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Our History: The story of Red River Paper

Providing the Creative Community with Premium Inkjet Media

Since 1997

Red River Paper, founded in 1997, is a dedicated team of photo and fine art inkjet paper experts with decades of experience in printing technology. It's not always been smooth sailing, but they are honored to be celebrating a long history of supporting independent artists, photographers, print labs, and enterprises.

Explore the Timeline of Our Company's Growth

What's the Secret to Red River Paper's Longevity?

An Interview with the Man Behind the Paper, Drew Hendrix:

Have you really been with the company since Day One?

Yep, I was hired as "the sales department" in 1997. I still have my first business card. From making phone sales calls to hosting trade shows to warehouse work, I wore pretty much all the hats (there were three employees at the time). Fast forward to 2017, when I purchased the business from the founder.

What have been the major challenges in running the business since then?

Surprisingly, the economic impacts of 2001 and 2008-2010 barely affected our business. But 2020 created challenges that were predictable as I look back, yet shocking at the time. The rapid increase in pricing from suppliers, shipping delays, and changes in the labor market have added up to the most grueling set of problems I have experienced in my 26 years with RRP.

What impresses you most about this industry and your customers?

I am fascinated by the creativity and perseverance of our customers. No matter what's happening in the world, they are creating and looking for ways to improve their quality and process. Such determination inspired a new mission here at RRP:

To Curate a Superior Canvas to Reflect and Preserve the Human Experience.

Creatives defeat time and document history. They're the eyes of the world and the mirror to humanity. For decades, we've listened and learned from their wisdom while innovating to help share their vision with the world. 

Within the company, did you overcome any challenges that meant something special to you?

Unique in the marketplace, we're one of a couple of inkjet media brands that do our own in-house converting, warehousing, fulfillment, marketing, sales, and support. We have a large and dedicated team. 

Since 2020, I've committed to keeping this team together, avoiding layoffs throughout the pandemic. Despite severe supply-chain shortages in our paper mills, we made significant changes that allowed everyone to keep working and supporting their families.

What's something the general public may not know about Red River Paper?

Along with offering paper from the best mills in the world, most customers don't know we also have a manufacturing operation. This facet of our business creates finished goods like large sheets and rolls of paper. It also provides enterprise solutions for big businesses like film production companies, architectural firms, historic preservation organizations, and universities nationwide. Because of this, our independent artists and professionals get direct access to fresh, premium, unique products at enterprise (i.e. wholesale) prices — giving them cash in their pockets to grow their businesses and capture more of the world's wonderment.

What do you do when you're not managing the best darned paper company on the planet?

Between polishing the many awards presented to me by philanthropic organizations (a.k.a. my children) and re-watching Simpson's episodes so that I can quote them at will, I enjoy piloting my Cessna 182 to far-away lands like Fiji*, Bali*, and Austin. I am also renovating the 1983 GMC Vandura used on the “The A-Team” for future use as my tiny home down by the river.

*Some incidents, characters, and timelines have been changed for dramatic purposes.

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Last updated: April 24, 2024

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