Dual Edge Ripper Classic

Dual Edge Ripper Classic
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Benefits to You

  • Adds elegant artistic finish to prints
  • Two edges for different looks
  • Made from sturdy material for years of use
  • Freedom to make prints uniquely yours


Making a hand torn print or deckle edge the “Ripper” way…

Artists and fine photographers love the look of the feathery deckle edge on handmade papers as well as the increased perceived value by the customer. Now you can add a consistent hand torn or deckled edge look to your artwork and prints with the Dual Edge Ripper Classic.

The Classic is 24" long by 4" wide and is made is sturdy clear plastic. If features two different ripping edges, seen below. It is super-easy to use and only requires a flat working surface plus a little time to make your print stand out. Use the Dual Edge Ripper with matte and cotton fine art papers only. Not recommend for photo glossy, satin, or metallic papers.>

Digital artists have also tried to put in the look of a torn or deckled edge, by artificially painting the edges with various filters or Photoshop techniques. These digital effects are quite impressive and realistic. However, these digital methods pale in the “perceived value” customers give to an actual torn or deckle edge, because it appears to be “hand made” by the artist. But until the invention of the Dual Edge Ripper there was never a fast and easy way of producing a consistently good torn or deckled edge.

Product Video

Dual Edge Ripper How-To Video