Red River Paper Company Reviews

First time buyer turned lifetime supporter
I just recently started to print my own art prints at home, and after extensive research Red River Paper was at the top of the recommendation list. I bought the 60lb. Polar Matte and the sample pack, but I used the Polar Matte for a print and they came out beautifully! 10/10, would recommend.
Asher Olch-Stearns
Magpie Sketches
Quality, Quality, Quality
We use Red River paper and envelopes for so many things. My husband is a photographer by hobby and uses only Red River papers for his pictures, from the smallest to the largest. He is a watch repairman by trade, but has many pictures in his shop, and nearly everyone who comes in remarks about the beauty of the pictures. He gives them away to so many customers. We were so excited to realize we could get the right size of envelope for his cards, also. We will never use anything else.
Clifford and Elaine Naleski
Cliff's Watch Repair
Grateful to Red River
I'm grateful to Red River for providing products of consistently high quality at very reasonable prices, as well as excellent service. I've been using Red River papers for around ten years. I've tried a wide array of them, settling finally on two that I now use consistently. Palo Duro Satin is my go-to everyday paper. And for finer display work I print on San Gabriel Baryta, which I understand has morphed into Palo Duro Baryta Fiber. When my stock of SGB runs out, I imagine I'll switch to the newer version. I have been consistently pleased with the results, My clients have, too. As for Red River's service, in addition to handling the basics professionally---quick shipping of orders, careful packing, etc.---they provide thoughtful and prompt attention to problems you may be having with your printing. A few years ago, I was having trouble with color management. The problem turned out to be all with my program software, but before I realized that, I was bold enough to ask whether it might actually be caused by the Red River profiles. Drew wrote a kind and detailed response, suggesting a number of possible solutions. He also offered to check with his profile developer to see if there had been a misstep. His email helped me pinpoint the real source of the issues. I've been enjoying good to wonderful color management ever since. I wish Red River a long and successful run. I have come to depend on them.
Richard Poppino
Richard Poppino Photography
My favorite
Palo Duro Satin is my favorite paper for most of my printing. I print a lot of 5x7 and 8x10 prints each week. It has never failed me.
Carolyn Morehead
7L Photography
Excellent results with the 60lb. Polar Matte Greeting Cards
My recent purchase of the 60lb. Polar Matte Greeting Cards was a great choice. The Mother's Day Cards I made received excellent reviews from the Mothers that received them. The print quality was excellent and they looked like those from a major greeting card company. I would highly recommend this product.
Terry D Dunbar
Comparable with High End and Cost Efficient
I bought several sample packs for art prints and trading cards. Red River papers are comparable to Moab and Hahnemuhle papers with some slight differences in color and texture; it all comes down to preference. However, Red River paper is less costly and provides ICC Profiles for my printer, the Epson Eco Tank 8500. Moab, Hahnemuhle, and even Epson (some papers, but not all) do not carry ICC profiles for the Eco Tank. Overall, papers retain color well and prints are sharp. Favorite papers include 60lb. Polar Matte and Aurora Art (comparable to Moab's Entrada Rag).
Juno M
company reviews
I really appreciate all the good information the Red River Company provides on your products. I have been really pleased with the quality and response. Your ICC profiles and instructions were easy and I love the papers!
Kathy Radie
Kathy Radie
beautiful paper
I love this paper! It has become a staple with my photographic practice. If you have images that you want to add a softer atmosphere to I suggest this paper.
Literally saved my business
I didn't realize Red River also carried ink and accessories. When my Canon Pro-1000 needed a replacement maintenance cartridge the Internet was not kind. They've been back ordered from Canon for months. Scammers were selling this $15 item on eBay for $200! The Pro-1000 became a brick and my print business came to a standstill. After searching for days I finally found that Red River had them in stock AND at the normal price. They even allowed me to buy two so it won't happen again.
Nourish Creative
While searching for photographic paper, after a brief conversation with another photographer, I found Red River. I purchased some sample packs and can not wait to try them. I was very impressed with their packaging. and professional appearance of the contents. Now to select the proper image to try the samples.
Michael Monz