5" Foam Cleaning Swab 20 Pack

5" Foam Cleaning Swab 20 Pack
Price: $5.55  [ Item: 6364 ] 
This 5.125” rectangular foam swab has numerous uses. It features a white reticulated polyurethane foam head on an extruded polypropylene plastic handle.

For Wide Format Printers - Cleans wiper blades, capping stations, and the print heads during daily maintenance.
For Desktop Printers - Clean feed rollers and platen

A wide range of other applications - Can be used for electronics cleaning, auto applications, modeling, and more.

Non-Sterile Swab

Foam Swab Dimensions

Head Width: 0.52”
Head Length: 1”
Handle Length: 4.875”

Clean paper feed roller. Soak foam in rubbing alcohol and gently swab to remove coating and dust. For platen cleanup after head strikes or paper jam. Gently dab area where ink has pooled. A small amount of alcohol on the swab can help.