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Polar Metallic Handling Guide - Unique Photo Lab Metallic Finish

Polar Metallic Papers In-Depth


Polar Gloss Metallic 255 product page

Polar Luster Metallic 255 product page

Handling Guide

Try not to touch the surface of an inkjet paper before printing

Hold sheets by their edges

Store unused paper in its box

Before making a print inspect each sheet for any dust or debris. Invest in a static wisk and a pair of anti-static gloves.

Have a can of compressed air nearby or invest in a small air compressor

Designate a “clean” work space when working with your paper

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Polar Metallic Papers work with pigment ink printers?


What is the surface like?

If you've never seen a photo lab metallic print you will likely enjoy the look. Think of a high gloss surface with a pleasing slightly warm tone. Overall, images have a glow almost like light is coming from the paper. Now imagine that the solid colors and white space in your image take on an extra effect that mixes metallic hints and pearlescent colorful reflections.

Is this like photo lab paper?

Yes, Polar Metallic is a photobase media with a microporous coating. It feels like a contemporary photo lab print.

Are their any markings on the back of the paper?

No. All Red River Papers are without markings or logos.

Can I print on the back of Polar Metallic Papers?

No, this paper will not accept inkjet ink. We do not recommend writing with pen as the pressure could create marks on the front of the sheet.

What types of images look good on this surface?

Polar Metallic papers will add luminance and depth to any image. Some types of photography lend themselves to being printing on a metallic surface. Images with solid colors, reflections, and negative space (whites) will look especially stunning on this new paper.

Here are some examples. Each has notations about parts of the image that would look particularly interesting on the Metallic surface.

Neutral whites, reflection behind statue, stone mid-tones in the background ©Paul Gleiser
Brilliant color and water reflections ©Shelly Katz
White dress, water, clouds and sky ©Shelly Katz
Snow and water reflections ©Laurie Excell
Lots of mid tones, bright colors, wedding dress ©Joseph Victor Stefanchik


Polar Gloss Metallic 255 product page

Polar Luster Metallic 255 product page