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60lb. Polar Matte Double-sided Greeting Cards

Archive grade inkjet photo paper
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Reviews for 60lb. Polar Matte Double-sided Greeting Cards

Roberta Corson
Verified Buyer
After a long search for double sided matte paper for cards, I finally found you. This is beautiful paper and prints the colors with pzazz. I also appreciate the care you take with the company. Clearly it is in loving hands.
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Pro Photographer
Verified Buyer
I have been using Polar Matte Double Sided for some time now. I love the paper! It has a rigid structure and yet a soft rag feel. I print and bind all of my portfolio images using the 11x14. The combination of the paper and the printing profile has a seamless color transfer in concert with my Epson R1900.
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Tom Blankenship
A good photographer buddy uses Red River paper almost exclusively, so I decided to try 60# Polar Matte a couple of years ago. I am thrilled with the results, including the heavy weight of the paper, perfect for use in a the annual GBC bound book my camera club produces. In fact, I use the 17" wide 100' roll of 60# Polar Matte exclusively for all of my matte paper printing. My printer is an Epson P800. I would also like to say that Red River is a very trustworthy company who supports its community with lots of articles and reviews. In turn, I go out of my way to support Red River.
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Great for cards
ricki vaughn
I use this paper for my card making business and it is the best paper I have found. People rave how nice my cards are and how professional they look. I use the 8.5 x11 sheets and most cards are 5 x 7 so very little waste on 1 sheet and this keeps my cost down on each card.
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Best Matte Paper!!!
I absolutely love this matte paper. The print colors are spot on. Hands down my absolute favorite for almost all of my printing needs.
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60 lb Polar Matte Double Sided
Lori Stallings
I love this paper. I use it to print note cards from my artwork. The paper is nice and heavy yet works well with my Epson printer. The colors are vibrant and it is good for writing on.
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Excellent color reproduction for watercolor
Susan H.
The colors of the painting is so close to original on the printed version. This paper is amazing. I bought the sample kit of papers & this Paper printed closest to the original. The double sided surface is excellent To write on as well. Pure quality. I'm printing from a Canon TS9120 recommended By Red River. I love this printer. Thank you Red River for your research & Recommendations for printer & papers for greeting cards.
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Beware: NOT totally versatile for all printers
This double-sided card stock WILL NOT feed through the Epson XP-430 which is a tremendous disappointment to me, especially since I had inquired, before purchasing, if it would work with my particular Epson printer. It is not cost effective to use this beautiful stock with my Canon PRO-10 (which has no problem with the feed), but because of its costly 10-cartridge system, it is prohibitively expensive to use this printer for anything other than my professional photography ... NOT for cards. Many trials were implemented to get my Epson to print . . . NONE worked, and Epson won't offer support when any paper other than their own, is used. Finally, Red River Support agreed with my problem and experimentation and issued this statement: "The feed mechanism is not putting enough pressure on the paper. The back side coating creates more friction than a plain paper back, which can lead to mis-feeds." I wish I had known this before spending $28.00 for stock and shipping. The only "compensation" offered was to use my Canon Pro-10 . . . not a good solution for customer relations, especially after all the time I've spent between correspondence and figuring out why the paper wouldn't feed. I hope this information will be put to good use to further prevent any misrepresentation with Red River Paper Products which I've been happily using for years, until this unfortunate incident.
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Wonderful paper, great quality, love the finish and the double sided nature is such a perk! The paper has just the right weight for about any project, and the matte finish gives your blacks the beautiful velvet color you desire.
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