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50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided

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50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided (and its cousin 75lb. Arctic Polar Luster) are the finest luster papers on Earth. This version is ideal for photo books and portfolios. At 190gsm and 9mil, it is the right weight and thickness for perfect binding projects, books, portfolios. Even more important is the surface. Inks will not smudge, rub off, or offset from page to page - even if you're using pigment inks!

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Reviews for 50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided

It's worth it
Kirk Poschman
I used a double-sided glossy paper from another company for proofing a text & photo project before the final production run. I and the customer were fairly happy with the composition of the proofing results ... until we saw the difference with the Red River Artic Polar Luster. Admittedly the other brand had a little more surface gloss, but it adsorbed the ink too much (causing slight page warping) and produced what looked like a slight white haze when fully dry, which downgraded the photo quality significantly. The photos on the Red River paper were crisp and the colors were brilliant. With the other brand, I had to wait 15 minutes to let the page warping subside before the back side could be printed. The Red River paper was ready for the back side printing within a minute. I use an Epson 3880 printer for proofing and printing. The Red River paper may cost a bit more than the other brand, but my results offset the difference many fold.
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50lb. Arctic Polar Luster Double-sided
The paper is good quality. It printed out my images beautifully. I use it for my handmade fine art photobook. It turns out very well. Easy to use. The delivery is fast. It arrived as schedule time. Perfect timing for me since I was in a hurry.
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Trouble with two sided printing
I have a just several months old Epson P900 printer so it operates perfectly. The photos from my Nikon mirror less camera look great on the paper. My issue came while I was printing the second side of 11X17 paper. Because the paper’s corner’s had become curled-up, the print head would catch on the sides of the paper as it cycled back and forth for the first 1/4 inch and the last 1/4 inch of the print. The result was poor print resolution near the corners. I have not had this issue when printing on paper from other suppliers. The issue (clicking sound) was so noticeable as the print head caught on the paper’s edges my wife came in from another room wondering what was wrong with my printer.
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Folds nicely
Paul Albert
I use it to make cards. Concerned about cracking on fold. BUT it doesn't. Perfect thickness. Paper doesn't all have to be heavy weight. Nicer finish than Matte for a card. Very satisfied.
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50lb Arctic Polar Luster Double sided
Pauline Lightfoot
Used this paper to produce a Family History book. Not inexpensive but worth every penny. I was delighted with the finished project, it looked very professional!
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Great light weight
Ashlee Osterberg
This is a great lighter weight option for my quick prints. I can do test prints on a good quality paper that will give me a much better representation of what I am trying to do. The fact that it is double-sided makes it so that I can do two test prints on one page, which also then saves me money. I love the Arctic polar luster for its semi-gloss finish and minute amount of texture. It has a lovely quality for both color and black and white photos.
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Superb paper, worth the cost
Ken Schory
Verified Buyer
I'm using this paper to self-publish a limited number of books of my landscape photographs, using an Epson P900 printer. As image quality is the single most important factor, I'm delighted that this printer/paper combination is truly impressive, thereby justifying the paper's rather high price. Because this is a book, it's also important that the paper feels good in the hand, and it does. As another reviewer commented, I, too, found that my printer didn't, for whatever reason, handle multiple sheets well, so I've been feeding the sheets individually -- tedious, yes, but in my case, because I have the time, I'm OK with that.
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Good weight
Verified Buyer
I like the weight of this paper.I use it to print images to use in hand-cut collages.
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Double sided paper
Charles Bash
Verified Buyer
I am using this artic pro luster (double sided) to print family calendars. I print on 13x19 paper and fold in the middle, so each 1/2 page had a photo on one side and a calendar image behind it. This paper is truly double sided as I can turn a sheet over and see another photo, and I can see no difference in color or print accuracy. It also is heavy enough that you get no print through of the back side image. I print with a Canon Pro100 printer and I had seen recommendations that it will work best with 24 hour drying time. I believe 8 is a more accurate time to get fully dry, but don’t push the drying time. In order to fold the paper, I may contact the photo with significant drawing pressure and I see no signs on finger on the photos.
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I'm With Frank

I too, used the 45lb Zeppelin for my books and calendars and was very disappointed when it was discontinued. Since I have waste while proofing, .02 a sheet could get pricey.
SB - 02/14/2019
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Professional Profile:
Christine Pentecost
Photographer and digital artist
"I like to print my squirrel note cards on Red River 60lb. Paper Canvas card stock. It's a great textured paper, and makes my squirrels really "pop" off the card."

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