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60lb. Paper Canvas

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60lb. Paper Canvas offers the texture of canvas media and the flexible use of a paper stock.

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Reviews for 60lb. Paper Canvas

Beautiful prints
Robin McCrackin
Love this paper for art prints. Looks even better than original!!!
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good canvas sustitute
Russell Christie
printing on canvas can add to the artistic value of your photo, giving texture to the the surface. the downside is mounting canvas, which is a lot of trouble. Red River paper canvas is a viable option and can be mounted just like any paper. i suggest you give it a try.
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Kent Broadbent
I had been using a online print company for cards, but decided to print my own cards. Red Rivers 60lbs canvas greeting cards were of much better quality then the online print company and that showed at my art fairs sales. The prints from Red River sold much better.
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60 lb Paper Canvas Greeting Card stock
LC Kennedy
I have customers that only want my photo cards on this paper.
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Paper Canvas
Verified Buyer
I like the feel of the paper canvas, it’s thickness and the texture it gives my greeting cards. I use them for both black and white greeting cards and color. It’s so easily to set up printing the cards with Red River card printing program.
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A Great Look
Verified Buyer
Bought some 4X6 to use on some greeting card stock. The look is just great. Nice colors, great texture!
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Canvas Paper for the WIN
Sarah Malm
Verified Buyer
I started designing my own art based greeting cards this past year and researched paper for awhile, as well as printers. I needed to make sure both would work well together. I ended up buying a Canon 200 and, after buying a sample of the different greeting card papers, decided on the Canvas. It helps give texture to the art and customers are always impressed with the quality.
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My Signature Paper for My Art
Terry-Anne Kelly
Verified Buyer
I've been using paper canvas fine art paper for the past 7 years. It's a very popular matte paper for over 900 sales of my art. I use highly pigmented inks and it's absolutely gorgeous. I print on the other side as well with my signature and I have yet to have one complaint ever. As for RR as a company, I've always received wonderful support, quick order processing and shipping. Oh, and my second favorite is the linen matte paper.
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One of my first WOWS when doing my own printing
Roy Dressel
My first test of this paper, from one of your sample packs, was wow, this is a beautiful print. I selected a wedding image with lots of warmth and this paper brought out the feeling for that image perfectly. I'll be buying more of Paper Canvas.
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perfect for

I bought this paper to compare with another - GreenPix Photo Matte - for printing images on cards. Is exactly what I was looking for with reproductions of vintage art work - etching and line drawings specifically - and with art that belongs on canvas. I don't care for photographs on this surface, but that is my personal aesthetic preference. The paper performs perfectly and the weight and feel of the stock is "rich and expensive."
Robert Griffen - Gryphon Graphyx - 11/27/2014

Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card
Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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Professional Profile:
Jim DiVitale
Commercial photographer and NAPP educator
"To be competitive in printing, I need consistent quality along with multiple size choices for the different printers I use. I found that the UltraPro Satin from Red River Paper to be just the right surface for me to print on."