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60lb. River Linen Greeting Cards

Archive grade inkjet photo paper
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Reviews for 60lb. River Linen Greeting Cards

My main gift card paper
Love this paper.
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Red River Linen
Wells Horton
When you bring this paper back I will once again be a loyal customer.
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Please bring it back!
Love this stock. I am really really really hopeful that you will bring it back. I just created a new image that I just adore on this stock in the 8" x 10" size (I have a good bit still on hand in that size). I wanted to offer the same image in 11" x 14" but cannot since I do not have the larger size paper. Will sadly need to find an alternative.
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River Linen
Rita Estes
I am so disappointed that this paper is no longer available! It was perfect for my greeting cards and children's art prints. One of my all time favorites!
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Love this paper!
Laurie T
I am very sad to see that you have discontinued the Red River Linen Paper! I use this paper for many of my fine print greeting cards. It prints up so beautifully and offers a smooth surface on which to write on the opposite side.
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Wow! I can't believe they aren't making this paper anymore. It's the best!
I'm stunned to see this paper no longer available. I've tried many other papers that Red River sells and none compares to the River Linen. I've had more compliments on this paper than any other as well and have recommended it many times, although I guess I shouldn't now since they will be sadly disappointed when they try to order it and find that it's not available. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they change their mind and bring it back.
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Please bring it back!
Carolina Coto
I love this paper, especially the fact that is lignin and acid free. The substitute paper being offered is the canvas paper, which prints beautifully, but is not acid free, putting my prints at risk of extra deterioration, fading, and yellowing over time. The fine art paper options might be a little too thick for my printer (Epson Artisan 1430). Please, please, bring the linen paper back!! Please?
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What it's GONE
Robert Rivera
Wow, too bad, just finished printing Christmas cards and had to print a few on another brand, and boy what a difference. Now I find that it has been discontinued. Hope it comes back, would be a good Christmas gift for me.
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Linen sad it's gone
Jody Ellis
I received a sample of RR Linen quite a while ago but didn't try it until recently. I loved it! I am so sad that RR has decided to discontinue it. Here's hoping it comes back (in 13x19, 5x7, 11x14).
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As you can see from the reviews of Red River Linen papers, folks where a bit upset to see it had been discoutinued. (Supplier issue, wasn't our decision.) However, its BACK and BETTER than ever.!


Great products, easy to order, great company
Barry Booth - 05/20/2018

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Professional Profile:
Tony Corbell
Fine art photographer
"For images I create that have a range of deep color, Red River’s UltraPro Satin is terrific."