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Aurora Art Natural 285®

Made in the USA using 100% cotton, Aurora Art Natural 285 brings elegance, warmth, and nuance to your photography and art prints. This acid-free paper features a pleasing natural white tone and smooth surface.

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museum grade inket photo paper

Reviews for Aurora Art Natural 285®

Doesn't work on Canon Pixma Pro-10
Verified Buyer
I have always loved Red River papers. The specifications for this paper, in the 4 x 6 size, says that it works in Canon Printers. Not in a Canon Pixma Pro-10. I tried everything. Customer Service said that "sometimes, for some reason, there is a glitch." Very helpful when you depend on accurate specifications and you are working on a project with deadline. This time Red River failed me.
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Doesn't work with Epson Surecolor Printer
Verified Buyer
I purchased an Epson Surecolor P700 Printer specifically because someone at Red River Paper said it would work with the Aurora 285 Bright that I love. So, I spent the $800 and this printer will not print on this paper with the front feed whatsoever. I'm now stuck with a printer that doesn't work on the quality of paper I want. I don't really blame Red River Paper (although they did recommend this printer to me) because the paper is still great, I just can't get a way to print on it sucessfully.
Hello Kalyn, Please call us at 888-248-8774 for help on using this paper on your printer. We have used that paper in the front feed on all main SureColor printers (P600, P700, P800, and P900) with no issues. The fine art feed is meant for heavier fine art papers like Aurora 285. If you prefer to use a top feed, I would suggest trying the lighter 250 version. One tip is that you can try to use the Matte Board setting so the paper will feed straight back rather than going up at an angle.
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Aurora Art Natural 285
Don Whitson-Art
Verified Buyer
I’m a watercolor artist and prints on this paper look great. The weight is really nice for prints and the colors pop.
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They did it again!
Michael De Luca
Verified Buyer
I have been testing Red Rivers fine art paper for my photo art images both my wedding and personal images. Aurora Art Natural is very highly recommended for detail and overall polished image rendition. This paper has incredible minute detail and micro contrast ability,if the original image file is of high quality. I suggest you print your very best photos first. also black and white images are wonderful especially when toned in sepia . I love the Soft Gloss Rag and their Baryta papers but I was not prepared for Aurora Art Natural 285 ,
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Mind bending color reproduction.
Archival Pigment Print Makers
Verified Buyer
Beautiful _____SMOOTH_____ Rag! 100% Cotton. Museum Grade. Mind bending color reproduction! Awesome paper. Awesome people. Awesome Service.
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Using a 2nd sheet behind helps with Feeding issues
Mike Hartfield
I'm finally getting around to printing from a sample pack that I ordered 2½ years ago. I do not have a lot of experience with high quality paper such as Red River. When I sent to print both this paper, and the "Natural," I placed the 2 sheets of each in the rear feed "tray" on my Canon Pro100... the Natural, and the 1st sheet of the White, went through flawlessly, with "Prevent Print Abrasion" turned on. When the 2nd White sheet went to print, I had the same problem, until I put another sheet behind, then carefully and gently held my hand on the top edge of the paper until the Pro 100 picked it up. Both the White and Natural give impressive prints. I'm probably going to use the Natural for what I'm doing because it won't show dirt as quickly... I wish Red River had a forum for it's customers where these things could be discussed... readable by all, but posting only allowed for customers...
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The thickness of the paper causing feed issues is real and frustrating
Luke Gloeckner
Verified Buyer
I must first state that I absolutely love Red River Paper and have been a customer of theirs for years and their quality paper has helped make my small Etsy store a success. I've used the Aurora Art Natural 250 paper before and loved it. When I was updating my paper stock and there was a sale on this paper, I decided I'd order a bunch of the 285 paper. I figured the added thickness would create prints that felt more substantial for my customers. Upon actually using this paper, I found that I've been constantly battling feed issues in my Canon Pixma Pro-100. Despite trying to hand-feed the paper, it would still struggle to be fed into the printer and often cause misalignment due to my forced hand-feeding when it did make it into the printer. I've wasted a lot of paper and ink trying to get a single print to come out correctly. The solution is often to use the manual feed but I've encountered issues there too at times. I'm not writing this review as a slight against Red River Paper. I'm writing it as a warning to those with my printer. Get the Aurora Art Natural 250 instead. This paper isn't worth the hassle. I bought a lot of it and can't return it because RRP is aware of the feed issue and doesn't use that as a reason for returns (understandably).
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Aurora Art Natural 250 Card stock
Judy Huck
Verified Buyer
The Aurora Art Natural 250 Card stock is magnificent. I am using an Artisan 1430 inkjet printer and the paper feeds well. The color prints out very realistically. Highly recommend.
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Robert G Nelson
Verified Buyer
Rich, Sensual for both Color and Black and White. I print with the Canon Pro Pixma 100, use RR Icc Profiles and Precision Color inks. It will not disappoint.
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wonderful art prints

Loving this paper on my new Epson Artisan 1430 printer. Shows up the bright colors in my abstracts beautifully and after installing the print profile it is an exact match from laptop screen to what comes out the printer...thanks!
Callie Gray - 12/30/2015
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