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Red River Paper Company Reviews

Great paper, great service
I only found Red River a couple of years ago; I wish I had known about them years ago. I am very impressed with the range and quality of paper available, and the customer service is great. They provide samples, stock papers in hard-to-find sizes (e.g., half-sheet, pre-scored, 8x12, 12x12...), offer personal advice via e-mail or phone, provide ICC files matched to their papers, post printer-specific information to the Web site (and even printer reviews). Full-service all the way around. The papers are carefully packaged and shipped so the product always arrives in pristine condition. I do amateur photography and an annual photo greeting card; I love a really nice print, and Red River has made it so much easier to achieve.
Good Experience
I only order a few times a year, but I have never had a bad experience. The service has always been fast and top-notch. The paper and the ink have always been good. End of story.
Outstanding Products and Support
Five and a half years ago I embarked on a huge project. Without the slightest background experience, I decided to learn desktop publishing, image editing, learn about color spaces, calibration, printing, paper, monitors, and hire artists to illustrate a short story for my first grandchild. (Crazy!) It has been a nightmare. I have had to return faulty monitors, calibration equipment and printers. I have struggled with tech support people and artists. It has been intensely frustrating. (One artist "vanished" and I had to hire a private detective to track him down!) But there has been one company whose products and support have been outstandingly good, Red River. I have used many of their papers and all have been great. As I have struggled on a rather steep learning curve, I have had lots of questions and I have found that Red River is always there to help. Well done!
Robin McLeod
Red River Paper Flows The Ink With Superiority!
Love the Metallic! My sales of my photo art has increased dramatically!
Every photographer should use RR Paper
Have been a professional photographer for over 40 years, from their matte to the polar the paper is the most consistent I have ever used. Great quality, photos I printed 20 years ago look as fresh as the day I printed them. My clients love the look and feel of it, they know you gave them a quality product. Also don’t forget to download the profiles makes a world of difference.
Sam Jokich
Focus One Photography
I am not sure how this company has so may 5 star reviews and I am having a hard time believing that they are real people/comments. I am also new to red river paper and have had 2 experiences with them so far. I LOVE the paper but I have had a horrible experience with the company in general! They do not update their inventory. I have only purchased from them twice over the past 2 months. Both times I ordered the paper that showed it was in stock, purchased $20 fast shipping and 2 days later have gotten a notice saying that the paper I ordered is out of stock. Either this company is lazy and not on top of updating the website (and should be), or they are dishonest and want people's money no matter what, even if they do not have the products. If I had known that the paper was out of stock, I would have shopped elsewhere but was denied this option because the company does not care to update any out of stock paper! I contacted someone about this and finally heard back 2 days later saying that they are aware that the paper I tried to order is out of stock, I then checked the website and they still have yet to update it. More people will end up in the same situation as me. If you can, shop elsewhere. They do not care about their customers!! They do not care to update their inventory. They are taking your money and don't have the products that they are saying they have. They also take forever to get their paper back in stock. If you own a business like I do, do yourself a favor and go with someone more reliable. I will be letting everyone I know within the art/photography/print industry know of these experiences as well to ensure that the company either makes a change or loses customers.
Love Red River
I am an avid amateur that does a lot of printing. I am very picky about how my images look, that is why I ONLY use Red River paper. Some members of my club take their printing needs to Walgreens or WalMart and they look like crap! You get what you pay for, I guess that is why I have won several contests!
Tom Reddish
Red River is a great company
I am a serious amatuer photographer who has been shooting for over 50 years. I started doing my own printing about 5 years ago when I couldn't find fast local printers to accommodate my needs. I was printing about 500 portraits a year and bought a Canon printer. I loved it but found it difficult to consistently find Canon paper at a reasonable price. Several local photographers recommended Red River. I tried them and loved the fast service, reasonable prices and the quality of my portraits.When people ask, I'm glad to tell them that I only use RR paper.
Henry Smith
Excellent Customer Service
I am so impressed with Red River's customer service. I am a Mac user and purchased an additional printer and greeting card software and couldn't get the cards to print properly. I called the software company twice and printer manufacturer and called Red River and spoke with Cindy and then to Drew later in the day. They were more interested in helping me find a solution than the software or printer companies. Drew was even going to do some outside research and get back to me. In the meantime (with the information that Cindy and Drew provided) I was able to figure out a work-around, using the software in combination with another greeting card app. I was blown away by the amount of information offered by Red River both on their website and customer service. I purchased their greeting card paper stock and I will be back. Truly an outstanding, extraordinary organization!
Janet Parkhurst
I couldn't be happier with Red River Paper
I purchased a new Epson printer because I missed being able to take a photo, process the photo, and then print the photo, all in one day if I so chose to do so. The Epson papers are great of course, but there is not a lot of variety and you are also paying extra just for the Epson name on the box. I did some research and then I discovered Red River Paper! The customer service, the informative website, the paper profiles made for my exact printer, and the variety of paper choices all just blow me away! I ordered sample packs for all the papers RRP offers, printed sample prints of each one in color and black & white, then laid them all out on a table and chose my favorite papers to order packs of. I couldn't be happier with the papers I received and am looking forward to trying more paper styles in the future. You will not regret choosing RRP as your sole supplier of photographic papers.
Debbie Hartmann
Debbie Hartmann Photography