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Noori Hanji Photo Fine Art Paper

Archive Grade Inkjet Photo Paper
This Paper is Acid Free
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Noori Hanji is a textured Korean paper made in the ancient Hanji tradition. Noori has a modern, high-performance coating for remarkable print quality and saturation.

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Noori Hanji Photo Fine Art Paper Details & Information


Noori Hanji has a unique texture that is the result of swirling mulberry fiber into the pulp before the paper is pressed and dried. Noori is then coated with a high-performance inkjet coating for saturated color and sharp detail typically not seen in this type of media.

Red River Paper's Hanji Series stands out with a special coating. This unique treatment prevents ink absorption and reduces paper dust, which could otherwise interfere with printer heads. Additionally, this coating is meticulously balanced to enhance color rendition while maintaining Hanji's natural surface qualities. All papers in the Red River Paper Hanji Series are acid-free, ensuring longevity and quality

Before You Order...

Papers with natural unprocessed fibers, such an Hanji, will have some spots, specks, or even flecks of bark embedded in the paper. This is normal and it cannot be avoided. This means the printing surface is not pristine like modern photo and cotton art paper. If you feel like this will be too much of a distraction for your artwork, do not buy Hanji.

Try BEFORE You Buy - If you are not familar with Hanji, Washi, or "rice" paper, order a sample before buying this product. We cannot accept returns for simply "not liking" the look. This is a neat product with some fun applications, but it is not for everyone. This product is not eligible for refunds.

Not Like Palo Duro Etching - This paper is not like Palo Duro Etching. It is not made of cotton, it not thick, and does not have a strong texture. Don't buy it if you are expecting something similar to Palo Duro Etching.
Good To Know:
  • Acid free base stock and coating
  • Mulberry and alpha cellulose mix base paper
  • Natural white tone - no OBA content

Hanji, a traditional Korean paper, has its roots dating back to the 4th century, closely following its invention in China. This handcrafted paper, made from the inner bark of the dak tree indigenous to Korea, is renowned for its exceptional durability. The earliest existing Hanji artifact dates back to the 8th century.

Historically, Hanji's versatility has seen it used in diverse ways, from preserving royal documents and crafting religious sculptures to more commonplace uses in clothing, household items, and even as material for windows and wallpaper. In modern times, Hanji has transformed into a premium choice for inkjet printing in photography and fine art reproduction.


Red River Paper is made by printing enthusiasts for printing enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional photographer, photographic enthusiast, designer, or business, our experts have firsthand knowledge of all our products. If you have a question, give us a ring or shoot us an email. You’ll receive a lightning-fast response from an actual live human with actual real-life expertise.

* Always display inkjet prints under glass, plastic or in a book for maximum print life.

  • Paper: Mulberry and alpha cellulose 
  • Weight: 110 gsm (30lb.)
  • Thickness: 8.3 mil
  • Coated: Microporous inkjet coating
  • Color: White
  • Surface: Textured
  • Acid Free
  • No Optical Brighteners

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All products are compatible with aqueous inks. Not designed for solvent or UV.

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  • Desktop Printer With Front Paper Tray ONLY: Yes
  • Desktop Printer with Rear / Top Paper Tray: Yes
  • Epson Wide Format: Yes
  • Canon Wide Format: Yes
  • HP Wide Format: Yes
  • Other Aqueous & Latex Printers: Yes
  • HP Desktop - No
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Thus far I have been using Red River Papers for about 3-4 years and have not had any type of problem with it. The results are always exemplary. I have referred several other photographers to Red River.
Randy Smith - 06/07/2015
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Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela
Fine art photographer
"Using an HP Photosmart C4580 set to best photo quality, I chose Arctic Polar Luster as my paper choice because the paper's surface shows the saturation of the image in full, without distorting the shadow areas, and without the hindrance of reflection"

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