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Aurora Art Natural 300®

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Aurora Art Natural 300®

Made in the USA using 100% cotton, Aurora Art Natural 300 brings elegance, warmth, and nuance to your photography and art prints. This acid-free paper features a pleasing natural white tone and smooth surface.

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museum grade inket photo paper This Paper is Acid Free

Reviews for Aurora Art Natural 300®

Very Nice Paper
Thomas Ferguson
I just completed printing a job for a customer using Aurora Art Natural 300 paper and I couldn't be more pleased. The combination of great pricing, wonderful paper weight and spot on color rendering just won me over. The job was 25 17"x22" prints and all went perfectly. The customer is pleased and I'm very happy.
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Aurora Art Natural is Excellent for Art
Sandra Filippucci
Verified Buyer
Lovely natural off-white color, feel and weight. The 44" roll goes through my P9000 with no hesitation of issues and the 40 x 60" images are true to file. Even better, it's substantial enough to allow painting, drawing etc. It will buckle a bit but just use lots of metal thumb pins.
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Excellent for prints
Verified Buyer
This aurora natural works well for my prints.
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The best for watercolour prints
Christy Obalek
Verified Buyer
This is luxurious paper and it is perfect for reproducing watercolour prints. I use the 24” roll.
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I love everything about this paper
Francine Fein
Verified Buyer
I get the 8-1/2x11" and print 2 of my 4.25x5.5" Cards on each piece. I have a good paper cutter. I print my artwork on the "front" panel and my Logo on the back panel. Sometimes, like at Christmas, I have a greeting inside. For me, there are two important issues that make this paper desirable. The colors print beautifully, and the paper feels good to the touch. I have one client that requests that paper because of the "feel." Before I got a new printer, I used to get the pre-scored cards, but my older printer didn't always grab the smaller sheets correctly and too many came out crooked. I didn't have that problem with the larger sheets, and printing 2 at a time is useful. I love all that Red River Paper that I've used!
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Warning label recommended
Verified Buyer
I love this paper. But the greeting card sizes really need to be accompanied by a warning label. The site says it’s canon compatible, but it isn’t entirely. I’ve had a long frustrating day cleaning up after trying to use it in my Canon pro 1000. Literally cleaning up as after trying to get it to work in the top feed, my printer stopped feeding all papers. Had to clean the rollers twice before it would work. Then I tried it in a cheap HP ink jet that supposedly can handle that thickness. That resulted in similar issues. It wasn’t until after this that I see the feeding issues reported in comments. It really wouldn’t take much effort to warn people that there isn’t enough real estate (design defect) in the greeting card sizes for a good grab even in printers whose specs state it can handle the paper.
Thank you for your review Marie! Cotton papers produce more dust that make the rollers slippery in the regular top paper feed. I suggest using our inkjet printer cleaning sheets and/or a anti-static brush (both found on our accessories page). These will help the roller grab the paper better. We will add links to these items on the page to help.
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Not sure this paper yet
John Romie
Verified Buyer
Not sure how to rate this... My two latest purchases - Aurora Art Natural 300 in 17 x 22 and 13 x 38 have been problematic in my Epson P800. I'm getting some vertical streaking (i.e.; parallel to printhead movement) in darker areas of the image, and I'm not sure why. Have done basic and deep cleaning of nozzles and the nozzle check comes up fine. Cleaned the guides as well. Tried printing on "Thick Paper" setting, and have played some with platen height as well. Perhaps some improvement results, but they never go away. I can print on Aurora Art Natural 285 in 13 x 19, and on Epson's Hot press Natural with no troubles. I'll keep monkeying with it, but I'm wasting a lot of paper in the process. Open to suggestions...
Thank you for your review John! We recommend setting the Platen Gap to Wider or Widest and raising the number up to 3 or higher. It works well with our Epson P800 once we make those settings. If you are still having issues, please call us at 888-248-8774. Also if you prefer a thinner paper, we do have the Aurora Art Natural 250 version.
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Beautiful Stock
Verified Buyer
Love everything about it except that I have a little difficulty actually signing my prints. Other than that, it is thick, soft and holds the color well. My customers get confused as to which is the original when I have them framed.
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Perfect thickness
Kim M Childs
Verified Buyer
I've tried many papers over the years and Aurora Art Natural 300 is perfect for all of my projects. I set my Epson 3800 at single weight matte then set the platen at wider or widest and feed it through the top. I use 17x22 sheets which I cut into 5x7 or 7.25x8.5 for cards and calendars. The colors are always perfect and the weight of the paper is just right, as is the texture.
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Note Card Excellence

We produce 5" x 7" note cards of original art. Red River Paper supplies wonderful products. We use Aurora Art Natural paper, Clear plastic bags and River Linen envelopes.
Sanford Geuss - 05/15/2012

Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card
Need this paper in a Pre-Scored Greeting Card?

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Jill Skupin Burkholder
Photographer / Artist
"Red River is the first paper I found that delivers consistent results."

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