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Aurora Art Natural 300®

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Made in the USA using 100% cotton, Aurora Art Natural 300 brings elegance, warmth, and nuance to your photography and art prints. This acid-free paper features a pleasing natural white tone and smooth surface.

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museum grade inket photo paper This Paper is Acid Free

Reviews for Aurora Art Natural 300®

Aurora Art Natural 300®
Eden Maxwell
Verified Buyer
I've been using this paper (at a good price) for many years to print my fine art paintings. Aurora Art Natural 300® is stable and a great medium for producing rich and subtle colors. I use the 5x7 size for printing artist's proofs. I do this often to keep my printer from any print head clogs. Furthermore, I also fan each sheet to remove loose particles and dust before printing.
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Beautiful paper! Works great with my Canon PRO-300!
Heather F
Verified Buyer
I love this paper! The colors print out nice and juicy. For reference, I'm a watercolor artist and I'm using this paper to make prints of my paintings. I was on the fence about buying this paper because many reviews noted feed issues in a variety of printers. I was in the process of replacing my old Epson R2000 for precisely that problem...feed issues! So I didn't want to upgrade the printer and paper just to have more feed issues. I'm happy to report Aurora Art Natural 300 works splendidly in the manual feed of the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300. I've used both 8x10 and 11x14 size sheets. Be aware though, the printer doesn't accept anything smaller than 8x10 in the manual feed. I've also tried the Aurora 250 greeting cards in the top feed. That's where I did have a problem. The printer grabbed the cards a few times at first, and now it won't. I CAN still "spoon-feed" it and get it work by slipping the paper just into the roller. So that's fine. I definitely still recommend the paper!
Thank you for your review Heather! Our Printer cleaning sheets will help with feeding the Aurora 250 and other cotton paper. We recommend using one cleaning sheet every 20-50 sheets to keep the rollers clean. These are located in the accessories section of our website.
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top shelf matte paper
Paul Mohney
Verified Buyer
I print on a Canon Pixma Pro 9000, my first grownup printer. I print a fair amount 0f 5X7 and have found matte papers feed better than the glosy varieties, but they do well one sheet at a time. I haven't tried printing anything that small from the front, but I will today. I found I needed to print a test sheet, and adjust the color on this paper (reduced the yellow)but it is was so worth it. I am a landscape photographer, and turn a lot of what i do into postcards. I have sent cards printed on Aurora Art Natural to the east coast with no visable damage to the them. I haven't waded into the rest of the papers , and am anxious to try the aurora greeting card.
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Doesn't load in my canon pixma pro 200
Verified Buyer
Great quality paper but it's useless because it does need feed into my Canon pixma pro 200. Extremely frustrating. It works maybe 1/100 times and I want to pull my hair out over it! I am wasting hours trying to load it for prints. I've reached out to Red river customer service so hopefully there is a satisfactory resolution.
We are glad you like the quality! We recommend 8x10 and larger sheets to go through the manual feed for fine art paper. If you are using greeting cards or smaller sheets that can't go through the manual feed, we recommend using Printer Cleaning Sheets after every box of paper or trying the lighter and thinner 250gsm weight.
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Perfect thickness
Kim M Childs
Verified Buyer
Aurora Art Natural 285 is the paper I've hoped for; not too thin or too thick. I set my 2008 Epson 3800 printer on 'widest' and choose the 'single weight matt paper' setting. I also use the 'speed' setting and the prints are beautiful. With these settings, I am able to put the paper in the top as if it were a light weight paper. This paper is perfect for the yearly calendars and cards I make for family and friends. I have tried different papers over the years and the Aurora Art Natural 285 is the one I'm staying with.
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Doesn't work on Canon Pixma Pro-10
Verified Buyer
I have always loved Red River papers. The specifications for this paper, in the 4 x 6 size, says that it works in Canon Printers. Not in a Canon Pixma Pro-10. I tried everything. Customer Service said that "sometimes, for some reason, there is a glitch." Very helpful when you depend on accurate specifications and you are working on a project with deadline. This time Red River failed me.
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Doesn't work with Epson Surecolor Printer
Verified Buyer
I purchased an Epson Surecolor P700 Printer specifically because someone at Red River Paper said it would work with the Aurora 285 Bright that I love. So, I spent the $800 and this printer will not print on this paper with the front feed whatsoever. I'm now stuck with a printer that doesn't work on the quality of paper I want. I don't really blame Red River Paper (although they did recommend this printer to me) because the paper is still great, I just can't get a way to print on it sucessfully.
Hello Kalyn, Please call us at 888-248-8774 for help on using this paper on your printer. We have used that paper in the front feed on all main SureColor printers (P600, P700, P800, and P900) with no issues. The fine art feed is meant for heavier fine art papers like Aurora 285. If you prefer to use a top feed, I would suggest trying the lighter 250 version. One tip is that you can try to use the Matte Board setting so the paper will feed straight back rather than going up at an angle.
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Aurora Art Natural 285
Don Whitson-Art
Verified Buyer
I’m a watercolor artist and prints on this paper look great. The weight is really nice for prints and the colors pop.
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They did it again!
Michael De Luca
Verified Buyer
I have been testing Red Rivers fine art paper for my photo art images both my wedding and personal images. Aurora Art Natural is very highly recommended for detail and overall polished image rendition. This paper has incredible minute detail and micro contrast ability,if the original image file is of high quality. I suggest you print your very best photos first. also black and white images are wonderful especially when toned in sepia . I love the Soft Gloss Rag and their Baryta papers but I was not prepared for Aurora Art Natural 285 ,
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wonderful art prints

Loving this paper on my new Epson Artisan 1430 printer. Shows up the bright colors in my abstracts beautifully and after installing the print profile it is an exact match from laptop screen to what comes out the printer...thanks!
Callie Gray - 12/30/2015

Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card
Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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Professional Profile:
Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela
Fine art photographer
"Using an HP Photosmart C4580 set to best photo quality, I chose Arctic Polar Luster as my paper choice because the paper's surface shows the saturation of the image in full, without distorting the shadow areas, and without the hindrance of reflection"