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Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Paper

Your images will take on a brilliant, almost luminescent quality. Everything from airplanes to flowers will look bolder, more saturated, and more real. Discover for yourself why Red River Paper's photo metallic paper is the choice of professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

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photo grade inket paper

Reviews for Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Paper

Paper's got POP!
William Landon
Verified Buyer
I've learned what subject matter is a good choice for this paper, bright colors with good contrast. This paper makes the subject matter pop off the paper!
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Polar Gloss Metallic 255
Dwaine Gipe
Verified Buyer
Polar Gloss Metallic 255 firmly produces the finest finish on most images and outshines them all when printing black and white. I find the cost per quality acceptable. I only stock two papers. Both are Red River.
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Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this paper
Pat tapper
Verified Buyer
Can’t say enough about Polar Gloss Metallic, started using this paper when it was called polar pearl metallic. My photos literally pop off the page.
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polar gloss metallic
Kenneth Diamond
Verified Buyer
great for color prints with fine details and even better with fine art black and white images
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Polar Gloss Metallic 255
Richard Daniels
Verified Buyer
COMMENT - Just Outright Outstanding Quality – Spot on for my NEEDS - RESPONSE: ORDER & DELIVERY TIME IS THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY – WORLD CLASS – Drew, Keep up the Great Response to your customers —
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Philip Ramirez
Verified Buyer
Finally tried the Polar Gloss and Luster Metallic from the sample pack, and was just blown away. Both color and b/w prints just fantastic but the b/w prints are just a whole new dimension in detail and graduation. I shoot some landscape but mostly macro floral photography. The Gloss and Luster Metallic work fantastic with both. Just recently sent some samples of my work to a friend I have known all my life who had no idea I was into photography and he was blown away with my work and now wants to purchase and see more but I have not shown him any of my photos printed on this terrific METALLIC paper as I wait for my next order to come in. I know he will find them stunning as I did! Do not hesitate to give this paper a try.
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Polar Gloss Metallic 255
Larry Zeigler
Verified Buyer
Excellent paper my choice for B&W and Color saturation printing. I use an Epson XP 15000 printer, and it pops.
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I printed my first picture in 1957 as a High School Year Book Photographer. I have used many papers over the years since then. This paper is definitely the BEST. It makes me look so much better as a photographer.
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Paper and Profile
Larry Bouterie
Red River papers speak for themselves. More importantly, the Red River ICC profiles match my computer to my printer to make the images reflect my vision.
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Awesome paper... Will be buying more!!!

I only ordered the 8x10 & now wish I'd ordered the 13x19 as well. I love the look of this paper! I did find that I had to adjust the final print a little (on my fully calibrated system), because the prints were coming out with a little too much red & darker than I liked. After the adjustment, everything turned out perfect!!! I would definitely recommend at least trying this paper, you won't be disappointed!
Shannon - 05/09/2012
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Professional Profile:
Peter Randall
Landscape, nature, and documentary photographer
"Ultra Pro Satin's surface provides a clean, lustrous, graduated black and white tone that preserves both shadow highlight detail."