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Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Rolls

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Polar Gloss Metallic 255 is a truly unique inkjet paper that closely matches the look of photo lab metallic prints. Polar Gloss Metallic 255 features the same aspects as its lab equivalent - a high gloss finish and a pearlescent base stock that yields an elegant iridescence in your images. The new paper is compatible with any inkjet printer and requires no special equipment, inks, or finishing techniques to achieve the metallic effect.

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photo grade inket paper

Reviews for Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Rolls

Closest thing to the computer monitor
John Mowry
I love the way the metallic sheen makes images look as bright and dynamic as on my computer screen. It's not right for every image, but when you want the image to really shine and stand out, this is the solution. It's dynamic, not subtle, and gets attention.
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Great with insects
A really fun paper to use. Makes things burst from the paper. I do a lot insect photography and it is great with dragonflies.
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Seriously amazing paper
The photo paper ultra gloss, or metallic , photo paper Any.. paper will go BEYOND your expectations!!is!!
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Pictures that "stand out"
Frank Zelko
Well, the prompt delivery, excellent packaging and quality of this paper are all characteristics of this outstanding glossy metallic paper. Metallic feature makes my floral artwork glow with color. Brings out all the natural colors. Works fantastic on my Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer.
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Images Come ALIVE !
Laura M Eppig
I REALLY like this paper; I use it for almost all of my Wildlife Photos & some Domestic as well. When I present a client with an image printed on this paper, the reaction is one of amazement.
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what sorcery is this?
Jason D
It is difficult to express in words and/or interweb images just how beautiful this paper makes my images look. Clearly some magical papercraft going on here. The colors simply glow.
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Polar gloss metallic
Mitchell Clark
This paper and company has exceptional products.You can’t go wrong when you purchase from RedRiver.
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Polar Gloss Metallic 255 Paper
Pierre Beaupre
Should you buy this paper? Well, the name of the paper says it all, it really is like printing on a thin sheet of metal with a highly glossy metallic pearl like finish. High contrast images pop on this paper. I'm extremely satisfied by the quality and output results of this paper on my Canon Pro-1000, a good fit in my opinion. The other thing is the care in which my paper was packaged was refreshing. There's nothing more annoying then receiving damaged paper. The paper was boxed in an extremely sturdy box and the paper box itself was wrapped so that the box was "suspended" in its shipping box and most importantly, the paper was not damaged during shipping. All and all I couldn't be happier with this paper and Red River.
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This paper is amazing
Sometimes gloss paper just is not enough. Using the metallic paper brings in a extra demention to the image. I highly recommend this paper to get a high quality photograph.
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Awesome paper... Will be buying more!!!

I only ordered the 8x10 & now wish I'd ordered the 13x19 as well. I love the look of this paper! I did find that I had to adjust the final print a little (on my fully calibrated system), because the prints were coming out with a little too much red & darker than I liked. After the adjustment, everything turned out perfect!!! I would definitely recommend at least trying this paper, you won't be disappointed!
Shannon - 05/09/2012
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Professional Profile:
Peter Randall
Landscape, nature, and documentary photographer
"Ultra Pro Satin's surface provides a clean, lustrous, graduated black and white tone that preserves both shadow highlight detail."

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