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Welcome to the Red River Paper Online Art Fair - First Installment

We created this to support our artists and photographers who rely on vendor & art fair events to sell their work.

Please browse, admire, click, and buy from these talented artists and makers!

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Two Imagine Studio

We incorporate our original artwork and photos to create contemporary digital collages which become extraordinary cards and calendars. Ever changing—expect the unexpected. We are Judy Tollefson and Meredith Mustard. Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Mika Harmony

I am an artist creating happy, colorful art with the heart of ALOHA! Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Kristin Moger Art

Ink art inspired by love, joy, peace and compassion. All of my drawings are created by hand with Sakura Micron Ink on Fine Art Paper. Shop / Instagram / Facebook

SMH Paper Designs

Watercolor Art - Prints & Greeting Cards from Portland, OR Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Maple Hill Photography

Traveling in Europe and the U.S. with, of course, my Canon 5D Mark IV camera in hand has become the refreshing opportunity of my life. Walking through back streets and uncommon areas I find old architecture, alleys, walls, and gardens. I randomly – yet purposely – search for color, texture, beauty and sights that intrigue me — but which tourists possibly miss. Shop

Ted Fuka

Vibrant color plus a sense of authenticity is what the representational paintings of Ted Fuka convey utilizing the pure pigment of soft pastels. He first discovered pastels in figure drawing classes while attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago and later found the spontaneous medium to be a good choice in creating color studies for finished illustrations in his commercial art business. Shop

Ericha Farrington

Ericha is a photographer who specializes in fine art prints of places near and far. She created her shop to share her love of travel and adventure and allow you to take home a print of your favorite city or the one you've been dreaming about. Shop / Instagram / Shop

Tim Moore

Moore Northwest Images was created to promote my love of the outdoors. From photographing the beautiful settings around North America, to capturing wildlife images in their natural settings. Purchase my outdoor images for your indoor environment.Shop

Wall and Art Card Studio

I sell “artography” printed on Red River paper. Using my digital or older scanned photographs I create PHOTO PAINTINGS mostly of Florida’s tropical flowers and birds. Shop

Rury Arts

Howdy! I am a Dallas, Texas-based photograph-maker, graphic artist and web designer. This store exists to share the beauty of more traditional (even antiquated) photography in a world gone digital. Most of my photographs are created using a film camera - or in the case of cyanotypes, simply the sun, found objects and a bit of chemistry. Shop / Facebook

Sue's Fine Arts

I see each new day as a 'present' to be opened, exposing people, places and life experiences to be documented through my photography and art. Shop

Watercolor Baby Shop

Artist and designer - everything in this shop was hand-painted by me! I love art and I love to bring it to you. Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Garry Palm Watercolors

For over 25 years Garry Palm's watercolors have been enjoyed throughout the Hawaiian islands, making him a household name. Already experienced in oils and acrylics, Garry expanded his artistic expertise by capturing the beauty of paradise in watercolor, a rare and difficult task to master. Shop

4x4 Images

Angele has spent the better part of a lifetime experiencing and recording the world she encounters from behind the viewfinder of a camera. That process has become even more absorbing with improvements in digital technology. Her images range from broad landscapes to modern architecture, but her passion is capturing the ancient native ruins and ghost towns of the American Southwest. Shop / Instagram

Art by Bjorn

I create images using my life experiences, often mixed with my current internal feelings and a kind of simplicity of Scandinavian design. Shop

Tom Croce Photography

Tom works with all the compositional elements, line, form, texture, light, and shadow to create his award winning nature and wildlife images. He believes that photography begins with the act of seeing, it is the art of noticing and seeing the beauty in nature and then capturing that moment in time, through the lens. Shop / Instagram

ProPhoto Northwest

Photography is my first language. A transplant from the East Coast, my imagery fuses the grit and intensity of the East Coast with the rugged, natural beauty and individuality of the Pacific Northwest. I'm a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and a never-ending student of legends like Ansel Adams, Sebastião Salgado, Galen Rowell, and Brett Weston. Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Littlefield Studios

For over 30 years Allen and Pat Littlefield have been engaged in a joint endeavor of creating their artwork, their living environment and their life together. They build their house and studio by themselves (with a little bit of help from their friends) and are constantly involved in expanding and improving both as they have done with their collage and ceramic work. Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Neal Rantoul

Neal Rantoul is a career artist and educator. He retired from 30 years as head of the Photo Program at Northeastern University in Boston in 2012. He taught at Harvard University for thirteen years as well. He now devotes his efforts full time to making new work and bringing earlier work to a national and international audience. Website

Rick Decorie Art

Rick is a photographer with an eye for rural architecture. Rick's work shows his fondness for the subjects he shoots by showing others how he views them. It is his way of preserving the majestic work buildings of the American farmer. Shop / Instagram / Facebook

MelloDe McCart

I am a Nebraska panhandle artist, born and raised in the Sand hills of Nebraska with an appreciation of the natural world and the history of this area. In my use of mixed medium palettes I strive to capture the sense of motion and a passing of time in the characters from times past and present. I am an award winning, jurored artist. Shop 

Dusty Demerson

After moving to Crested Butte, Colorado in 1987 my efforts at capturing compelling landscapes were rewarded with several group and one-man shows as well as permanent gallery representation at local and regional art galleries. I began showing at local arts festivals as well. Two of my images have claimed First Place finishes at the prestigious Banff Mountain Photography Competition in Canada. Shop / Instagram / Facebook

Greg Wigler

Purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more featuring artwork from G Wigler. Shop / Facebook

Nicky Quartermaine Scott

Nicky creates animal artwork for children and nurseries. In addition to running her online shops, Nicky has licensed her work around the United States and her work can be found at some large retailers. She has also illustrated a children's book and has two more book projects in the works. Shop / Instagram / Website / Facebook

Phil Gleissner

Photography (Nature, Abstract, and Garth Brooks) Shop 

Julia Brooks

Landscape Photographer. My photographs bring beauty and serenity to your home in a size that makes a statement but doesn’t get lost or jump out at you. All of my pieces are limited to 50 prints, so they will continue to appreciate in value, but are currently priced so you can start your art journey. The standard size of my photographs is 13x19 inches. Shop

Kelli McNichols

I am a self-taught artist working primarily in color pencil, watercolor, and Chinese Brush. I was formally trained in the sciences and I believe that science and art are interconnected. I have a passion for drawing and painting animals, birds, and botanicals. In all of my work I strive to capture the spirit of my subjects, not just a likeness. Shop / Instagram / Website

Rachel Van Dyke - Finch & Flower Paperie

My name is Rachel Van Dyke and I own an online stationery business called Finch & Flower Paperie. My medium is watercolors and I use my artwork to design greeting cards and other products. I use your polar matte and river linen papers for printing and I'm a big fan of the quality. Shop / Instagram

Marty Koch Photography

Marty is a retired park ranger who travels North America capturing stunning images of rustic and natural America. Shop / Images of Nature Book

Paul Ostrum

Nature & outdoor photographer who resides in Seeley, WI. Photography and music interest began at an early age learning guitar and taking pictures in northern Wisconsin community of Cumberland. Shop


Zina Zinchik is a photographer based in New Jersey. In addition to her lifestyle and portrait work, she has a prolific art practice that uses themes of serenity and wilderness to document nature.Shop / Instagram / Website

Debra Lynn Mejia

Fashion Illustrator. I love to create beautiful things. I've always been an artist, starting with drawing on my bedroom walls as a child, to majoring in Illustration at University, to finally seeing product I designed in stores like Macy's, Barnes & Noble, Halllmark stores and DSW. Shop / Instagram

Photo Art By Dan

I have been making photographs since my grandfather gave me my first camera - a Kodak Pony. I learned photography hands-on and spent many hours in the darkroom, coming out into the light ,always smelling like rotten eggs. Now I use a digital darkroom. I exhibit at arts & crafts festivals, both juried and non-juried, throughout the year. Website

Ranganath Parthasarathy

Outdoor photography. I am a professional scientist and have worked at the bench in a lab all my life. I used to wake up every day wondering what I was going to discover with my experiments that day. Not every experiment everyday would be earth-shaking, of course, but the prospect of discovery was what drove me. That is the passion I bring to photography — what shots will I get today? It is what makes me pick up a camera almost every chance I get. Shop

Jonathan Katz

I create abstract photographic prints of the random patterns I find on metallic surfaces, concrete, tile, and wood. Chaos is the mother of invention. Shop / Instagram

Judy Stalus

Fine Art Photographs and Scanned Botanicals. All of my photographs are printed with archival pigmented inks on fine art, watercolor, or rice papers. They are each signed on the back.Shop / Pintrest / Shop

Robert Bicknell Photography

Scenic and Fine Art Photography with a New England Accent Shop / Instagram

3Herons Art

Metal Work & Artistic Greeting Cards. Marti has helped clients all over the nation realize their artistic vision through her metal work. Her commissions have included a Heron gate, custom hand-railing that feature whales and a Native American motif, garden gates with outdoor scenes, hummingbird designs, and many more custom pieces. Shop / Instagram

Michael Singer Fine Photography

My photographs range from the documentary to the interpretive. I frequently strive to illuminate the inherent line, tonality, and rhythm of a scene through the use of black and white presentation. I also enjoy highlighting the graphic nature of images from both the built and natural worlds, often through abstraction. Shop / Instagram / 500px

Art by Vanessa Thompson

Art Prints and gifts. Shop / Instagram

Richard Lishner Photography

Welcome to my view of the world, where I try to celebrate the beauty I see in a grand vista or a small detail. I hope that my training as an architect comes through in my photography, even when the subject is not architecture. Shop / Instagram

Deborah Hughes Photography

I've recently expanded my intimate landscape camera work to include impressionist and abstract images of the red rock, rivers, and mountains of the Colorado Plateau. Shop / Instagram / Facebook


PRGStudios showcases the photography of Ron Gage. Ron is a photographic artist based out of Westland Michigan. He has been working in photography for well over 35 years. Ron exhibits his artwork through several public art-shows and markets throughout the state of Michigan. Shop / Facebook

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