purchased my paper from Epson. Recently I had to buy a new Epson printer and decided to order more 12x12 paper and was told they don't sell it anymore! Found Red River online and ordered a box of 60lb Polar Matte and LOVE it!! After trying it I called Epson headquarters and gave them the phone number and address for Red River Paper and they said they will tell future customers about this company. Love you are in the US too!!! Sign me "a very happy customer!"
Sandy Lindsay Lindsay
My only source for paper
Not only does Red River paper have a wide variety of paper at reasonable prices but their customer support is great too. When I emailed them questions regarding their products and a printer issue I immediately received detailed responses which included followup responses to further questions I had. Finally, each of their papers includes a downloadable printer profile for your particular model of printer, along with instructions on what print settings to use. The profiles have proved to be invaluable in getting the high quality I'm looking for on my printer output.
Exceeds expectations in all respects
In my opinion Red River Papers represent quality, service and price. 5 stars in all regards. What more can I say. I also find this website a great resource with useful information and the honest, forthright descriptions of the various papers in the product line. Not to mention much useful advice and help. My mainstay papers for the past four years have been Polar Matte plus UltraPro Satin and Gloss. I don`t see this changing in the future. I was pleased to speak with a RRP representative at a recent New England Council of Camera Clubs Annual Conference. Keep up the good work.
Roy Sletcher
Super Product
Fast and reasonable shipping service, and products that are far more superior than other photo papers available in the market. What more could a customer ask for? I am one very satisfied customer! Thank you!
More Proof that Red River Rocks!
I stopped at an Arts and Crafts Fair in Litchfield, CT where several local artists and photographers were exhibiting. I was drawn to the best images in the show, images that had been Photoshopped and matted. They were astounding. As I love to make a great print myself, I sought out the artist and regaled him with praise of the outstanding images. We kind of bonded, and he confided in me that "It's not me, really, it's the paper (and canvas) that I use." I asked what it was, and, of course, he said, "Red River Paper". Just goes to show you...
Jim Weber
Very Pleased
As so often happens with amateur photographers, we strive to take a better photo, create a more beautiful scene, or present our work more seriously. Fortunately I am blessed with many mentors willing to share knowledge and kind words. This knowledge extended, recently, to my friend Steve who told me about Red River Papers. Steve's advice: buy some sample packs, try out a number of different papers, see which ones give a product that you like. Then, he said, stick with that paper and become an "expert" in working with it. I gave RRP a try, purchased samplers, and went out on a limb with the card paper that was in my first order. I am very pleased. The papers are a pleasure to work with and the instructions for working with my first large printer, a Canon Pro100, are clear and easy to follow. What pleases me about the paper and the service: the paper that I purchased has been excellent; the service was prompt and more timely than I expected given the reasonable shipping charges. The website is easy to use and contains quantities of very helpful information. I appreciate that the company is educating their clients as they are selling their products. I have recently placed my second order. I expect to continue using Red River Papers.
A Great Paper for Urban & Natural Landscapes
I have been doing photography for over 40 years and on the advice of a fellow photographer I recently gave Red River Polar Pearl Metallic paper a try. I continue to be amazed by the images that this paper produces. I spend a lot of time outdoors shooting scenes which contain light and shadow. Trying to balance these two element is, to say the least, challenging. What the Polar Metallic paper does is highlight many of the subtleties and nuances that are often lost with other papers. This paper is especially good when shooting urban and natural landscapes in that it greatly reduces the time that goes into post production editing. I would describe this paper as very similar to Epson Photo Luster paper but with more "pop." I love it.
Scott L. Gibson
This paper delivers.
Some companies promise the sun moon and stars then don't deliver. Every time I use Red River paper, I get consistent results. People ask me all the time which paper I use. For price and quantity you can't beat it.
Red River Paper is excellent!
I have been trying fruitlessly to use other papers in my Epson Stylus Photo 1400 printer. Finally, I have been successful with the Polar Matte paper for art prints and cards. Thank you Red River!
Mary Lee Wilkinson
Ultra Pro Satin the best
I have been using this photography paper for over two years and it is the best. I gave up trying to find this quality of paper locally and only order this paper. It is nice and heavy and does not stick to pockets in photo albums and the ink does not smear or come off on my hands while handling my pictures. I absolutely love it.
Good Service, Too
Not only is Red River's paper excellent and competitively priced, but also its standard delivery costs are relatively low (not to mention quick, too).
Great Product
The Polar Pearl Metallic is a wonderful paper to work with. Really enjoy the effect it has on my pictures.
Great Service and Products
I have been using various papers from Red River Paper for several years. My favorites are the UltraPro Satin and the new Polar Pearl Metallic. The Polar Pearl Metallic makes my close up floral photos look it! I have always received great service and a prompt delivery when I have ordered. I will continue to use Red River Paper as my go to company for my paper needs.
N. Olon
Exemplary Service
I have been using Red River for many years and have always received high quality products which arrive very quickly. They are a business I can depend on.
Good business and service
I have been using Red River for a long time. The customer service, price and quality of paper is outstanding but it is the personal touch Red River has that stands lout!
McKim Barley
Great alternative
I'm so glad I found RRP! It's a great alternative to more expensive papers.
Red River Paper is some of the best out there. I've tried a lot of paper and Red River is by FAR SOME OF THE BEST...
Scott Lee
High Quality Papers
I love this online company. It is easy to use, my orders are shipped on time, and the quality of the papers I have used is perfect for my photographic needs. I currently use the UltraPro gloss papers for my 5x7, 8.5x11, and 11x14 prints. I also print note cards with their Pecos River Gloss and I love the sharpness and vibrant colors.
Customer Service 5 stars
I had a problem with the paper format, I wrote to customer service and in less than 24 hours I had an answer, and I even received a phone call. A package with the correct format has been returned to me for free, it's much appreciated as I live in Canada and the shipping costs are quite expensive.
Caroline Berger
Grateful and satisfied
After trying many different papers,there is at last one which ends my search. The Arctic Polar reproduces the quality and intense color I expect for my acrylic prints. The amount of paper for the price is generous and affordable. Thank you also for carefully packaging and promptly delivering the shipment.
Sharron Hinojosa
Excellent service and product
I have been using Red River papers for several years and have found them to be consistent, high quality and cost effective. Service is first rate too.
John S Freitag
Paper selection/Price
Have orderd several types of photo paper from RR and been very pleased with the papers and the resulting photo prints!! Prices are very reasonable!
Rod Mathis
Love this Red River company, my photos comes out very sharp and professional! I get a lot of great feedback on my photos and won 14 ribbons in my camera club. I would definitely continue using this Red River for a long time!
Great Products & Customer Service!
I just recently began using Red River Paper products for my fledgling photo greeting card business and I must say that the Polar Matte, The Arctic Polar Luster, The GreenPix Photo Matte,& the Pecos River Gloss all have produced superior results on my Canon Pro-100 printer. The help and support tutorials have been invaluable in setting up my printer and with working with greeting card making software in both Google Picasa and Adobe Elements 12. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!
Thomas Minutolo
Great service and products
I use the 60lb Premium Matte Plus for my note cards and panarama cards; the color just pops out. I use 66lb Polar Pearl Metallic for my business cards giving them a special effect to stand out amoung other cards.When I order products they are shipped the same day or the very next day.
Always the best!
I love your inkjet papers and other products! Top quality and the delivery and packaging is impressive. I often recommend RR papers to my other fellow artist's looking for good value and superior quality! I'm preparing for a show and am trying the pano card stock. We'll see how the market likes the pano card. Thanks for you consistent quality customer service RR!
D.A. Galassi
Upgrade your own photo printing with Red River.
I started working as a formal wedding photographer and family portrait photographer in 1970, when we used silver-based chemical films and papers, and running your own color photo print lab was incredibly capital-intensive, as well as wasteful of supplies while you worked out proper paper exposure times, maintained chemical temperatures and times accurately with a water-bath system. Today's digital technology combined with Red River's incredibly high-quality and cost-effective papers combined with one or more fairly cost-effective inkjet printers make producing everything from specialty 8x10 display photos, custom photo albums and both traditional and specialty photographic prints and standard greeting cards easy, profitable, and much more time-productive than the old chemical silver-based chemistry and color dye-based photo printing. The day I discovered Red River paper was the day I revived a popular and profitable art, casual and formal photography service.
Dale Moore
The Perfect Touch
I have been a user of Red River products for nearly four years now and have never considered anything else since I made the switch. I am particularly fond of the tones and color clarity of your UltraPro Satin - it is the best that I've ever seen in my 34 years as a professional photographer.
Dick Kettlewell
Great Service, Terrific Value
My order was processed and shipped same day. Arrived as expected. Well packed. The paper takes a back seat to no one. I am a fan.
Cliff B
New and Happy Customer at Red River
I have been wanting to try Red River Paper for many years...and have finally done so. I am a video producer and needed some nice Glossy stock for DVD inserts...and have found just the paper at Red River. Not only does Red River have some great paper stock...their team is very friendly and helpful...and their website is a great resource of everything and anything to do with paper stocks...these people rock!!! Thanks Red River!!!
Michael Scalise
Canvas for printing
I have tried many different suppliers and brands for my printing on canvas projects. The canvas from Red River is by far the best I have found. It's great quality and the service from Red River is outstanding.
Red River Paper Over all
Red River Paper is the only photo paper that I recommend.
Michael Lillie
Impeccable Service
When it comes to internet commerce, no one does it better than Red River Paper. Some may come close but none better...ease of use, order entry, shipping, turn time...perfection.
Have fun making greeting cards
The templates work great in Photoshop, the color profiles give me the color I want. My wife and I are having fun matching greetings with my pictures. I will be telling people that want to make cards like mine, shop at Red River Paper.
Rosco Pirtle
Two Thumbs Up Polar Pearl Metallic
I've been a fan of Red River's Polar Luster papers for years. A few months ago I discovered Polar Pearl Metallic. Two of my favorite subjects are sunrise/sunsets and Automotive photography. This paper is absolutely the best for capturing Sunrise/Sunsets, and due to the metallic making cars pop right out of the paper! It has become my "go-to" paper when printing. Thanks Red River!
When I started using Red River paper for my photos and cards I had no idea there would be no going back. Therapy, medications, time away, nothing has helped. When I take my last breath I will still have Red River photo paper. My children will have to fight over it!
Awsome Paper
Red River Paper is super consistent from batch to batch. I have been able to convert and Epson dye-based printer to a pigmented-based machine and get perfect color quality results thanks to Red River Paper. If you want the details of how you can do it... contact me. The information is FREE!!
Darryl Nicholas
Second time buying from Red River
I have been creating art to print on greeting cards for decades. At first - back in the "80's" there just were not a lot of options. I did some nice drawings, took them to a printer and had a few thousand printed. Luckily they sold. Over the years I had more and more art for cards, but less people bought any particular scene. I started to use my ink jet printer and just used the same stock the printers did. Now I am seeing better paper that works with my inkjet printer that Red River offers. I love their tutorials, and how they explain how to maintain an inkjet printer. The new cards I am printing on Polar Matte are just as beautiful, if not more so , than the cards I used to have printed on big offset presses by the thousands. But now I can offer my customers more variety and use more of the "just in time" inventory keeping. The old way was not sustainable. I hope to be doing more cards as time goes by and Red River Paper will be a part of my team. Thank you
Maggie LaNoue
Love 12x12 Arctic Polar Luster
Switched from Polar Matte and love it!! Double sided really saves money!
Diana Harwood
Red River Rocks!
Red River Paper rocks! You guys have great customer service and excellent products! The reference area with ICC profiles makes printing fool proof, thank you for doing it right!
John Prince
I tell all fellow artists about Red River Paper
Red River has been a core support for my art business for years and it has been a perfect wedding. Their papers help produce prints that are so stunning I often get complements at art shows and festivals. Not to mention sales to folks who were not actually looking to buy and yet were moved to do so from the charm of the images. Whenever possible I tell my fellow artists about Red River and their fine papers. Why, because I love passing on good news and helping friends and associates... and this company is a huge help if you publish quality art prints.
Tommy Thompson
An Artist's Delight
I've been ordering Red River paper for over a year now, and am delighted with the quality of the product and the timeliness of the shipments. I'm a watercolor artist, I make my own cards from the paintings and they come out beautifully on 60lb polar matte two-sided blank greeting cards. I've just begun using the the matte photo paper in 8.5 x 11 and 5 x 7 for my reference photos. The matte finish is gorgeous and I can see great detail without the shine and glare of glossy paper. Red River is my go to place for quality and good service.
Susan Harper
Since I was introduced to Red River I have never looked back. I have many photography friends so I always buy more than I need so I would introduce them to Red River. Just lately I bought two packets of 13 by 19 photo papers and paid the same shipping charge as one packet. I also buy ink from Red River.
Quite pleased
I am so overly pleased with my card stock that I purchased to make photo note cards. I had tried quite a few different papers and these are exquisite!
Gabrielle Harrison
Look this is the best paper hands down
Red River is simply the best for artist needs not just money wise. These papers are solid and give the best you can expect. I keep coming back to San Gabriel as my choice of papers, and i love Canson Plantine paper but man i am just hard pressed to find an actual difference. So when something is that close then guess what tie goes to more affordable product.
jerry rushing
A great product overall!
This paper is great! I love that it is 8x10 inches exactly, which is hard to find in a luster finish. The packaging is the best I've ever encountered - all papers should be packaged as such. Shipping is fast as well. I am slowly becoming a converter after being a longtime Epson customer. Such a great find! Love Red River!
UtraPro Glossy 2 saves the Assignment
Had a volunteer assignment to photograph staff doing their jobs at a national park. To gain their cooperation I needed to show quality photos that I had taken of fellow works knowing I only had travel printer in my camper. Ordered 100 pack of Ultra Glossy 2 in the 5x7 size. After showing workers a dozen prior shots and giving a few away to appreciative subjects, the doors opened to work with others in the park. Not only did this product meet my quality and cost needs, but I was impressed with shipping times, and the care in boxing and padding for this shipment.
PAB on assignment Colorado
Metallic Paper
I have used Red River papers for some time and have been well pleased with the quality and price. Most of my prints are on 68lb. UltraPro Satin. I had been wanting to try the metallic finish and purchased the 66lb Polar Pearl Metallic when it was on sale. While it is not suitable for every image, when used with the proper images it gives outstanding results. I would give it 6 stars and it is now part of my printing routine.
John Roeder
The best kept secret out there.
Red River Paper was first introduced to me at my camera club as a sample pack. Shortly after trying the Red River paper, I found out that several top competitors were using Red River paper. I quickly ordered my Red River paper, and I no longer purchase the Epson paper that I thought was top self. In my first year of photo print completion I finished 1st place in my division for the year, 1st place B & W print, and 2nd place color print of the year. It is time to "let the cat out of the bag", Red River paper is the way to go for sure. Thanks again for a real quality product!
Glenn Urquhart
I'm so glad that I stubbled on to you! I wish I would have known about you sooner. This was the PERFECT choice for my job and we received SEVERAL compliments!!
Papers for the Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printer
I recently purchased a Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer and purchased a trail pack from Red River Paper to see what papers would work best with the type of images I would be printing. After trying several different kinds I came back and purchased a variety of papers in different sizes to get me started. So far I am loving the look of the Polar Pearl Metallic for my nature photos and the UltraPro Satin for portraits. I am also very pleased with the Paper Canvas greeting cards - especially that they come pre-scored and ready to use.
Julie Kenward
Great products, service and company
Best paper I have used, reasonable cost, products shipped promptly. You couldn't ask for anything more.
Like all Red River paper, I love this stuff. But please bring back the 80lb Polar Pearl Metallic!!
Linen-like inkjet card stock
I have been looking for a product like this for quite a while. I stumbled upon Red River Paper Products and placed an order. The service was excellent, delivery reasonably priced and fast. I will be using this company again and often for my paper needs.
C Brown
Art card stock
I recently discovered Red River Paper Canvas Inkjet card stock and absolutely love it. It holds the bright colors and reproduces a clean crisp image of my watercolor art. When printing from Creative Suite Indesign to both my higher end Epson and a lesser HD printer. I am very happy with this card stock and recently order more. Annette Seaman
Annette Seaman
Red River papers produce stunning images
I've been using Red River papers for years. I love the Polar Pearl Metallic and have used it for the cover of books I design. Double sided matte papers are perfect for greeting cards. I usually score and cut the cards myself, but also use the pre-scored card stock to save labor time. Some of my customers request a glossy paper for their photographs or scans of their original art work. I recommend Red River to everyone I know. Love it when there are sales!
Cheri Litwinovich
My 1st experience
I am a new customer and have been impressed with the level of customer service I've received thus far. All my printing questions and help with ICC profiles for my Epson printer have been answered and follow up from customer service to see that all went well also ! Who could ask for more. The quality of the products has been as advertised !!
Rod Stroh
Blanco Matte Canvas
I have just recently discovered this paper. I absolutely love the quality of the paper itself. Printing my paintings is effortless. I am a loyal Red River Paper customer and don't think I will ever consider another company. Customer Support is fast, professional and supportive at the same time.
New to red river paper products
I am a new user to the red river paper products, as a new user I ordered sample packages because I wasn't sure which product I would like the best, so far I haven't had the opportunity to sample them favorite right now is the canvas sheets! I was very happy with the online support and the quick shipping! I am excited to use the paper in the near future!
Excellent Paper!
I have a Canon Pro 100 and I don't use any other paper for my photos. They have every type of paper you could want and they're worth the cost. One of my favorite papers is the Polar Pearl Metallic. It makes my images pop and everyone loves them. You will be happy with your purchase of Red River Paper!
David G. Yocum
Great paper, great service
I've recently ordered and started using the Polar Pearl Metallic, and it gets rave reviews from me. I love the look as an alternative to a metal print. I've printed images on their sample pack and plan to order other papers as my projects require. I'm also impressed with the quality of the packaging and the speed of shipping when I order paper. And I love the added bonus of the hints and tips at the end of the weekly emails. I find them very helpful.
Kathy S.
Excellent product
They provide a superior product, at an excellent price, with fast shipping. I will continue to purchase my printing needs from them.
Excellent Print Quality
Every paper I have ordered from Red River (and it's a lot!), is excellent paper. Print quality is crisp, great color, sharp and amazing!
Diana Ralph
Great Products and Service.
I recently placed two orders for Metallic paper and I've been very pleased with the performance of the paper with the ICC files provided by Red River. Red River is the one-stop location for printing supplies and paper. Well done.
Steve Bauer
Printing heaven!!
I love the papers from Red River. Everything is better than I anticipated. Ordering a snap. Delivery quick. Quality GREAT!! Why pay more? This is already the best!!
Ellen W
The service was great and so is the paper
Convenient service and great paper
I order most of my paper through Red River. Can't beat the convenience of having so many papers in one place, the handy tips, and even being able to order my printer ink. I've never had issues with the paper being dented, as everything is always packed so well.
Barb Kellogg
Orthodontic Photos look Great!
We are an orthodontic office and print many x-rays and photos. We are very pleased with the print quality of the Red River Paper. It is comparable if not better than the more popular and more expensive leading brands. Thank you for a great product!
Fine paper exceed expectations
I am working on a gallery show and was looking for a very precise paper. Price was not my primary concern. I made a selection and placed the order. The paper was promptly shipped. It was shipped in oversized packing and arrived in perfect condition. I found the paper to be a perfect choice, and equal to far more expensive paper. So: a superior paper at an amazing price.
Longtime Customer gives Polar Matte Fives Stars
I have been a customer of Red River Paper for several years now and am extremely happy with Red River Paper's sales and service and am extremely pleased with the quality and value of the Polar Matte paper. I use it both for my prints and note cards which I sell at several Art shows throughout the year. I am one of the very few photographers in the area who actually prints their own cards and my customers love them. Hats off to Red River Paper.
Robert C. Bicknell
Red River photo paper
I have used Red River paper for many years now, never been disappointed in anything I have ordered. Would never even think of using any other product.
Y Lloyd
As Tony the tiger says
I discovered Red River Paper by chance when I Googled 'greeting cards'. I haven't regretted it one bit. The 60lb. Pecos Gloss and the 60lb. Polar Matte are my favorite. Although I have tried all the papers by getting the sampler boxes. The metallic papers are phenomenal for iridescent photos, especially sunsets! A great product. Thank you.
Pecos 5x7 Greeting Stock
I have been using the Pecos Greeting Card Stock now for over a year and have produced many beautiful cards. My friends have asked where I print their Christmas cards for them because of the high quality of the cards.
Dennis Ariza
Great Products Fantastic Service
I can only say good things about Red River Paper's products and their professional staff. I've been ordering from them for over two years and will continue to do so in the future.
Love the Paper, Love the Dependability
I got tired of chasing my favorite big name brand paper; it seemed like the suppliers I used (including the big name company themselves!) were always out of what I needed. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find a comparable paper from a reliable supplier, but after seeing Red River Paper being mentioned over and over on photography forums, I gave them a try. The quality is excellent, as well as the prices and delivery time. I haven't ordered anywhere else since trying Red River!
Tanya H
james robinson
Excellent paper and service
This company is excellent. Their papers are incredible and the fact that they give you the profiles and complete instructions for you to get the best print possible is outstanding customer service! The brand names won't help you at all in that area! I am so thankful that a friend recommended I try this paper!
Hope Waldner
Big fan of red river paper
I have just placed my 3rd order with Red River Paper. I love their Greenpix recycled paper and their huge range of matte papers in different sizes and weights. From now on, this is my one stop shop for ALL art printing papers.
Lili C.
Product Quality and Service
I order all paper and ink cartridges from Red River. The quality of service is outstanding. Prices are more than affordable with ink cartridges compared to local store outlets. The choices of paper available don't hold a candle to my local camera shop. My favorites are the Polar Pearl Metallic, Arctic Polar Gloss, and UltraPro Gloss. Have used Canon, Kodak and Epson for gloss papers, but no comparison to Red River. No other metallic type of paper available and if it is, I have not been to those retail outlets in ages. Red River is my choice. Call me a dedicated customer.
Very Happy with Red River
They offer great paper that I love at a very competitive price, and their service and shipping are on par with the best online retailers.
David Pickles
Never let down
Red River Paper has never let me down. The quality of the paper is outstanding and shipping is prompt and efficient. And being able to order ink for my Epson Pro 3880 is a big plus.
Roger T
Comparing Epson Luster Premium vs 68 lb Ultra Pro Satin
Epson Premium Luster paper vs. 68 lb Ultra Pro Satin I will choose 68 lb Ultra Pro Satin ALL THE WAY Let me explain: I have been using Epson Premium Luster for about a year now and I have to say, the print is great. The semigloss allows it to lay out the colors perfectly, no smudging and fast dry. I use an Epson 3880 and I believed that only Epson paper can produce the maximum potential of the printer/ink. BUT I WAS WRONG. Living in New York, I get a chance to go to many art/photography conventions and by chance I saw this gorgeous picture for show. The highlight of the picture was the vibrancy of the color which expresses uplifting emotions. It was pixel perfect semigloss paper so I immediately assumed it was Epson's Premium Luster but then the photographer came up to me to ask for my opinion! After a few chit chats I couldn't help but tell him "Good choice with the Premium Luster!" Then he broke the news. He told me it was 68 lb Satin from Red River Papers. I had no idea what it was but I pretended to know since I didn't want to seem like an amateur :P After that I went home, found the site, and purchased it. Well that's the story of how I got into it, but let me explain why I find 68 lb Ultra Pro Satin to be a better choice OTHER THAN THE MONEY. In terms of quality print and view-able angles, I found NO difference comparing the two (although Satin may appear not as bright, after print comparison, no difference noticeable). The plus side to the 68 lb Ultra Pro Satin is the weight of the paper compare to Epson's Luster paper. It's just so much more heavier and feels so much more professional and sturdier compared to the flimsy Epson Luster! Okay, here I will say the price is a bonus too! Love it, great work Red River Paper. Keep up the good work and hope everyone else enjoys your papers.
Matte & Gloss Card stock
I have used RRP for cards for years. The consistency from pack to pack over years has been great. I think this speaks to their quality control. I use the ICC profiles and the even paper from different packs has been consistent. Besides the consistency, Drew and the people are easy to deal with, answer emailed questions quickly and are very helpful.
Fantastic Company and People
The most fantastic company I have ever worked with! Everyone at Red River is extremely professional, cordial and knowledgeable! They take their time answering all questions, even things that do not have to do with them directly. I have been a long time customer and just got the opportunity to meet Leslie and Drew in person. Even nicer in person if that could even be possible. Thank you folks! Keep up the great work!
John Siebel
Absolutely the best paper I have ever used for printing invitations. Super thick and solid. Nothing compares. I have searched everywhere.
Leah Markovic
Best Paper & Customer Service
I have been a customer for at least 10 years. I love all their paper especially the Ultra Pro Gloss, Pearl Metallic and note cards. Best value for your money! Customer service is excellent, shipping is fast and they pack each shipment like it is fine China! Thanks, Red River!
Glenn Johnson
#1 Source for Paper
I have never been disappointed by the quality of Red River Papers, they stack up against, or surpass, Epson premium papers and Moab without question. Better still are the color profiles. WYSIWYG printing is a reality with RR on my R2000. Customer service has always been top-notch too.
Tom O.
Great Resource for free lance photographer
I have gone to Red River for most of my paper and card stock needs for years now. Their products and web site are always top quality. I recently printed on their 66lb. Polar Pearl Metallic and am very amazed at the result. Stunning!
I have been purchasing art paper from Red River for several years. The quality of their paper, especially the aurora art paper and the polar pearl metallic (two of my favorites) are exceptional. I sell prints and greeting cards of my artwork and the images come out beautifully. I have always received my orders in a timely manner and the products are packed well.
Mary Gardner
Wonderful Product, Reliable Company!
I've been a photographer for almost 50 years now, if you count my earliest efforts (which I do!). I have a degree in Photography and have worked in many different areas, including Aerial Photography, Portrait Photography, Advertising, and more. Rarely do I ever come across a product worthy enough to get me to jump up on a table and shout to the masses, but I honestly believe Red River papers deserve such effort. I've been printing cards for several years now, and have always wanted, but have never found, "Glossy outside, Matte Inside" paper. I'd about given up...and then I discovered Red River. Their papers are wonderful quality; their service has been impeccable to date. I've tried the Polar Pearl Metallic paper and the Pecos River Gloss cards, and found both to be exquisite. Enough babbling though, I have shots to take! It doesn't matter how much time you spend getting the perfect shot if you have to print it on crappy paper...I suggest you try this paper. I think you'll find it worthy.
Old-fashioned Customer TLC a click away
I keep being amazed by the great old-fashioned love and care extended to all Red River Paper customers by this great company. I sure hope it pays off because the great products and service are generally unmatched. Personally, I love the metallic pearl paper along with the classic San Gabriel. Thanks RRP!
Lester K
Pecos River Gloss
I found Red River online and have been using their paper for about six months. I use the Pecos River Gloss greeting card stock for a project and have very happy clients. The supplied color profiles were easy to download and gave excellent color results. Red River service and delivery is fast and their paper is highest quality. I found no need to use any other paper supplier for any of my photo reproduction work.
Metallic printing paper absolutely the best innovation in computer supplies since inkjet. Reminds me of advent pf Agfa darkroom paper which beat up Kodak because of superior Silver Nitrate loading.
Pete Egan
60 lb canvas/aurora art natural/50lb 2 sided matte
I love Red River papers. I have a small ( I do mean tiny) greeting card company (Diva Greetings). I hand draw my designs on a master art paper, then copy with an Epson Artisan 837 series printer on to the scored card paper from Red River. The paper feeds through great and the outcome looks so professional.
Becky Christensen
Excellent Service and Product
I ordered envelopes and was grateful to find a really good product at a really great price. They shipped very quickly and arrived ahead of schedule. I was also provided a sample pack of photo paper with my order. I can hardly wait to try it out. I will definitely recommend Red River Paper to friends and colleagues.
Nice Paper
I have used this paper for a lot of my prints. Customers love the look, and so do I. The print just seems to come alive. Colors pop, and there is a depth to the image that is marvelous. I recommend this paper to anyone who want to have something different in their printed images.
Chris Malcolm
Excellent Products
I've ordered three different types of paper from Red River. Polar Pearl Metallic, Blanco Matte Canvas and Paper Canvas, all were 13x19. They are excellent quality and more than I expected, especially the Metallic paper. The delivery time was better than advertised. I would highly recommend.
R Brownrigg
Awesome paper at a great price!
I started with the sampler so I had a good idea of what I wanted. Great variety! I ordered the 68 lb ultra pro satin to use in place of the more expensive epson premium lustre paper. It looks as good as the epson. I love it. Thanks Red River
Way to go Red River
Excellent paper, excellent service. Very fast delivery. You really can't go wrong ordering from Red River
Totally pleased!
I keep coming back to Red River Paper over and over because they carry exactly what I need for my card business needs and for the quality of product. I've never been disappointed.
Sharon Petersen
Service and quality of paper and ink is fantastic, shipping is extremely fast. Regular shipping and get the next day. Have ordered many times and never disappointed. 5 stars.
Ed Rowell
Pleasantly Surprised
After receiving my sample package from Red River, I chose 60# Polar Matte paper to produce note cards from my original artwork, even though I knew my printer was not the best. When I showed a friend some of the final printed note cards, she remarked, "Did you get these printed at a shop, or did YOU print them?" She was obviously impressed. Even though my printer was inferior and it took quite a while to line up the work properly, the Red River paper 'did its job' by receiving the inkjet printing so beautifully. I would definitely order from Red River again. By the way, I am also purchasing a new printer - one suggested on the Red River website. Thanks for all the tips!
J. Raymond
Great GEM of a find among the sea of options online!
As a Marketing Director for a small NYC firm who needs amazing presentations and marketing packages a good printer is a necessity, but without Awesome paper it's useless. I hunted everywhere before finding RRP and they have been exceptional, products are outstanding and the option to get sample packs for a small price is something that is priceless is my industry! You guys have secured a customer for life!
Nikk Jones
Arctic Polar
One look at my paper table below my printer and there is no question what paper I use. A friend of mine suggested the Arctic Polar Luster a couple years ago and it's been my primary paper ever since! Before trying Red River I struggled with other brands even though they provided paper profiles. I have tried 8 or 10 other Red River paper types and I like them all but Arctic Polar Luster is the paper for me!
Ken Toney
Very Happy New Customer
I was looking for a metallic paper and my search directed me to Red River Paper. The fact that they offer a sample pack of their different papers which included the metallic paper I was looking for got me to place my first order. The quality of their packing, shipping, and above all else the quality of their papers got me to place my second order. Their articles are very informative and their paper profiles work great with my Canon printer. Thank you Red River Paper.
Bret Peckens
Great products and great service
I recently purchased some card stock and envelopes. The quality of the images printed on this card stock is amazing. This will be the card stock I use from now on.
River Linen
I really liked River Linen paper for greeting cards. It had a very elegant look and feel. Hope you bring it back.
T Mattson
Quality and reliability.
I've never been disappointed in the quality of any of the papers or card stock I get from Red River, and my orders come in as scheduled and properly packaged. Wish I could say the same about the office store 6 miles across town that's had my order on a "local delivery truck" for the last seven days or the folks who shipped my laptop loose in a box without enough peanuts to cover the computer. If you're on the fence about placing your first order with Red River Paper, go ahead - you'll be glad you did.
Helpful website and quick delivery...
I recently ordered some matte paper for my new printer. I wasn't exactly sure on which paper to purchase, but the website pointed me in the right direction! I picked my printer and a list of options was readily available. Once I placed my order it seemed like no time at all before the paper arrived! Thanks again.
J Miller
San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber Paper
I have been printing on San Gabriel SemiGloss paper (11x14) for almost a year, my other papers are Brilliant Museum (SilverGloss Natural) and Canson RAG (Photographique). In terms of accurate color, to my eyes, and price for performance, RR is the winner while Canson is a bit warmer and Brillant Museum is on the cooler side. One should choose the paper to suit the image. However, San Gabriel is the best overall choice. I use self-fill ink from Inkjetmall and ICC profile downloaded from RR on an Epson R3000 and am very well pleased with the results both in color and monochrome. Recommend that you explore various RGB to monochrome conversion algorithms as the conversion process can leave a heavy foot print on the final paper choice.
Shipping with tender loving care!
I have always ordered the fine art papers, Aurora Art and San Gabriel, wonderful papers! When they package it for shipping, they really take the extra step in protecting your product, 11x14 box of paper goes in a 17.5"x24"x5" box wrapped with plenty of bubble wrap! Very impressive! I've never had a damaged box! Way to go guys!!!
LG Wilson
Great paper, excellent price, wonderful service and support
I have used Red River paper for several years now. Finally, I have narrowed my choices to just three papers: a gloss, a satin and a matte. The size choices are great, because I can use very small sheets as proof sheets, and thus limit paper and ink waste. Even the shipping costs are reasonable; the shipping is fast and the packaging has been perfect every time. I am very, very pleased with this product.
Quality Products and Service
Red River products are of the utmost quality and the customer service if always spot on. The employees are friendly and nice at all times!
Thomas Adams
The product I ordered from RRP is simply excellent. The packaging for shipping is above standard and the boxes the cardstock is in are excellent for safe storage and easy to identify. I placed my order and paid for basic shipping and received my order the next day. I won't shop anywhere else!!!!
Red River paper ordering.
It's almost fun to order my photo print paper from Red River. It's painless, quick, and efficient.
Lawrence Bestmann
Great customer service
I'm not a large customer of Red River Paper, but whenever I place and order, it is delivered promptly and correctly. The few times I have had to contact customer service with a question, I have been answered with friendly professionalism. Great company and wonderful, helpful people! Thank you!
AdStar Productions, Inc.
Great Products and Service
I am an experienced photographer as well as the Photography Instructor for the South Lake Art League in Clermont, Fl. I have chosen Red River's 68lb UltraPro Satin 3.0 for all of my fine art photography that is displayed in the gallery and other business locations that have requested my art. I have also sampled numerous Red River paper selections and have been very satisfied with the variety available as well as the consistent quality. Because of the exceptional quality of all of Red River's products, I recommend them to my students and colleagues.
Carroll Dickerson
Fast Shipping & Awesome Packing
Once again I received my wonderful Red River Paper package! It's always Polar Pearl Metallic for me - Please keep up the GREAT SERVICE & CARE
Since I have found Red River and taken advantage of the sampler pack advertised, I am hooked. My supplies of my Printer brand products are running out and I will be left with Red River products only. My wife is so very pleased as our are friends and relations, with the beautiful cards we are now sending. (That also complements my photos). That's OK! Although a photo is only great when on great paper and in particular Polar Pearl metallic brings a new richness and life to my photography. Thank you for your wonderful products- great follow through, even your shipping boxes show the quality you exhibit. Very Sincerely, Daniel R. Sandorff
Daniel R. Sandorff
Fabulous paper!
I use the 68lb. Ultra Satin paper for ALL of my photography. My customers on Etsy ( are always commenting on the great paper I use. So glad I found Red River!
ellen hagan
88 lb. Polar Magna Matte
So happy with the quality of this specialty paper. I use it in my shop for invitations and thank yous. Very pleased and will be back again. Thank you, Red River Paper. Five "big" stars! Paper + Pop
Andrea Scatuccio
Happy so far!
I am new a Red River, I have only ordered two times. I am very happy so far with customer service and the quality of the papers I have ordered. I will continue to order from Red River!
M. Dickinson
Excellent Paper and Service- Clear Instructions
I have used a number of high quality papers for printing art and nature photography. Red River papers have always performed very well for me. Heavy weight makes handling and loading into my 3880 printer easy. Print quality is fantastic, and color gamut and surface texture are as good as any premium paper I've ever used. Drying time seems faster that some other papers too. The ICC profiles are very easy to download, with clear instructions online and in the documentation provided with the paper. My orders have always arrived in quick time, undamaged, and the product shipped has always been exactly what I ordered. So far, I've tried the Arctic Polar Luster and their Polar Pearl Metallic papers, and they are both just wonderful. And the price is good too. Again, these papers are as good as any of the higher priced comparable finish papers I've used. Try them!
William Lutin
Red River Rocks!
I print greeting cards and art on Red River Paper's Aurora White fine art paper, which is a gorgeous paper (great feel, bright colors, 100% cotton). First, let me say that their shipping is FAST and their packaging is perfect to ensure that every sheet arrives intact, and that the product is excellent for the price point! But the real measure of a shop, for me, is how they handle issues when issues arise. Some time ago, I had purchased a box of my usual paper, and found it had an unusual propensity to yellow -- quickly! I got in touch with RR, who offered me a refund for the paper, and suggestions on how to properly store the paper. This was a good gesture in itself, but it continues... I went on to purchase several more boxes of paper (since I hadn't had a bad experience with it before the odd box), and used it happily without incident. A month later, I got an email from RRPaper, telling me that they'd tried to reproduce the yellowing effect on their end (but hadn't been able to), and were wondering if I was still having the problem! I couldn't believe it! Not only had they listened to my issue, but they'd actually looked into it to see if they could find the source! I was seriously impressed that RRPaper would take this kind of action for a customer (and I'm no big-ticket account, either!). In my opinion, this company will treat you right and make sure you get the great quality products they advertise.
Amazed, Surprised & Happy
I was buying some paper that I needed before but wanted to try something new. I saw that Red River had a linen paper that was very reasonably priced so I thought what the heck...I'll try it. I mean the price was so reasonable what do I have to lose. This paper literally made my jaw drop. IT's BEAUTIFUL! I'm now spoiling clients with a very unique product. Honestly it's a win-win for me and my clients. Thanks Red River Paper!
Willis Nelson
Having to reprint all of my B&W
Its all Red River's fault that I am having to reprint most of my best B&W images. I ordered a 50 sheet box of 11x14 RR San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber paper just to see what a couple of my favorite B&Ws would look like printed on a baryta paper using my Epson R3000. I am so impressed with my initial results that it looks like I will now have to reprint all my B&W work on this great paper.
slight gloss, San Gabriel
I don't use a lot of glossy paper anymore, preferring matte finish, fine art paper. I dislike how the gloss takes away viewing angles of my images. This San Gabriel is a nice compromise for 8x12 and smaller prints. The images do look go.
Neal Parisi
Paper Sampler
I'd used RR matte papers for several years but wished to get back to the glossy side. The sample pack allowed me to make prints with all the non-matte papers offered. In the end I decided to stick with my first choice, Arctic Polar Gloss.
Superb product, superb customer service
I am so happy to have been referred to Red River Paper several years ago by a very satisfied customer, and I've become a real fan. I was disappointed when the note card stock I was using was discontinued, but have switched to Pecos River Gloss and am thrilled with the way it prints and feels. Awesome job. Any chance I get to recommend Red River Paper, I do!
Corbin Smith
Great service and products
I ordered some 5x7 greeting cards and envelopes at 9:50 am, got an e mail that they were shipped at 11:56, the same day, Packaged really well, not sure it would have hurt the paper if the box had gotten run over by a truck. Love the papers from Red River, have used them for quite a few years now.
DAve Lines
Radical People, Radical Paper
The customer service quality is amazing. I ordered paper and it was shipped withing hours of my order being placed. Not only are the people amazing, but the paper prints great. I am a graphic designer and have a very high standard for print-out quality, and this paper works perfect for everything I need. I will continue to purchase from Red River over and over again.
jerry rushing
San Gabriel Semigloss Fiber This is the paper we are using for portfolio reviews it is that good, it stands up to Canson Platine fiber based paper. San Gabriel compared to Platine is not even slightly warmer to the untrained eye, and only when you hold them next to each other can you even begin to see the slightly warmer tone. Otherwise the same, for emerging photographers this is a great paper to trust for your portfolio reviews. Try Red River today, your eyes and pocketbook will smile. Jerry
San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber is my choice
After going through several papers from Red River and other sources, San Gabriel SemiGloss Fiber has become my turn to paper of choice. Tremendous color and clarity, slightly warm tone and heavy weight are all A+. The only caution I would warn others of is ordering in packs of 50 sheets. The box containing the paper is actually stuffed and I had two sheets rendered not usable because of this. That negative part lowered my overall rating from a 5 to a 4.
Amazing Product and Amazing Experience
I found exactly the paper I was needing (hard to find lightweight photo paper) and not only was it easy to buy, but the prices were great, and I received the product much faster than I anticipated. Once I received it, I could not BELIEVE the quality of my prints on the paper. It was amazing!
Quality product with quality service!
These people have a quality paper product that shows artwork beautifully! And they ship quickly and reliably. A rare combination these days!
Janet Noirot
Amazing, fast service
Ordered a whole bunch of 11x17, 50lb double-sided matte paper. Came in perfect condition and on time!
Falling in Love
I'm new to Red River Paper after learning about the company at the SPE Conference in March. I ordered the sample kit and have fallen in love. It is by far one of the BEST papers in my budget. I'll be coming back for more!
Love the 50lb paper! It holds the ink really well and gives a nice professional look. great for books!
Hanisha Amin
Love this site
High quality papers! I use these for my business and love them! Never had anything but compliments!
Susanna Havens
All things great
Red River Paper has become my favorite provider of paper. Their selection of papers is incredible, and the information on their Web site is very useful. I can't imagine using paper from any other company on my Canon Pixma Pro-100.
Jim Worstell
my favorite papers
Red River Papers are great! I've been using them for years and have no complaints.
Great Service Prompt Delivery
I have used Red River for both photographic paper and Epson inks for several years. They have never messed up an order, and I can count on getting them quickly - usually within a week. I don't use anyone else's products!
I am a professional photography student and find great use in all of Red Rivers paper products, I have purchased a variety of papers such as metallic, matte and luster, which I love them all. They are also very good on getting the paper shipped out to you in a timely manner.
wonderful paper
This paper prints out wonderfully. It looks like you are there or you can touch what is in the picture. I love the metallic and Cotton paper.
sherri sato
Polar Matte
I sell fine art note cards and do my own printing. The images are always crisp and vibrant with Red River Papers. I won't go anywhere else now that I've had a chance to see what I can produce with Red River Papers.
Carol Colaianni
Fabulous service and great products!
I've used lots of different Red River products and have found the quality to be excellent. But the best thing is the service, which is impeccable. Telephone support is consistently wonderful--these folks work hard to make sure that customers are satisfied. And the paper is always packed carefully and shipped promptly. As far as I'm concerned, it would be crazy to go anywhere else for photo paper.
Thank You
I have been a customer for 6-7 years and have never been disappointed. The service is great and the product is even greater. Thank You -
Bill Radant
Sample Pack
Excellent range of papers. I was really impressed with the Polar Pearl Metallic - I'll probably buy a few packs.
Wedding Invitations
I recently bought 60 lb Polar Matte Double sided 8.5x11 scored inkjet paper from Red River Paper. I was delighted with the quality and ease of use. It is not easy to find high quality pre-scored paper, and I would never use anything else now that I've bought from Red River. The staff is helpful and responsive. Delivery times and shipping are reasonable. I would highly recommend the Red River Paper experience to anyone.
Great products and excellent service
I have been using red river paper for sometime now, and every paper seems to be the very best for the job. The pearl metallic results in outstandingly brilliant photos and the polar white matte is great for cards and many other projects. I have fallen in love with Red River Papers.
Red River Paper
Ordered for the first time from RED RIVER PAPER-----I love the quality of the paper that i ordered. I am definitely going to re-order more paper very soon. I totally recommend this product to anyone. Everything was in excellent condition when I received my pkg. It was packed really well. Thank you Red River Paper! You will be hearing from me again in the very near future with another order...
True Quality
Superb product and service.
Stock of choice
Pecos River Gloss has become my greeting card stock of choice. Clients and personal recipients seem to love the finished product. Thank you RedRiverPaper.
Great Selection, Service and Value
I have had excellent service from Red River. My orders have arrived sooner than I expected them. The papers are great quality and value. I have used numerous sizes and types, and all have provided excellent results.
Greeting card paper
I recently bought greeting card paper (pecos river gloss 60lb.). I just printed a couple of birthday cards and they came out great. Beautiful quality. Also,The paper arrived in perfect condition.
ultra pro gloss
This is the best paper for the price I've found.The customer service is outstanding. They were nice, polite and very informative. Shipping is very reasonable. I don't think there trying to make money on shipping like other companies do. So I givem A+
We use Red River paper for our large format print lab at our university
The Polar Matte paper and Ultra Pro Satin papers have far surpassed our old selection of Epson paper for student and faculty work. The Polar Matte is a beautiful surface, smooth and white making gorgeous prints on the Epson printers. The Ultra Pro Satin is the new paper out by RR and makes rich prints on both the Epson printers and also the Canon Pro-1 printers. The Canon printers do not do well with any of the matte papers we use since they are not fine art paper. (The only time Canon Pros use matte black ink is when they print on the matte FINE ART PAPER USING THAT SETTING. When they print on the Polar Matte, they use Photo Black ink.) I have been a Red River paper user for many years and got our lab to change papers for better looking prints. Everyone has been happy with how good things look now.
barbara houghton
good service
Good service, good product, helpful articles and instructions, and prompt shipment. These folks get a 5 of 5 from me.
Wanda krack
I have been a fan of RED RIVER's papers for the last 6 years, both for color and B&W. The 17x25 inch size is the right ratio for printing my 35mm slides. Their metallic paper is superb.
Don Myles
Marketing Savvy
Your approach to customer satisfaction goes beyond just listing what you have for sale. What I appreciate is your "Problem Identification and Solving" approach. Thanks
Wes Odell
Piece of mind
I have had so many great experiences with Red River Paper and their very fine team! This last period of phone calls that went on between myself and Drew kinda put a layer on top of the layer. Drew guided me thru the task of getting my printer happy with loading up front and rear and filling in all the dialogue boxes with Blanco Matte Canvas paper. He was so nice to talk with, very patient and professional at the same time friendly. And to be honest this is not the first time I have gotten that personal attention, that makes all the difference in this fascinating world of digital photo printing. So I take my hat off to the staff at RRP, not to mention all the great papers that they have. One of my favorite is the Pecos River Gloss, they make my images just come off the paper! Keep up the good work!!
Michael Miller
I totally love Red River. Their products are top quality and their service is exemplary. Everything always arrives on time and well packed---never a problem...and I've ordered a lot! Their aurora natural is one of my very favorites!
Leah Feldon
Quality and service, both excellent !
I have been using Red River for over a year now and the quality of their notecard stock is excellent, their service prompt and without problems . . Thanks Red River !
Polar Matte
Getting great results with this paper. Making some awesome black and white copy prints of old restored photographs.
Ken Bovat
Book making
I use this paper to make my photography book, over all the quality of the print is excellent, but the folding marks could be a little bit better, but any way, it is a small thing, that probably only i will be able to see. I sewed together the pages and so far it looks that everything will be ok. I can only recommend, fast shipping and very good packaging.
Greeting cards
I always get very personal, knowledgable service from Red River Paper. The products are high quality and work well for me. I'm always satisfied.
Jon Paul
66lb. Polar Pearl Metallic
This is my first roll of Polar Pearl Metallic and I am hooked--my printer is going as I write and may have to stop to order another roll:-) (I am using it for some of my abstract water photographs.)
Wonderful product and customer support!!
I was a bit overwhelmed with my options when I was researching having my artwork reproduced, so I was so relieved when I came across Red River Paper and their wonderful, informative website. I read all the paper reviews, ordered a sample kit and even followed their advice when I bought my own printer. There is no one else on the internet that provides this kind of support to those of us who are new to the paper and print world. The quality of the paper is superb as is their customer service. I also appreciate the ongoing support and information that comes in the form of newsletters and email. Thank you so much Red River for guiding me through this process and for your great, affordable products!!
Consistantly the best......
Over the years I have been using Red River products they consistently provide the best quality and service.
Gil Riley
Great Products & Clear Instructions
I get very tired when companies selling products don't seem to care if the customer can actually understand enough to use the product. Thank you Red River for NOT being one of those companies. Instructions are included. Thanks.
Joseph Yarbrough
The best products
Polar Pearl Metallic and UltraPro Satin - they show my photos to their best advantage. The metallic provides the glow in special black and white prints while the satin makes you think you can feel the soft smooth texture of a person cheek in Portraits
Srapping Sample box
Originally ordered the scrapbook sample box. Had a hard time deciding which paper was better. They were all excellent. Finally decided to print on Polar Metallic for my sons book and tried the double matte for mine. Am trying the double-sided satin luster for the next book. Excellent service and printing quality on everything I've printed.
Jean G
New Business
I am trying to start a new venture and was looking for a reasonably option for packaging. Red River has a very user friendly website that made the search and purchase a breeze. My order was complete and arrived on time as stated at time of purchase. Thank you!!
great product
Nice quality paper, fast shipping, and packaged securely.
Red River Paper is my go-to site for all my greeting card needs!!
Last month I discovered Red River Paper, and it has turned my business around. Instead of hiring a printer, I'm printing my Etsy shop's greeting cards! Now at I have a high quality greeting card that I can produce cost effectively for my customers- and they're liking it, too! (Also, I'm printing them out with the Canon printer I bought based on RRP's recommendations- such a wealth of information for a newbie like me!)
Deb Turcio owner of
Great Service
Great products, fast shipping and well packaged, so there are no damaged or wasted sheets.
Simply Super Paper
As a new Red River customer, I was totally surprised by the online and phone support, fast email communication and shipping, and Great Product(s)! Customer For Life. Love this paper.
Otis H. Seshat
Ultra Pro Satin
I have been using Red River for at least 5 years. Never been unsatisfied. The quality of prints on the paper is excellent. Combine that with fast and efficient service and you have a winner. I recommend you to all my photo friends. Thanks for making me look good!
A very satisfied new customer
I purchased your sample box of photo paper and the greeting card sample box, and I'm very pleased with the results. No more HP photo paper for me. From now on, it will be Red River Paper.
Anne L
Everything is great with RRP
The title says i all: "Everything is great with RRP"
Absolutely Excellent!
This paper is fantastic. Best of all it goes through my Epson printer without fuss. Using it for fine art prints, I find the slight warm tone lends itself well and having used other fine art papers in the past, I'd say the print clarity is second to none. I can't fault Red River on their customer service, they are great! Shipping was fast and the paper well packaged with absolutely no damage. Very happy customer.
Very impressed
I have been ordering from Red River for several years now, and will continue to do so. The paper is very good quality, and always arrives in good condition.
Sarah Jackson
This is just my second order and for cartridges only. I am getting a 30% discount compared to Office Depot (Colorado). A friend is bringing me a Red River paper sample to get me started. His name is P.J. Laux. He is a strong believer in Red River products.
Dick Louden
A great paper source!
I have enjoyed using the fine art Red River papers on my Epson 3880 for reproducing various painting my mother did. I am anxious to try the satin and luster papers for some photos I plan to take. The large format Aurora papers feed easily and give excellent results.
Steve Langer
satisfied artist
I found a paper that I like for prints of my paintings ...the quality is consistent ...the paper is well protected when delivered...thank you.
gerald yustick
Great service, great product.
This was my first time ordering from Red River - and it won't be the last! I ordered a sample packet for cards. There is a variety of choices for paper for cards, but each type is very good. It just depends on the personal preference. I'll probably do some cards on one type of paper and others on another type of paper. A friend recommended Red River Paper to me, and I can see why.
L J Magee
Pefect Paper & Professional Service!
The best and only paper source you will ever want to use!
People gasp!
When viewers see my prints on Polar Pearl Metallic, I hear WOWs and OH MYs. The PPM paper sharpens and pops the images right off the surface. I recently showed 15 prints of various subjects to my Artists Conference Network group to oohs and aahs. I offered them as gifts and they all disappeared immediately, and they asked me to sign them! Thanks for a terrific product.
Blaine Bonham
Best Value Around
RR Paper is by far the best quality for your dollar. It is also the only place I can get the double sided large sizes I need for projects. I have recommended this paper to all of my Graphic Design students as well.
My prints shimmer.
On the recommendation of a friend I tried first the sample pack and then the Polar Pearl Metallic paper. I am excited by the results. I am using it on images with water and sunset colors. Both of my orders were shipped quickly. Thank you, I'll be back.
Not as good as metal but really really good paper
Excellent paper that definitely gives you that metallic look. Metallic paper and metal gives certain photos the pop you don't get with anything else.
Most beautiful paper! A graphic designer's dream
Red River is hands down the best paper I've ever used to print. Phenomenal quality, and the most beautiful marriage of ink and paper. The premium matte and polar matte are the kinds of paper that you feel guilty using unless you know it's absolutely the final product. Red River will always be my number one my for fine quality paper!
Service and Excellent Product Exceeded Expectations
Having the need for input from my only paper source (RRP), I wrote customer service for their advice. I briefly outlined the project and desired finished. The CS response not only gave me the paper options, but then suggested via comparison which might serve me best. I followed the suggestion, have completed the project, and could not be more pleased with the result. Because it was a 4-color booklet, I used 47# Premium Matte. Thank you Red River.
John B
Happy Camper
Excellent quality and superb service. Ordered card stock and envelopes for party invitations. The invitations were printed with a black background on an inkjet printer, which means a lot of black ink! I was afraid the card stock would curl with all that ink but fear not they all came out beautiful! I highly recommend Red River for your printing needs!
Excellent paper and prices
Polar matte is my favorite paper . Clean and has a nice feel. The prices are good and I order my Canon ink from RR too. The price is less then Canon. I've never had an issue with an order and they Red River shops quickly.
Shelle Singer
Ended my problems
I had habitual problems with my printers with another paper and expected to have to replace the printers fairly often. Once I switched to Red River Polar Matte, however, the printer problems disappeared. The cards I can produce are crisp and clean and very professional - and my orders are filled correctly and come quickly. I'm a happy customer!
Two Papers Make Great Cards
I recently completed a job for a client that wanted some of his watercolors reproduced as cards. I used the Aurora natural card stock to make 5x7 cards, and gang printed his images separately on 17x25 premium matte plus paper. I trimmed the images using a deckle edge paper trimmer and mounted the trimmed images on the card front. This makes a beautiful card with more of a "hand-made" feel to it than printing directly on the card stock. He was very pleased! Thanks Red River for great papers!
E. Fountain
47 lb. Premium Matte Card Stock
Have used this 7 X 10 card stock for several years, and have had nothing but raves about the quality of the prints and the paper. My Epson printer will not accept the 60 lb. stock, but this is a great quality that prints well in my printer. I am delighted with the cards, and the envelopes that match!! Thank YOU!!
Lynn M.
new card maker
I am new to making card with my photos, as I went to my local staples and they could not help me. I found you online and you are great. Your company has just what I was looking for and more, the photo card stock, boxes and e-mails with (helpful) information means so much. Keep up the good job. thank you!
Ink and Paper
I have been ordering my Epson inks from Red River for a few years now and the service is quick, the orders filled accurately and delivered promptly and in good condition. The same can be said for the Red River paper. Besides, it is very high quality, as good if not better than any other paper. I recommend Red River Paper to all of my students.
Bruce Schlein
A Successful two Firsts
I am a retired and studying woodworking and photography at Santa Fe Community College. I recently stepped up and purchased a photo printer and a box 68Lb. UltraPro Satin 3.0 in 9 X 13 sheets. Yesterday my first four prints were critiqued in class. The consensus was they were well done. I was happy with the outcome. The first print on each photo was a keeper. I know I am not ready to open a gallery but I am very satisfied with my initial success with real photo prints as opposed to the all-in-one office printer ones. While web photos don't have the rich look of prints you can see my photos at The installation of the paper profile was a snap. Red River Paper makes it easy to present your photos.
Red River Rocks
Only recently I got back in to printing large images at home. Clearly the technology has improved by quantum leaps since the days of yore, my Epson 1280 (now dead), and hit or miss color control. With my new Canon Pro-100 and some monitor calibration my hits were more frequent than misses. However, once I started using Red River papers of various weights and surfaces (Polar Pearl Metallic is super!), and (most importantly) their paper/printer profiles, I'm getting perfect prints regularly, saving time and money, and bringing lots of satisfaction and lots less headaches. I've tried other papers and profiles from other manufacturers, including Canon, and can honestly say that Red River stands heads above the rest for quality and consistency. Thanks!
Marshal Shlafer
Red River Polar Gloss Review
I selected the Red River Polar Gloss after printing a sample pack of a variety of RR papers. I have not been disappointed with both color and black and white prints. The colors are rich and vibrant and the black and white is truly black and white (Epson 1400 with dye-based inks). I am very happy with the quality of the product and the delivery. I have purchased papers from other suppliers and they have arrived damaged with bent corners. Not so with Red River. They package their papers to withstand shipment and I have had no problems. I will use Red River paper as my paper of choice into the future, for both photo competitions and images for sale. Thank you Red River!
J. E. Bark
Best Paper!
I have used HP, Canon and Epson papers. All did OK, but Red River is the best by far. I bought a new Canon Pro100 to use with RR paper and the results are even better than my old Epson.
Red River Paper deserves 10 stars!
The service & shipping to Canada was excellent and the Product: 68lb Ultra Gloss Photo Paper is excellent! I even prefer it to the Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper I was using. As this was my first order with Red River Paper and to make the most of shipping costs... on blind faith I ordered enough paper to make it worthwhile. Well I wasn't disappointed, the paper is top notch quality. 10 stars +++++ for Red River Paper
I am Impressed
The paper I purchased was for half fold double sided greeting cards, 50 sheets. The quality of the paper for my purposes (large color photos outside and inside) is very good on both sides. I am very pleased.
Kathy Bonham
Finally a good print at home!
Thank you Red River for coming to the Lake County Photo Expo! It opened my eyes to different papers. When I got my shipment, I could hardly wait to print. The difference was amazing! Printing on Red River has given me the ability to take pride in the final look of my image!
Michelle Cox
Excellent Service
I have only recently started using Red River Paper. The product quality is excellent. Most notable to me however is the service. My online orders have been filled complete and shipped within hours of being placed. I have yet to have any problems to experience with their customer service but expect that if the need ever arises, the customer service will be equally exceptional. Congratulations
paper products
Love the paper I've tried. The pearl metallic gives an awesome luster to my prints. Friends are really wowed by some of my results. I'll always use it for my finished work
Building a Relationship with Red River Paper
My introduction to RRP was 60lb matte...what a treat. The results of my printing requirement with that paper was so extraordinary I ordered the sample pack. It arrived just before I left on vacation so my experimenting has been delayed. I'm anxious to try the various finishes and appreciate that the pack contains enough of the papers to conduct an apple to apple trial. One of my goals is to see if the RRP scored greeting cards will work for me...the reviews make me believe this will be the case. As a side note, the sample pack was was delivered to me in a timely fashion and the packaging is excellent; reflects pride in the product.
Saundra Clark
Paper Canvas Note Cards
These cards are excellent! My images print beautifully with great color and detail.
Good Stuff, Good Prices, Fast Delivery, Perfect
I'm very pleased with all of the Red River papers that I've purchased. A great feature that doesn't get a lot of attention-the items are carefully packaged so they arrive in great condition. I've had to return numerous items to other vendors due to damage in transit, but not with Red River!
When I was not able to find any of the paper I was using, I found Red River Paper on the internet, ordered a box of their Arctic Polar Luster and so far have been very pleased. I use rather heavy (290-320GSM) paper for all my art prints because of it's durability and overall professional appearance. I particularly like the paper's sheen. I will definitely order more.
William Lulow
The quality i want, at a price i can afford, for the products my family demands
While I do not sell my images, I print for family and friends large copies of my landscape and wildlife photography. Red River papers are hands down the best quality I have found. From the polar luster to mattes, all are excellent. Framed or not, I get more than I expect.
Amazing paper and an amazing company....
For years I thought my photos looked good printed, then I discovered Red River. Now my photos look great, the price point is perfect, and dealing with Red River is a dream.
Fantastic Paper
I have used a number of Red River Papers primarily for note cards and invitations. The papers print beautifully on my Epson Stylus Photo 1900. I am very appreciative that Red River provides ICC profiles for their papers. I plan to try others if their papers.
Fred M.
Good variety of top quality paper.
I have for some time considered various Red River paper but only recently ordered some. I had heard good things about the paper and found every aspect of my purchase to be excellent, that is, timing, convenience of ordering, access to profiles, etc. Surprisingly after receiving an email to write a review I wanted to write a review of the main paper I ordered and used which was 50 Lb. Polar Arctic Double Sided, and I simply do not see this paper listed on the paper review site. Nevertheless I will be trying other types of Red River paper in the future.
James L. Monroe
The place For paper
Their papers are fantabulis and shipping has always come to me in pristine condition.
Stan Bembenek
Excellent Service, Excellent Paper!
My husband and I have been self employed for 16 years and have used many paper companies in the past. We are so happy we've found Red River Paper! The paper we're using is very, very nice and the service has been excellent! Keep up the great job Red River Paper!
Jennie Morris
Simply the Best
New to my Canon Pixma Pro-100, Red River Papers has allowed me to experiment by way of their sample kits taking my photography hobby to a whole new level. Ordering is easy and delivery has been prompt. So many options yet to try, thanks Red River.
Robert Smith
A+ !!
I recently placed my 1st order with Red River Paper, and 20 minutes later I received an email saying the order was shipped! Wow!! Add all the free color profile downloads and tutorials (not to mention the excellent paper quality) and I see no reason to ever shop elsewhere for paper! Thank you for making it so easy and affordable to buy quality paper!
Patricia A
Thank you, RR. I used to use double sided cover stock from Canon and Inkpress. Each decided to discontinue one after the other. I searched to find a replacement and there you were, with a similar product (now being discontinued) but also an even heavier weight: 86 Lb. I make cards and your products are even better quality than the aforementioned. I'm hooked. Plus, I love the fast delivery.
P. F.
A Photographers Discovery
I just bought my first Polar Pearl Metallic paper. I was really excited when I printed my first flower photograph. I specialize on flowers as I raise quite a few of the more exotic ones--Amaryllis, lilies, and alocasias. What a wonderful print resulted. I learned about Red River Paper from my brother and nephew who are professional photographers. I also bought a sample of the Art papers, but growing season hasn't quite begun and I am looking forward to trying all of the varieties. I am 87, and still busy learning and trying to be a better photographer. I want my prints to be the best I can make. I love good papers that show off the beauty of my flowers.
Ann B
Product and Service
Recently I ordered the Inkjet Photo & Paper Sampler(Item#9995) from Red River Paper, as well as the 75lb. Arctic Polar Luster(item#1186). The recommendation came from Professor Rubert Njaa, of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Online division). I must say I was very pleased with the product and the company services. The paper was used for a course final project, met with fantastic results, and a 100% final grade in the course. The sample kit contained two sheets of each recommended paper qualities for fine art print, as well as a brochure with listings of paper selection designators and size selection. Also, the kit contained a flyer with recommended paper selection settings for various printers to be used with the various paper samples. From utilizing and comparing results with the International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles (provided by Red River Paper), recommended paper settings (from Red River) for my Epson, I had very impactful images and chose the 75 Arctic Polar Luster overall for my nature and landscape photography. The weight and professional quality of the luster (size 11 x 14)exceeded my expectations, and following the accompanying flyer for print settings, added even more to the final product quality. The services and shipping of the product truly shined through for me personally. I was on a tight schedule for this project and I was concerned with receiving the product(s) on time due to weather conditions in Texas (I reside in Pennsylvania). Needless to say, through Red River Papers exceptional service, I received the product, packaged with extreme care for shipping, just in time to finalize and print the project.
Jared VanOrd
Red River Upped My Game
I recently discovered Red River Polar Pearl Metallic Paper and am thrilled with its performance with my Epson 1430 printer. The prints are luscious, they look three dimensional. The colors are true to my screen. I am excited each time a create a new print. It is difficult to go back to my usual premium luster paper; it just doesn't present with the same drama as the Red River Polar Pearl.
Lin Gulick
Illustrative work
I have recently used Aurora Art Natural 100% cotton paper to make prints of an artist I represent. He was very happy with the results and the papers ability to capture all details of his work. I am new to Red River but will definitely keep purchasing the products. Thank you.
Great Paper & Helpful Website
I'm new to printing my own pictures, usually order printed products from labs. I'm printing my own pictures now and can't be happier with the quality of paper and the available printer profiles. Packing and shipping are great - paper always arrives in perfect condition. Really helpful website. A satisfied customer.
fast and cost effective with quality
RR provides fast electronic ordering, quick delivery, and great quality papers for all my photo needs.
quick as a flash!!
Great paper and delivered just a couple of days after I ordered. Very fast service.
Best Service, Best Paper.
I have using the Polar Matte papers for presentations and portfolios. It looks professional and high quality! love them!
Quality & Service
Red River Paper = The BEST! Red River Newsletter = The Best! I have used RRP for a number of years and always great quality and service. Enjoy the newsletter and the links are educational and helpful. Thanks for the Memories you help me create!!!
Glad I found Red River notecards
Love your products and excellent service. Hoping to develop a notecard business to support my photo and printing hobby (84 yrs old and still kicking).
Howard Johnson
Sampler Kits are the best!
I ordered 3 of the sampler kits...what a great deal! You get a generous sampling of some really great papers with free shipping! Hard to beat that!
Lorian Rivers
Satisfied customer
I've been using Red River Paper for a couple of years for all of my paper and Epson ink needs. Quality products and excellent customer service.
Mark Linton
Yee Haw
I've been buying Red River Paper for 3 years. I converted from Hahnemuhle. The paper is excellent and costs a bit less than my previous supplier and as a professional, both matter. But RR is more than that. They ship and pack superbly, but there's still more. The website and Facebook blog are packed with valuable technical information; especially the "true cost of printing". And you can telephone them and you don't get India. And as we're both Texans, I was able to set up a resale account (no sales tax) rather painlessly. Profiles work fine. So as to limit the number of variables in my professional life, I've standardized on UltraPro Satin, but I use Polar Pearl Metallic on instances where the highlights trend towards silver rather than white tones, like a foggy scene. And they've got a sense of humor. It was said about Ray Perkins, the erstwhile football coach at 'bama that "it doesn't really make sense going through life with your teeth clenched."
Robert Cook
great everything!
A friend turned me onto Red River several years ago, and I've never looked elsewhere since. Ordering is very easy, they have a great knowledge base of info on their products and how to get the most out of them with all the popular printers, and the prices are great.
great service and products
The title says it all. It is a real pleasure to do business with you.
mark weiss
Zeppelin is a perfect fit
In our business, we need high-quality glossy brochures for high-end (multi-million dollar) products, but only for a very select group of prospects. Often, I need to print only 2 or 3 of a brochure at a time. 2-sided gloss Zeppelin stock is ideal for achieving the look and feel of a glossy offset magazine in something I can print as needed - even one or two at a time. This makes much better use of our resources than printing 50, 100 or more glossy brochures and discarding the vast majority of them. Thanks for producing such a high-quality, affordable solution.
Jim Gerrish
26lb ColorJet Paper
I have been a Red River customer for several years and love the Premium Matte paper, both for prints and greeting cards. But I had been looking for an inexpensive paper with similar characteristics for proofing and contact sheets. Red River's 26lb ColorJet is perfect. In my tests it behaves the same as Premium Matte - I can even use the same ICC profile. At a few pennies a sheet it is perfect for my needs.
David Suess
New customer
I'm an amateur photographer. I like taking my own pictures, edit them and then send them out to be printed. I came across an add for Red River Paper. And they offered metallic paper. I never seen it advertised anywhere. So I ordered some tried it out on my Canon printers and they turned out beautiful! Now I'm going to order samples of their other papers to try.
Dan Strimel
paper is everything
I don't think people realize how important the right paper is for photo and graphic projects. It is more than half of the project...imagine your family portrait printed on newsprint...! Doesn't really work. The same photo on polar pearl begin to see the effect of the paper. Then, there is Hockney, whose use of paper and inkjet printing lifts all the boats! Red River is the best source yet.
patrice hickox
Great Paper. Great Price
As a design student I need good paper at a good price, and Red River is where I buy all my paper. I love it.
Tyler Merritt
You have it all...........
Selection, quality, price and most of all Customer Service...are all excellent!! That's why I always rely on Red River Paper for all my supplies.
So many great choices-so hard to choose!
I was so delighted to find a site that carries so many wonderful papers. And to make it even better, everything is very well organized. The information on printer compatibility let me focus on those papers that I could use and got rid of that "maybe it will work" factor. After some in depth perusing I decided on the 60lb Polar Matte double sided in the 13"x38" size. Everything arrived in good time (I live on the opposite coast), well packaged and in good condition. It works very well on my fussy Epson 2200. The colors are accurate and saturated. The paper is easy to handle. I also thought the prices on all the items were very reasonable. Already thinking about what else I might want on my next order. I love trying new things!
polar pearl metallic and red river paper co
Loved your paper!! Totally loved your service. My paper was packed so nicely that it couldn't possibly get damaged. I also got a sample pack and have been playing with that. Love you guys and will definitely order again.
phyllis hirsch