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60lb. River Linen Paper

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60lb. River Linen's elegant surface adds just the right level of texture to your images without interfering with details. When printed, River Linen 2.0 takes on just a bit of sheen, like many photo lab or press-printed linen cards. To make River Paper Linen, we start with a high performance photo matte from the Premium Matte line, which is then embossed with the surface finish.

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Reviews for 60lb. River Linen Paper

Textured and matte
Ashlee Osterberg
I do a lot of vintage aesthetic printing. This paper is fantastic for that. Its texture and matte finish give that extra boost. Out of all the papers I use, this is the one that both my husband and one of my colleagues choose constantly. It is my preferred matte paper.
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Excellent quality paper
Michele Scheurenbrand
I produce watercolor color prints and greeting cards. The texture of the linen paper is perfect for my cards. I wouldn't look anywhere else for paper.
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Beautiful Greeting Cards
Frank Champine
Verified Buyer
Purchased my first box of River Linen greeting cards. I have had such wonderful responses from family and friends receiving these greeting cards. . They love them. My watercolor jpg. look spectacular on the cards. Be careful when feeding the paper into your machine. Only one side has the linen texture while the inside of the card is smooth.
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Don Jacobson
Verified Buyer
I downloaded the icc profile for the paper and my printer. The images were terrible, very low contrast and unacceptable quality.
Thank you for your review Don, I am sorry the paper did not meet your expectations. It is possible that a setting was off if the contrast was lower than it should be. Please reach out to us to help to resolve the color issue at 888-248-8774.
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Linen Finish is elegant
Joanna Worster
Verified Buyer
I have been very happy with the linen greeting cards for photos of historic buildings and country sides. It adds an elegant master finish quality to my photo.
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60lb River Linen cards seemed a little "faded"
Martha Speedy
Verified Buyer
60lb River Linen cards seemed a little "faded" when compared to the 60lb polar matte cards, which gave a wee bit richer color. If I had not of printed on the polar matte first for comparison, the linen would have been okay. My second order is all polar matte finish.
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happy with it
Ann Carlson
Verified Buyer
It's a bit lightweight, but still perfectly fine for quality gift cards. I love the textured finish. I compared these with other gift cards from art prints carried by local galleries and feel confident in using it to offer an equally fine product--and it doesn't break the bank. Excellent support by Red River for my printer settings, color profiles, etc. I will continue to buy from them.
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River Linen is Outstanding!
Robert Campsmith
Verified Buyer
I have been using Red River's 60lb River Linen for my line of greeting cards for several years now. Extremely pleased with the 'look and feel' of the paper and it really helps present my images in the best way possible. Recently, I was asked to create a series of images in the 11x14 size. I could think of no better paper for my intentions than Red River's 60lb River Linen. The initial order arrived in about three days, very nice. My only complaint is that I wanted to order the 200 count box, but it was not available and had to order the 50 count box. The paper is excellent with a wonderful texture and it really hold the ink.
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Pretty paper but a little lightweight
Verified Buyer
The paper replicates my images well but the cardstock is a bit lightweight. When I try and stand it up on a smooth desk, it flops down and looks a bit cheap. Probably won't buy this again, which is a shame as it has a lovely linen texture and has ICC profiles for color matching.
Hello Nicky, Thank you for you review! We do offer a heavier smooth matte, 88lb. Polar Matte, but that will only feed on certain printers due to limits in thickness of some printers.
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Great Paper

I sell a ton of art printed on this paper. Getting a lot of positive reviews about texture. Simply LOVE IT.
Verified Buyer
PG - 04/03/2021

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Ron Wolfe
Professional fine arts and travel photographer
"I switched to Red River papers a few years ago after evaluating the cost and quality of their papers."

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