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60lb. Polar Matte

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Red River Paper's Polar Matte raises the bar for imaging excellence. This paper brings you professional quality in every sense of the meaning - from the coating to the base stock, Polar is the go-to photo matte when you want the best. Polar features a beautiful soft white printing surface with outstanding ink holdout capabilities. Polar Matte is acid-free and its heavy 60lb. weight makes it a desirable photo paper for all high-quality photo imaging including portraits and greeting cards.

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Archive grade inkjet photo paper This Paper is Acid Free

Reviews for 60lb. Polar Matte

Wondrous user experience!
Eric Gay
Your product description pretty much says it all, but I’ll add a bit from my own experience. I tried a number of other papers after buying a better printer, but remained disappointed… so I continued using a printing service, which meant some nice prints, but also some not what I’d been hoping for. When I tried your Polar Matte, I was astonished at what my own printer could do! The learning curve was short and the outcomes were wonderful! It’s great being able to be in control, from shooting, drawing or painting to final prints that I’m proud of. Thank you!
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Excellent for inkjet/giclee printing
Joe Chaplain
This is a fabulous product for printing color photos on greeting cards. The paper has a fine hand, perfect white color, and really makes the photos stand out in true color.
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Good quality
Cheryl Farmer
I have used the 60lb matte greeting cards for years and have always been pleased with the results. I scan watercolor paintings and print those. Plus I have used the cards for reproducing photos also.
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polar matte greeting stock
Ken Andrews
I use this product to reprint my watercolor paintings and sell them on etsy. Works wonderfully, with colors and texture just as I want them.
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I won two times
Tom Blankenship
Several years ago a fellow photographer who only prints on Red River paper suggested that I try the brand. What a great suggestion. For the past several years my primary paper is Red River 60# Polar White. I recently placed an order for four 1000-foot rolls. Mind you, I am not a professional, just a very serious amateur who takes pride in his photography. There have been numerous occasions when both professional photographers an others have commented on how impressed they are with the prints I have made on Polar White. It is also heavier than most papers I have used, which adds to a professional feel. Recently I printed a 17" high by 18-foot long panorama on 60# Polar White. I cannot tell you how impressed people are when they see it. In fact, I can only make 5 prints out of a 100- foot roll. Finally, everyone at Red River is truly customer oriented. This is an extraordinary company that sells outstanding paper.
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Excellent quality paper!
The very best for my greeting cards - thgankyou, Red River!
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LOVE this card stock - Polar Matt single sided
Heidi Roberts
Amazingly consistent high quality for printing. Have not found anything better, so have become a ‘Red River Frequent Flyer’
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Best Paper Ever
Rashmi Krishnappa
Couple of years ago when I decided to start printing at home ... I tried a LOT of papers from various companies - absolutely nothing compares to Redriver when it comes to quality and customer service. I do intricate pen art most black and white with pops of color and this paper just highlights the black and color so beautifully and the texture is lovely too.... I have been in love with my prints ever since I started to use RedRiver and not planning to switch any time soon.
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Best quality for my art cards!!
Diane Demers-Smith
I’ve been a repeat customer for 6 plus years and find the polar matte paper surface delivers the pop of colors that I work so hard to create. My customers always include comments on how good the paper feels as well as how it looks. I also need to say how responsive Red River support has been when I had ink printing questions and setting up profiles! Tech support is just as important as a great product. Kudos to Red River!
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The Best Paper

I have used the Polar Matte paper for a while now and it is the best I have ever used. I make my greeting cards and the colors are perfect and people usually commit on how nice the paper is. I also print some of my art work on this paper and just couldn't be happier with the results, the colors print clear and crisp. I have recommended Red River Paper to many people.
Anne Heitman - 03/11/2017

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Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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Lou Mana
Award-winning photographer, author, and teacher
"I am so impressed with the performance of Red River Papers — and even more so considering that they cost close to twenty percent less than other brands."

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