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SafeTrip Guarantee

Learn about Red River's SAFETripSM Shipping Guarantee

What SAFETripSM Means for You

  • Your order guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition
  • Red River Paper pledges to use only the highest quality packing materials

SAFETripSM is one of many ways Red River Paper stands out from the crowd. Shipping our paper so it arrives in good, usable condition is the whole point of our business. If an inkjet paper company cannot promise you reliable and secure delivery then you will shop elsewhere.

Red River Paper is committed to shipping your inkjet paper and supplies so they arrive in good condition. We use the highest quality boxes, tape, and filler material (never packing peanuts) to insure our goal.

SAFETripSM cuts through the bad packing, in-transit damage, and slow customer care. Red River Paper promises that if your order arrives damaged we will make things right - fast.

How SAFETripSM Works

OPEN and CHECK your order to verify it matches your order confirmation.

CHECK the condition of your items.

We strive to make sure every order is fulfilled correctly and securely packaged every time.

Our SAFETrip Guarantee(sm) promises your order will arrive in perfect condition or we will make it right.

Please let us know right away by calling 888.248.8774 or email [email protected], if there is an issue with your order.

If you receive damaged product(s), please hold onto to the contents and the shipping box. Send us one picture with all damaged product(s) and the shipping box to [email protected].

This will help us expedite the process.

How Other Inkjet Paper Companies Compare

Our survey of other online inkjet paper sellers revealed a true lack of consistency in packing quality. More than half of all orders we placed arrived with some damage. What's worse, getting the items replaced in a timely manner was never easy.

Had a problem with a shipment? Contact us by email or call 888-248-8774.

P.S. If you received a damaged shipment, KEEP THE BOX, PADDING, and LABEL! Shippers require these items for insurance and refunds.

Shipping Reviews

Nancy Yaki - Packaging and delivery are also top-notch. No corner dings.

Richard Burbidge
- Shipping lived up to the promise; the products arrived in perfect condition. One happy customer.

P.S. Showalter
- S&H is outstanding - I’ve never had bent corners or any other problem.

Kim Smith
- We’ve bought paper from other places when RRP doesn’t offer what we’re looking for, but those never get packaged well and arrive with dented corners. Never with RRP! Their packaging is above and beyond anything I could ever wish for. Thank you for putting so much care in all your products, it really shows!

Rob Lim, Educator and Founder of Photography Concentrate
- I’ve purchased paper online through B&H Photo before, and multiple times the boxes of paper in the
order got damaged in shipping. B&H was quick to send replacements, but it was an inconvenience. I eventually just switched to purchasing paper from our local photography store. However, the packaging from Red River Paper was outstanding.

Last updated: April 12, 2024

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