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Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Rolls

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Polar Gloss Metallic 255 is a truly unique inkjet paper that closely matches the look of photo lab metallic prints. Polar Gloss Metallic 255 features the same aspects as its lab equivalent - a high gloss finish and a pearlescent base stock that yields an elegant iridescence in your images. The new paper is compatible with any inkjet printer and requires no special equipment, inks, or finishing techniques to achieve the metallic effect.

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Reviews for Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Rolls

Best Paper for Underwater Photos
Pierre-Jean Arvers
I tried Polar Gloss Metallic in the sampler pack and found out it is the very best paper for underwater photos. The vivid colors of reefs get that extra pop, anything shiny (sunball, air bubble in the sun, silver colored fish) gets to be a little shinier, contrast a great. I was worried about the gloss finish on my Canon Pro-300, but the paper quality and gloss optimizer from the printer work together for a smooth glossy finish
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Great dynamic range and brilliant colors
John Mowry
I have only done a few prints so far, and what I like best is how much closer it is to what I see on my monitor screen. The highlights and colors really stand out. I'm reviewing my files to find images that were a bit disappointing on regular paper so I can try them on Polar Gloss and get more vivid images.
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This made my pictures pop
Ray S
I wanted to get some paper to make some of my landscapes and some portraits a different feel. I have always loved the metallic look and this did that and more. I loved the way the images printed on it. My only concern is that the 4x6 and the Canon Pro--100 have a love/hate relationship. You may have to help guide the smaller paper in. The full size paper works perfectly.
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Polar Gloss Metallic 255 - excellent and reliable, an easy go-to
Mark Sanford
I stock a lot of metallic papers I'm but pleased to have Polar Gloss Metallic as an easy go-to paper. Many of the metallics out there are temperamental or odd looking and work only with just that "right" image. PGM works over a wider array of images. In fact it is comfortable printing a few initial client proofs on it then waiting for the "wait, wow!" from them when they notice the amazing metallic impact. Then when you have the "right" image the tones really pop! Handling can be a bit concerning since any crease will show up and with gloss fingerprints are a problem. Heavy stock would solve the first part, Luster partly helps with the fingerprints but I prefer the look of the gloss.
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The Eye Poper
I work primarily with digital graphics. This paper provides a spectacular presentation as far as color and depth. The figures seem to pop off. I display in a gallery and an aspect of the positive reviews I receive is definitely related to the exceptional quality of the paper.
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Excellent Results
Susan Humphrey
I love this paper! It has helped me be a step ahead with my landscape and black and white wild horse photos!!
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Exclusively Used In My Museum Exhibitions
Since 2014, 17x25" Polar Gloss Metallic has been my exclusive paper of choice for all of my solo museum exhibitions. After trying many different papers, I fell in love with the contrast, color, and depth that Polar Gloss Metallic imparts on my fine art photographs. I even use it to print my announcements and text panels (see example).
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The Best Photo Paper Available!
Uwe Hoffmann
When it comes to color, or eye popping B&W nothing beats Red River Polar Gloss Metallic. I've been using this paper for many years now whenever I did not actually have my work sublimation printed directly into large sheets of aluminum metal, however the cost of this is prohibitive for large volumes of work. I highly recommend Red River Polar Gloss Metallic for any nature and wildlife photographer whether it's animal portraits, macro photography, landscapes, or night sky photography, you won't regret it because your photos will be vivid, and transmit exactly what made you capture the moment.
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Would Benefit From Dry Mounting
Jan Barbas
I like this paper with it's opalescent finish for some color prints. The paper is thinner, lighter weight, than some of RR's others and over time large prints which I mounted with hinging tape at the top have wrinkled a bit. Because of the very lively, shiny finish this shows strongly, and I wish I had these prints dry mounted.
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No Whites

Well, I guess I'm going to have to be the one to rain on the parade here, but I find this paper to be hard to use. I am still giving it five stars, because my intent is not to criticize the product, and there is certainly nothing "wrong" with it, but I am finding it suitable for only a very very slim minority of subjects. The reason is, it does not reproduce whites well. This is not a matter of my settings or profile (I am printing on a new Epson SureColor P800, using the recommended settings and RR's profile). I doesn't do white because the paper itself is not white; it's that simple. I am finding that even some very "technical" subjects I thought would be perfect candidates for this paper actually look better on a standard, high-gloss, non-metallic paper. A very sharp macro photo of a printed circuit board looked like a good candidate, but low and behold something as simple as the white painted resistor coding bands make it easier to view this photo on a standard paper, as they come out ever so slightly grey on the metallic paper. The only print I've found thus far that really looks better on this paper is an aerial photograph of an all-metal building, quite simply because there is nothing white in the picture! I used to make a lot of CIBACHROME prints, back when they were a thing, and I did not have this problem with that media. They were not right, of course, for every subject, but any time you wanted a very high gloss they were perfect, and they reproduced whites brilliantly. I will keep the Polar Pearl Metallic in my arsenal, and I will keep experimenting with it, but for now I am finding it only suitable for just "that one" perfect photo, which seems to be made for it.
Greg Faris - 08/10/2017
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Professional Profile:
Christine Walsh-Newton
PPA Certified Photographer
"Arctic Polar Gloss's surface provides color richness and depth that make images appear to pop right off the paper."