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50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided

50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided (and its cousin 75lb. Arctic Polar Luster) are the finest luster papers on Earth. This version is ideal for photo books and portfolios. At 190gsm and 9mil, it is the right weight and thickness for perfect binding projects, books, portfolios. Even more important is the surface. Inks will not smudge, rub off, or offset from page to page - even if you're using pigment inks!

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Reviews for 50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided

Nice Paper, but very pricey for books.
Jim Becia
Must admit I like the paper for making my 12x12 photography books and give the paper itself a 5 star review. That being said, it comes at a very expensive cost at well over $2 per sheet. It used to be carried in 50 sheet boxes where the price was under $2 per sheet. At this time, I will stick with the UltraPro Satin Duo simply based on the cost at $1 per sheet.
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New Love
This is my first time using Red River Paper, but it definitely won't be my last. This paper works great for making calendars. The images look fantastic! Everyone who I've given a calendar to loves theirs. So much that I need to order several more boxes. Do wish that it had more than 20 sheets for the price, but still fantastic paper.
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I'm With Frank
I too, used the 45lb Zeppelin for my books and calendars and was very disappointed when it was discontinued. Since I have waste while proofing, .02 a sheet could get pricey.
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Want Zeppelin back
Haven't used this paper yet, but at over $2 a sheet, it gets pretty pricey compared to my old favorite 45 Lb. Zeppelin which I used to buy in 100 sheet pack for years. Be careful what you learn to love . . .they'll discontinue it for sure.
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Love this paper!
I've tried a few different papers from Red River. Every type of paper has been great! The Arctic Polar Luster double sided is absolutely perfect for my needs. Great color and texture, photos turn out beautifully and the fact that it isn't too thick, nor too thin for my needs. In fact, if there was an option for a 40lb to 45lb or 6mil to 7mil thickness, I'd be right there to buy some of that for one of my projects. Since that's not available, the 50lb 9mil is working great! I know I've read a few reviews saying it was too thin for their needs, so I'm probably the first saying, even a little thinner would work for some of my projects. But like I stated, the 50lb 9mil is working, so I will continue using it, unless I see one day they have a slightly thinner option,,, Great paper and great service from Red River Paper!
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Double Sided Luster Paper
John Gerecht
I needed some double sided paper for a project. I really love Red River paper in general and specifically the luster paper, so this was a no brainer. I'd love to give it a 5-star rating, but I did have one problem. When I put a stack of paper for the first side, it ran perfectly. When I put in a stack for the second side, several stuck together. I assume it was because the ink was a bit tacky, but I didn't want to waste any more paper so I just fed them in one by one. Time consuming and annoying. However, on the good side, the results look GREAT. I just need to remember to feed the second side individually. I won't hesitate to use it again for next year's project.
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Perfect paper for photo books
I have used this paper for creating my own photo books. It is a perfect weight for photo books. A heavier paper would add too much bulk and is not necessary since this paper works very well. I wish that a satin version of this weight of double-side paper was available. An 11x14 size would be ideal for large landscape photo books. The 11x17 works but it wastes paper.
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Nice For Calendars
I use this paper for calendars. Others have said it's too thin for double-sided printing, but it works well for calendars since one side is a photo and the other side is the calendar text box. The finished product looks professional.
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Beautiful but too thin for doubled-sided prints
This paper yields a beautiful image but I wish it was thicker. It's so thin that you can see through it, which is obviously not ideal for double-sided printing. I did a test print and you can see the backside image in the lighter areas of the front image. If they made a 60lb or 70lb version of this paper it would be perfect.
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Arctic Polar Double Sided for Calendar Printing

This paper fed very will with no problems printing double sided on my Epson 4800. Excellent quality surface, excellent ICC profile, great weight for a project like making calendars! HIGHLY recommended!
GGJ - 12/16/2011
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Judy Mandolf
Fine art photographer
"I am so impressed with the performance of Red River Papers — and even more so considering that they cost close to twenty percent less than other brands."